Swarovski 10×30 CL Companion Binoculars Review (Swarobright)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Scouting an exotic location and quickly spotting the subject is trouble-free with Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular. This small-yet-efficient companion bino ticks all boxes of a good binocular, and ranks high in terms of ergonomics. My Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binoculars review will further elucidate its features and help you make a well-thought-out investment. So, let’s get straight to the point and find out what this binocular has for us.

Rugged, compact, and dependable; this bino is a true companion!

Camera, tripod, and a binocular; when these three are combined, nothing can stop an exotic photo-shoot.

Wildlife photographers are always keen on getting best-of-the-lot gadgets and bringing forward nature’s beauty in its purest essence. For that, they need a good camera (to click pictures, of course), an astonishing binocular (to focus on far-off objects), and a tripod to stabilize the former two gadgets.

However, while heading out for a shoot, carrying large binoculars along with other gear is not feasible, sometimes you have to exclude one of the things to reduce the weight and increase comfort. When you are bound to exclude your binocular, the whole venture will feel dull; you might also miss some magnificent far-off shots (our eyes have certain limitations, remember?).

Fortunately, that’s when Swarovski cl companion binocular comes into the picture. With its rugged body and compact size, Swarovski cl is truly a companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Use it all you want, and Swarovski cl wouldn’t ditch you; that’s Swarovski Optik’s promise!

This cl binocular has easily secured a place in the list of outstanding binoculars with affordable price tags. From photographers to travelers and from hunters to birders, everybody is in awe of Swarovski cl 10×30 binocular due to its ruggedness, optical performance, and practicality.

You can easily pack this binocular along with other hunting/photography equipment, and forget about preserving its well-being. Swarovski Optik has specially emphasized its strength and resistance capacity.

Moreover, despite having a compact design, its lowlight performance will undoubtedly blow you away, and you’ll end up admiring this elegant glass. Its sleek body and manageable weight work amazingly well in the woods and never disturb your mission.

Swarovski cl is not only a perfect binocular for wildlife photographers but also other outdoor lovers. So, whether you like birding or are inclined towards safaris, Swarovski cl is undoubtedly the best.

Cl 10×30 companion binocular is as elegant as Swarovski EL range binos, but with a much lower price tag. It has everything you need for glassing ventures; excellent optic quality, compact size, and stable build. But, this is just tip of the iceberg; to know more about cl companion bino, stay with me till the end and let’s explore a little more!

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Technical Features

  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens size: 30mm
  • FOV: 324ft at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3mm
  • Twilight factor: 17.3mm
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 54-74mm
  • Eye relief distance: 16mm
  • Close focus distance: 9.8ft
  • Weight: 1.1lbs
  • Length: 4.7.”


  • Exclusive color-enhancement coatings
  • Phase-corrected Bak4 prisms
  • Open-bridge construction
  • Non-slip central focusing knob
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Compact roof prism design
  • Minimum edge distortion


  • Minor distortion at the edges of imagery
  • Might glare during extra-bright days

What’s in the box?

  • Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular
  • Durable carrying bag
  • Resilient outdoor strap
  • Tethered lens covers
  • One-piece Rainguard

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Swarovski 10×30 CL Companion Binoculars Technical Features

Lens diameter

30mm large lenses in a 5 inches long binocular? Yes, Swarovski has made this possible! This cl binocular, your small-yet-proficient companion, has 30mm wide premium-class lenses. With these enormous lenses, your subject won’t succeed in camouflaging with the surroundings; the cl companion binocular will always spot it.

Also, due to Swarovski’s specialized lens coatings, this bino’s lenses show razor-sharp images with improvised color-differentiation. Its coatings, namely Swarodur, Swarotop, and Swarobright, work incredibly during your extended glassing sessions.

These premium-class lenses (along with the coatings) improvise color fidelity, reduce light flare, and remove excessive reflection during extra-bright days.

So, cl bino’s 30mm lenses let in a significant amount of light, the coatings remove distortions, and show brilliant optical performance. Eventually, the light transmission is up to 90% with astonishing color fidelity; it’s always a win-win situation.


Although most compact binoculars have magnification up to 8x, this cl companion comes down flexing its 10x magnification, which is suitable for all adventures. 10x clarity in the imagery is perfect for photographers, sightseers, and hunters.

Swarovski Optik has specially designed companion binocular to accompany you in all indoor/outdoor ventures. And when you get impeccable 10x magnification in a handy binocular, it all feels worth it.

As image enhancement is crucial for photographers, this cl companion binocular ensures that you notice even the slightest change/movement in the subject, and succeed in timely clicking it.

Moreover, while aiming at a prey, your cl binocular will never show in-coherent shaky views; your bow/bullet will hit at the right spot; this astounding 10x bino will make that happen.


Swarovski cl companion proudly presents its substantial 324ft FOV, in spite of its small body. You’ll get to see a vast region in one go, and that too, with 90% light transmission. This 324ft FOV is something every hunter/trekker dreams of, but cannot find in most binos.

Swarovski Optik, once again beating its own records, offers an impressive field of view to make your adventures safe and delightful.

When you step in an unknown land parcel, you got to be cautious. We never know which wild animal might appear in front of you, and what kind of ground is awaiting you. Fortunately enough, Swarovski cl companion binocular prepares you for these challenges by briefing you about the unfamiliar terrain and frisky wild settings.

Exit pupil distance

Swarovski cl 10×30 binocular has 3mm wide exit pupil diameter for relaxed glassing and easy-going ventures. When you scout a place, you can’t keep track of the time; Swarovski knows that.

Therefore, the cl companion binocular makes sure that your eyes are always relaxed, and there is no stretch on your pupils. 3mm EPD works perfectly in all outdoor settings, and never compels you to halt your activity due to strained eyes.

Without dilating/contracting your eyes, you’ll be able to glass continuously; that’s what other compact binoculars lack. Also, this EPD allows the light to move from lenses to your eyes, and bring forward astoundingly vivid views.


Now here’s the real deal; Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular weighs merely 1.1lbs (17.6oz), which is best for exciting outdoor ventures where weight is a crucial factor. You can leave this binocular hanging around your neck and stay in the woods for the whole day; your muscles won’t tire because of this bino.

As weight is one of the biggest hindrances when it comes to gear packing, Swarovski has cut back on cl binocular’s weight and made it a tremendous lightweight gizmo.

Due to its lightweight, you can carry your cl companion everywhere, and glass whenever you feel like it; no need to leave it back at home.

Eye relief distance

Since glassing is mostly an all-day activity, your binocular has to be comfortable enough to cater to these long sessions. Especially birding, sightseeing, and hunting require lots of time and patience. And when your binocular has a reasonable eye relief distance, time passes by smoothly.

Like other great features, Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular has a significant 16mm eye relief distance as well. This ERD is perfect for all outdoor fanatics who don’t want to return from their exotic trips and put in all efforts to nail their adventures.

During the day, when the sun shines brightly, Swarovski cl bino’s 16mm ERD keeps your eyes stress-free and prevents headaches. So, once again, Swarovski didn’t fail in terms of comfort and practicality. Scout/watch/peep all you want, and your eyes won’t get tired; cl bino’s 16mm ERD won’t let that happen.

Close focus distance

The close focus distance is the primary feature of birdwatching binoculars; without a good CFD, one cannot observe small details of an object. Henceforth, Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular comes with 9.8ft close focus distance; this works brilliantly for birders.

Along with quick magnifying and focusing features, this 9.8ft close focus distance works nicely and never misses minute features of a nearby bird/animal. Moreover, this CFD helps tree-stand hunters in successfully shooting the target wandering near them.

Inter-pupillary distance

Your comfort is Swarovski’s priority; that’s no hidden thing now. To let you do glassing in a relaxed way, cl companion 10×30 binocular has 54-74mm inter-pupillary distance. You can quickly alter this distance depending upon your face’s width.

As everybody has different features, this cl binocular offers great comfort in the form of this alterable IPD. When you make a significant investment in outdoor gear, you should keep all family members in mind. This way, everybody in the home/group can use the same piece of equipment and enjoy various activities.

So, whether you like going on treks with the family or enjoy group hunting, get Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular once and enjoy for years!

Twilight factor

As I said already, this cl companion binocular will blow you away with its lowlight performance. Its 17.3mm twilight factor never compromises on image brightness and color-fidelity. Swarovski cl companion performs implausibly in all wild environments without draining your energy.

When you need to click some exuberant pictures at dawn, your cl binocular will do the trick. Due to its 17.3mm twilight factor, you’ll get some additional crucial moments to capture/watch those dim views that feel soothing to the eyes and look surreal.

And more importantly, this twilight factor facilitates the hunters who get stuck in thickets and can’t find their way out. By glassing through your 10×30 cl companion binocular, you can stay a step ahead of your target, and be ready for that one-off shot which you might not get again.


Ergonomics determine the usability, adeptness, and comfort that a binocular provides in the wild environment. Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular is the true definition of a useful binocular with unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

Firstly, cl binocular offers dioptric correction for both lenses.

Our two eyes can have different vision, strength, and shape (it’s a common thing). When that’s the case, standard optical clarity doesn’t work. Instead, we need different levels of image precision for both eyes (imagine one eye is weaker than the other). And, adjusting a binocular’s focus as per the user’s needs is called dioptric correction. 

However, most binoculars don’t offer dioptric correction separately (you get to set it on one level only). But that’s not the case with Swarovski cl companion bino.

In this ergonomic binocular, you have the freedom to set two lenses’ focus separately with the help of the focus knob and stop when it’s done. After that, you’ll get razor-sharp imagery without putting any extra pressure on one of your eyes.

Secondly, Swarovski cl companion bino’s pull-and-lock eyepieces work impressively during long glassing hours. You pull the eyepiece, adjust it as per your requirement, and click to lock it. Once locked, it won’t move inward because of the pressure your face exerts on it (the binos that don’t have this feature aren’t comfortable for close observations). 

Thirdly, this bino has thumb depressions on the inward side of both barrels. These depressions help you stabilize the bino, and stay still when you spot something unusual. Also, these grooves offer excellent grip during humid conditions, and don’t let the bino shake while you focus. 

Fourthly, its compact design is one of the perks for outdoor lovers. You can pack it with ease, and haul it all day without burdening yourself unnecessarily.

Resistance Capacity

You cannot rely on a delicate binocular that cannot bear frequent wear-tear, and requires regular upkeep. Swarovski Optik has carefully crafted cl companion binocular while keeping all terrains/weather into consideration. 

First and foremost, cl binocular’s body is made rugged to bear rough-tough environments and survive harsh temperatures. Its outer armor is fully rubberized to prevent shocks and scratches during minor collisions. If you accidentally drop your bino, its prisms and lenses will remain un-harmed due to this soft rubber armor.

Companion binocular has Magnesium alloy below the outer rubberized armor, which provides further shelter from moisture, gusty winds, and accidents. With this well-sheltered binocular, you can wander on every ground and come back with a spotless, shiny binocular; Swarovski has made it this way.

Additionally, Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular is fully purged with nitrogen and has O-rings on the lenses that block moistures out. Even in moist weather, your companion will stay protected and perform brilliantly during frigid temperatures. Cl companion binocular is submersible in 13ft of water without any harm. 

Ok, so now that we’ve read about most specs of this implausible bino in our Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binoculars review, it’s high time we evaluate its adaptability with different adventures. Shall we start then?   

So, what’s your plan this year? Kayaking, sightseeing, birding, or photography?

To find the perfect binocular, you should define your target activity first. Which binocular suits you right is entirely dependent upon your plans.

To see which actions can be enjoyed with Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular, let’s evaluate it in compliance with different terrains:


What do photographers expect from a binocular? Umm balance, clarity, and comfort, right? If you are a photographer in search of a premium glass, look no further.

Swarovski 10×30 cl companion bino has a rugged-yet-stable body, exceptional image quality, and comfortable design. No matter how much time you spend with your camera and binocular, your Swarovski will always back you.

With its non-slip grip and thumb grooves, you’ll be able to enjoy one-hand holding in a relaxed way. Hold your camera in one hand and binocular in the other one, nothing would stop you from clicking some mesmerizing snaps.

Also, the reflection-blocking coating will improvise image clarity and show you the true colors of your subject. So, go for wildlife photography or click some scenic snaps, Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular will rightly serve its purpose. 


For birders, eye relief distance and image brightness of a bino are two unavoidable features. When you like birdwatching, you got to spend long hours waiting for the feathered beauty.

Therefore, Swarovski cl companion bino hails with 16mm eye relief distance that lets you thoroughly enjoy this relaxing activity. Glasses or no glasses, this 16mm eye relief is perfect.  

Moreover, this compact binocular offers 90% light transmission, which enhances image sharpness. With Swarovski cl companion, you’ll get to see birds in their true enthralling colors. Sit back, pick up Swarovski cl companion, and enjoy birding! 


Nature never stops amazing us with its beauty, diversity, and marvels; once you get a knack of sightseeing, you cannot stop exploring further. And once you become a frequent sightseer, owning a good binocular is obligatory. Without wide FOV and superb magnification, you might miss some hidden gems of nature.

Luckily, Swarovski cl binocular has a massive FOV of 324ft along with 10x magnification; both of these make sightseeing an enjoyable experience.

Also, 90% light transmission and Swarobright coating make its optical quality implausible.


To conquer the mountains and see what’s beyond them, you need a robust binocular that you can haul all the way up without getting burdened. Small, light, and proficient; trekkers need a bino, which is a combination of these three.

Swarovski cl companion binocular weighs merely 100g, is 5 inches long, and performs spectacularly in all conditions. Either you climb a dry mountain or a snow-clad one, Swarovski cl companion binocular will show you bright, coherent, and detailed views of those amazing regions.


Staying in the water for hours and looking at splendid waves will be one of your most leisurely trips. Once you learn to balance your kayak, you’ll effortlessly enjoy extended sessions while relaxing in your kayak.

However, since water splashes are harmful to lenses, you cannot take any random binocular along on your kayaking venture.

Swarovski has once again provided the way out of this muddle by launching this fully waterproof cl companion bino. As it’s fully nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed, you can take cl companion on your beach vacations and enjoy the mighty waves while kayaking/basking on the beach. 


Staying at a considerable distance from the wild animals and observing their retreat patterns, habitat, and day-time routine is only feasible when you have a spectacular binocular. A binocular that offers large FOV and stays still while the safari jeep moves around should be your ultimate pick. 

Swarovski cl bino has both; a wide FOV and stabilized body. After seeing wildlife through Swarovski cl companion bino, you’ll never head out for safaris without it; that’s for sure.


And last comes the most thrilling outdoor venture, hunting. When you spend the whole day on your tree-stand or camouflaged hideout waiting for the trophy, you feel the real buzz of hunting.

However, if you miss the target in the first shot, you’ll startle all animals, and your whole day will go down the drain.

If you want to avoid any miss-ventures, go for Swarovski cl companion bino whose splendid 10x magnification never misses a chance and whose wide FOV shows you the whole region in one go. Plus, the incredible twilight factor facilitates you during lowlight scouting and ensures that you enjoy your time in the wild.

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What is the length and width of this binocular?

This binocular is 4.7 inches long and 2 inches high. Since it weighs 1.1lbs, these dimensions are great. Its open-bridge construction and small size make it an excellent choice for adventurers.

Is this binocular moisture resistant?

Totally. Swarovski cl companion binocular is purged with compressed nitrogen, which doesn’t let the moisture enter inside the barrels. Also, the lenses have solid O-rings to prevent fogging and rusting of the insides. 10×30 cl companion binocular is entirely moisture resistant.

Can I clean it with a lens cleaning solution?

Yes, you can, but make sure it’s a mild solution. Strong acidic cleaning solutions do the cleaning job, but they affect the lens coatings as well. For Swarovski cl companion binocular, use Swarovski’s specialized lens cleaning kit as it doesn’t harm the lenses’ outer surface and easily clean them.

Is it roof prism or Porro prism?

It is a roof prism binocular. Since the roof prism design is more of a compressed one, it’s good for palm-sized binoculars. Swarovski cl companion is also a roof prism binocular, and since collimating its lenses is painless, it’s an ergonomic option.

Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binoculars summary

Competence, comfort, and aptitude; these three words are enough to sum up my Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binoculars review. Swarovski never overlooks minor-yet-significant features and always brings forward the best solutions for glassers.

Regardless of your target venture and ground, Swarovski cl companion binoculars will be your third eye and will let you stay alert about unfamiliar surroundings. Surviving in the wild, and enjoying trips to un-discovered land becomes relaxed with Swarovski cl companion. This binocular will accompany you everywhere, and make your outdoor/indoor ventures unforgettable.

Let’s revise the significant features of cl companion bino before signing off:

  • Its substantial 324ft FOV suits every glasser, irrespective of his/her preferred venture.
  • Cl companion binocular has large premium-quality lenses paired with outstanding 10x magnification for far-fetched ventures i.e., scouting, sightseeing, and hunting.
  • Swarovski has specially made this small-yet-solid binocular for exhausting missions where one can’t take care of the gear.
  • Cl companion binocular has superb features like Swarovski EL range, but with almost half price.
  • Its twilight factor, exit pupil distance, and eye relief distance, all are brilliant.
  • 10×30 cl companion is perfect for all weather conditions and doesn’t get affected by gusty winds and continuous rainfalls.
  • It has an ergonomic design with non-slip grip and thumb grooves for one hand-holding.
  • The central focus knob quickly clarifies imagery and never misses any details.

And we are done! Swarovski 10×30 cl companion binocular wonderfully ticks all boxes of a great binocular and supports every expedition. Give yourself a treat and bring home this remarkable binocular this elk hunting season, and collect shed antlers with ease!

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Image credit: Swarovski Optik

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