Discovering the Best Long Eye Relief Spotting Scope in 2024

  • By: Sana Ijaz

If you wear eyeglasses, you must have felt that your eyes get tired sooner than the non-glasses wearers. That’s because your spectacles’ glass comes between your eyes and the scope’s eyepiece, eventually making the focusing process harder. In that case, a spotting scope with excellent eye relief distance will solve your problem.

However, finding a spotter that is 10/10 in comfort and practicality is never easy. Therefore, I am here with the best spotting scopes for eye relief this time so that you don’t have to settle for anything less than perfect.

Birder, hunter, sightseer, or photographer, no matter which one of these you are, if you have an apt spotting scope, you’ll enjoy your adventure like never before.

A spotting scope provides excellent magnification and optical quality without adding to your gear’s weight. And when you get a vast eye relief distance as well, it works as a cherry on top. 

I have listed the four best spotting scopes for eyeglass wearers from different budget categories to match everyone’s needs. Whether you need a top-tier scope for astronomy or a handy one for balcony/backyard birding, read through, and you’ll get the perfect spotter.

Here is a quick list of top spotting scopes for eyeglass wearers with long eye relief distance;

  1. Celestron C5 spotting scope: 22 mm eye relief 
  2. Vortex Viper HD spotting scope: 19.6 mm eye relief
  3. Kowa TSN 883 prominar: 17 mm eye relief
  4. Vanguard Endeavour 65A spotting scope: 20 mm eye relief

Now, we’ll discuss different features of these scopes to get a detailed insight and judge their capability; so, let’s start without any ado:

Best Spotting Scopes for Glasses Reviews

1. Celestron C5 Spotting Scope Review

Celestron – C5 Angled Spotting Scope –…
  • 5″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Design
  • StarBright XLT Coatings

Celestron is one of the pioneer brands to make scopes for NASA missions due to its elite craftsmanship and innovative designs. This very spotting scope, Celestron C5, has been used in various space missions and is much admired by experienced astronomers. 

The Celestron C5 has a vintage design, and unlike the modern spotters, has a bulky body. It weighs around 97 ounces but is merely 11 inches long, which depicts that you can carry it in your backpack (only if you can bear its weight). However, this weight isn’t a down point at all, as most top-tier scopes have hefty bodies.

It has a large 127mm objective lens for incredible light gathering and producing peerless image quality. This focal lens is coated with Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT layer that removes 100% chromatic aberration and performs exceptionally even in lowlight conditions.

Celestron C5 scope has a large 25mm eyepiece and a foldable eyecup that collectively offer relaxed eye relief distance. If you are a glasses-wearing astronomer/stargazer, C5 is perfect for you.

Its 25mm eyepiece keeps your pupils relaxed, and the broad 22mm eye relief distance provides space for your glasses. Celestron has made this scope compatible with every glasser’s requirements; you’d never have to take the specs off while focusing through this biggie.

The premium Schmidt-Cassegrain prism system ensures up to 97.4% light transmission and brilliant vividness in the final imagery. Celestron C5 promises zero color-fringing at the edges and the glassers who have tried it admit that when it comes to optical precision, nothing trumps the C5!

When you look through a scope, high magnification or vibration in your optical path gives you a tough time while focusing. To solve this problem, the C5 scope comes with a mounted 6×30 finderscope that makes this process quick and easy. 

Imagine you want to align the focus on a distant object but can’t do it in the first go. That’s when this 6×30 finderscope will help you. You look through this small finderscope, mark your target, and then get back to the scope’s focal eyepiece. No need to repetitively adjust the scope’s eyepiece, align a finderscope, and you are good to go. 

The C5 comes with a 50x zoom eyepiece initially. However, if your missions require higher power, you can get bigger ones as well; Celestron C5 offers up to 178x magnification (but with more bucks, of course).

You can ace your tactical and leisure missions with this outstanding Celestron C5 spotting scope, and that too, without taking your eyeglasses off!

If you are interested in Celestron C5 scope, you can find more information here on the Amazon website.


  • Magnification: 50x (can be increased with bigger eyepieces)
  • Objective diameter: 127mm
  • FOV: 157.5ft at 1000 yards
  • Eye relief distance: 22mm
  • Close focus distance: 20ft
  • Twilight factor: 79.5
  • Weight: 97oz


  • Premium StarBright XLT coating
  • A large rubber-covered focus wheel
  • Zero chromatic aberration
  • 97.4% light transmission
  • Ideal for tactical/leisure missions alike
  • Portable size


  • Not entirely waterproof

What’s in the box?

  • Celestron C5 scope
  • 45° erect image diagonal
  • 6x30mm erect image finderscope
  • Objective cover
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Padded carry case

2. Vortex Viper HD Spotting Scope Review

Vortex scopes rank high in terms of optical precision and ergonomics. If you’ve had trouble adjusting to a scope’s dynamics, look no further than the Vortex Viper HD scope. Its sleek design and stout performance in the wild are unmatchable and always make your activities 100% hassle-free.

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope 20-60×85…
  • The Viper HD 20-60×85 Angled spotter is packed with features for incredible glassing and high end optical performance. A multi-position eyecup provides proper eye relief while a locking collar allows the scope to rotate into different viewing positions.
  • The HD optical system comprised of premium components generates vivid high-definition images. XR anti-reflective coatings on exterior surfaces help obtain brighter views in low-light situations.

The helical focus and magnification knobs let you quickly lock and clarify the object, regardless of its distance. As this scope offers 20-60x magnification, you can adjust the sight with the knob without looking away. Similarly, the focus ring also lets you keep your gaze fixed at a point and zoom in/out when needed.

Vortex Viper HD scope comes with a 19.6mm eye relief distance that is perfect for all eyeglass wearers. If you spend most of your time in the woods, this considerable eye relief distance will keep your eyes relaxed. The soft, movable eyecup is excellent for eyeglass wearers who have to stay away from the eyepiece while observing closely.

Vortex Viper HD scope has a built-in sunshade that you can quickly retract and block the way of unnecessary sunrays. This sunshade reduces glare and keeps the imagery well-differentiated.

Also, the locking tripod collar gives you the privilege to move the eyepiece in all directions and share the sight with someone sitting beside you. This lockable collar ensures that once your focus is set right, you don’t have to bother re-adjusting it.

The secure rubber armor protects Viper HD scope’s lens and prism from shocks and also offers a non-slip grip. Moreover, the ArmorTek lens coating works as another protective shield that never exposes the ED lens glass to impurities and collisions.

Vortex Viper 20-60×85 is full argon purged and O-ring sealed spotter that is immune to all weather conditions. Once you’re out with this resilient spotter in hand, no weather harshness can stop you.

This scope comes with a stay-on cover, which means you can continue scoping during rainfall/snowfall, and its interiors will stay unharmed.

Its central 85mm lens made from extra-low dispersion glass is well-admired for offering edge-to-edge sharpness and presenting coherent views. This focal lens is compatible with all glassing missions ranging from backyard birdwatching to desert safaris, try and see!

If you are interested in the Vortex Viper HD scope, you can find more information here on the Amazon website.


  • Magnification: 20-60x
  • Objective diameter: 85mm
  • FOV: 101-50ft at 1000 yards
  • Eye relief distance: 19.6mm
  • Close focus distance: 36ft
  • Twilight factor: 40-69
  • Weight: 76.6oz


  • XR plus anti-reflective coating
  • Adjustable eyecup
  • Slim design for easy packing
  • Ultra-smooth helical focus
  • HD optical quality


  • Fringing at higher magnification

What’s in the box?

  • Vortex Viper HD scope
  • Stay-on scope cover
  • Lens and objective covers

3. KOWA TSN 883 Prominar Spotter Review

Kowa Optics has gained immense popularity in the past half-century throughout the world. Its customers are thoroughly satisfied by the glass’s quality and regard Kowa as producing the best spotting scope for long eye relief.

Their Kowa TSN-883 Prominar is a lightweight and compact scope that outperforms most of the top-tier competitors with its optical clarity and ease of handling. Its 88mm focal lens is crafted from pure fluorite crystal glass that ensures ultra-low light dispersion and prevents chromatic aberration from distorting a view.

If you’re a keen birder or photographer, try Kowa TSN-883 Prominar, and its excellent performance will astonish you. The central fluorite lens shows coherent and razor-sharp images of the subject and prevents light reflection. The built-in sunshade removes glare and makes broad daylight glassing more relaxed for you.

The powerful 20-60x magnification doesn’t let distance become a hurdle in your way and shows the minutest details of the subject with commendable clarity. The wide zoom eyepiece is easy-to-adjust and never wastes your time when you switch from one magnification to another.

Its unique dual-focus system facilitates outdoor glassers who can’t afford to miss a running target. You can use quick and normal focus modes with the same grooved knob and always be in the know. This grooved knob is placed right at your thumb’s indent and doesn’t ask you to move while setting it.

Kowa TSN-883 scope offers 17mm eye relief distance for eyeglass wearers. Although this isn’t extraordinary, the wide eyepiece easily compensates for it and never exposes your eyes to any discomfort.

The first-rate C3 prism coating is also there for excellent light gathering and color differentiation. If you’re tired of fringing and blur imagery, Kowa TSN is your answer; its outstanding optical performance is hard to find elsewhere.

This scope’s magnesium alloy works as a shield and contributes to keeping it lightweight as well. Kowa Prominar weighs only 54 ounces, which shows its computability with thrilling outdoor adventures.

Its stay-on case helps you continue your glassing mission despite the weather. Also, its thorough weatherproofing means the Kowa scope will prove its adeptness in all situations, irrespective of your aim.

Kowa TSN-883 Prominar is the most expensive one in my list of best spotting scopes for eyeglass wearers; but, you get what you pay for. The comfort and image quality will compel you to praise Kowa’s craftsmanship for sure!

If you are interested in the Kowa TSN 883 prominar scope, you can find more information here on the Amazon website.


  • Magnification: 20-60x
  • Objective diameter: 88mm
  • Eye relief distance: 17mm
  • Close focus distance: 16.4ft
  • Twilight factor: 41-72
  • Weight: 54oz


  • Pure fluorite crystal glass
  • C3 prism coating
  • Resilient aluminum housing
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Dual focus system
  • Built-in sunshade


  • No cons found

What’s in the box?

  • Kowa scope
  • Stay-on case
  • iPhone adapter

4. Vanguard Endeavour 65A Spotting Scope

Keeping the gear light is almost every outdoor lover’s dream. But sadly, most spotting scopes are so heavy that you can’t walk around comfortably with them in your backpack. Fortunately, the Vanguard Endeavour 65A spotting scope is here to solve this dilemma.

Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting…
  • Extra-low Dispersion glass (ED) for accurate color rendition & bright, sharp images, and Bak4 phase-coated prism with fully multi-coated lenses
  • Rubber armored magnesium body with built in sunshield to eliminate glare in direct sunlight. Dual focus wheel for fine and course adjustment

Its 51 ounces weight is negligible compared to other spotters of the same size and gives you perk of light traveling. The durable aluminum housing further enhances your comfort, and you can stay carefree about the scope’s well-being while hiking/running.

The 15-45x magnification is perfect for all leisure activities. Especially if you are a birder/sightseer, this magnification will suit you the best. The handy size and manageable weight go hand-in-hand with this magnification and make Vanguard Endeavour the lightest amongst the best spotting scopes for eye relief. 

The 65mm ED lens always shows vivid and aberration-free imagery of your subject and keeps glare at bay. The Bak4 prism coated with a phase-correction layer further enhances light transmission and produces true-colored imagery.

Its detachable rubber eyecup provides excellent comfort to the glasser’s eyes and never causes skin rashes, unlike some plastic/metal eyecups. The excellent 20mm eye relief distance pairs up with this soft angled eyecup and offers great relaxation during your extended mission.

Vanguard Endeavor 65A spotting scope has a dual focus mechanism for quick and routine focusing. Its focus knob also has thumb impressions for easy adjustment and doesn’t waver from your set focus.

The remarkable 14.8-18ft close focus distance is another advantage of this sleek spotter as it isn’t available in most spotters of this size. You can zoom in on the nearest subject and observe it without any aberration; that’s something only Vanguard could provide.

Moreover, nitrogen purging and O-ring sealing make this 65A scope entirely weather resistant. You can glass in any terrain without bothering your scope’s safety as Vanguard has made it thoroughly compatible with rough-tough conditions.

The innovative multi guard coating offers premium light transmission and removes color-fringing to a great extent.

Whether you watch birds from a close distance or go out to hunt elks, Vanguard Endeavor 65A scope is the best long eye relief spotting scope for all!

Find more information and customer reviews for Vanguard Endeavour spotting scope here on the Amazon website.


  • Magnification: 15-45x
  • Objective diameter: 65mm
  • FOV: 144-68ft at 1000 yards
  • Eye relief distance: 20mm
  • Close focus distance: 14.8-18ft
  • Twilight factor: 31-54
  • Weight: 51oz


  • ED lens glass
  • HD optical quality
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Comfortable ERD
  • Solid grip


  • Complaints of problematic focus

What’s in the box?

  • Endeavor 65A scope
  • Lens cover
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Carry bag


How can I prevent light flare with my glasses on?

Firstly, if you wear a cap while focusing through your spotting scope, it blocks the way of sunrays and eventually reduces glare. But, since wearing or not wearing a hat depends upon the weather, you should try to set your tripod (with the scope on it) in a shaded place. Preferably if your target/subject is in a hilly region, make sure you have some shade against the sun where you can relax/unwind after some time.

If your set-up is on bare rock with no shade nearby, you’ll not only face light glare but will be exposed to harmful UV rays as well.

Can I use a spotting scope for astronomy while wearing glasses?

Yes, you can. All you need is to find a long eye relief spotter (and with an appropriate magnification) such as Celestron C5 and you are good to go. 

Most mid-ranged spotters come with minimum 45x magnification, which is suitable for beginner level astronomy. But if you want to see the celestial bodies up close, look for a spotting scope with minimum 60x magnification.


Spotting scopes go easy on your pocket when compared to telescopes (and even some binoculars), which is the reason behind their popularity. And when you get a scope that takes care of your eyes as well, it’s nothing less than a treat. A spotting scope with HD optical clarity and ergonomic design will make your adventures far more interesting.

The above-described are some of the best spotting scope for eyeglass wearers that provide comfortable eye relief distance, amazing optical performance, and adaptability with different activities.

I have intentionally selected spotting scopes from different price categories so that you don’t have to look elsewhere.

The Celestron C5 is an exceptional scope that beats its rivals in most categories and doesn’t break the bank either.

Similarly, Vanguard Endeavor 65A and Vortex Viper HD are mid-priced scopes with incredible magnification and broad ERDs.

And lastly, Kowa TSN-883 is the leading one in my list because of its flawless performance and appearance in all aspects; though it will cost you a whole lot, it’s worth each buck.

Whether you’re a glasses-wearing birder on a hunter, get one of these scopes with comfortable ERD, and you’ll love the relaxation they provide.

So, stop stressing your eyes because these spotting scopes won’t let your spectacles bother your mission!

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