How to Test Binoculars for Waterproofing with a Simple Test

  • By: Michaela King

Binoculars enable you to view distant things with much ease. That is the reason people love to buy them to get amazing and in-depth eye shots. But how can you judge whether your binocular is waterproof or not? In other words, how to test binoculars for waterproofing? Well, there are certain tests that can be applied to gauge the credibility of a binocular.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s then explore the concept of binoculars from the perspective of a waterproof test. Have you ever thought what purpose does waterproof binocular serves? Let’s find it out.

Purpose of a Waterproof Binocular

Apart from the traditional binocular that allows one to see distant things, a waterproof binocular has several advantages. For instance:

#1. Acting As a Barrier

A waterproof binocular does not only acts as a barrier against water but also dust. Yes, you got that right! But the binocular must be fully sealed to have this advantage. Moreover, it will prevent dust particles that may block your view, otherwise.

So, choose wisely and instead of a weather-proof or a water-resistant binocular, you must choose a waterproof binocular. Doing so will allow you to take a perfect view of distance without a blurred vision.

#2. Helps In Preventing Air Moisture to Enter Your Binocular

Yes, you read that right. A waterproof binocular enables you to prevent air moisture to enter your binocular. You must realize that even if you do not take your binocular out while it is raining, you must still ensure that the natural air moisture does not enter your binocular.

Air moisture is natural and to protect the binoculars from its effects, the waterproofness must be ensured. So, even if you do not take your binoculars in a pool area, the quality of waterproofness will protect your binocular from other environmental elements, like the dust.

#3. Fights The Fungus Well

A waterproof binocular is able to fight against fungus because it is moisture less unlike the traditional one. So, a perfect sealed waterproof binocular is the best choice to look at distant things in amazing ways.

How To Test Binocular for Waterproofing?

In search of finding ways to test your binoculars for a waterproof test? Look, this guide will help you in understanding every bit of how to test binoculars for waterproofing? So, let’s find it out.

#1. Water Pool Test

If you want to find out how waterproof is your binocular, use a water pool test. Yes, this is the best choice you can make to test your binocular. For this, what you need to do? Let’s explore it further.

Last summer, I received a NOCTIVID 8×42 from my friend. So, when it reached me, I tested my binoculars by firstly throwing into a swimming pool to test for its waterproofness.

I along with my nephew took this binocular as a pool toy to gauge its credibility. This was done for a couple of days so that the binocular could be trusted with confidence. I also left the binoculars at the bottom of the pool for several hours.

And you know what? They were found safe and new at the end. Oh yes, they were washed as well but the right seal protected my binocular to enter even a drop of water. So, my nephew and I enjoyed every bit of the waterproof test.

So, if your binocular after a pool test comes out to be perfect, this is a great sign. This means that your binocular is perfect to be used under every type of condition or place. So, what are you waiting for? Test your binocular today and feel happy.

Moreover, if the binocular pass this waterproof test, then there is no doubt that the dust particles would also be prevented. So, a long-life of the binocular is also ensured by this test.

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2#. Weather-Proof Does Not Mean Waterproof

You must pay heed to the descriptions of the binocular especially the one said by the salesman. Do not get deceived by a weather-proof or a water-resistant binocular. Yes, you read that right. A water-resistant binocular is not always waterproof. So, you must pay heed.

If you wish to use your binocular in a 100% wet environment, your choice must be in favor of a waterproof binocular. A waterproof binocular is not only water-resistant or weather-proof but is also dust-proof and ensures survival of a binocular. Thoroughly test the waterproofness of your binocular for using it safely. So, a pool test is the best test to gauge your pair of binoculars.

3#. Sealed by O-rings!

Another test of a waterproof binocular is that it must be sealed completely by O-rings so that no moisture, air, dust or drops of water can enter its surface. So, while buying your binoculars, you must pay special attention to this factor as well.

Proper-Sealed binoculars are well-protected and ensure enduring life of a binocular. Therefore, do not ignore this factor while buying a pair of binoculars.

4#. Nitrogen-filled

A proper sealed or a nitrogen-filled binocular is also the one you should look for. Moreover, the submersion depth is of special importance when it comes to testing your binocular for the waterproofness. Both of these factors are a plus when you are off to the market to buy your binocular.

You know what? If your binocular has no description of being nitrogen-filled or having a submersion depth, it won’t survive long. Therefore, it’s important to look at these factors while buying a pair of binoculars for you and your family.

So, for gauging the water-proof credibility of your binoculars, you must deal with patience and enthusiasm at the same time.

Wrap up

The above-mentioned aspects must be closely tested when you wish you buy a binocular. Doing so, will not only ensure the waterproofness of the binocular but also its survival. Therefore, if you are looking for how to test binoculars for waterproofing, then, please test your binoculars in a systematic way.

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