How to Clean Spotting Scope Lens in 5 Simple Ways

  • By: Imad

Spotting scopes are robust and built for rugged circumstances. That doesn’t vindicate you to stop taking care of it.

For longevity, you must take care of the lenses for better vision. Since you want to know how to clean spotting scope lens, I will walk you through the imperatives to assist you in getting the job done.

Here are my 5 steps to cleaning your spotting scopes lens in the most efficient way;

  1. Give your scope some air to blow off the dirt
  2. You must use a brush for the proper cleaning of layers of dust 
  3. A proper cleaning solution for the lens. Be aware, lens is sensitive….
  4. Wipes to wipe out the dirt 
  5. Repeat till die…. 

It’s done, right? No…. We are yet to elaborate these points for your better understanding. There are some tricks and caveats that are must to know to prevent any discrepancy.

Let’s dive to clean;

5 simple ways to clean a spotting scope lens…

1. Give spotting scope some air to blow off the dirt

Give it some air – hold on, not air produce by your lungs or canned air. It won’t serve the purpose.

Not only your lungs yield less powered air that blows off dirt, but it also worsens the case as respiratory air comes with moisture.

I personally use an air blower by Giottos. It shapes like a mini rocket which you can aim and squeeze to clean. You can also carry it with ease.

Typically air blowers come in all sizes-small, medium and large. I prefer using the smaller one in the field, and the large size blowers when cleaning scopes at home.

Why you should use air blower before using any stuff to carve out any dirt? Well, if you use any brush or piece of cloth to remove particles before using an air blower, it would result in scratches on your lens.

I usually start cleaning the scope from the edges to get the dirt off from the nooks and crannies. Then continue cleaning the glass surface with blower.

2. Use a brush for proper cleaning of layers of dust 

The next step would be to clean your lens with a lens cleaning pen. Nikon is producing some quality cleaning pens. Their cleaning pens are superior to cotton and microfibers for cleaning lenses. These pens are soft, carefully designed to halt lens coating from any damage.

You should rub and scrub your spotting scope lens gently with the equipment. Hold your spotting scope upside down to get the lens out as you brush.

Begin the cleaning process from the sides, then forthwith to the center. Do this cleaning process carefully.

3. Lens cleaning solutions

After brushing, you need to apply a cleaning solution to the lens for a crystal clear view. Be careful while choosing any solution for your lens, as the lens is sensitive and need an appropriate solution that’s specifically developed for lens cleaning. Using any inappropriate solution will surely affect your scope’s lens coating and thus image quality.

Zeiss cleaner could be the best choice for sensitive lens cleaning. Zeiss has the annals to support their work as they have a proficient team of optics makers, and their gear quality is top-notch.

4. Wipes to wipe out the Dirt 

Just in case you are curious to know what kind of wipes I am using, it’s none other than PEC-PADS for cleaning. What is great about them is they are 99.99% contaminants free, non-abrasive and lint-free.

You can add a few drops of Zeiss solution to it and gently clean your lens with it. They are for one-time use only. Use it and throw it away.

Caveat: Don’t apply it to sensors, especially a caveat for camera guys. 

5. Repeat till die… 

Here, you could elicit any meaning from “till death”. The point is you should always repeat the process in the same manner to avoid any damage to your lens.

Clean it before either setting off for hunting or viewing. In case, the weather or location is rough and affects the lens then do consider cleaning it in between the process.

Don’t overdo, it will affect the performance. Four or five times a month are enough.

Make it a habit and give your equipment a longer life.

Don’t be Over Smart!!!

It sounds weird but I know people who tried to dismantle their spotting scope (without having the appropriate skills) for deep cleaning and they end up either putting scratches on fine, delicate inside glass or losing the waterproofing capability of their scope. By dismantling, any warranty dwindles.

Whenever, you feel your equipment needs cleaning from inside, contact the manufactures and ask them for cleaning recommendations. Better let them clean it for you.

How to clean the spotting scope lens summary

Spotting scope lens is sensitive and any discrepancy could affect the lens coating. Clean it when it demands cleaning. Don’t get obsessed with cleaning. Seems paradox? Yes… if your equipment doesn’t require cleaning then don’t do it, save your energy and time for the next time.

However, by this far you are convinced that you need an air blower, a brush, a solution, and wipes to clean our spotting scope lens for optimal performance.  

Pretty much done!

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