Swarovski 15×56 SLC HD Binoculars Review (Flourite Glass)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Since its inception in 1989, Swarovski Optik’s SLC binocular series has consistently been the preferred choice of hunters and stargazers alike, standing out amongst its competitors. The most recent addition to this celebrated series is the Swarovski SLC 15×56, introduced in 2013. This review will delve into the innovative features of this premium optic, its adaptability across various environments, and intriguing details that make it unique. So, stick around as we explore the offerings of the Swarovski SLC 15×56 binoculars!

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Dull imagery in low-light? Nope, Swarovski SLC 15×56 has a solution!

During hunts, you often have to scout for hours and stay in one position until the game shows up. Hours pass by, and the light starts fading, leaving you with an unclear view of the region and a considerably dwindled possibility of a successful hunt.

Most binoculars give up in such times, and you are bound to come down from the tree stand and halt the hunting mission (that’s such a waste of time). However, with the Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars, dim light will never bother you.

This phenomenal binocular has 29 twilight factor that brightens up imagery at dawn and dusk and gives you some extremely crucial minutes to take another shot at the deer/boar (and we never know if you’ll get the trophy at your last low-light fire, hunting is always like that).

If the twilight factor is a new term for you, let me explain it:

Twilight factor is the clarity of imagery a binocular can provide when the source of light is dim. The more, the better; the twilight factor works on this simple principle. Hunting and stargazing binoculars are bound to have a good twilight factor as there is no set time for these two activities, and no one likes quitting an exhilarating hunting mission when the sunlight fades.

Swarovski slc 15×56 has a whopping 29 twilight factor which is a stamp on its usability in the woods.

Stressed pupils? Not anymore!

Another feature that sets Swarovski slc 15×56 apart from the rest is its wide exit pupil diameter. Since this binocular is from Swarovski’s prestigious series, it has an explicitly developed exit pupil (undoubtedly).

A new term again, huh? Well, here comes the explanation:

The centre of the binocular lens has a small circle that becomes visible in bright light. This circle is the passage of light that travels across the binocular barrels until it reaches our eyes. The light enters from small apertures of lenses and exits through the center of ocular lenses (the side of lenses we hold close to our eyes).

In Swarovski slc 15×56, the exit pupil is 3.7mm wide, which provides an excellent passage to light. Calculating the exit pupil of a binocular is pretty simple. By dividing the lens size with magnification, we can find this diameter.

Here this diameter is 3.7mm (56/15=3.7)

The rule here is also the same; the large, the better. When exit pupil diameter is extensive, your eyes don’t have to dilate and contract unnecessarily. You can comfortably focus through these large apertures and see the object with utmost clarity.

Are you thrilled to know more about this high-class glass? If yes, keep reading this Swarovski Optik 15×56 slc binocular review!

Swarovski Optik 15×56 SLC Series Water Proof Roof…
  • The purchase Includes Swarovski Optic SLC 15×56 Binocular Field Bag Eyepiece Cover Objective Lens Cover Lift Carrying Strap Swarovski Optic Lifetime Limited
  • 15x magnification

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Technical Features

  • Magnification: 15x
  • Lens size: 56mm
  • FOV: 234ft at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3.7mm
  • Twilight factor: 29
  • Close focus distance: 12.8ft.
  • Eye relief distance: 16mm
  • Weight: 43.2oz
  • Prisms: Schmidt-Pechan


  • Edge-to-edge image sharpness
  • 93% light transmission
  • Extended thumb depressions for balance
  • Excellent Low light performance
  • Inert gas purging
  • Magnesium external chassis
  • Durable neck strap


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • No field flattering technology

What’s in the box?

  • Swarovski SLC 15×56 binocular
  • Filed carrying bag
  • Lens and eyepiece covers
  • Neck strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

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Swarovski 15×56 SLC Binoculars Technical Features Review

Lens size

Swarovski slc 15×56 binocular comes with massive 56mm lenses. These lenses work remarkably well and let an ample amount of light enter.

Astronomers and hunters always enjoy their play a little more when light is low. Imagine a hunter who was waiting for a deer all day, and when it finally showed up, there wasn’t enough light to shoot it.

That’s when these 56mm wide lenses perform impeccably. Their HD feature sharpens up the imagery and shows edge-to-edge image brightness, regardless of the surrounding light.


15x magnification is not something you can find easily. Especially when the binocular is loaded with other astonishing features as well.

Stargazers love magnifying a bit more when they catch a glimpse of a planet/star. When Swarovski slc 15×56 binocular provides an impressive magnification with quick focusing knob, the outdoor/indoor adventure becomes enthralling.

Whether you observe fast-running animals in the wild or are trailing a comet up in the sky, the 15x magnification power will always back you.


Swarovski slc 15×56 offers 234ft wide FOV with superb clarity and colour fidelity. This FOV is comparatively shorter than Swarovski’s EL and older SLC binoculars, which is not something cruisers and safari goes would enjoy that much. But since it is an astronomy binocular, this won’t be a turn-off for your astronomy ventures.

For hunters, however, this 234ft FOV works fine and always makes their hunts foolproof. This exceptional binocular will always keep you a step ahead of your wild buddy and let you hunt it timely.

Exit pupil distance

As I explained above, exit pupil diameter is the passage light that gets to travel across your binocular. In the Swarovski slc 15×56 binocular, this passage is 3.7mm wide (might sound like a small number, but the max exit pupil distance in our eyes is 7mm).

This pupil diameter won’t force you to contract and squeeze your eyes to see a more unobstructed view. Conversely, you can keep your eyes comfortable while glassing through this wide aperture.

Also, this vast pupil distance impacts the image quality and brightens up the picture that our eyes receive.

Twilight Factor

Swarovski 15×56 binocular has 29 twilight factor, which is the actual delight of this binocular.

Whether you enjoy sightseeing before sunrise or are fond of glancing at the night sky, you’ll never get dull imagery.

The slc 15×56 binocular always brings bright imagery in low light conditions and never compels you to halt your night missions.

29 twilight factor is every hunter’s wish as they rarely get direct sunlight in dense forests. Fortunately, Swarovski has granted their long-standing wish through this phenomenal twilight factor.

Eye relief distance

Swarovski has diligently crafted this high-end binocular for comfortable glassing and continuous usage. No matter how long you peek through your slc 15×56 bino, its 16mm eye relief distance will never tire your eyes.

Moreover, the soft and twistable eyecups further add to this comfort and ensure your eyes’ relaxation. With this 16mm distance, you won’t get that eye-strain back which was prevalent earlier after extended glassing hours.

Close focus distance

You’ll get a 12.8ft close focus distance in this premium binocular. As hunters, cruisers, and stargazers do not utilize this feature; this vast distance isn’t something they’d bother. For long-range and open-air glassing sessions, this 12.8ft close focus distance is perfect.

For birders and apartment peepers, however, this close focus distance is a down point. As these two activities sometimes require close-distance glassing, this feature can become problematic.


This is a heavy binocular, weighing 43.2oz. As Swarovski 15×56 binocular is adorned with massive lenses, ocular pieces, and magnesium chassis, this weight is justifiable.

Although most outdoor enthusiasts prefer lightweight binoculars, its mind-blowing image clarity is something you won’t get elsewhere. So, if you want to hunt down a buck in one go or wish to see the Milky Way Galaxy while laying back, don’t let this weight stop you.

Additionally, as this slc binocular is adaptable with all tripod mounts, you can conveniently shift this burden to a pod during long missions.

Image quality

Image quality is the prime feature of Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars (totally worth your money).

Firstly, this binocular has large lenses and ocular pieces which are excellent for sunlight and never let small air pollutants dull the picture quality.

Secondly, Swarovski has offered an HD feature in this binocular which provides true colours and never creates flare during bright light.

Thirdly, the edge-to-edge image sharpness enables you to minutely observe the terrain and never lets the debris jumble with the quality. You’ll see a broad terrain with 100% true colors and sharpness.

And lastly, the 93% light transmission is another unique feature of this bino. This transmission capacity prevents light reflection, diversion, and flare to a great extent.

When all of these features are combined with Swarovski slc bino’s fully-coated Schmidt-Pechan prisms, the resulting phenomenal brightness and image clarity will leave you awe-struck!


Albeit its massive size, the Swarovski slc 15×56 binocular is a compact and well-built binocular. Due to its incredible ergonomics, you’ll never hassle during your favored activities.

  • Its compact inter-pupillary distance will be easily adjusted according to your face size. As it’s always hard to maintain the eyes’ distance with heavy binoculars, Swarovski has offered adjustable inter-pupillary distance in this slc bino.
  • There are thumb grooves on both barrels of Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars that don’t put pressure on your wrists while you hold it. Also, these grooves offer one-hand holding; maintaining a position becomes effortless with these non-slip depressions.
  • The body of Swaro slc 15×56 binocular is well-balanced and does not tilt because of its weight. The crafters have taken special care of the balance feature, and you’ll never have to face a wavering binocular.
  • Swarovski slc 15×56 is designed ergonomically so that it can adapt with all tripods. Whether you have a Leupold tripod mount or a vortex tripod adapter, your slc 15×56 will stay perfectly balanced and safe.
  • Its soft carrying strap will provide additional comfort and will let you move around comfortably. With Swarovski’s resilient neck strap, your prestigious binocular will never be exposed to any harm.
  • This binocular lenses have specialized Swaroclean coating which repels debris, protects the glass, and makes lens cleaning easier.
  • The large ocular pieces keep your eyes comfortable and never become the reason for headaches when you stay out glassing for the whole day.
  • The 16mm eye-relief distance is best for glasses wearers and those who have sensitive eyes. Keeping your eyes protected and safe is totally painless with the ergonomic Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars.

Weather resistance

After spending a reasonable sum on a binocular, no one can bear its continuous wear and tear; that’s something Swarovski has always emphasized. Their binoculars are always sturdy and resilient to survive in rough-tough weather.

The Swarovski slc 15×56 has a robust magnesium outer chassis which keeps the Schmidt-Pechan prisms and lenses safe and is impressively shock resistant.

Although this binocular is not as weather-resistant as the Swarovski el 12×50 is, it can still survive most weather extremes. It is submersible in 13ft. of water, but not more than that.

Also, slc 15×56 Bino’s lenses are purged with an inert gas that keeps the inner side dry and never lets moisture and rust accumulate in the barrels.

Since we have covered all of the technical features in this Swarovski Optik 15×56 slc binocular review already, let’s find which activities can you delightfully enjoy with it; shall we?

Swarovski slc 15×56 review for various activities

Evaluating how apt a binocular can be in different activities and weather has always been tricky. Since every mission has distinct needs, it’s challenging to judge a binocular on one scale.

For the very same reason, I have analyzed the usability of Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars according to some of the glasser’s preferred activities. So, let’s scoot right in: 


Enjoying jungle and desert safaris is one of the most enjoyable family vacations you can ever have. When you roam in a wildlife sanctuary and see the wild beings in their natural habitat, the experience is unforgettable.

If you have plans to go on a safari next time, get Swarovski slc binoculars with you. Its razor-sharp images and coherent color patterns will double the fun of your trip.

Moreover, since you continuously move during a safari, balancing these binoculars will also be easy. Its well-balanced design indicates that you won’t waver while glassing through your Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars. 

This premium binocular has a smooth and quick focusing knob which comes in handy when you suddenly spot an animal during your safari and wish to get its closer look.


Hunting is one of the most preferred leisure activities. People from across the globe hit the woods in hunting seasons and always aim to ace their hunts. For that reason, having a flawless binoculars is inevitable for them. Binocular is as essential as a hunting weapon for hunters.

Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars offer crystal-clear imagery to hunters with a smooth central focusing knob. Both of these features will let you hurriedly spot and shoot your target, irrespective of the thicket’s density.

Moreover, its brilliant twilight factor enables the hunters to carry on their mission at dawn and dusk. If you want to wait for turkeys on your tree stand until sunset, no worries because Swarovski slc binoculars will ensure you don’t miss your target.


The crystal clear imagery and 93% light transmission of Swarovski slc will make your birdwatching hobby a lot more interesting. This binocular offers enhanced color fidelity and exquisite picture quality that can turn an apparently simple hobby into a great learning experience.

However, if you enjoy watching birds from a closer distance, its 12.8ft close focus distance won’t help you. On the other hand, long-ranging birding ventures are extremely fun with Swarovski slc 15×56 binoculars; all thanks to its HD picture quality.


Stargazers and sky-watchers always adore its large 56mm wide lenses and 15x magnification. These two remarkable features make slc 15×56 binoculars a premium choice for top-notch missions.

Whether you wish to see the planets or the stars, your Swarovski 15×56 binoculars will always accompany you.

Plus, this binocular has a comfortable eye-relief distance; stargazers always seek it. Once you set this full-sized binocular on a tripod, you can relax and enjoy your leisure day while gazing at the sky, and that too, without getting a headache.


Cruising is another activity that requires premium binoculars. If you take along an average binocular, you’ll spend more time balancing it instead of enjoying the waves.

With Swarovski SLC binoculars, balancing and glassing from a moving surface, i.e. a cruise is never challenging. Its thumb grooves allow you to shift it from one hand to another and stay relaxed when you observe how mesmerizing the water is.

Additionally, the picture quality and removal of chromatic aberration will never show you a jumbled view of the water; your eyes will see well-differentiated imagery irrespective of the sunlight available.

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Does this binocular has a warranty?

Yes, this binocular has a lifetime warranty for optics and 10 years limited warranty for other binocular parts.

Can I use this for birding?

Yes, you can, but not for up-close birding. If you watch birds from a distance, this is the best binocular for that. However, if you like observing birds from proximity, this binocular might not suit your needs.

Is it suitable for rainy day activities?

Yes, it is. Swarovski slc 15×56 binocular lenses are fully purged with inert gas and are moisture resistant. Also, this bino will stay unharmed in 13ft of water. But, it is advisable to keep it protected from continuous exposure to water as that can wear its outer coatings.

What’s the twilight factor in this binocular?

Swarovski slc 15×56 has 29 twilight factor. This figure is excellent for regular binoculars since military-grade and night-vision binoculars have this kind of twilight factor.

Which coatings have Swarovski applied on it?

Swarovski Optik has applied Swaroclean coating on the lenses of this binocular. Moreover, the Schmidt-Pechan prisms and lenses also have a multi-coloured coating that enhances colour fidelity.


Writing this Swarovski Optik 15×56 Slc binocular review was really fun for me since it has both negative and positive sides. 

Speaking of the negatives, the only major con of this binocular is its wide close focus distance that doesn’t favour the birders. If you are a balcony birder, you should look for something else.

On the contrary, its pros are endless. Ranging from hefty lenses to incredible resolution, and from precise focus to a superb twilight factor, Swarovski Optik has packed this slc binocular with many brilliant features.

No matter you are a hunter or a stargazer, the Swarovski slc 15×56 bino will impeccably serve you in all terrains, and make glassing a genuinely astonishing experience for you.

So, forget halting the hunting mission in the dark and treat yourself with this incredible Swarovski glass. Similarly, endlessly gaze at the stars while sitting in your home and never get tired; say thanks to this slc bino’s ergonomic design.

Swarovski slc binoculars will show you the tiniest details of your preferred object and won’t waver at all; albeit with its weight, this bino is surprisingly balanced and compact.  

Now, I am quite sure you have made up your mind to give this high-class binocular a try; I suggest you do that ASAP. Because believe me, this Swarovski binocular is worth each penny. Cheers!

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Image credit: Swarovski Optik

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