The 5 Best Binoculars For The Opera

  • By: Michaela King

Head to the opera, and chances are that you’ll see multiple people with a set of opera binoculars in their hands, particularly if they are sitting in the seats a bit further back (or, if they are lucky, in one of the boxes). While you don’t necessarily need a pair of opera binoculars to enjoy the opera, they do make things a little more enjoyable. A good pair of binoculars will allow you to focus on the action and props on the stage. The problem is that opera and theater binoculars are nowhere near as popular as they used to be. In the past, you would have seen hundreds of choices. Now? Just a few dozen.

Still, if you’re looking for the best binoculars for the opera, you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through all the most popular options and put together a list of five of the best. If you need some binoculars for the opera or theater, then we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect choice for you on this list. 

AuoloveS Binoculars For Opera and Theater (With Chain) – Our Top Choice

We are huge fans of opera binoculars that have a vintage look to them. We just find that the vintage look fits in with the opera setting a whole lot better than big, bulky binoculars. The AuoloveS Binoculars look almost antique (but certainly nowhere near as expensive). This 3×2.5 magnification set of binoculars is perfect for opera and theater viewing. They offer a quick focus knob (so you can always see the action perfectly), and a chain to hang them around your neck. It also makes them a bit more convenient to carry around.

AouloveS Opera Glasses Binoculars 3 X 25 Compact…
  • Elegant and Exquisite – Opera Glass binoculars feature an elegant and vintage design, with a neck chain for added convenience, combining elegance with practicality while ensuring durability. Whether for men or women, these opera glasses with a chain are fashionable and modern accessories.
  • Easy to Carry – Opera Glass binoculars are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for carrying in a small purse or leather bag. They are suitable for various activities such as opera, theater, live performances and more.

Product Features

  • BK7 lenses
  • 3×2.5 magnification
  • Gold chain to hang the binoculars around your neck
  • Central focusing knob
  • 25mm objective lens 

What We Like About the AutoloveS Binoculars 

We love how compact these binoculars are. Let’s face it. Nobody going to the opera wants to be carrying around a hefty pair of binoculars. They want something that can just hang around their neck. Something that isn’t going to get in the way of their evening. The AutoloveS Binoculars offer that. When we took these to the opera, we forgot that we were wearing them most of the time. They are just that comfortable to wear.

We also enjoy how good the view with these binoculars is. The manufacturers certainly haven’t cut corners. Even in dimly lit theaters, we were easily able to focus on the action. This is all thanks to the BK7 lenses. 

You’ll probably love the amount of adjustment on these opera binoculars too. A responsive hinge makes it easy to adjust the eyepieces. 

What We Don’t Like About the AutoloveS Binoculars

The problem with opera binoculars nowadays is that most companies aren’t manufacturing them. If you want a pair of opera binoculars, you need to look at the lower end of the market (all the best opera binoculars are sub $50). This means that the durability of most opera binoculars isn’t high. They’ll last a while, just don’t expect them to blow your mind.

In our experience, the AutoloveS binoculars are the best-performing binoculars on this list. However, AutoloveS knows that they aren’t the highest quality binoculars on the market, and they make it clear that these are ornamental rather than functional. Don’t worry. You can still take them to the opera or theater (and we have several times), just don’t expect them to perform anywhere close to the same level that your average field binoculars would. 

Pros & Cons

Quality BK7 lenses Not as durable as field binoculars 
3x zoom is perfect for the opera 

BLACKICE Binocular Glasses

Next up, we have BLACKICE binocular glasses. Now, these aren’t the most typical binoculars for an opera. After all, they don’t have that vintage flair to them. They are also more glasses than binoculars. Although, we’ve seen a lot of people using this type of binocular at the opera, and they have always commented on how it is so much more comfortable. It still offers the standard 3x magnification that you need in opera binoculars, but you won’t have to hold them up when using them. Just wear them like glasses and you’re good to go. 

BLACKICE Binocular Glasses Hands Free,…
  • 【Unique Design with Clear and Wide Views】This binocular glasses hands free puts the binoculars lens on the spectacles for hands-free use, so the front of it becomes a little heavier than normal glasses. But as a binocular eyeglasses, it is really a CREATIVE GIFT for your family or friends. Its weight is 0.15lb. And its magnification is only 3X, so it cannot see well as the normal 8X/10X handheld binoculars. But it has large exit pupil and high definition to allow a focused clear and wide views.
  • 【Professional Binocular Glasses】This opera glasses is designed for letting your hands free when you are cheering for a great opera & theater shows or sports games like football. Perfect for all stadium sports viewing, opera, concerts & theater shows from the back rows, bird watching, seeing fishing float, even watching TV at home.

Product Features

  • Multi-coated lens to reduce eye fatigue
  • 3x magnification 
  • Weighs just 0.15lbs
  • Adjustable comfort pads on eyes and arms.
  • Glasses (hands-free operation) 

What We Like About the BLACKICE Binocular Glasses

We do enjoy how comfortable these binocular glasses are to wear. Because they are glasses, the operation is completely hands-free. We admit it can be a bit inconvenient when you need to leave the theater, but it isn’t a major issue. We do like the convenience of putting them on. If you have ever held a pair of binoculars up for the duration of a theater performance, then you know how tiring it can be.

We also loved how well these binocular glasses performed in low-light conditions. Even when the stage lights were dim, we had no issues keeping our eyes on the various props on stage. 

What We Don’t Like About the BLACKICE Binocular Glasses

There is no focus wheel on these binoculars, which can make them annoying to use at times. We haven’t really found it to be a huge issue, but if you’re looking at the stage from quite a distance and you want to focus on a very specific area, there may be a bit of blurriness.

The style of these glasses isn’t really ‘in keeping’ with the theater either. In rare cases, they may even go against the dress code. 

Pros & Cons

Hands-free operationNo focus wheel
Performs well in low-light conditionsStyle may break the dress code of certain operas. 
Provides a good view of the stage  

Opera Glasses Binoculars 

We’re back to the binoculars with vintage flair here. In fact, the style of these unbranded opera glasses looks like it has been whipped right out of the 1800s. Perfect if you are attending a classier theater show. It isn’t just about the looks, though. These opera binoculars are very functional. You have a nice handle to hold them up to your eyes, and you have a focusing wheel allowing you to quickly focus on the stage action.

Opera Glasses Binoculars, Vintage Style Opera…
  • Elegant and Convenient – The opera glasses with handle are a stylish and modern accessory that is perfect for theater and live performances. These beautifully designed glasses are made with polished alloy and N15 glass, giving them a vintage and refined appearance while also being durable.
  • How to Use – Simply adjust the focus by turning the center-focus knob and the right eye lens for a clear and crisp image. The 3X magnification provides a larger field of view, making it easy to see even from a distance, Making it perfect for a variety of events such as opera, drama, and live performances.

Product Features

  • Focusing wheel
  • 3x magnification
  • Vintage style
  • Handle
  • N15 glass

What We Like About the Opera Glasses Binoculars

Considering the low price, these glasses are very durable. When you hold these in your hands (and look through them, we suppose), it almost feels as if you are holding something 10-15x the price. They wouldn’t look out of place next to a set of vintage opera binoculars.

While we were initially opposed to the handle on these binoculars (we prefer just holding the binoculars), it was surprisingly comfortable. The weight of these binoculars is well-balanced, so you won’t really be tiring out your arms. 

What We Don’t Like About the Opera Glasses Binoculars 

Our main issue is that they are unbranded. This means that if you do run into issues, you don’t really have anywhere to turn to. Although, let’s be honest. These binoculars aren’t too expensive. If they last you a couple of years, you’ll be happy. You won’t be looking to make a warranty claim if they break or something. You’d just replace them. 

Pros & Cons

Comfortable to holdUnbranded
Vintage style 
Durable – quality lens glass 

AutoloveS Binoculars for Opera (With Handle)

Yes. Another set of binoculars from AutoloveS. No surprise, really. They are one of the best opera binoculars manufacturers, after all. This pair of binoculars isn’t too dissimilar from the previous AutoloveS option. You still have your BK7 glass, central focusing knobs, etc. In fact, the only major difference is that rather than having a chain to hang around your neck, you have a handle instead.

AouloveS Opera Glasses Binoculars 3 X 25 Compact…
  • Elegant and Exquisite – Opera Glass binoculars feature an elegant and vintage design, with a built-in foldable handle and a neck chain for added convenience. This combination of elegance and practicality ensures durability. Whether for men or women, these opera glasses with a chain are fashionable and modern accessories.
  • Easy to Carry – Opera Glass binoculars are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for carrying in a small purse or leather bag. They are suitable for various activities such as opera, theater, live performances and more.

Product Features

  • 3x magnification
  • Central focusing wheel
  • Support handle
  • BK7 lenses 

What We Like About the AutoloveS Binoculars for Opera

We love these binoculars for the same reason we loved the first AutoloveS opera binoculars – they give a great view of the stage. They are easy to use, and you have a lot of adjustments on them. 

The good view is all thanks to the BK7 lenses which work incredibly well in low-light conditions. We also loved how responsive the focusing wheel was. In some operas, props play a major role in the story, and the actors will be switching between them incredibly fast. We found that we had no issues keeping up with the props. Focusing was so quick.

As mentioned, the only major difference between these binoculars and the first option from AutoloveS is the inclusion of the handle. Some people love the more traditional handle. So, if you fall into that category, these binoculars may be better for you. 

What We Don’t Like About the AutoloveS Binoculars for Opera

Again, same issue as the first AutoloveS binoculars. It seems as if AutoloveS has no confidence in its products. These are listed as ornamental rather than practical binoculars, which baffles us considering these are fine to use in a theater. 

Pros & Cons

Stylish lookMarketed as ornamental rather than practical 
Quality lenses 
Perform well in low-light conditions 

Anourney Binoculars Lightweight & Foldable 

Our final pair of opera binoculars is a little bit ‘out there’. This is because all the opera binoculars we have discussed so far have a 3x magnification. This set has an 8x magnification. We know that some will argue that this does make them awful for opera use, but we beg to differ. While they are not perfect for use in a theater, the magnification isn’t so high that you’ll struggle with focusing on what is happening on the stage, particularly if you are sitting further back. However, that 8x magnification means that these binoculars will have a lot of use outside of the theater too. So, they are great if you are looking for a set of all-rounder binoculars.

Anourney 8×21 Mini Compact Pocket Binoculars,…
  • 【Pocket Binoculars】Anourney Binoculars lighter than mobile phones, 0.37lb won’t add extra weight to your backpack,Fordable and portable design perfect for taking around anywhere–opera, concert, theater, shows, traveling, hiking, wildlife, bird watching, football game,outdoor sports. With one hand!
  • 【Durable and Anti Slip Design】The binoculars are made of High quality rubber, durable anti-slip grip is more convenient to use in the bad weather, The pocket size binoculars is not only suitable for men and women,but also suitable for kids. It is wonderful to be a gift for family and friends.

Product Features

  • 8x magnification
  • Foldable (easily slides into your pocket)
  • Easy focus
  • Anti-slip design
  • Durable lenses. 

What We Like About the Anourney Binoculars

They are low-priced, but they still perform incredibly well. Thanks to the BAK-4 prisms, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of whatever you are focusing on. We had no issues keeping track of what was happening in the theater with a pair of these binoculars by our side.

The anti-slip design means that they are easy to hold on to too. All the other binoculars have a metal exterior, which looks stylish but can easily slip from your hands if they get a bit clammy. That isn’t an issue with these. 

What We Don’t Like About the Anourney Binoculars

The big issue is that 8x magnification, although it’s not really a problem with the binoculars. If you are sitting closer to the stage, then these may be too powerful. We find that they are only ideal if you are sitting up in the rafters or in one of the boxes. For every other situation, pick up a 3x magnification pair of binoculars.

Pros & Cons

Compact, easily slides into a pocket8x magnification may be too high if you are close to the stage.
Versatile, can be used outside of the opera 
Good vision, despite the cheaper price.  

What To Look For When Buying Opera Binoculars

Any one of the opera binoculars that we have mentioned here is fantastic. Bar the final Anourney Binoculars, all should be fine for most operas. But, what if you aren’t interested in anything in this list? What should you be looking out for when you are tracking down a pair of opera binoculars?


Opera binoculars should have a 3x magnification. This is just enough to allow you to focus on any props on the stage, but not so high that you’ll be too ‘zoomed’ in. Yes. We did include the Anourney binoculars on this page. They have an 8x magnification. Although, they are not typically recommended for standard opera use. While they work at the opera, they are more for those that want something a bit more versatile. If you don’t need versatility, then 3x magnification is always the way to go. 


The style will likely come down to personal preference. Most people prefer their opera binoculars to have that vintage style (the classic metal look). Traditional opera binoculars will have a handle allowing you to hold them up to your eyes whenever needed. However, some may find those binoculars with a chain much easier to use (since you don’t have to consistently worry about holding the binoculars when not in use).

You can get opera glasses, and we mentioned a pair here (the BLACKICE option), although this isn’t really a traditional ‘style’, and some people don’t like wearing glasses. They’d have to constantly take them off (you can’t walk around with a pair of binoculars on your face!). 

Do bear in mind that some operas may have a dress code. If you go to a lot of operas with a dress code, then always purchase something more traditional in style. 


You want something compact. When you’re at the opera, you don’t want to be holding up a hefty pair of binoculars. It is inconvenient. You want something that can easily hang around your neck or slide into your pocket. 

Final Thoughts – The Best Opera Binoculars

We’ve given you a lot of options for the best opera binoculars here. All five of the binoculars will serve you well. Our personal favorite, and the ones that we use very often, are the AutoloveS Opera Binoculars with a chain. They are very affordable, while also boasting fantastic lenses. We don’t think there is a better set of opera binoculars for watching the action on the stage. Well, not unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a proper vintage pair.


Why do you need opera binoculars?

Opera binoculars allow you to easily view the action on stage, even if you are sitting a decent distance away. They come in especially useful when you are watching prop-heavy operas or theater shows. 

What is the best magnification level for opera binoculars?

Most opera binoculars will offer a 3x magnification. This lets you have a decent view of the stage without feeling too ‘zoomed in’. 

Which company makes the best opera binoculars?

Very few companies nowadays make opera binoculars. The best modern manufacturer is AutoloveS. They have many different options in their range, and their opera binoculars always perform well. 

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