Nikon Binoculars Tripod Adapter Review (Prostaff, Monarch)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Nikon was established as a Japan-based optic company in 1914. This initially small brand has massively spread across the globe in the past 100 years and has a substantial fan base everywhere. Whether you live in south-east Asia or Western Europe, most probably your childhood memories were captured with a  Nikon camera (yes, it’s that impactful everywhere).

We all have some sort of connectivity with Nikon because of their cameras, binoculars, and scopes. In the past century, Nikon has thoroughly revolutionized the field of optics with the continuous invention of new gadgetry. High-end binoculars, scopes, bi-oculars; you name it, and they have it.

Making outdoor/indoor glassing adventures relaxed, and calm for you has always been Nikon’s priority. Regardless of your budget, you’d get your desired tool from the best lot. These seemingly small tools called tripod adapters can change the glassing game impressively.

Once you get a knack of a Nikon binocular tripod adapter, I doubt you’d ever return to adapter-less glassing. Here, I am going to review three best adapters manufactured by the virtuoso, Nikon. Their adept crafters and engineers won’t ever disappoint you, that’s a promise.

Nikon 7650 Binocular Tripod Adapter Review

The Nikon 7560 tripod adapter is explicitly crafted for Nikon action, extreme, and marine series. However, it’s not limited to these series. Whichever binocular you have, this tripod adapter will fit easily in it.

The 7560 adapter weighs only 0.16 ounces which won’t ever add to your outdoor kit’s weight. You can leave you Nikon tripod mounted on the tripod while packing the gear and it will stay there without bothering you.

As small screws are difficult to move, the experienced engineers at Nikon have inserted a large thumbscrew in this adapter which is easy-to-move and sets the binocular swiftly.

For heavy binoculars, you should never trust cheap plastic adapter. To ensure that you are always carefree about your binocular’s safety, get this all-metal adapter and forget the worries of wobbly imagery.

The unique L-shaped design adds to the strength and never become an annoyance when you move your tripod’s head.

This adapter is a bit thick as it’s designed for Porro prism binoculars. If you have a roof prism bino, this might be a turn-off for you.

If you are interested in this Nikon tripod adapter, you can find more information and customer reviews on Amazon’s website here.


  • Weighs 0.16 ounces
  • Standard 1/4-20” thread
  • L-shaped design for enhanced support
  • Manufactured from metal
  • Big thumb screw for quick mounting
  • Explicitly made for action, extreme, and marine bino series
  • Adaptable with most Porro prism binoculars

Nikon Tripod Adaptor for Monarch ATB Binoculars Review

Nikon’s ATB series binoculars are heavier than others and require additional care. For providing steady support to all ATB binoculars, this adapter is a perfect choice. 

It weighs 2.65 ounces and has a standard 1/4-20” threaded base which will let you use it with all tripods. Attaching/detaching this adapter is quick and secure.

This metallic adapter has large steel screws which move securely in the screw threads and offer brilliant support. Forget the sensitivity of your binocular’s lenses and trust this snug-fit adapter where you are in the wild.

When your glassing sessions become long, and you don’t feel like coming back from an adventure, tripods become the go-to gadgets. This adapter is compatible with all tripods and binoculars; once you buy this handy gizmo, no need to replace it.

It will work brilliantly during your sky gazing and birding trips. When the beauty in front of you is mesmerizing, and you cannot afford to leave because of your achy arms, pull this adapter out of your bag and let the fun begin.

This rock-solid adapter will securely hold all adapters and give you some breaks in between those tiring-yet-interesting activities.

If you are interested in Nikon Monarch tripod adapter, you can find more information and customer reviews on Amazon’s website here.


  • Weighs 2.65 ounces
  • Quick and secure attachment
  • Support all heavy binoculars
  • Standard 1/4-20” thread
  • Made from sturdy metal
  • Large steel screws for safe attachment
  • Makes sky-gazing easier by offering immense support

Nikon 7806 Binocular Tripod Adapter Review

Adding sophisticated gadgets to his/her closet and using them in rough-tough missions is every outdoor enthusiast’s wish. If you are one of those hunting/birding/stargazing freaks, this elegant tripod adapter is made especially for you.

Its sleek design and solid build will never let your binocular wobble or slide-off. Continuously changing the tripod’s place during birdwatching is unavoidable which often compel you to reset the binocular repetitively. However, this robust Nikon 7806 adapter will eradicate that continuous tilting and save your leisure time for something fruitful.

This light and small adapter won’t ever annoy you during its porting and mounting. Setting it is quick and safe; forget about struggling with those tiny screws. This adapter comes with a unique screw which faces upward.

Instead of struggling while fixing your adapter (as it used to happen with older adapters), this adapter’s screw will be in your reach. You will see the screw while moving it, that’s probably enough for explaining its significance as this feature wasn’t available in older adapters.

Its resilient design will never expose your binocular to any collision and will keep your arms comfortable and your eyes relaxed.

The Nikon 7806 adapter is designed for all binocular models including Nikon Prostaff and even if they aren’t from Nikon. So, make this one-time investment and enjoy endless glassing hours with a coffee mug in your hands. Ta-da!

Click here to see customer reviews and price on Amazon website for Nikon binocular tripod adapter (E series, Superior E, Astronomy series and Zoom XL).


  • Metallic body
  • Well-balanced adapter
  • Designed for all standard tripods
  • Standard 1/4-20” threaded hole
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • Unique design with screw on the top

Nikon binocular tripod adapter summary

Nikon is arguably the master-of-its-craft as it never stops introducing useful gadgetry to glassers. Whether you are a newbie birder or a passionate stargazer, you’ll always need these small tools during your ventures.

When your body cannot take up any more pressure, and you feel like stopping your mission and go back, the Nikon binocular tripod adapter will work amazingly well — no need to travel to a jungle and come back with aching muscles instead of a joyous smile.

Take along any of the above-listed Nikon tripod adapters and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Sitting calmly in the woods and observing natural beauty will leave a positive impact on your mind for days to come. So, don’t tire yourself during these leisure trips; benefit from these incredible adapters and make your vacation soothing. Cheers!

Image credit: Nikon Sports Optics

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