Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65 Spotting Scope Review: Is it worth it?

  • By: Shaima Nisar

Any hunter or a wildlife enthusiast will know the pain of losing their most coveted and valuable spotting scope to an accidental fall or wear and tear. The thing is, these things are vulnerable to the destruction no matter how careful you are. What is the solution then, you may ask? Surely, you can’t keep losing your precious optics every now and then.

We, at Deanoptics, strive to come up with products that will actually take care of your problems. So here we are again to help our hunter peeps with their queries. With Zeiss Carl Dialyt field spotter, you can be WORRY-FREE regarding the protection of your spotting scope. You don’t have to fret over it anymore because it built like a tank. Just toss it over in your backpack and HUNT ALL DAY LONG!

Zeiss Carl Optical Dialyt Field Spotter – Where Durability Meets Clarity!

The most striking feature of Zeiss Carl Dialyt is the make and strength of this beast. While holding it, you will be awestruck by how solid this thing feels. Smooth rubber armored body with a compact build and the sleek design makes it one of the best spotting scope a hunter can dream of.

Moreover, with Zeiss, there is no compromise on the image quality and clarity. Dialyt field spotter is no exception to this benchmark set by Zeiss.

Furnished with multi-layers coating, the image quality far surpasses the scopes with a similar price tag. The inline design system lets you focus on your target in a jiffy while you are on the move. The Zeiss lifetime transferable warranty puts this spotting scope on top of the list for people who want real value for their money.

Here is a quick peek at the features of the magnificent dialyt Field Spotter by Zeiss. Down below, I am going to explain all the features in detail, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

ZEISS Carl Optical Dialyt Field Spotter 18-45x 65...
  • Compact, inline design perfect for mobile hunters and general observers
  • MC multi coatings provide bright, high-resolution images at any magnification

Zeiss Dialyt Field Spotter Straight Scope at a Glance

Technical features

  • Magnification: 18-45 x
  • Lens diameter: 60 mm
  • Eye relief distance: 19 mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3.6 – 1.4mm
  • FOV @1000 yards: 120-69 feet
  • Close focus distance: 32.8 ft.
  • Water resistance: 400 mbar
  • Weight: 42.15 oz.
  • Length:15.5 inches


  • Compact and solid build
  • Furnished with latest multi-layer coatings
  • Clear and focused images even in low light
  • Alignment sight let you focus on the target quickly
  • Nitrogen purged so no condensation
  • Diverse zooming magnification for your convenience
  • Sturdy and comfortable to hold
  • Rugged armored body, non-slip
  • Suitable for a backpack as well as a tripod
  • Extremely durable and robust build
  • Lifetime warranty and transferable


  • not adaptable with digiscoping
  • minor fringing at the borders

What’s inside the box?

  • 1 Zeiss dialyt 18-45 x 65 mm spotting scope
  • 1 carrying strap

Dialyt 18-45×65 Spotting Scope in-depth Technical Features


Where the binocular falls short- spotting scopes steps in. Zeiss dialyt field spotter has a generous magnification of 18-45x that will surely set your sight free, so you don’t even miss the tiniest detail.

It is a perfect piece of equipment while hunting in the open areas or observing the safari life.

You can easily customize the magnification from 18x to 45x by rotating the focusing knob that is simple to use. Spot your game with 18x magnification and then go upwards to observe all the tiniest details.

The fact the Zeiss Dialyt field spotter is a hand-held spotting scope makes it a clear winner in the field. You can quickly get a shake-free image at the 22x magnification by holding without any support. For hunters, who are always on the go, setting up the tripod becomes a hassle, which is why the Zeiss dialyt is an ultimate choice for people on the GO.

Lens diameter

The 65mm lens diameter of the Zeiss Dialyt field spotter is capable enough to produce the brightest and ultra-sharp images. Equipped with multi-layers coating and A-grade Japanese Glass, this field spotter by Zeiss renders clear pictures even at low-light conditions.

You will have no problem spotting the tiny details even at a distance (say 1200-1300 yards away). That’s how sharp and neutral the imagery is. There is minimal color fringing on the edges, and you will get a stunning edge to edge clarity.

It’s really amusing that even without all the fancy prism glass and coatings, Zeiss Dialyt field spotter is giving some of the Alpha spotter brands a run for their money.

Eye relief distance

While using a spotting scope, you are using one eye, which can strain your eyes and can become the reason for eye fatigue, soreness, and headaches. With an eye relief of 19mm, the Zeiss Dialyt field spotter ensures that your glassing experience is smooth and comfortable.

For eyeglass wearers, having an extended eye-relief is imperative, so having a 19m eye relief will not hinder their glassing experience in any way. The rubber eyecup folds back so you can see through the scope without any hiccups even with eyeglasses on.

For people who want to make videos or take pictures, can also put their camera near the eyepiece to record whatever they want. (After folding back the eyecups, of course).

Alignment sight

The Dialyt field spotter has been recognized with “quickest aim and operational readiness “out in the wild when hunting deer or boars; you are going to need every second you can spare.

The Zeiss Dialyt has a secure aim, and it can detect your target even when on the move. You can just position it anywhere, even on your backpack or at your window if you are in a vehicle, that’s how convenient and readily available this scope is.

While other scopes require you to go through the hassle of setting up a tripod and everything, the hand-held operation of Zeiss Dialyt is quite handy. It is like a binocular in this regard but with higher magnification and clarity. (And of course with one eye).

Field of view

Unlike binoculars, spotting scopes are not well endowed in the field of view department. We all know the thumb rule here – the higher the magnification, the lesser the field of view.

But even with a limited field of view, the magnification won’t let you miss out on even the minute details. Zeiss dialyt field spotter has fov of 120 – 69 feet, which means at lower magnification starting at 18x, you will be able to have a broader field of view.

But here is a little insight for you. A spotting scope is meant for magnification and richness of detail, so even if they lack in FOV, they more than make up for it in magnification.

If you are tracking your prey, set your Zeiss Dialyt field spotter at lower magnification, and you will be able to scout a wider field of view.

The build quality and design

Zeiss Dialyt field spotter has taken the dedicated spotters circle by storms, all thanks to its robust and rugged build. Experiences spotters cannot stop gushing about how substantial and well made this scope is.

It is by far the best spotting scope by Zeiss, according to some Gurus. This magnificent beast is built to withstand whatever is thrown at its way by Mother Nature.

It doesn’t even come with any protective case or covering like other scopes, and that is the biggest proof of its strength. Fully rubber armored, along with sealed optics and compact design, makes it one of a kind spotting scope available in the market.

Water and fog resistance

A hunter must be ready to brave any weather when he is hunting for a trophy. The Zeiss Dialyt field spotter is truly a hunter’s scope because it is fully waterproof and fog proof.

This means that no condensation on the internal lenses even in rapid temperature fluctuation. Hunters who explore high mountain terrain will be especially grateful for this feature.

The nitrogen-filled alloy sealed housing prevents any moisture from accumulating internally. You can not only enjoy a clean and clear view even on foggy and rainy days, but it also means that your scope will have a longer life span.

A scope for a lifetime

So, peeps, we are done with a detailed postmortem of all the prominent features that make Zeiss Dialyt field spotter “scope for a lifetime”.

It is now time for us to examine which of the activities are best suited for the coveted “Zeiss dialyt field spotter.” That way, you will save yourself a lot of trouble of reading a ton of reviews to find out whether or not the Zeiss dialyt is perfect for your target activity.

Let’s get rolling now!

Zeiss Dialyt Field Spotter: spotting experience like never before.

People who take their optics seriously and invest in them wants their optics to be multi-purpose. Zeiss dialyt field spotter is up to this standard or not? Let’s find out below.


Zeiss claims that they have crafted this powerhouse of a spotting scope to meet all the requirements of the hunter on the front foot. And boy, does it fulfill its claim to the fullest!

The dialyt field spotter is meant for the hunters or people who are out there battling with harsh and unforgiving weather and need a scope that they can use ON THE GO! The Zeiss dialyt is exactly that and even more.

Here’s why:

The design of this spotting scope is hunter-friendly that basically means three things: clean, compact, and built like a tank. Another useful feature any hunter will appreciate is the alignment sight that lets you operate the scope at exceptional speed.

Hunting is where you have to scan the terrain often to know the whereabouts of your target trophy. The hand-held operation of the Zeiss Dialyt is like unparalleled and you can get shake-free images at 25x magnification.

For pro-longed magnification, you can always place it on your back or on the tree to get sharp images. Or better yet, buy a tripod. Either way, the dialyt is an ultimate choice for hunters.

And the cherry on the top is the ruggedness and durability of dialyt scope that is unmatched. It is light-weight and has a travel-friendly design, which is another added bonus for hunters who stalks through the terrain all day long.


The Zeiss dialyt is known to produce neutral and abrasion-free images thanks to the high quality optics used by Zeiss. You can see all the fine details of the exotic birds even at great distances.

But to get shake-free and a clear picture, you must hook it onto the tripod and feast on the beautiful and vibrant colors of feathered beauties.

Birding is a hobby where time is of the essence because let’s face It, that exotic bird is not going to sit there, waiting for you to mount up your scope so you can take a look at it.

But with Zeiss dialyt, you can get some quick action all thanks to the alignment sight and secure aiming that lets you observe your target faster. And the hand-held operation is one of the biggest advantage for birders.


With a tripod at hand, the Zeiss dialyt provides excellent magnification and clarity to explore the night sky. Equipped with multi-layer coating and an A-grade optical lenses, it renders sharp images even in low light.

On a clear night, you can easily spot four moons of Jupiter and Saturn’s rings with the dialyt field spotter.

Target shooting

Paired with a quality tripod, this Zeiss dialyt spotter can work pretty well for long-distance shooting. The high-quality optical glass ensures that you get clean and sharp pictures seeing paper holes and metal hits.

It has been reported that you can even read a license plate at 1200 yards with this magnificent beast, so there’s no reason it will fall short in target shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we attach a digital camera to this Zeiss dialyt scope?

The Zeiss Dialyt is not mean for digiscoping. It is a hunter’s gadget, and hunters do not care for image contrast or how vibrant the pictures must be. However, the views are clear and aberration-free but not ensued with artificial colors like many scopes that are digiscoping friendly.

Which one should I buy: Zeiss spotting scope or Zeiss binoculars?

If you are getting confused about whether to pick up binocular or a spotting scope, you should make this decision based on your targeted activity. A spotting scope is equipped with higher magnification and a broader lens, meaning a much clearer picture than a bino. But if the portability is your main concern, then a binocular would suit you best.

Zeiss dialyt 18-45×65 spotting Scope Summary

You will find raving reviews about the Zeiss Dialyt on the internet. It is a kind of scope that becomes a timeless piece when it is discontinued. There are many alpha scopes with much higher prices but with no noticeable improvement in quality, so to say.

The Zeiss Dialyt provides excellent value for money because of so many reasons. It is a versatile, durable, and a compact scope that is developed to stand the test of times. It performs exceptionally well in hand as well as on a tripod.

We all know Zeiss never compromises on the image clarity, so you get clear pictures even at long distances. All in all, the Zeiss Dialyt is a scope that will up your hunter game what with the alignment sight and operational speed.

So if you are looking for a scope with all the qualities mentioned above, now is the time to hit that purchase button and make an investment that will last for generations!

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