Swarovski EL Range 10×42 Rangefinder Binoculars Review

  • By: Sana Ijaz

If you want an exceptional-yet-handy binocular, you should undoubtedly go for Swarovski el binocular series. This article is aimed to give you a full Swarovski el range 10×42 rangefinder binocular review. And I am sure that by the end, you’d be praising this masterpiece just the way I am.

Long after the regular-use binoculars became common, Swarovski optics launched their special el (ergonomic, light) binocular series in 1999. The aim behind this new series was to develop sophisticated binoculars to be used during leisure trips and specialized missions alike.

Swarovski 10×42 EL Range Binocular/Laser…
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Effective objective lens diameter: 42mm

In 2015, Swarovski launched their el 10×42 rangefinder binoculars to facilitate hunters, wildlife lovers, photographers, and birders equally. Since then, every birder/hunter has either got this unmatchable bino or has planned to do so.

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Why should you opt for a rangefinder binocular?

Answer this: what three items you would take along on a hunt? Most probably, a hunting weapon, a binocular, and a rangefinder would be your three top picks. But what if you get a high-end binocular with a rangefinder installed in it?

Back in the day, hunters used to buy separate rangefinders for exotic hunts. However, Swarovski carrying their tradition of innovation, introduced their el 10×42 rangefinder binoculars which work two-way. No need to search for a rangefinder separately now!

This rangefinder will ensure your aim is 100% accurate and you never miss the target. If you miss one fire/bolt, your target will hide/run, compelling you to redo the whole process. With this brilliant rangefinder, however, you’d never miss a shot; that’s the quality Swarovski is known for.

The Swarovski el 10×42 binocular is a wholesome package for every glasser. Regardless of the region you are roaming in, it will let you enjoy crystal clear imagery with great comfort. The crafters have emphasized on keeping it comfortable, ergonomic, and most importantly, proficient.

With your Swarovski el binocular, you won’t have to think twice before marching out on a pouring day. Without bothering the rough-tough terrain, you can rely on your el rangefinder binocular and run behind that frisky elk.

Are you intrigued to know more about this peerless binocular? Read through and get ready to become a fan of Swarovski’s premium creation!

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  • Measuring range: 33-1500 yards
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  • Measurement modes: one-time and continuous scanning
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens diameter: 42 mm
  • Eye relief distance: 20 mm
  • FOV at 1000 yards: 336ft.
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 10.1 x 4.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Close focus distance: 4.9ft.


  • In-built LCD display
  • Quickly alterable rangefinder menu
  • Fully nitrogen purged
  • 90% light transmission
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Magnesium chassis
  • Smooth central focus
  • Lockable diopters
  • Movable eyecups


  • 4.5lbs. weight
  • Hard-to-adjust strap

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What’s in the box?

  • Swarovski 10×42 rangefinder binocular
  • Soft and durable carry case
  • Lens covers
  • Adjustable neck strap

Swarovski EL Range 10X42 Technical Features

Measuring range

A rangefinder is useless if it cannot let you aim directly at a remote object. Imagine your target elk is some 500 meters down/up the hill.

How would you hunt it? Would you go closer and startle it? I am sure you’d prefer aiming it from your current position.

To help you with that, this incredible rangefinder has a range of up to 1500 yards; this figure speaks for itself already.

Once you get this excellent rangefinder, those frisky animals/birds would never escape from your sight.

Measuring accuracy

Next scale to judge the quality of a rangefinder is its accuracy. Cheap-made rangefinders cannot calculate the accurate distance and might result in missed shots.

Fortunately, with the Swarovski el 10×42 rangefinder binocular, the max discrepancy in the distance is +/- 1 yard.

This 1-yard distance would never mislead you, and you’d always aim at the right spot with your weapon; be it a rifle or a crossbow.

Measurement modes

Rangefinders emit a laser beam which hits the target you focus on; the time it takes to travel from one point to another determines how far that object is (the rangefinders have in-built systems to do that calculation).

But, when your object is moving, let’s say it’s a flying bird, the direct laser beam cannot tell exact distance. To cope up with that, Swarovski optics have incorporated two modes of distance measurement in this el 10×42 binocular.

One mode emits the straight beam; while the other keeps scanning the area continuously and keeps you updated about the game’s location.

The scanning mode helps the hunters immensely, and they always prefer scanning over straight beams.

Moreover, you can quickly switch from one mode to another with the help of the menu button.


El series is meant to provide the highest optical quality; and when you get the brilliant 10x magnification, all that hassle feels worth it.

The Swarovski el 10×42 binoculars will make sure that you never get blurred imagery and will let you magnify the views swiftly.

Its Schmidt-Pechan prisms remove all chromatic aberrations and deter the additional sunlight.

When the prisms are of cheap quality, the optical distortion is high. However, your Swarovski el 10×42 binocular has incredible prisms which not only make images vivid but also eradicate the distortions.

Lens size

Small lenses do not give way to an ample amount of light, and eventually, your eyes receive dark-to-blur imagery. 

The Swarovski 10×42 rangefinder bino comes with large 42mm lenses made from top-class Swarovski glass.

Its twilight performance is brilliant, which gives the Swarovski el an edge over the competitors.

 Even if you are out scouting for turkeys in low light, these large lenses will present you with vivid and well-differentiated views.

Eye relief distance

In terms of comfort, Swarovski binoculars are always a step ahead. Be it a wide exit pupil diameter or eye-relief distance; your Swarovski el 10×42 binocular would never let you struggle.

When you wear goggles on a sunny day or put on the spectacles to carefully examine a bird, the 20mm eye-relief distance comes in handy.

It doesn’t ask you to narrow your eyes and keep them fixed with the eye-pieces. Instead, you can stay a bit away from the eye-pieces and still focus on the object. 

No need to make yourself uncomfortable; Swarovski el 10×42 bino is all about comfort-of-use.

Field of view

Binoculars that let you see vast areas are binoculars in the true sense (nope, it’s not a physics rule, I just made that up). I mean if a binocular cannot cover a broad region, what else could we expect from it?

In Swarovski binos, FOV is never a shortcoming. They are specifically designed for wild terrains where your target object might be on the mountain next to you, we never know.

This Swarovski el 10×42 binocular offer FOV of 336ft with vivid imagery and beautiful color enhancement. Visual distortions, shaky imagery, and incoherent colors would never bother you once you switch to this premium binocular.


This binocular is a bit on the heavier side as it weighs 4.5lbs. However, as it has 42mm large lenses with a magnesium chassis, this weight is justified.

The Swarovski el 10×42 rangefinder binocular review comes with an adjustable neck strap and a durable carry bag which won’t make you feel burdened during extended periods of glassing.


Swarovski optics always come with top-class coatings; this binocular is no exception.

Its prisms are coated with Swarobright coating which enhances color fidelity and removes color distortions. This binocular provides 90% color transmission, which results in bright and vivid imagery.


The el series always emphasize on glassers’ comfort. Regardless of the time you spend in the woods; your Swarovski el 10×42 binocular will keep your hands strain-free and relaxed.

Unlike other high-end binoculars, this el bino is made for one-hand holding; thanks to its thumb depressions. The Swarovski el binocular has large thumb grooves on both barrels which prevent slips and keep your focus intact.

The open-bridge construction is another speciality of this el rangefinder binocular. Consider you are holding your gun in one hand, the distance between your Swarovski el binocular’s barrels will let you hold it with one hand and get a quick glance. Whenever you want to sneak a peek, pick your Swarovski binocular with one hand without losing your focus.

The rangefinder menu button is on the left barrel of this binocular which lets you quickly turn on the laser beam and see how far your object is standing/sitting. The unit of distance calculation can also be changed as per your preference, i.e. meters, yards, miles etc. 


Harsh weather conditions are one of the grave concerns all optic lovers have. They don’t want to expose their sensitive binoculars to rough weathers but still want to enjoy those mesmerizing terrains. What’s the solution then? Simple, weatherproof binoculars!

Swarovski binoculars are designed to bear all weathers and keep you stress-free about their upkeep. The Swarovski el 10×42 binocular is submersible in 13ft water. If you accidentally drop it in a pool or continue glassing on a rainy day, its fully nitrogen purged lenses won’t get affected.

Both lenses and barrels are filled with compressed nitrogen which repels moisture, pollens, dirt, and debris that might hit on their surface during outdoor ventures.

Moreover, both lenses are multi-coated and O-ring sealed, which indicates that fast blowing wind or striking water won’t distort the lenses.

The Swarovski el binocular has a magnesium outer chassis which doesn’t get dented easily and remains shiny for a long time.

All in all, once you invest in Swarovski el 10×42 rangefinder binocular, it’ll serve you for the years to come!

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Plan your next adventure, Swarovski el 10×42 binocular will sort it all for you!

Binocular enthusiasts cannot be confined in one category. They vary from hunters to stargazers, and from fishers to birders. Whichever activity you are interested in, an excellent binocular will make it easier and more delightful for you undoubtedly.

If you have decided your next adventure (s), and aren’t sure about the binocular you should opt for, fret not! Let’s discuss some of the famous adventures and help you decide; shall we?


Although birding is a leisure activity, the perfect binocular can make it a great learning session for you. When you closely observe feather movements, colours, and sizes of different birds, you learn about different species. 

However, the binoculars which don’t offer eye-relief distance to birders become burdensome later. To thoroughly facilitate your birdwatching sessions, Swarovski has added 20mm eye-relief distance in this el 10×42 binocular. 

Also, when a bird comes near you, it’s hard to focus on it. But with an incredible 4.9ft close focus distance, that’s totally out of the question.

You can spend your entire weekend laying lazily in the backyard/garden and observe feathered beauty.

The Swarovski el binocular will never make your eyes strained and tired. Birding is meant to relax you; Swarovski el 10×42 binocular will make sure it always does.

Sports viewing

Football, cricket, rugby, and tennis; you name a sport, and its fans would go crazy. If you are one of those sports fanatics, watching your favourite player up close would be one of your dreams (mine too).

If luck is on your side and you get a chance to sit in a jam-packed stadium/field, you might still not be able to see your favourite player (crowd you know). So, what to do? How about taking along a binocular?

Basking in the sun during ashes series and still never missing a ball is only possible when you take along your Swarovski el 10×42 rangefinder binoculars.

It has a smooth central focus and movable eyecups, which means you’d never have to bother setting it time and again. Just sit, pull your Swarovski el binocular out, and let the game begin!


Stargazing is one of the most popular family past-time activities. When all family members gather in the lawn/balcony and look at the bright stars thousands of miles away from them, it becomes a life-time memory.

However, not all binoculars can make stargazing comfortable for you. Some can even turn it into a nuisance by showing you the shaky and incoherent imagery.

But why worry when you have Swarovski? This el 10×42 binocular produces well-differentiated and vivid imagery which is soothing to the eyes.

You’d never get a headache after a long stargazing session; your el binocular will remove all optical distortions beforehand and bring forward high-resolution imagery.

The Swarobright coating will improvise color fidelity so that you see beautiful stars while sitting calmly in your balcony even if you wear spectacles.


When hunters are out in the field chasing their game, they never know what kind of terrain is waiting for them on the next step. They trust their instinct about the game’s hideout, and their binocular to keep them well-informed about the surroundings.

That being said, a wide FOV is unavoidable during hunting. Short-range binoculars don’t work flawlessly in the wild. Hunters always need wide FOV and crystal clear imagery of the region. Without that, they cannot march forward.

Fortunately, the Swarovski el 10×42 rangefinder binocular has FOV of 336ft, and its 42mm large lenses provide bright imagery simultaneously.

Moreover, this bino works brilliantly in the low light conditions and gives hunters some extra time at dawn and dusk. When the animals are coming out of their dwellings in the early morning or going back during the evening, you can observe their movement and ensure your hunt is a success.


Is it made up of plastic?

No, the Swarovski rangefinder binocular is not made up of weary plastic. It has magnesium chassis on the outside which is resilient and shiny looking. Also, its barrels are covered with rubber to prevent slipping and have grooves for secure holding.

Is it tripod adaptable?

As the Swarovski el rangefinder binocular has open-bridge construction (there’s some distance between two barrels), you cannot use the standard tripod adapter with it. However, the rubber tripod mounts will make this binocular tripod adaptable. The upper strap of your tripod mount will hold your Swarovski binocular in place easily.

Is it shock resistant?

Yes, it is. The Swarovski el rangefinder binocular has magnesium outer chassis which protects its inner parts from all shocks and dents. Even if your el rangefinder bino falls/ collides accidently, its lenses and prisms will remain safe.

What is the eye-relief distance in Swarovski el 10×42 binocular?

The Swarovski el rang 10×42 binocular offers 20mm eye-relief distance.

Moreover, its movable eyecups further add to the comfort and never tire your eyes. You can spend hours sitting in the same position and your eyes won’t end up red, all because of this comfortable 20mm distance you can maintain.

How far/close can I focus with it?

Maximum FOV of Swarovski el binocular is 336ft while its close focus distance is 4.9ft. Regardless of the distance of object, this binocular provides smooth focus and precise imagery.


Spending a hefty amount on a gadget is always risky; there might be some aspects which you overlook initially and regret later. Therefore, this Swarovski el range 10×42 rangefinder binocular review was aimed to thoroughly equip you with its pros and cons so that you can make a confident decision.

It has a fantastic FOV, ergonomic design, comfortable holding, and incredible weatherproofing. And above all, a magnificent rangefinder that works like magic in the woods and always makes your hunt a success.

Setting and operating Swarovski el 10×42 binoculars is convenient; you don’t have to brainstorm to learn its handling. It’s proficient, pleasant-looking, and adaptable to all activities.

Regardless of your adventure, your Swarovski el binocular will prove itself as your best companion and keep you well aware of your surrounding region.

Run behind a grizzly bear or scout for a turkey at dawn, this premiere binocular would support you everywhere. 

So, spend your precious bucks wisely and make this lifetime investment now. Cheers!

Image credit: Swarovski Optiks

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