3 Best Parallelogram Mounts for Binoculars (Stable Viewing)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Since astronomy binoculars have powerful magnifications, they capture even the slightest movement in the imagery, and glassing through them is not always relaxed. Moreover, when you look upwards for long with a binocular in hand, it strains your neck and decreases the fun of stargazing. Therefore, to avoid these discrepancies, you must get one of the best parallelogram mounts for binoculars.

When compared with the small binocular mounts, parallelograms are more stable, can hold more weight, and are easy to adjust.

Keeping the astronomers’ requirements in mind, Orion has come forward with some incredible parallelogram mounts that are easy-to-set, and easy-on-the-pocket as well.

If you are in search of a proper set-up for your stargazing hobby, get any of these mounts, and enjoy celestial views while sitting comfortably. Here is a list of my top 3 parallelogram mounts for those on a time crunch;

Since astronomy binos come in different sizes depending on your level of interest in the skies, we wanted to make sure that you get to see parallelogram mounts of varying prices. That’s the reason we chose Orion and gathered its best parallelogram mounts for binoculars.

So, give this article a quick read and find the ideal mount for your dear binocs.

Best Parallelogram Mounts Reviews

1. Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount & Tripod

Orion 05752 Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount…
  • This big binocular mount provides stable support and precise aiming control for heavy astronomy binoculars
  • Capable of supporting binoculars weighing up to 15 pounds with up to 100mm-diameter objective lenses


  • Max height: 6ft
  • Min height: 2ft and 6 inches
  • Weight: 45lbs
  • Rotatable positions: 6
  • Construction material: stainless steel
  • Weight limit: 15lbs


  • Incredibly strong body
  • Secure and quick mounting
  • Perfect for group activities
  • Rust-proof body
  • Added counterweights for heavy binos
  • Handle for smooth movement


  • Heavy

Just in case you are searching for the tripods, I have also reviewed the best affordable tripods for binoculars. 

If you want to look at celestial bodies for hours without worrying about your bino’s adjustment, the Orion monster parallelogram should be your ultimate choice. This one is the biggest one from Orion’s binocular mount collection and is undoubtedly the strongest one as well.

This mount has a resilient L bracket made from stainless steel that keeps your binoculars safe and steady. Orion has anodized the main mounting plate to make your parallelogram rust-proof and maintain its shine.

Even if you leave your set-up in the balcony, you won’t have to bother moving it inside during rainfall/wind. This rustproofing is a great plus point of Orion monster parallelogram as it is massive, and you can’t move it around easily.

This parallelogram comes with a heavy-duty tripod so that you don’t have to look for it separately. This tripod has a maximum height of 6ft and a minimum of 2’7″; you can easily alter this height with the help of leg locks.

The elongated L bracket also has a handle for smooth movement of the mounted binoculars. When you focus on a moving body i.e., a star, this handle lets you keep the tripod in the same set position and simply move the binoculars. This handle saves your set-up struggle and doesn’t ask you to repetitively adjust the weight and resistance of the parallelogram’s knobs. Instead, you can focus your favorite object once and keep gazing at it as long as you wish without straining yourself.

Orion monster binocular mount supports glassing equipment of up to 15 lbs, which is perfect for all high-end binoculars. Moreover, it lets you mount binos with 100mm and a smaller objective lens; again, this is just according to astronomy binoculars.

As you are allowed to tilt the monster parallelogram in 6 directions, it is inevitable to have a useful counterweight that prevents the binoculars from falling. Therefore, you’ll get 11 lbs weight plates with this mount; you can attach/detach these depending upon your bino’s movement and bulk.

Orion monster parallelogram binocular mount is undoubtedly the best one in the market right now; once you experience it, you’ll surely admire the craftsmanship of Orion optics.

2. Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount without Tripod

Orion 5376 Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount without…
  • Specialized mount holds heavy binoculars up to 80mm to eliminate arm strain and shakiness for viewing comfort
  • Features sliding counterweight for balancing the mounted binocular


  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Construction material: Painted light steel
  • Weight limit: 5.5lbs


  • Adaptable with all heavy-duty tripods
  • Solid construction
  • Knobs with sufficient friction
  • Can support 80mm large lenses
  • Ensures shake-free views


  • The joints need more friction

If you own a tripod and need a stable binocular mount, Orion 5376 paragon-plus mount is perfect for you. Its solid construction can bear 5.5 lbs weight and ensures wobble-free glassing regardless of your position.

Whether you stand with a tripod fully extended or reduce its height while sitting, Orion 5376 parallelogram mount always performs exceptionally.

This metal parallelogram has a paint layer that repels rusting and looks sleek as well. This paragon-plus mount has a long L bracket for secure attachment of heavy binoculars and protecting them from falling off.

The mounting dovetail of Orion 5376 has excellent friction, which makes your binocular’s movement safer. Moreover, the additional 8 lbs counterweights help secure your binoculars when this mount is towards the zenith or any other tilted angle.

You can adjust binoculars with 80mm and smaller lenses with this mount, and once they are snugged perfectly, forget about the safety as this mount is a great holder for your precious binos.

This light steel mount weighs around 12 lbs, which means you can move it quickly and enjoy glassing in different spots. Although the weight increases when it’s combined with the tripod, you’ll still haul it comfortably if need be.

This mount is adaptable with all heavy-duty tripods and doesn’t ask for any special features. If you have a pod that can bear heavy equipment without wobbling, go for this mount without wasting a minute and make stargazing the most calming activity for yourself.

3. Orion 5379 Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod


  • Max height: 7 feet & 7 inches
  • Min height: 2ft & 7 inches
  • Weight: 19.8lbs
  • Rotatable positions: 6
  • Construction material: stainless steel
  • Weight limit: 5lbs


  • Sturdy L-adapter for quick attachment
  • Long arm for interference-free sitting
  • Easily supports heavy equipment


  • Hard to move beyond 45 degrees

Looking for a good bargain? This parallelogram mount with a tripod is the real deal! Orion never ceases to make affordable and ergonomic equipment that resonates with every glasser’s needs; this mount is also the same.

You can extend the paragon-plus tripod to maximum 7’7” and minimum 2’7”; both are great for an astronomer’s comfort. From sitting on a lawn chair to standing behind the binoculars, this tripod is excellent for both situations.

This tripod’s legs have Orion trademark XHD leg locks that make repeated set-ups quick and don’t waste your time. The leg locks of this tripod are great at holding your set height and never let the binoculars shake/fall. You can leave the binoculars on this mount and rotate the positions easily with its handle.

The mount has a long L bracket that ensures interference-free sitting and lets you sit away from the legs of your pod. As standing/moving from one position can disturb your focus, this long mount is a good option for shake-free focusing.

The added counterweight, along with the resilient L bracket, can hold 5lbs binoculars without compromising their safety. Most astronomy binoculars are 3-5lbs, which shows this mount’s compatibility with a wide range of binoculars. Whichever brand’s binoculars you own, Orion 5379 parallelogram easily adjusts with it and doesn’t ask for repeated adjustments.

The Orion 5379 parallelogram mount and tripod weigh 19.8 lbs and don’t acquire much space, which makes this set-up an excellent choice for narrow places i.e., room windows. If you have a small balcony in your apartment, you can still adjust this mount there and sit comfortably to glance up.

However, moving your binoculars beyond 45 degrees with this mount is a bit hard; you might have to unscrew the bino and reset it in a new direction after some time.

Binoculars Parallelogram Mounts Summary

When you have professional equipment for your favorite pastime activity, it doubles the fun and makes your time memorable.

Owning a parallelogram binocular mount will increase your level of comfort and make you “the guy with the coolest astronomy equipment,” which is indeed a great feeling. That’s the reason we presented you with the best parallelogram mounts for binoculars from Orion optics; choose one and turn your balcony into a mini observatory.

All of these mounts are easy-to-set, stable, and resilient against continuous usage. The only difference is the price factor, which depends on your binocular’s weight and your astronomy interest.

If you want an affordable set-up, opt for Orion 5379 Paragon-plus mount that comes with a durable tripod and supports up to 5 lbs weight.  Similarly, the Orion monster parallelogram mount is the best choice for high-end binoculars as they are expensive, and you shouldn’t compromise on their safety. This one speaks for Orion’s elite craftsmanship and never disappoints the user.

And lastly, if you own a tripod already and only need a mount, Orion 5376 is your answer. It is a reliable mount that can adjust with most tripods and provides excellent support to delicate gadgets.

So, say goodbye to strained muscles and shaky views of the exotic stars and galaxies. Get any of these parallelogram mounts and observe the world above while sitting calmly in your lounge.

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