5 Best Tripod for Binoculars You Must Have

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Glassing through your binocular becomes delightful and hassle-free when you have the best tripod for binoculars.

Tripods prevent shaky imagery, give your arms some rest and let you divide the vast areas in smaller grids, and lock your favorite scenes.

Have you seen those professional wildlife experts and hunters who set binoculars in their jeeps and look through them for hours? Do you think that’s possible without a tripod? No, it isn’t! Your arms will get strained, and you’ll have to take breaks in between, who knows if you miss a great sight during those breaks.

Once you mount your binocular on a tripod and stand in a comfortable position, you will be amazed by the image stability and muscle relaxation you get.

From scouting for your target animal to stargazing, and from wildlife photography to desert safari, a tripod (along with tripod adapter) will be your helping hand everywhere.

If you are new to tripods worry not! My list of excellent tripods will help you in picking a smart tripod that you can use in all activities, and yes, I’ll make sure that a tripod doesn’t cost you a fortune. So, let’s dig a little deeper.  

Best Tripods for Binoculars Reviews

1. Celestron TrailSeeker Tripod

Tripods are meant to be used in all terrains; be it shore, mountain or a forest. And when the terrain underneath your tripod is uneven, you can set all three legs at different heights in this Celestron tripod.

Being 3.94 lbs in weight, this tripod can extend up to 70.5 inches, which is ideal for tall people. Because in most tripods, the user is bound to bend a little which might leave his/her back muscles strained.

Celestron tripod has lever locks to make the length of legs stable. When the legs are not locked, your binocular/spotting scope might fall off, but these secure lever locks have already solved that problem.

Celestron 82050 tripod is the most lightweight, compact, and portable tripod you can get in this price range.

This tripod has 4 sectioned legs with lever locks which you can use to increase/decrease the height. When you need to increase its height to more than 58 inches, the central leg can be extended to add some additional inches.

Comfort should be your priority when you have to carry your equipment during adventures/excursions. This tripod has padded legs for easy carrying and to keep your shoulders strain-free.

Its central leg has a retractable hook where you can hang additional weight and maintain balance during heavy winds. This weight can be your bag, a stone, or anything you can manage in the wild.

If you’re interested in Celestron TrailSeeker Tripod, you can buy it on Amazon here.


  • All legs can be set at different angles
  • Rubber feet to keep it from sliding
  • Two-way fluid pan head
  • Carry case with shoulder strap
  • Two-way fluid pan head
  • Quickly movable plate

2. Manfrotto 190X Aluminum 3-Section Tripod

Gadget lovers term Manfrotto tripods as “expensive but worth every penny.” Made up of aluminum, this tripod is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Its weight is a mere 0.7kg, and it can support equipment as heavy as 8.82 lbs. Be it full-size astronomy binoculars, spotting scopes, or DSLRs, this Manfrotto aluminum tripod can be used for all.

Its quick-release 2000PL plate makes equipment mounting quick and secure. You don’t have to hassle while mounting your binoculars on this tripod, just two clicks and it will be attached.

Manfrotto ensures to make its gadgets secure, innovative, and sophisticated. This tripod has QPL lever locks for independently locking the legs and setting them at distinct angles.

If you love to capture some scenic views in the wild, there is a link connector for photo/video accessory on the extended arm which makes this tripod a complete photo/video studio.

The rigid tripod heads are simply no good. Those who move smoothly will definitely make your mission more fun. This tripod has an XPRO fluid head which moves with very slight pressure. You can stop at any angle and lock the head for saving a view.

Even though this Manfrotto tripod falls in the expensive category, it is not comfortable. The user will have to buy a carry case separately, and there is no padding on its legs either.

Despite this minor flaw, the head movement, height, view locking capacity, and ruggedness is unarguably great in this tripod. 

If you’re interested in Manfrotto Tripod, you can buy it on Amazon here.


  • 0.7 kg in weight
  • Both hard and soft fluidity available
  • Quick release system for plate
  • Max height 62.99 inches
  • Flawless rotation

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3. Orion Tritech II Field Tripod

When we talk about tripods, the first feature they must have is sturdiness to survive all rough terrains. And luckily Orion Tritech has said Amen to that.

With this Tritech II field tripod, you can adjust tripod height up to 68 inches without losing the balance or getting shaky imagery.

Thanks to its flip-lock clamps, you can set all three legs at different heights and lock them with these clamps. Additionally, its legs have a metal spread at the base which provides more resistance to the tripod.

Hunting, photography, and stargazing equipment are heavy and must be treated with care. I am sure you would hate to see your binocular lenses scratched because of a poor tripod. However, this is not a deal here.

This Orion tripod can support gadgets weighing up to 13.3 lbs and that too with a secure grip.

Mounting the binos on tripods might sound tricky, but it isn’t with this Tritech II tripod. The extra-long slotted shoe gives you a quick attachment option so that you can pack your gadget and move quickly in the wild.

You can move its head to 360 degrees and get a clear and smooth view of your favorite place. And the tilt lock option will further add to the delight of focused and hassle-free glassing.

If you’re interested in Orion Tritech Tripod, you can buy it on Amazon here.


  • 4.8 lbs. in weight, collapses to 27.25 inches
  • Stable, sturdy, lightweight
  • 360 degrees smooth head movement
  • Carries up to 13.3 lbs. weight
  • Non-slip rubber surface for the attached instrument

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4. MACTREM Travel Tripod

If you want to buy an affordable, compact, and ergonomic tripod, MACTREM M-PT55 is nothing less than a gift of jab for you.

Being incredibly rugged, secure, and lightweight, this is the best tripod that outdoor lovers can wish for.

The material used in its making is aluminum and plastic, but that doesn’t mean MACTREM has ignored the stability feature, which is a must-have for tripods.

You can load instruments of up to 11 pounds on this tripod, and there will be no shaking or tilting in it. Its 360-degree swivel movement works incredibly with all binoculars, cameras, and spotting scopes.

Placing your instruments won’t take more than 30 seconds once you learn the functioning of its quick release plate.

MACTREM has made this tripod stable by making its legs thicker and adding rubber at their tips. In uneven terrains, the legs won’t leave their place because of these rubber feet.

Picking a tripod on shoulders and moving through the wild, such trouble no? But why worry when you will get a soft and comfy carry bag with this tripod? 

If you’re interested in MACTREM Tripod, you can buy it on Amazon here.


  • 2.6 pounds in weight
  • Carries 11lbs. weight
  • Maximum height is 55 inches
  • Collapses to 20 inches height
  • 360 swivel function
  • Thicker legs and bigger clips
  • Rubber feet

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5. Regetek Travel Tripod

Having foldable and small gadgets is something all travelers dream of. The tripod you can keep in your backpack and adjust it to see a marvelous view through your lenses within seconds, such an amazing feature, right?

This Regetek tripod has everything a roamer should look for; small in size, light in weight, durable enough to bear rugged topographies, and above all, providing excellent movement to the mounted binoculars.

When you are out, the views you get will never stop surprising you. And it is nothing but wise to capture those scenes and add them to your photo collection. In most tripods, it is challenging to manage a phone and a binocular to get that one amazing click.

But luckily, Regetek offers you a great phone holder which will make your experience very pleasant. You see a view, you like it, and you click it. It is this simple when you pair a binocular with an excellent tripod.

Don’t worry about sitting for hours in the same position while scouting for turkeys or waiting for elks to appear, with this Regetek tripod you can lock the view, move the binos with a smooth pan head and adjust legs at different angles without any trouble.

Having rubber feet is a must for tripods. Otherwise, their legs keep moving, and the binos placed on them will deliver shaky, blurred, and incoherent imagery. This tripod has rubber feet, which removes the chances of shaky imagery.

When you collapse your Regetek tripod, it can decrease to 22 inches. Similarly, it can extend up to 64 inches, that’s a brilliant feature in this price category.

If you’re interested in Regetek Tripod, you can buy it on Amazon here.


  • 2.75 pounds in weight
  • 6.5 pounds load capacity
  • Extends from 22-64 inches
  • 180 degrees tilt handle
  • 3-way pan head with 360 rotation
  • Pop-up quick release plate

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Tripods for binoculars are incredibly helpful for hunters, birders, sports lovers, wildlife photographers, and stargazers. When you get exhausted during long ventures and want to give your arms some rest, a tripod can be your savior.

If you are taller than 5.5” pick up Celestron tripod. After fully extending its central leg, you can achieve a height of 70.5 inches, which is very comfortable for tall people.

And if your binocular is larger than 10×45, go for the Orion Tech II tripod. It provides excellent stability and can support equipment up to 13.3lbs. Stargazers used binos with large lenses, and this tripod will do an amazing job for them.

Similarly, if your passion is to roam around and click some awesome pictures of nature and wildlife, Regetek tripod is the one you have been looking for. It is foldable, lightweight and comes with a phone holder which is one of its additional perks.

When going out, don’t forget to take a fantastic tripod with you!

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