Swarovski CL Pocket 8×25 Binoculars Review [Best Review]

  • By: Sana Ijaz

When the term “compact binocular” comes up, most people think it would be a small bino with poor optical quality and bad ergonomics. Honestly, this was somehow true until Swarovski Optik launched its cl 8×25 pocket binocular in 2013.

This Austria-made premium binocular speaks for its class and enables the glasser to experience vivid imagery with no chromatic aberrations. The cl 8×25 binocular successfully surpassed its competitors, and within no time, glassers started admiring the practicality and adeptness of this palm-sized binocular.

Swarovski 46201 CL Pocket 8×25 Binoculars (Green)
  • Thanks to the CL Pocket’s foldable bridge design, you can easily take them everywhere you go, ready to fulfill many requirements. It is always to hand since it is small enough to put in pocket. All you need to do is pick up and enjoy the view that open up for you
  • CL Pocket binocular offers unique optical performance – high-contrast, sharp and color-true images provide unforgettable viewing experiences. The ergonomic and robust design ensures optimum viewing comfort even for eyeglass wearers due to twist-in eyecups

As this bino is relatively new from Swarovski’s premium class, I felt the need to thoroughly study its features, and bring forward a detailed Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular review for you.  

Also, in this article, we will analyze how practical this pocket-sized binocular is for outdoor ventures, and why should you prefer this little master over its bigger competitors. So, without wasting a minute, let’s begin, shall we?

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Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binoculars – the little master!

Trekking poles, backpack, a hunting weapon, and a binocular; when it comes to extreme adventures, the list of essentials is long. And, when you are heading out for a hunt/trek, the last thing you want to care about is your optics’ safety; Swarovski already knows that.

To make taking care of your binoculars easier, and reduce your gear’s weight, Swarovski brought this coolest solution to the table (as expected from the masters).

Their cl 8×25 pocket binoculars will effortlessly fit into your pocket, keep you carefree from protecting it, and perform brilliantly. Albeit its small size, cl binocular’s optical quality is remarkable and will never disappoint you; that’s what Swarovski is admired for!

Pay once cry once; experienced glassers always follow this rule of thumb and never regret doing so. Although Swarovski cl 8×25 bino comes with a hefty price tag, its specs are worth it. Once you experience beautiful and true-colored imagery with this small bino, you won’t have to look any further.

Swarovski has specifically made this bino for thrilling hunts, treks, and spy missions. Regardless of your surroundings, your little companion will seamlessly assist you and keep you a step ahead of your target/enemy.

Now, let’s find what else you’ll get from this compact binocular:

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Technical Features

  • FOV: 357ft at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3.1mm
  • Weight: 1.55lbs
  • Eye relief distance: 17mm
  • Close focus distance: 8.2ft
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 48-73 mm
  • Twilight factor: 14.1 mm


  • Foldable bridge design
  • Twist-in eyecups
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Hypoallergenic eyecups
  • Water-sealed lenses
  • Nitrogen filled
  • 10 years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not tripod adaptable

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What’s in the box?

  • Zipper carry bag
  • Carrying strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • A user’s manual

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Buying a gadget is never error-free; the market has endless crap pieces, which are nothing but a waste of money. When you have plans to go elk hunting and need a precise binocular, chances of you getting a useless pair are always there; substandard binos are everywhere.

However, since Swarovski Optik never compromises on quality, their binos are always top-class and worth your hard-earned cash. Keep on reading this Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular review and see for yourself:

Swarovski 8X25 CL Pocket Binoculars Technical Features

Lens size

Most compact binoculars have small lenses and eyepieces, which certainly disturbs the image’s clarity and colors. Fortunately, this premium pocket bino has 25mm large glasses that are wide enough to let in a significant amount of light. 

Swarovski cl binocular never shows dull imagery and focal distortions because of these large lenses. Also, since Swarovski has applied exclusive coatings on this bino, its imagery is extraordinarily bright.

This compact bino can even surpass some full-sized binos in image brightness and lens quality, all thanks to its top-notch lens glass and brilliant swaro coatings.

For a pocket binocular, having 25mm lenses is an incredible feature as glassers always prefer binos with larger lenses. When low-light activities are your aim, this cl binocular will be your best buddy; Swarovski never disappoints, right?


You’ll get 25x magnification with Swarovski cl pocket binocular, again a unique feature for compact binos. Where older pocket binocular couldn’t cross 20x, Swarovski cl is flexing its 25x magnification, and that too, with maximum preciseness.

Swarovski cl 8×25 bino focuses and clears the imagery speedily, ensuring that you never miss a magnificent sight. Moreover, when you are running/walking, this 25x magnification prevents blurriness and improvises color fidelity.

Trekkers mainly prefer this binocular for its magnification, as they wish to see broad areas without any vagueness.


Can you believe this palm-sized binocular has FOV as wide as 357 ft? Yes, that’s right. Swarovski cl binocular has achieved the hallmark with which some high-end binoculars are still struggling, but unfortunately, they can’t beat the class of Swarovski Optik.

Once you set this bino in front of your eyes, a vast area will be there, waiting for you with all true colors and vividness. Swarovski has successfully debunked the myth of short FOV in pocket binos by launching this small-yet-stout cl 8×25 binocular.

Having 357 ft FOV means you’ll never face any trouble in your treks, hunts, and cruise ventures. Also, since this bino has 8x magnification, the image precision will always be outstanding. No more focal distortions and FCC; Swarovski cl has put an end to optical illusions. 

Exit pupil distance

For comfortable glassing, having a wide exit pupil distance (EPD) is inevitable. That’s the reason people used to prefer hefty binos for extended glassing sessions, but gone are the days when only massive binos were comfortable.

Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular, despite being merely 4 inches long, has exit pupil distance of 3.1mm (which is almost equal to Swarovski cl 15×56 bino). This 3.1 EPD will never ask you to contract/expand your pupil needlessly and will provide a good passage for light.

Since the human eye’s EPD is 7mm, this 3.1mm for a binocular is truly remarkable, especially when the bino is a compact one.

Apart from keeping your eyes comfortable, this EPD doesn’t become a hurdle in the way of light and plays a useful role in enhancing image brightness.


Swarovski cl pocket binocular weighs 1.55lbs (24oz). This weight will never become an extra hassle and will help you maintain a comfortable backpack weight. As you’ll easily carry it in your jacket/jean’s pocket, your hands will be free for occasional photography and of course, wiping the sweat in hot, humid days.

As cl 8×25 binocular is almost 4 inches long, this weight is quite heavy when compared to the length. However, since Swarovski has incorporated large lenses and eyepieces in this compact bino, this much weight is justified.

Also, its double-hinged body saves further space and assists you in tucking this bino in narrow spaces i.e., side pockets and carry cases.

Eye relief distance

Eye relief distance used to be something rare in pocket binoculars back in the days. After the launch of Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular in 2013, that problem was also brought to a halt.

This cl binocular offers eye relief distance (ERD) of 17mm, which effortlessly reaches the level of large stargazing binoculars i.e., Swarovski SLC 15×56. The soft eyecups are movable and never cause trouble when you continue glassing for hours.

You only have to move your Swarovski cl pocket binocular’s eyecups backward, and enjoy your activity for as long as you wish; no need to rush while sightseeing or birdwatching.

This ERD provides excellent comfort to glasses-wearers, and those too who don’t wear spectacles. During day-time adventures when sunglasses are mandatory, this 17mm ERD comes to the rescue. So, once again, Swarovski Optik didn’t fail to facilitate its valued customers.

Close focus distance

Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular is doubtlessly packed with all the great features, and its 8.2ft close focus distance (CFD) is another stamp on that.

Birders always wish to get up-close shots of their preferred birds, but sadly, that’s not possible in many high-end binoculars. This pocket binocular, on the other hand, has an impressive 8.2ft CFD that comes in handy for short-range clicks and shots.

Whether you use Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular for photography or short-range hunts, its incredible 8.2ft CFD is always there at your service.

Inter-pupillary distance

As I said earlier, people easily imagine a compact binocular to be small and uncomfortable. Fortunately, with Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular, that’s not true.

Its innovative design offers adjustment of inter-pupillary distance (IPD) and never becomes an annoyance, unlike other small-sized binos.

Its IPD is quickly adjustable and ranges from 48 to 73mm; this distance is perfect for all face sizes.

When you fully expand the cl binocular, it looks like a large binocular with a smaller length; its width is remarkable.

You fold the Swarovski cl binocular to place it in your pocket and effortlessly expand it when you wish to use it; that’s the comfort we always expect from Swarovski Optik.

Twilight factor

A good twilight factor is only available in full-sized binoculars; this was a common notion before Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular came into play. Now you get 14.1mm twilight factor even in a pocket binocular.

This twilight factor will facilitate you in low-light activities and won’t ask you to stop your fun ventures when the sun goes down.

Although 14.1 is not a remarkable figure when it comes to twilight factor, Swarovski cl binocular’s brightness enhancing coatings and high-quality lens glass turns it into a useful feature.

Instead of waiting for the sun to rise fully, Swarovski cl binocular lets you enjoy early-morning scenery with good (if not best) image clarity.

So, as you can see from the implausible features, Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular is not ignorable at all. You get what you pay for, that’s the motto behind this expensive-but-worthy binocular.

But, before making a final decision, let’s take this Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular review to the next level and analyze how useful it is for different activities. This way, you’ll be clear about what you like and what you don’t like!

You tell the plan, Swarovski provides the way out!

Whatever plans you have in mind, Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular will always be there to support you. Whether you want to visit gusty desserts or frigid snow-clad mountains, this top-rated binocular will make your excursions memorable and splendid. So, it’s the time to evaluate this little binocular’s practicality:

Spy missions

Pocket binoculars are meant to help you in secretive missions and hidden glassing; they are called palm-sized binos for a reason, right?

Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular performs exceptionally in spy missions and never puts you in an embarrassing situation. Its multi-coated lenses do not produce flare in broad daylight and make window peeping easy for you.

Moreover, its quick-folding design will let you tuck the bino in your pocket/bag without leaving any trace of your low-key mission.

When a suspicious family moves next door, or you are intrigued to get a closer look at the people working in the farm while sitting inside your cabin, Swarovski cl binocular will work seamlessly. You won’t have to struggle to hide this bino, thanks to its size and length.

And the cherry on top, its quick focusing knob never lets you miss details about your target person/object. Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular is the best-of-the-lot if spying is your primary purpose.


As I have already mentioned, Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular has debunked most of the myths about pocket binoculars (except the size, of course). Providing brilliant image quality is also one of its features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Early morning sightseeing is always soothing and a pleasant way to start the day. However, without an excellent binocular, one cannot enjoy nature’s beauty in its true essence. Having incredible light transmission and color-fidelity is mandatory for enjoying sightseeing.

Swarovski cl pocket binocular comes with three exclusive coatings, namely, Swarodur, Swarotop, and Swarobright; these coatings improvise picture quality and remove distortions in the way of light.

Eventually, you get to see vivid and well-differentiated colors, even in low-light conditions. Swarovski cl bino’s 14.1mm twilight factor and 3.1mm exit pupil distance also contribute in showing you beautiful imagery; you’d never regret buying this cl bino, that’s for sure. 


Wide FOV is the first feature that hunters need; they cannot rely on some lousy binocular with minimum FOV and bad ergonomics. Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular offers 357ft FOV, and when we combine it with its well-balanced body, it becomes the best-pick for hunters.

Scouting and running become hassle-free when you can put your bino in your pocket and quickly set it whenever you need it. This binocular offers vast FOV, quick focusing, and is nicely-balanced; everything a hunter desires is packed in swaro cl binocular.

So, when you go out for turkey hunting this Thanksgiving, take along your Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular and get that perfect shot in one go; your target won’t escape, cl 8×25 bino will ensure that.


Birdwatching is one of the most-favored leisure activities these days. People like spending Sundays in their balconies and backyards watching sparkling birds. If you are inclined towards birding and need a handy binocular for that, stop looking any further.

Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular offers 17mm eye relief distance with soft non-allergenic eyecups, and, most importantly, is lightweight.

Even if you spend the whole day holding your Swarovski cl binocular, your arms will remain strain-free and at ease.

Its light design and short frame make birding a stress-free hobby, unlike hefty binos that tire your arms.

Additionally, the multi-coated lenses and prisms will never show you FCC and help you differentiate between diverse shades of a color. Birding is all about getting a close-up look of a bird and observing its feathers/colors minutely.

Thankfully, Swarovski cl binocular will enable you to do both. Its 8.2ft close focus distance is a great plus-point for birders, and the eyepieces make this activity even more relaxed.


Although Swarovski cl 8×25 is not a good fit for stargazing, you can still use it for glancing at the sky. This will make the stars brighter and more transparent than you see from the naked eyes.

However, to observe galaxies and planets, you’ll have to get a bigger binocular i.e., Swarovski SLC 15×56.


Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular has an ergonomic body that can be painlessly balanced. Even when you are on a cruise, continuously moving, Swarovski cl binocular will stay well-focused in your hands. 

Its small size will let you firmly hold it, and the large eyepieces will keep your eyes relaxed simultaneously. Moreover, the central focusing knob has little groves on it, which makes focusing easy.

When an object catches your attention in the water, you can quickly zoom-in and get a detailed view. Plus, the anti-reflective coatings make cruising a fun experience. You won’t be struggling to manage bright sun rays during cruising, Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular will repel additional light and show you well-coherent imagery.

The broad FOV also favors the cruisers, and they get to enjoy a large area of ocean with paramount clarity.


Can I use this binocular for watching galaxies?

As this binocular has 8x magnification, it’s not suitable for watching galaxies. To see planets and galaxies clearly, you need a bino with at least 12x magnification.

Does this come with rain covers?

No, it doesn’t. Swarovski Optic hasn’t added rain covers in this package. You’ll get a strap, carry case, and micro cleaning fiber with Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular, though.

Can I use cl 8×25 binoculars for low-light hunts?

Yes, you can. Swarovski cl binocular has specialized coatings and premium lens glass; both of them make low-light hunts possible. Also, its 14.1mm twilight factor helps in dawn and dusk hunts. For night hunts, on the other hand, you need a night vision/ thermal imaging binocular.

Is it plastic?

Not at all. Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular has robust aluminum housing. Its body is well-built and resistant enough to cope up with regular wear and tear. Its lenses and made from specialized Swarovski glass, and the rest of the body is aluminum. Similarly, cl binocular’s eyecups are made from non-allergenic soft rubber.

How much does it weigh?

Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular weighs 1.55lbs (24oz). This weight is easy-to-carry in pockets and hands. The soft rubber strap is also there to assist you.

What is its length?

4 inches (11cm). Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular is only 11cm long, which makes it a truly pocket-sized bino.

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And Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular review is finally over; I am sure you liked it, right? If there is still an ounce of doubt, let’s recall the key features before you make a decision, shall we?

Firstly, Swarovski cl 8×25 pocket binocular has 357ft wide FOV that makes hunting, trekking, and sailing a delightful experience.

Secondly, its exclusive Swarovski coatings remove flare, reflection, and focal distortions, ensuring that you always receive coherent and bright imagery.

Thirdly, Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular’s large lenses and pieces make it a high-end binocular, albeit its small size. You’d never face dull and blur images; its edge-to-edge image sharpness will never let that happen.

Fourthly, this binocular has a double-hinged design, which makes focusing and glassing effortless; the large central focusing wheel makes glassing even more relaxed.

And last but not the least, Swarovski cl pocket bino’s small size and manageable weight are the final stamps on its usability for outdoor/indoor ventures.

Swarovski Optik has carefully crafted this pocket binocular for the glassers who don’t like carrying around hefty gadgets. You can easily keep this little binocular in your pocket and stroll around all you want; when you find an exotic object/animal/bird, pull your Swarovski cl 8×25 binocular out and enjoy the sight.

As a concluding note, I’d say you get what you pay for. Scrape some bucks for this compact binocular, and forget replacing binoculars time and again. This is a worthwhile investment; all Swarovski binoculars are. Cheers!

Image credit: Swarovski Optik

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