Vanguard Binocular Tripod Adapter Review

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Is finding a best-suited tripod adapter for your compact Vesta 8×21 challenging? Or you can’t find a stable tripod adapter to mount your heavy Endeavor 10×42 binos?

Either way, vanguard BA-185 binocular tripod adapter is the answer!

Vanguard binoculars tripod adapter not only offers stable imagery but also goes easy on your pocket. By making this one-time investment, you can make your upcoming glassing excursions unwavering and amusing.

Vanguard Binoculars Tripod Adapter Review

Not all tripod adapters fit perfectly well as this Vanguard adapter does. If you are tired of those thick adapters which take much time before you get a hold over them, go for vanguard BA-185 adapter.

This adapter is made from solid metal which already indicates that it is sturdy and stable.

As you might already know, heavy and full-sized binoculars cannot stay in place if the adapter under them is shaky and feeble. To ensure you never see shaky imagery, Vanguard has made this rock-solid tripod adapter.

Most cheap adapter models are made thick which means they might not fit in all binos. However, this adapter has a thin bridge and tugging it in is quick and secure.

When you’re out sitting/standing on a rough-tough terrain, no need to worry about image stability. Vanguard always emphasizes on providing stable and easy-to-comprehend imagery; this adapter is no exception.

Roof prism binos are compact and have minimal distance between their barrels and finding “the perfect” tripod adapter for them is no easy job. After getting your hands on this marvellous adapter, you’d be able to firmly steed all binos, scopes and bi-oculars on your tripods.

Continuously tilting and moving the binos makes the tripod a bit lose and it starts shaking after a while. Luckily, the vanguard has incorporated a large protruding knob in BA-185 adapter which lets you regain the lost grip swiftly.

The standard 1-4×20 thread ensures you can use this adapter will all binoculars, even those which come from other brands.

Due to its thin build, BA-185 does not interfere and interrupt your activities. Either you tilt your binos to 360 degrees while stargazing or repetitively move it while chasing a game, this adapter will always cooperate with you.

Car window mounting, tripod mounting or simply placing the binos on ground, the Vanguard BA-185 adapter always provides image stability, relaxed viewing and hands-free glassing.

If you are interested in this adapter, you can find more information and customer reviews on Amazon’s website here.


  • Stable viewing
  • Best for roof prism binoculars
  • Standard 1/4-20 thread
  • Clear, relaxed and hands-free viewing
  • Large protruding knob
  • Slender and thin bridge for quick fitting
  • Made from metal
  • Rock-solid and stable

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Vanguard is serving outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and video makers since 1986 through their inexpensive, ergonomic and practical gadgetry.

The BA-185 binocular tripod adapter is a small, stable and thin adapter which easily fits in all binos and scopes.

No matter you are a hunter or a wildlife photographer, having this tripod adapter will always make your ventures more fun and relaxed.

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