Top 5 UTG Red Dot Sights for 2024

  • By: Imad

The deer hunting season is approaching, and you’re excited to flaunt your shooting skills in front of your pals. But what if you’re in a challenging terrain where target acquisition isn’t that easy?

Would you rather miss some exotic trophies or try out these best UTG red dot sights for 2022/23 to pin down your targets? I’m sure you’d do the later. 

When you have a reliable UTG red dot sight in your backpack, wining those shooting competitions doesn’t get to your nerves anymore. You shoot clean, on-spot bullets without thinking about your target’s size and location.

Here is a list of our top 5 UTG Red Dots for Shooting:

To know which UTG sight is best for you, read my reviews down below and decide accordingly.

1.UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope


  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Eye relief: 3.2-4.2 inches
  • Battery type: CR1620 3V
  • Weight: 13.9oz
  • Lens diameter: 32mm


  • Crystal clear views
  • Impressive durability
  • Quick target acquisition
  • Added sunshade
  • Wide FOV


  • The dot is hard to zero in

UTG optics are known for their strength and performance, which help firearm lovers achieve their goals.

If you want a scope that doesn’t give in to recoil, get your hands of this 3-9x BugBuster scope.

This one is a tough optic that beats its competitors and stands tall in terms of optical clarity.

Its 1-inch central tube lets in an ample amount of light so that your views aren’t dull, and you cover a vast region in one glance.

The premium quality 32mm objective lens makes this BugBuster a worthwhile investment because it suits all shooters alike.

This emerald-coated lens prevents light reflection and doesn’t let glare disturb your missions.

When you mount a BugBuster scope on your rifle, it’s like using a full-sized binocular without carrying the extra weight.

You get a 3-9x magnification, which improves your focusing skill and ensures you hit the exact spot.

Switching between different magnification levels won’t take any extra time because UTG has added a textured ring for this job.

This sturdy ring offers a good grip and doesn’t let weather challenges disturb your settings.

Windage and elevation are easy-to-adjust in a BugBuster scope because of its large, capped knobs.

Another exciting feature of this scope is that you can lock the turrets in it without giving in to the continuous recoil.

Once your scope is adjusted according to the mission’s requirements, move its turrets to the “lock” option, and forget about re-setting it repetitively.

When you shoot several rounds of bullets, the mounted scope often moves away from its position; that won’t happen in a UTG BugBuster.

Its Innovative EZ-TAP illumination enhancement system is perfect for lowlight activities. You can quickly change the brightness level with 1 click and maintain your focus.

This ergonomic scope comes with a range-estimating reticle that facilitates long-range hunters. This well-designed reticle determines your target’s distance, eventually increasing your shot’s precision.

BugBuster is a fully sealed and nitrogen-filled scope that can survive all challenges you throw its way.

You can hunt during heavy rainfall or speedy winds; this tough fellow won’t ever show mediocre performance.

The built-in 2” sunshade makes daytime adventures more comfortable by stopping unnecessary sunrays. 

Thanks to it 3.2-4.2 inch eye relief, you can wear your glasses/specs and still focus without stressing.

The added flip-up lens covers protect your precious scope from external impurities so that you enjoy crystal clear views for years.

You get to choose between two brightness modes in this innovative scope with a single click.

When you select the dual-mode in a BugBuster scope, red and green are its primary illumination colors.

On the other hand, the multi-color mode offers 36 different colors that make nighttime shooting more thrilling and versatile. 

2.    UTG 3X Magnifier


  • Magnification: 1-3X
  • Eye relief: 2 inches
  • Weight: 11.82oz
  • Lens diameter: 25mm


  • Excellent color-fidelity
  • Flip-to-side mechanism
  • Wide field of view
  • Quick-to-detach mount
  • Wear-resistant


  • Narrow eye relief

When you have to shoot a distant target, a non-magnify able sight doesn’t quite help, and chances of missing the shot are high.

A UTG 3x magnifier will ensure that you never face this trouble and comfortably practice your skills on far-off targets.

Its 25mm objective lens is designed to produce a 30% wider field of view that helps you achieve pinpoint accuracy.

You get vivid views with the impressive light transmission so that the ambiguity in your optical path never affects the results.

This broad-band multicoated lens repels reflection and glare as well, eventually improving your focusing skills.

You’ll see true-colored views without stressing about the ambient light, something UTG sights are always praised for. 

Its comfortable optic correction saves your time and doesn’t lose zero after each round.

Instead, you adjust this sight once, and it accompanies your missions without asking for repetitive re-adjustments.

This magnifier has a unique design that lets you quickly change the magnification and see your subject up close.

Let’s say you were following a deer group, and now is the time to shoot one of them. This 1-3x magnification will help you do that.

You get a smooth transition between 1x and 3x in seconds by simply flipping the scope because it has an intuitive design.

You slightly pull the magnifier back and flip its front half (1x) to the side. This will bring forth the 3x magnifier on the front, which covers a broader region.

UTG 3x magnifier has textured knobs that offer easy adjustment and don’t waste your time either. You can quickly control the windage and elevation settings, which improves your shooting skills.

Its optimal windage and elevation settings hone your focusing skills so that you always shoot precisely.

Its aluminum body is completely wear-resistant, which can bear heavy recoil without breaking apart.

This anodized magnifier offers a stable grip to support your adventures in rainy areas. 

UTG 3x magnifier scope is filled with nitrogen to perform in challenging weather conditions without wasting your time.

The secure QD mount holds your scope and keeps it nicely-aligned with the firearm during non-stop shooting.

Sadly, this scope has a narrow eye relief, which can be a turn-down for glasses wearers. Other than that, it’s a good bang for the buck.

You get precise focusing, secure grip, and a wide field of view with this 3X magnifier without spending a lot; don’t miss out.

3.    UTG 4.2″ ITA Red/Green CQB Dot


  • Dot size: 4MOA
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR1620 3V
  • Weight: 7.1oz
  • Lens diameter: 32.5mm


  • Quick-aiming
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Tough body
  • Easy-to-sight
  • Unlimited eye relief


  • Dot not compatible with long-range focusing

When you like trying new firearms, your optical gear must be capable enough for that. Luckily, UTG 4.2” ITA sight fulfills that requirement.

Its adaptive mount and easy-to-adjust design help you practice with new guns/rifles without worrying about precision.

Its 32.5mm high-tech lens is perfect for long and short-range targets as it never compromises the optical clarity.

You get glare-free and well-differentiated images, irrespective of the target’s distance.

When you look through a mediocre red dot sight during the day, its edges are mostly dark, which decreases your viewing window.

Luckily, this ITA sight overcomes that problem with its emerald coated lens. You see equally bright views throughout your optical path.

UTG 4.2” ITA sight comes with low and high profile mounts so that height is never a hurdle in your missions.

Select the mount, which matches your height, and enjoy precise focusing every time.

Its anti-reflective lens coating repels excessive light rays so that your eyes never see mirage or glare.

The infinite eye relief is another treat for shooting/hunting lovers as you’ll be focusing with both eyes open.

Stand comfortably, and align your sight with a firearm with minimal effort to enjoy optimal acquisition.

The rapid target acquisition which this sight offers easily matches every shooting competition so that you never lag in any aspect.

Its sharp 4MOA red dot is perfectly centralized for quick focusing and effortless adjustment.

You won’t struggle with zeroing or controlling this sharp-edged dot because UTG has done that on your part.

Whether you shoot outdoors or indoors, this dot will ensure your bullets never stray from the target.

You get versatility and performance within the same red dot sight because this one is designed to make hunting a manageable task for you.

The added flip-up lens covers shelter your sight from external pollutants so that they don’t affect the overall optical performance.

Dust or sand can scratch lens coatings, but not when you keep the covers closed.

The textured turrets move with an audible sound so that you don’t lose track while working in a noisy place.

You can lock your ITA sight’s windage, and elevation as that helps you overcome continuous recoil.

These turrets are stabilized to match outdoor adventures’ requirements where moisture or wind might disturb you.

This nitrogen purged red dot sight accompanies all rough-tough adventures and ensures that you never see foggy views.

This sight’s true-strength style construction makes it the best choice for frequent users who cannot hassle with a snowflake type tool.

4.    UTG 3.8″ ITA Red/Green CQB Dot Sight


  • Dot size: 4MOA
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR2032 3V
  • Weight: 9.1oz
  • Lens diameter: 30mm


  • Impressive optical performance
  • Easy-to-set Picatinny mount
  • Textured adjustment knobs
  • Large viewing window


  • Fuzzy reticle

When keeping the outdoor gear light and manageable is your goal, look no further than this UTG 3.8” sight.

Its handy size and light construction make it the best choice for frequent shooters who never settle for mediocre gadgets.

You get to experience premium quality optical performance without paying the premium price, which sets this sight apart.

Its 30mm lens has a high-tech emerald coating that facilitates your day and night activities alike.

This coating repels glare and enhances light transmission so that the final imagery is always top-notch.

You’ll experience true-colored views with this sight that add to the fun of chasing and shooting a moving target.

If you want to hone your focusing skills, this sight’s 38mm central tube is here with its wide viewing window.

When you don’t feel confined in a certain area, you shoot with confidence and achieve your goals within a few rounds; that’s what this 3.8″ sight offers.

Its optimal brightness settings flawlessly match with any environmental condition without asking for re-adjustments. 

The wide field of view helps outdoor shooters by offering rapid and precise target acquisition.

The infinite eye relief is a blessing if you’re concerned about your posture because it helps a lot.

You can stand comfortably, at a distance from the objective lens and still focus without losing your target.

The 4MOA dot is perfectly centralized and easy to zero-in which takes a lot of burden off your shoulders.

Thanks to this sharp dot, you won’t be adjusting your sight repeatedly, which we all know is surely annoying. 

You can switch between red and green reticle color depending upon the time of your mission. As a rule of thumb, red is for nighttime and green for daytime.

The reticle is somewhat hard-to-read, especially when the surrounding light is dim. But that’s still passable, given the affordable price of this sight.

The integral Picatinny mount is quick to attach/detach, which suits everyone’s busy outdoor schedule.

You won’t have to hassle with your sight while packing the gear because it just takes a second to attach or detach.

This 3.8″ ITA sight has capped turrets for easy and quick adjustments. You’ll always enjoy the precision and pinpoint accuracy because these knobs are there to save your setting time.

The flip-open lens caps let you forget about protecting the 30mm lens from moisture or dust. Leave your sight mounted on the rifle/gun with the caps closed, and you’re good-to-go in any weather condition. 

5.    UTG Reflex Micro Dot


  • Dot size: 4MOA
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Weight: 1.87oz
  • Lens diameter: 23mm


  • 1-click brightness setting
  • Strengthened body
  • Sharp-edged dot
  • Precise aiming
  • Holds zero


  • The red dot is dim on lower brightness levels

Strength and performance make or break the deal for any shooter; when your sight lacks any of these, you cannot enjoy your adventures the way you should.

A UTG reflex micro dot sight will ensure you get top-notch image quality and a sturdy gadget for those challenging missions you’ve planned.

This sight has 6061-T6 anodized aluminum body that can survive all harsh environmental conditions without affecting your optical path.

This tensile strength makes micro reflex an ideal sight for long-range shooters who often practice in unknown locations.

The 23mm lens is covered with an anti-reflective coating that enhances color-differentiation, eventually improving your focusing ability.

When you clearly differentiate between different colors, you know where to shoot and how to determine the right point of impact.

UTG micro reflex sight has a bright 4MOA dot that quickly falls on your target point and ensures that you don’t struggle with centralizing it.

You get 6 power options with this dot to play in any level of surrounding light. Whether you shoot in dim light or during the day, a UTG micro reflex sight will always be your buddy.

Switching between these 6 illumination levels is also effortless because of the push-button activation.

Whenever you have to change the illumination, press the button, and enjoy the rest of your mission without losing this clarity.

The auto-shutoff feature saves your sight’s battery life so that you don’t roam around with a no-dot sight amidst a long mission.

Some might find this 1-hour shutoff pretty disturbing, but not when you know focusing.

Its capped turrets offer a stable grip and quick alterations, which improve your target acquisition capability.

These audible turrets let you track your sight’s setting changes and take timely action when the target moves.

Its dot holds zero and doesn’t stress you by losing its point of impact. You see a vivid point of impact and shoot without wavering.

This UTG micro reflex sight offers pinpoint aiming that makes shooting/hunting more fun.

You can beat your competitors with this palm-sized tool and master your target acquisition skill alongside.

UTG micro reflex sight is compatible with most firearms, including Glocks, rifles, AR-15s, and 1911s.

In fact, it’s termed as the best UTG red dot sight for AR-15 rifles because of its recoil resistance.

You can shoot endless rounds without losing the dot’s central position or the elevation settings; UTG never fails to impress us.


A tiny red dot sight can level up your shooting game and make your upcoming hunting adventures a lot more exciting. When you have one of the best UTG red dot sights for 2022/23, you always get world-class performance.

If you can’t spend a lot, get UTG 3.8″ ITA Red/Green CQB Dot Sight which is a good entry-level optic. It’s a compact, ergonomic, and reliable red dot sight under budget.

But, to experience the real fun of shooting, get a UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope right away. This power-packed scope is best for long-range and close-quarter targets alike. Also, you get a wide field of view to scout a terrain without carrying any extra gadgets.

So, which sight are you going to buy before the hunting season starts?

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