Swarovski EL 12×50 Swarovision Binoculars Review

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Finding Military-grade optics is always challenging since all companies cannot touch that level of precision. However, Swarovski Optik, one of the pioneer optic manufacturers from Europe, has put an end to this struggle. Swarovski’s EL range binoculars are premium and explicitly designed for high-class missions.

This Swarovski EL 12×50 Swarovision binocular review will give you a clear understanding of its features, and answer all the questions you have about this exceptional binocular.

This master binocular is Swarovski’s 3rd generation EL binocular launched for passionate glassers in 2015. Since then, every binocular lover regards this brilliant binocular as Swarovski’s marvel and wishes to get it for high-class missions.

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Why Swarovski Swarovision EL 12×50?

Have you ever faced chromatic aberration during bright daylight? If yes, you already know how disturbing that fringing is. Especially when you travel to a far-off place for sightseeing, and all you get is blur imagery and incoherent colors of nature’s beauty.

Fortunately, the swarovision 12×50 binocular has exclusive lens coatings that remove the aberration and provide bright and well-differentiated colors. 

To provide brilliant imagery, Swarovski has applied four different coatings on the swarovision binocular; each one of them has a separate purpose. Let’s first discuss why there are four coatings?

Swarobright decreases flare in low light: This is the trademark Swarovski coating that significantly reduces flare and lets the light pass directly through the aperture without any distortion. What’s a flare, you ask? Let me explain it:

When a bright ray of light hits a lens, it scatters out (just like a flashlight of your mobile camera). This scattering makes glassing difficult, and the resulting imagery becomes extra bright.

However, the Swarobright lens and prism coating removes flare to a great extent and ensures that you don’t struggle while using your swarovision el 12×50 binocular.

Swarotop enhances color fidelity: This is another exclusive Swarovski coating that produces authentic- colored imagery, enhances contrast among different shades, and improvises the image resolution. The substandard binoculars mostly produce FCC (false-color composite) of the scenes you observe and cannot differentiate between dark and light shades precisely.

Fortunately, the swarovision 12×50 binocular has this incredible Swarotop coating, which brilliantly improves color fidelity and removes chromatic aberration.

Swarodur reduces surface light reflection: Glassers term light reflection as one of the hardest phases of glassing. When they are out in broad daylight and want to use their binocular, the reflection of light becomes bothersome. Moreover, people who wear glasses have a hard time adjusting to this reflection, and eventually, their eyes are affected.

But Swarovski following their legacy of innovation, have developed this exceptional Swarodur coating which reduces light reflection from 4-6%-0.2%.

Swaroclean makes cleaning easier: Rubbing the lens surface is always harmful. But after extensive using and outdoor ventures, a time comes when you have to wipe your binocular’s lenses. The hydrophobic Swaroclean coating repels moisture and works like a non-stick external surface. Whichever cleaning solution you use on it, this coating will keep the delicate lenses protected and help you clean them thoroughly.

These four coatings (along with numerous other exclusive features) make Swarovski swarovision 12×50 el binoculars the best-from-the-lot unquestionably.

So, read on, and I will let you drive through all the positives and negatives of swarovision 12×50 binocular:


  • FOV: 300 ft. at 1000 yards
  • Magnification: 12x
  • Lens diameter: 50mm
  • Weight: 35.2 ounces
  • Exit pupil distance: 19mm
  • Close focus distance: 9.2 ft.
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 56-74 mm

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  • Diamond-bright optical coatings
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Sturdy magnesium chassis
  • Edge-to-edge image clarity
  • Maximized light fidelity
  • Comfortable and adjustable neck strap


  • 9.2 ft. close focus distance
  • Hard to use without a tripod

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What’s in the box?

  • EL SwaroVision 12X50 Binocular
  • Durable carrying bag
  • Eyepiece cover
  • Objective lens cover
  • Neck strap

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To gain more in-depth knowledge about swarovision 12×50 binocular’s specs, bear with me and read on!

Swarovski EL 12X50 Binoculars Technical Features

Field of view

Swarovision 12×50 binocular offers FOV of 330 ft at 1000 yards, which is quite impressive if we consider its magnification (since these two have an inverse relation). This field of view works brilliantly when you are taking a stroll in the jungle and need a better overview of the surroundings.

When the wide FOV is combined with its magnification and smooth focus, the imagery you get will leave you awestruck.

As Swarovski swarovision 12×50 EL binocular is designed for detailed and inquisitive missions, you’d never struggle while tracing the whereabouts of your target person/animal with this exceptional FOV.


Carefully noticing minute details of your favorite object is only feasible when your binocular offers incredible magnification power. This Swarovski 12×50 EL binocular is the perfect choice for all star-gazers and birders because of its impeccable magnification.

When you crave to gaze at a star thoroughly, set your swarovision 12×50 binocular and get ready to be mesmerized by the stars’ brightness and beauty.

Birders can get in-depth knowledge of their preferred bird with this remarkable 12x magnification.

Similarly, sometimes, hunters do not use a rangefinder and rely on their binocular for determining how far the target is. The swarovision binocular provides a correct estimation of that distance. 

Additionally, with this powerful magnification, you can analyze the terrain you are about to walk on and prevent many potential dangers (as woods are always unpredictable).

Lens diameter

This beauty has 50 mm large lenses for vivid and crystal clear imagery. These lenses are explicitly designed for elite tasks, and as expected from Swarovski, they offer extra-ordinary bright images.

The larger the lenses are, the brighter the imagery is!!!

Swarovski has taken this golden rule further ahead by decorating swarovision 12×50 EL binocular with large fluoride-filled lenses. The massive spectacular lenses will add fun to your hunting/birding missions and bring forward mesmerizingly clear images.


As the swarovision 12×50 binocular is loaded with big lenses and magnesium alloy chassis, it is doubtlessly heavier than others. Its weight is almost 1 kg (35.2oz), which makes it’s hauling a bit difficult.

However, because of the open-bridge construction and one-hand holding feature, this weight can be balanced out.

Moreover, the 12x magnification of this binocular will show you slightest vibrations and movements; that’s troublesome in the long run. Therefore, having a sturdy tripod helps you in effortless glassing. And when you use a tripod, the 1kg weight would never bother you. 

So, even if you prefer lightweight binoculars, do not overlook this masterpiece because of its heavy body; other traits of swarovision 12×50 binocular effortlessly compensate for its weight. 

Exit pupil distance

One thing is for sure, Swarovski binoculars will never make you tired even after long glassing hours. The swarovision 12×50 binocular has exit pupil distance of 20mm; added specifically for glasses wearers and frequent glassers.

When you go for glassing sessions regularly, your eyes’ well-being can become vulnerable. However, with this comfortable exit pupil distance, you can give rest to your eyes after small sessions and avoid eye strain, redness, and headache.

Also, when you roam in hot and humid regions, the sweat starts gathering around your eyes; compelling you to move away. Needless to say, you can potentially miss a magnificent sight or bird during that pause. The 20mm exit pupil/ eye relief distance proves to be immensely helpful in the woods.

Close focus distance

Professional birders and sightseers regard this close focus distance as one of their dearest features as it lets them watch the nearest objects with incredible clarity. Birders specifically prefer binoculars with shortest possible close focus distance when they set up birding activity in their backyard/balcony.

However, when compared to swarovision 10×40 and other binos, the swarovision 12×50 has a wider close focus distance. It will enable you to see the objects clearly at 9.2ft, but not nearer than that.

For recreational birders, this is quite a displeasure. On the other hand, star-gazers and travelers do not bother this distance much as that’s not something they’d need often.

Inter-pupillary distance

All of us have different face shapes and sizes; depending upon our age and gender. But sadly, most binoculars come in a standard size and can become problematic for people who have shorter or wider faces than usual.

Swarovski has introduced a solution to this problem as well (as expected). This swarovision bino has an adjustable inter-pupillary distance (the distance between two eyepieces is called inter-pupillary distance).

The IPD in swarovision 12×50 binocular ranges from 56-74mm so that you can alter it as per your requirement. Adjusting this distance is quick and effortless; you only have to bend or expand the two barrels and stop when it’s right your size. 

Image quality

If you ask what makes swarovision 12×50 binocular superior from the rest, the answer would definitely be its image quality!

Swarovski has put in numerous techniques and mechanisms to make this binocular’s imagery flawless (when I say flawless, it surely is).

Firstly, its field flattering lenses produce the most exceptional imagery with no distortion at the edges and show tinniest objects with superb clarity. In older binoculars, the lens edges wouldn’t be flattened and used to show a high level of discrepancy at the edges.

Also, the Schmidt-Pechan prisms with specialized Swarovski coatings offer razor-sharp images with no color fringing. Swarovski had a precise aim of providing impeccable picture quality to the glassers, and this swarovision 12×50 binocular has fulfilled that promise.

The 50mm wide lenses are filled with fluoride, which enhances image clarity in low-light conditions and ensures that you get edge-to-edge image clarity.

Your swarovision 12×50 EL bino will offer exceptional HD resolution with true colors and no FCC.


Giving comfort-of-use to passionate glassers is another aspect that makes this swarovision binocular stand out from the rest. Its design is crafted especially for extended glassing adventures so that you never feel tired-out while enjoying remarkable imagery through your swarovision 12×50.

Apart from the distance amongst two barrels (open-bridge construction), the thumb grooves are also there to ensure one-hand holding. These grooves won’t let the binocular slip from your hands and will make certain that you never lose your focus.

Attachment of neck strap is secure and quick in this binocular. Once you attach the strap, it won’t wobble and expose your binocular to any potential harm.

The attached sturdy rubber lens covers will protect swarovision 12×50 binocular’s lenses and keep their out surface shiny and clean. These lens covers fit perfectly and effortlessly. When your binocular is inside your bag or hanging from the strap, put these lens covers on and repel dust and moisture.

Swarovision 12×50 EL binocular has a big central focusing knob designed specifically to be used with both thumbs. Either you are left-handed or right, moving this central knob is always easy.

When you focus on a bird/animal/object, the lockable diopter will let you lock that focus for as long as you wish. You have to move the central knob until you attain the desired focus, and after that, a slight inward push will lock the diopter in place. Unlike other binoculars, focusing and closely studying an object is painless in swarovision 12×50 binocular.

If you wear spectacles and spend plenty of time while glassing, you must know how problematic it is to maintain the perfect position of eyecups. Luckily, the soft, movable eyecups in swarovision 12×50 EL binocular prove to be a sigh of relief for habitual binocular users and facilitate their eyes in rough-tough weathers.

Resistance capacity

Protecting the precious binoculars from all kinds of harms is every glasser’s priority; they cannot afford crooked prisms and fogged lenses after spending a hefty amount.

However, with Swarovski 12×50 binocular, you won’t be compelled to keep it safe inside-your-bag as that can kill the spark of glassing. You can confidently pull it out and accomplish your mission.

Its lenses are purged with dry nitrogen, which doesn’t let moisture and debris accumulate inside the lenses. Also, this purging ensures you don’t have to clean the binocular in wet weather repetitively.

Swarovision 12×50 binocular’s outer body is crafted from solid Magnesium alloy, which can bear rough-handling and always keep the delicate inner parts protected. Moreover, this magnesium alloy gives a shiny finish to Swaro 12×50 el binocular and enhances its aesthetic value.

As I stated earlier, exclusive coatings are the most significant plus point of swarovision 12×50 bino. Its lenses have Swaroclean outer coating, which makes cleaning easier and never exposes the lens glass to risky chemicals and moisture.

The attached lens covers work as a quick way-out on pouring days and don’t ask you to halt your mission when the weather shows mood swings. 

Additionally, inside the swarovision binocular’s package, you’d get separate rubber eyepiece covers to be used during bright sunlight and rainfall. When you aren’t carrying a bag and need to protect the bino from storm or rain, the lens covers and eyepiece covers will do the job.

A sturdy strap is also included in the package, which makes lugging this bino comfortable and does not stress your neck muscles when you move around. This strap is resilient, comfortable, and easy to attach/detach.

Now that we are halfway through the Swarovski el 12×50 swarovision binocular review, let’s analyze its usability according to different activities before making a final decision:

Hunting, birding, camping, or stargazing; swarovision 12×50 is made for all!


Feathered beauty never fails to enthrall us. Birds’ color patterns, feather movements, and flying stamina always make birders curious to know more about them. Enthusiastic birders spend plenty of their time observing minute details of their preferred bird (s) and still crave to get a more transparent look.

For that, luckily, the swarovision 12×0 EL binocular has impressive color fidelity, light enhancement, and picture quality. You’ll get compulsive color differentiation and razor-sharp images so that you never get bored during this prolonged hobby.

Also, the explicit lens and prism coatings add to the beauty of imagery that your eyes see and never show any aberration.

However, when birders go closer and wish to focus on a nearby bird, the 9.2ft close focus distance can become a turn off for them.

Despite this vast close focus distance, the image clarity and ergonomic design of swarovision 12×50 binocular make birding a genuinely relaxing activity and never leaves you bored by dull and shaky imagery.


When you climb a mountain to find what’s on the other side, having a premium binocular is mandatory. Without a wide FOV, sharp imagery, and bright colors, you won’t truly enjoy your sightseeing hobby.

Swarovision 12×50 binocular has wide 330ft FOV, edge-to-edge image clarity, and beautiful color-differentiation ability. Either you are roaming in dry Sahara desert or Amazon rain forest, this incredible binocular will never halt your joyous activities.


Star-gazers need remarkable magnification, vivid imagery, and comfortable eye-relief distance (so that they can enjoy this fun activity endlessly).

In Swarovski swarovision 12×50 bino, all of these features are perfectly incorporated.

The spectacular 12x magnification will bring the stars closer to your eyes and fulfill your dream of reaching the stars (to some extent, of course). Also, the comfortable eye-relief distance and adjustable soft eyecups are two great plus points for star-gazers.

So, the next time when you spend your Sunday evening laying cozily and gazing at the stars nonstop, your eyes won’t get strained, and there will be absolutely no muscle strain; all thanks to swarovision 12×50 bino’s ergonomic design.


Hunters are always eager to get the best binocular as they dream to ace their hunts no matter how harsh the conditions are. They cannot afford losing sight of a precious trophy, and more importantly, they cannot go close to a dangerous game.

So, what’s the way-out?

Simple! Swarovision 12×50 binocular with 330ft wide FOV and smooth central focusing knob, which would never let a game escape.

When you spot your target, its focusing knob will let you adjust the focus quickly and lock the diopter for a perfect shot. And adding to this delight, a clear view of a wide area will surely make hunting easier and successful for you.


Watching mighty sea-waves and searching for far-off islands is one of the best recreational activities. No one can get jaded by water’s beauty and power. Cruisers never want to stop floating over the deep-blue water and keep striving to get a better view of the sea underneath them.

As the swarovision 12×50 binocular is crafted to cater to all activities, cruising is no exception. This waterproof binocular won’t show foggy, blur, and wobbly imagery as it will remain unharmed after continuous water splashes.

The dry nitrogen purging and lens covers will protect your Swarovski 12×50 binocular and show you remarkable views, which isn’t possible when you take along a cheap binocular.

Moreover, its superb balance and one-hand holding will make cruising amusing and useful learning experiences at all times.


Frequent travelers adore their binocular because it shows them what they cannot see with the naked eye. When you’re moving through a region on a train/plane and wish to see beyond the set limit of your eyes, a binocular will come in handy.

The swarovision 12×50 binocular won’t lose focus when you continuously move and will stay well-balanced in your hands. Also, when the journey is long, and you need rest, you can even hold this full-sized binocular in one hand and give some rest to the other one.

Desert safari, Alaska trip, or a beach vacation; the swarovision 12×50 binocular will never cease to astonish you, that’s for sure!


How much does this binocular weigh?

The Swarovski swarovision 12×50 EL binocular weighs 35.2oz (almost 1kg). Its weight might compel you to use a tripod for stable viewing, especially during prolonged activities.

Is it a rough-tough binocular?

Yes, it is. Its outer body is made from magnesium alloy, which keeps the inner parts protected and never exposes the prisms and lenses to any dents/cracks.

Also, the lenses are filled with fluoride and have a non-stick outer coating, which indicates the lenses are thoroughly sheltered from environmental effects.

Is it good for eye-glass wearers?

It surely is. Firstly, the 20mm eye relief distance fits the needs of glasses wearers and never compels them to take their spectacles off while focusing.

Secondly, the movable eyecups further enhance this comfort and let the people with glasses maintain a considerable distance between them and the binocular.

Why is this so expensive?

The swarovision 12×50 EL binocular is a premium product from Swarovski’s 3rd generation EL binoculars. It has four exclusive lens and prism coatings, its magnification power is superb, and most importantly, its image quality is awe-inspiring.

All these incredible features make it expensive than the rest. But it’s undoubtedly worth every penny. 

If you are interested in this Uni-Dapter, you can find more information and customer reviews on Amazon’s website here.


Such an amazing binocular it is, no? I hope this Swarovski el 12×50 swarovision binocular review has shed detailed light on its every aspect and answered your questions about this new-talk-of-the-town binocular.

This binocular is a wholesome package for every glasser, regardless of the activity you’ve planned. Go to the woods, seas, mountains, or try reaching the stars; this swarovision el binocular has got you covered.

The imagery you’ll get from this master-of-its-craft binocular will leave you amazed, and you’ll instantly become a fan of this first-class bino.

Your wish of trying military-grade optics has been granted by Swarovski Optik, who never stops amazing us by unique, innovative, and top-class gadgetry. So, start saving for this binocular and get it before the next vacations to fully enjoy your leisure time. Ta-Da!

Image credit: Vortex Optics

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