Zeiss Terra ed 10×42 vs Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binocular

  • By: Michaela King

Zeiss and Nikon, the two giants of the optics industry, are always head-to-head in competition. Launching new products and updating their existing series, both are becoming more popular with each passing day amongst hunters, wildlife lovers, birdwatchers, and stargazers.

As investing in a gadget is risky, you must know about its pros and cons beforehand; it will save your time and money alike. The Zeiss Terra ED and Nikon Monarch 7, both are much-celebrated products of their respected brands, and binocular enthusiasts are head-over-heels to know which one is better.

This is the reason I picked these two, compared their specs, and wrote this comparison to enhance your knowledge of optics. So, let’s dig a little deeper and evaluate the two pairs.

Zeiss Terra ed vs. Nikon Monarch 7 – Pros and Cons of Each

It’s always hard to decide which binocular should be preferred for a specific activity i.e., hunting. And when it comes to comparison, there’s a whole lot which lazy people like me skip and click on “add to cart” without thinking much. To help you in deciding, here are the pros and cons of each pair:

Pros of Zeiss Terra ed

  • A large central focusing wheel
  • Multicoated lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Vivid imagery

Cons of Zeiss Terra ed

  • Shorter field of view
  • Less eye-relief distance

Pros of Nikon Monarch 7

  • Wide FOV
  • Comfortable eye relief
  • ED glass for extra bright imagery
  • Phase correction coating on prisms
  • Movable eyecups
  • Tripod adaptable

Cons of Nikon Monarch 7

  • Expensive
  • Wide Close focus distance

Zeiss Terra ED or Nikon Monarch 7 – Comparison based on Activities

What do you need binoculars for? The answer to this question determines the specs of your binoculars which are unavoidable and those too which you can surpass. Let’s compare the two pairs in light of different activities.


Hunters need to cover a large area; their prey doesn’t sit anywhere, it keeps running and might be out of sight in a second. If hunting is the reason you are looking binocular for, go for Nikon Monarch 7. Its wide field of view will keep you a step ahead of your target. Also, the image enhancement feature of Monarch 7 is best for dawn and dusk hunts when light isn’t sufficient.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7


Birdwatching doesn’t require a wide FOV, it instead needs a clear picture of an object sitting next to you. When the close focus distance is huge, you might miss the fun of birdwatching. The beauty of birding lies in observing feather movement and colour patterns up close. So, if you love birding, pick up Zeiss terra; a binocular which offers impressive close focus distance of 5.2ft.

Winner: Zeiss Terra ed

Ocean viewing

Standing on a cruise and looking at the mighty waves, it is fun until your binoculars slips and falls into the deep sea. Would you like it? No, you won’t. That’s why you must have binoculars with excellent grip, rubberized body and a nice strap which you can hang around your neck. Nikon Monarch 7 has sorted that all for you; its rubberized outer frame and the soft sturdy strap will let you maintain a good balance on the moving boat.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7

Concert going

If you are a crazy k-pop fan like me, you must have a dream to see your favourite artist closely, don’t you? If yes, then your binoculars must have a smooth focusing wheel which lets you focus in a gist of time. When fans are going crazy in a concert, get binocular with precise and smooth focusing, and as Zeiss Terra and Nikon monarch both have large central focusing wheels, it’s a tie here.

Winner: Tie

Apartment peeping

Peeping is a time taking activity, I know you agree as well. If you are a habitual peeper, your eyes will get strained, and you must give them rest every now and then. But, what if your target does something suspicious when you are taking rest? This is where eye relief distance comes in handy. Nikon Monarch 7 allows you to keep your eyes 16.4mm away from the eyepieces and still get a good picture of the surrounding. Additionally, if you wear glasses, this distance must be in your binoculars.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7

Do you want to know whether Zeiss and Nikon are American or German brands? Read my separate articles on best American binoculars and German-made binoculars brands.

Zeiss Terra ED or Nikon Monarch 7 – Features Comparison

How precise your binocular is and how accurate is its focus; learn this before spending a hefty amount. I am sure you would not like buying a totally useless pair of binoculars. Let’s compare the essential features and decide which is better:


Getting a quick overview of a large area is something all outdoor, sports, nature and ocean enthusiasts crave for. If your binoculars cannot cover a wide area, they are not worth it. In this case, Nikon Monarch 7 has the upper hand due to the 351ft wide field of view. Although there is not a significant difference between FOV of the two pairs; Nikon is still the winner as per FOV.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7


Again, the weight of these two pairs is not drastically different. Nikon monarch weighs 23.3 oz. while Zeiss terra is 24.34oz. So we’ll pass the weight category; the difference is in ounces, which is negligible.

Winner: Tie

Image stability

Nikon binocular has phase correction prism coatings which remove the chromatic aberrations from the imagery and makes it more vivid and sharp. Additionally, its multicoated lenses collect an ample amount of sunlight and surpass the impurities present in the way.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7


Being able to zoom in and get a detailed glance of your prey, favourite artist or the player is possible when your binocular has a strong magnification capability. Here, both Nikon Monarch 7 and Zeiss Terra have 10x magnification which is best-suited for all the activities mentioned above.

Winner: Tie

Lens size

Large lenses collect more light; the imagery is bright eventually. In this case, both pairs have lenses of 42mm in diameter which makes them great picks for people from all professions. Either you are a nature lover or a concert goer, these large lenses will provide you with very bright imagery of the surroundings.

Winner: Tie

Eye relief

Eye relief distance is 14mm in Zeiss terra and 16mm in monarch 7. If you wear glasses or use sunglasses during the daytime errands, prefer Nikon monarch 7. This 16 mm eye relief distance will protect your eyes from the strain of continuous focusing.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7

Zeiss Terra or Nikon Monarch 7– Comparison based on Cost

Lastly comes the price; the most important factor one considers while getting a pair of good binoculars.

Zeiss Terra ED comes in two colours; black and grey. The gray one is slightly cheaper than the black one, however, both are under $500. Nikon Monarch binoculars, on the other hand, are available in only one colour which will cost you less than $500.

Note: The prices mentioned here are at the time of writing this review and are always subject to change.

When we consider the lifetime warranty Zeiss and Nikon offer and compare them with other binos which have same features, these are the two most affordable pairs you can get your hands on.

Zeiss Terra ed 10×42 vs Nikon Monarch 7 Summary

After comparing all features, pros, and cons, my vote goes to Nikon Monarch 7. It not only has a wide FOV but also has a phase correction coating on the prisms. With this coating, wide FOV, large lenses and a good eye relief distance, Nikon monarch will serve its purpose rightly.

However, if you are a birder and need to see things relatively closely, enjoy the 5.2ft close focus distance of Zeiss Terra ED binoculars. You can pick from the two available colours of Zeiss Terra, and pay accordingly.

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