5 Best Zeiss Rifle Scopes Reviews: Our Top Picks for 2024

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Since Zeiss is a top-tier brand, its scopes are always expensive, which makes new buyers wonder if they should spend a fortune on a glass or not. Not only do Zeiss excel in all matters optic including spotting scope and binoculars, they make a mean set of Rifle scopes as well.

If you are still mulling whether to buy one, stay with me because these best Zeiss rifle scope reviews are here to clarify your doubts and explain why you should invest in these premium scopes.

Zeiss Conquest

Are Zeiss rifle scopes any good?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at shooting, a Zeiss scope will further sharpen your skills with its precision and accuracy. Leading the optics field for over 150 years has made Zeiss a brand that every glasser dreams to own.

And, if you are passionate about hunting/shooting, there’s nothing better than owning a Zeiss glass to hone your skill. These exceptional scopes are the true definition of perfection and are undoubtedly the best in terms of quality. 

From unmatchable glass quality to ergonomic reticles and from comfortable eye relief to weatherproof bodies, a Zeiss scope is amongst the best in all aspects. But, if you want to know which one of this brand’s massive scopes range is ideal for you, keep on reading and find your answers.

Quick List: Here are my top 5 Zeiss rifle scopes you must add to your shopping list;

Top 5 Zeiss Rifle Scopes Reviews

1. Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56mm Riflescope


  • Magnification: 2.8-20x
  • Objective diameter: 27.5-56mm
  • Tube diameter: 36mm
  • Eye relief: 3.7inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 9.9-2.8mm
  • FOV: 15.5ft at 100 meters
  • Weight:  29oz


  • 92% light transmission
  • LotuTec protective coating
  • ASV bullet drop compensator
  • Outstanding target resolution
  • Perfect for long-range shooting


  • Narrow exit pupil

Launched in 2014, this Victory V8 2.8-20×56 scope has already become a top-of-the-line option from Zeiss’s optics range.

The reason behind this surprising popularity is this scope’s excellent optical properties that enable every hunter to ace his adventures, regardless of the severity of the situation.

From indoor plinkers to backcountry hunters, this scope is built to take everyone’s game to the next level and ensure that nothing distorts their optical path.

This 2.8-20×56 scope has the most extensive magnification range in Zeiss’s Victory series and is undoubtedly a masterpiece of its kind.

Its 56mm objective lens is proof of exceptional craftsmanship, which sets it apart from others. 

This scope’s finely-engineered focal lens provides 92%light transmission, which is perfect for all hunting/shooting adventures.

The Victory V8 scope has exclusive LotuTec and Zeiss T* coatings that collectively enhance light transmission and color-differentiation in your optical path.

A wide field of view is also here to increase your success rate and ensure that you never an object just because it was far away.

The extreme zoom option makes this scope a beast in the shooting/hunting industry. If you are a wildlife hunter, this quick zoom feature can even become a lifesaver for you as you cannot predict what comes next in the woods.

The included ASV bullet drop compensator will always come in handy when you focus on a distant target. It will accurately estimate the bullet drop distance so that you don’t miss the shot. 

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This Zeiss Victory Rifle Scope features an exceptional optical system that outperforms every other glass and shows incredibly unobstructed views.

The high transmission Schott glass fluorite lens will never let image distortion or light reflection hinder your mission.

Looking through a victory V8 feels unreal, all because of its remarkable optical performance and sleek construction. To add some elevation to your hunting arsenal, look no further than this beauty.

2. Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18×50 Rifle Scope


  • Magnification: 3-18x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 3.5inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 9.5-2.8mm
  • FOV: 37.2-6.3ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  22.2oz


  • Ergonomic ballistic turrets
  • Fully weather-resistant
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Innovative protective coatings


  • Incomprehensible reticle reading above 15x

Zeiss conquest series is a one-of-its-kind range whose scopes define perfection and precision altogether.

If you want to experience industry-leading light transmission and color-differentiation levels, this Zeiss conquest scope will surely help you.

With its 50mm objective lens and the 30mm central tube, this scope speaks for fine engineering at Zeiss optics.

You’ll always experience beyond-amazing optical clarity and target focusing with this scope, regardless of the distance of your preferred object.

The side parallax adjustment knob is easy-to-move and lets you take a step back without disturbing your focus.

This scope’s ergonomic construction makes it an ideal choice for extreme adventures. The fully protected optical system and the aircraft-grade aluminum body will never let this scope become a liability.

Zeiss’s trademark LotuTec and T* coatings will shelter its lens and provide excellent light transmission simultaneously.

Zeiss optics have purged this scope with dry nitrogen so that you can take it out at any time of the year without bothering about the weather.

The outer lens coating protects the glass’s shine, and inner nitrogen purging keeps fogging at bay, both are a win-win for you.

Whether you wear gloves or not, the innovative ballistic turrets let you quickly alter the settings. These turrets move with an audible click so that you don’t lose focus.

The fast-focus eyepiece is perfect for outdoor shooting and doesn’t let a target escape your sight.

You can easily focus on an object with the ballistic reticle and shoot it precisely.

This conquest scope is ideal for both long-range and short-range target acquisition, which makes it a one-all deal for every shooter.

The fine-haired ballistic reticle helps quickly clarify the sight, which eventually increases your success rate.

The high-quality lens glass and fast-focus eyepiece will never let excessive light distort your view; like all other Zeiss scopes, this one also provides impressive light transmission.

3. Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15×42 Rapid-Z 800 Rifle Scope


  • Magnification: 3-15x
  • Objective diameter: 42mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.54inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 10-2.8mm
  • FOV: 35-7ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  18.4oz


  • HD optical quality
  • Ballistic reticle
  • Flexible magnification
  • Easy-to-sight
  • Comfortable eye relief


  • Parallax knob doesn’t have numbering on it

If we are to name an all-rounder scope from Zeiss optics, this Conquest HD5 3-15×42 scope will always be on top.

With its crystal clear views and impressive light transmission, no shooter will ever experience incoherent views.

The Zeiss T* coating improves light transmission and stops excessive light rays from disturbing your sight.

Zeiss optics has crafted this brilliant optical system to keep edge-fringing out of your way. You can equally enjoy low light and broad daylight shooting with this finely-engineered Conquest scope.

Whether you take this scope for varmint hunting or use it for indoor target practice, it will always help you ace your activity.

The ergonomic finger-click turrets are easy-to-adjust and predictable. You’d never have to struggle while adjusting these turrets since they are well-snug and capped. 

These capped ballistic turrets make rainy day adventures more relaxed and help you stay ahead of your game.

The side knob provides parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity and always accompanies you during long-range hunts.

This quick parallax adjustment improves your target acquisition and comes in handy during extreme competition.

The innovative plex reticle is also there to enhance the final precision. With the Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15×42 scope, missed shots and startled targets will always stay out of the picture, thanks to its remarkable accuracy.

3.54 inches is a generous eye relief that doesn’t let your glasses disturb an activity. You can avoid neck and eye strains while focusing through a Zeiss conquest HD5 scope, all because of its soft-edged eyepiece and comfortable eye relief.

The 3-15x magnification range is perfect for long-range outdoor missions where you cannot go near the object; stay in your safe territory and shoot your prey with the help of this state-of-the-art glass.

The amazing lowlight performance is another superb feature of this scope, which will make your shooting adventures more thrilling. No need to stop an exciting competition when the sun goes down, pull out a Zeiss Conquest HD5 scope and ace it. 

4. Carl Zeiss Terra 2-7×32 Plex Riflescope


  • Magnification: 2-7x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.5inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 12.2-4.6mm
  • FOV: 50-14ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  13.4oz


  • Capped aluminum turrets
  • Matte anodized body
  • Weatherproof
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Smart plex reticle


  • Narrow optical path

The reticle is the most crucial element in any rifle scope as it determines the shot’s accuracy. If you are struggling to learn reticle adjustments in your existing glass, this scope will be your buddy.

 Its smart plex reticle is easy-to-focus, fine-haired, and well-snug; all these features facilitate you during long-range target acquisition.

Zeiss optics always brings out the most extraordinary features that help shooters in honing their skills; this reticle is a proof of that.

Moreover, the 32mm objective lens never fails your expectations in the field and always produces super-sharp views.

Whether you set this scope for a short-range target or a more distant one, its fast-focus eyepiece will facilitate you nevertheless.

The 1inch central tube is specially designed for lowlight missions so that you always receive well-coherent views.

If you need a robust and lightweight scope that doesn’t ask for extra care when you are outdoors, this one is your best bet.

The aircraft-grade aluminum construction and matte finish collectively enhance its sturdiness and practicality.

The fully multi-coated focal lens repels light reflection and removes glare from the final imagery.

Also, the protective LotuTec coating lets you quickly clean this scope so that the external impurities cannot reach inside.

The matte anodized body comes in handy during rainy conditions and helps you easily alter the turret settings.

This Zeiss terra scope has capped turrets, which are equally perfect for strenuous competitions and wet weather conditions.

Zeiss Terra 3x scope is weather-resistant, sleek, and lightweight, which make it a one-off choice for every hunter/shooter.

5. Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x56mm Riflescope


  • Magnification: 3-12x
  • Objective diameter: 56mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.5inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 9.2-4.7mm
  • FOV: 41.6-10.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  11.5oz


  • Tactile turrets
  • Innovative light enhancement coatings
  • Illuminated central dot
  • Fast-focusing mechanism
  • Good lowlight performance


  • Sloppy parallax knob

Zeiss Conquest V4 is a top-notch scope that ticks all boxes of perfection. From a wide field of view to a massive zooming capability, you’ll find every helpful feature in this glass.

It’s huge 56mm central lens is crafted from high-quality glass that doesn’t let external impurities destroy its shine.

This lens will provide up to 90% light transmission, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor settings alike.

The Zeiss trademark coating protects the lens’s surface and doesn’t let it get foggy even after prolonged usage.

If you cannot afford to lose a target in the wild, this scope’s fast-focus eyepiece will prove to be a lifesaver for you. This fast-focusing mechanism will save you time and ensure that you don’t lose precious sight either.

The large tactile turrets make this scope a handy choice that fits well with everyone’s needs. These turrets are easy-to-manipulate and move with a sound that helps you track the changes.

The second focal plane illuminated reticle has fine crosshair, which quickly magnifies your target.

This Zeiss Conquest scope is perfect for lowlight performance as well. The illuminated reticle helps you focus on distant objects, even in the absence of light.

The generous eye relief will help you maintain a comfortable posture and stand in the same spot for hours without tiring your eyes.

Moreover, the anti-reflective lens coating doesn’t let the glare disturb your eyes and enhances the scope’s color differentiation capability as well.

This lightweight scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which can take all beating of outdoor adventures and never becomes bothersome for you.

This high acquisition scope is perfect for anyone who is seeking an affordable yet brilliant option; you’ll equally love the price tag and features of Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12×56.

6. Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4×24 Riflescope


  • Magnification: 1-4x
  • Objective diameter: 24mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 3.5inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 11.9-6mm
  • FOV: 114-28.5ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  16.6oz


  • Wide FOV
  • Smart illuminated reticle
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Non-slip grip


  • Sloppy turrets

This is the smallest scope from the Zeiss Conquest V4 series with a 1-4x magnification capacity. This apparently enter-level scope can still beat the bigger competitors from other brands and prove to be a worthwhile investment in your hunting gear, all thanks to its image quality.

Its 24mm focal lens is made up of high-quality glass that repels excessive light rays, enhances color differentiation, and produces bright views altogether.

The smart illuminated reticle performs exceptionally in lowlight conditions and never lets your target escape sight.

This scope’s reticle has an illuminated central dot which makes focusing a lot easier for beginners. So, if you are having a hard time learning to focus, this scope will help you.

The hard anodized outer surface provides you with a stable grip so that you can maintain the focus on difficult terrains.

Its central tube is 30mm, which supports the optical system and prevents excessive light from disturbing the final imagery.

The wide field of view makes this scope a perfect choice for outdoor hunting, as you won’t be limited to a particular range after that. Also read our review on Nikon Rifle Scopes which details other Rifle Scopes which we have tested and are excellent for hunting.

The fast-focus eyepiece and wide FOV collectively make your activities more accurate and successful.

This scope is purged with dry nitrogen, and hence, fully waterproof. You can take it anywhere without worrying about the glass getting foggy or the lens getting distorted as Zeiss Optics has already taken care of it.

Zeiss riflescopes summary

Zeiss Optics has always been an industry-leader with its subtle crafting techniques and exceptional product features. If you need a faithful companion for your hunting/shooting passion, get a Zeiss rifle scope and give yourself a treat.

These precise, ergonomic, and brilliant scopes complement every activity so that you can be a master of all crafts. The above-written best Zeiss rifle scope reviews were aimed to enlighten you so that you can decide easily. From entry-level scopes to state-of-the-art ones, you’ll find everything in Zeiss’s product range, try and see for yourself.

Image credit: Zeiss

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