8 Best Elk Hunting Binoculars Reviews [August 2019]

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)

Whether you are looking for the best elk hunting binoculars or you are in search of the best binoculars for deer hunting, this guide will help you alike. 

In this guide, I have discussed the 17 most important factors to look for before choosing your next binocular for elk hunting.

Apart, I have discussed the best tips and tricks you need to successfully hunt an elk, how to buy a hunting bino pair on a budget, gears and important accessories for elk hunting, best seasons for deer and elk hunting and much more. But first let’s have a quick look at our top binoculars for elk hunting:

  1. Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular
  2. Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD Binoculars
  3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Binocular
  4. Vanguard Endeavor Binocular

17 Important factors for buying elk hunting binoculars

Even though not much attention is paid while buying binoculars, but this negligence can be troublesome. Especially when you are out for hunting down an elk or deer, you must be fully equipped with efficient tools and tricks.

Here are some parameters which will help you in making your buying decision. I will discuss the list of top elk and deer hunting binoculars later in the article. But for now, continue reading if you are curious that what to look for in a pair of binoculars.

1. Visual capacity

Consider you are hunting for a fast running elk at dusk, will it be easy for you to catch it? I am sure it isn’t! The speed and absence of light will make it many times difficult for you to directly aim at your target.

If you are going to buy binoculars specifically for hunting purposes, then its visual capacity is the most crucial factor which you should keep in mind. The wrong decisions will destroy the adventure of hunting thoroughly. And you might return without even a single successful target.

2. Durable design

Hunting is not a cakewalk, and we all know that. If you happen to buy something delicate, it means a complete headache. Taking care of the tools and targeting on elk simultaneously will not be fruitful for you.

Therefore, I suggest whenever you buy something which will eventually end up in rough surroundings, it must be durable. Chasing an elk or deer in rough-tough mountains and dense forests will surely make you careless regarding the protection of your binoculars and other tools too.

Good grip, strong outer casing and a cover are essential while looking for hunting binoculars.

3. Lens power

The most important aspect of elk/deer hunting is right aiming at the right time. In fulfilling this purpose, a good quality lens will be a great addition. Once you decide to spend a good amount on buying binoculars, you must ensure that its magnification power is competitive with hunting.

Most hunters mark specific age-group of elks/deers which they prefer to hunt down. Solid magnification is not something all binoculars offer. And to help you with that I recommend giving magnification special thought. Fortunately, Fujifilm has a great video series explaining Lens technology for binos in a really good way.

4. Waterproof

As I already described, hunting will always take you to most difficult environments. Which means you will have to fight with nature too, to ensure you never miss your target.

Rain, fog and haze are the most terrible to endure while running behind elks or deers. And this is the reason why you must check either the pair you are buying is water and fog proof or not. Because not being able to see through dense fog and heavy rain means the binoculars you have bought were not worth your money.

5. Weight

Going out on adventurous trip marks that you must carry the least luggage with you. Carrying a whole box to place your binoculars in it is not a wise thing to do.

Similarly, while you hang binoculars around your neck, they must be light enough to be there for a long while. Heavy and bizarre designs of hunting binoculars are nothing but trouble. That’s why you must check the built and weight before paying your hard-earned money for them.

6. Aperture

Since the range is another most important factor in determining the usability of binoculars, you must carefully choose the aperture type. The more area is available for entering of light, the better is the final result.

Having said that, the most suitable type of aperture is the one which covers the full lens. It will allow more light to enter through the glass, ultimately enhancing your vision.

I have a similar article where I have reviewed my best binocular picks for turkey hunting along with tips to successfully hunt turkeys.

7. Field of View (FOV)

How far you can see through binoculars determine their usefulness for elk or deer hunting. Some binoculars claim to cover large distances, but they turn out to give blur and un-identifiable images. Always check that what is the linear field of view and how much clearly you can see through them.

8. Portability      

Ease of carrying your binoculars along must be your priority, essentially when you are getting these binoculars for your hunting passion.

Elks and deer are so frisky that you may lose their sight within a minute. And when your binoculars are large and heavy, it will definitely take some time for setting your focus at the target.

Therefore, portability is some of the most significant features you should look for before investing your money. Go for small and lightweight binoculars.

Either you hang such binoculars around your neck or hold them in your hand, you will not end up having strained muscles or a tired arm.

Binoculars’ portability depends upon the lens size and magnification they offer. For example, if we talk about 5×30 binos it means their lens size is 30mm and their magnification capacity is 5x and their weight (mostly) is less then 1lb.

Binoculars which are 5×30 or smaller are the most portable binoculars but are not suited for hunters. They must be preferred if you are buying them for short-range ventures.

For hunters, binoculars which are 10×40 are the best suited. These can receive an ample amount of sunlight for hunting purpose and their magnification power is well-suited for the wild environment.

The larger binoculars which have a lens size of 50-60 mm and above have amazing image quality (as they receive more sunlight). But a hunter cannot carry them. They are heavy (up to three pounds and more) and the hunter will need a tripod or monopod to support them.

9. Material

The most preferred material used in the binocular making is rubber. Which not only keeps the binoculars lightweight but also enhances your grip on the binoculars.

Veteran binoculars used to have a metallic body, but not anymore. Because all the leading optic companies are giving preference to rubber.

For hunters, a strong grip is amazingly helpful as they have to run and walk briskly behind their target. But when someone holds binoculars for a long duration, the sweat secreted from palm starts affecting the grip.

However, the solution to this problem is rubber armour binoculars. This material removes this possibility and ensures that you do not lose your grip.

The lens rings are also made of rubber, which doesn’t let water enter inside the lenses. Because once water enters in the lenses, the effectiveness of your binoculars starts decreasing.

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10. Ergonomics

Small discrepancies may occur in binoculars when you use them enormously. And these chances are always prone to increase when you (the binocular user) are a hunter.

Stalking the fidgety deer and silently waiting for your favourite elk to show up, both situations require the use of your binos.

You may accidentally drop your binoculars or they may hit at a certain hard surface when your attention is somewhere else.

In such cases being able to fix the issues in your binos is nothing less than a blessing. Because you cannot go all the way back to get your binoculars fixed.

Pick up a pair whose prisms are easy to collimate and the lenses are perfectly centralized.

The central focus knob can also be problematic if it has small and almost invisible screws.

Ergonomic and easily fixable binoculars should be your first choice for rough-tough conditions.

11. Overall comfort

When you buy optics, you must be comfortable with them. If you have to open your binoculars’ lens cups repeatedly to blow away the accumulated dust or to dry the moisture trapped inside the lenses, then your binoculars are not comfortable enough.

Search and buy the binos which offer you enough comfort. The new pair you are planning to buy for deer hunting must serve its purpose and shouldn’t become a headache for you.

Similarly, if you do not pay much attention to the maintenance i.e. collimation, cleaning, lubrication etc. of your binoculars, they must be strong enough to bear these conditions.

Low-quality binoculars end up getting rusted (in other words useless) when you don’t clean and maintain them regularly.

12. Cost factor

The amount you spend on binoculars is determined by the cause for which you are getting a new pair.

If you need binoculars for simply watching the birds while sitting in your balcony, then you can get a good pair by spending a small amount.

But if you need binos for a specific purpose i.e. hunting and watching wildlife, then you must invest a good sum of money.

You can get a pair of binoculars under 50USD too, but that pair will not match the needs of a hunter.

For hunters who love to run behind and chase a speedy creature, the price range varies from 100USD to 1000USD. And the features obviously vary with the price.

So, if you need binos without any specific reason for the purchase, buy the cheapest pair. But invest more if you need binoculars for a challenging activity.

13. Image quality

The final imagery which our eyes see is probably the most important feature of your binoculars.

If you get to see a blur and very poorly differentiated imagery, then simply put “your binoculars were not worth your money”.

HD, bright and crisp clear imagery is the prime feature of binos. Most optic companies advertise the HD quality their binos offer because it is (hands down) the most important feature.

“All is well that end is well” this quotation fits very well on the final imagery which binoculars offer.

Test and pick the binoculars which offer amazingly bright imagery even in low light conditions.

14. Warranty

Life of hunters is full of uncertain happenings. Their binoculars might fall from a cliff or they may drop them during a hectic trek, we never know.

If such a situation arises, the binoculars definitely end up getting damaged. Their lens may get a crack or their focus knob may break.

The saviour for hunters in such conditions is the warranty their optic company offers.

You must read the characteristics of your desired binoculars and buy those which offer a lifetime warranty. Doing so will give you huge relief from the cost of repairing and marinating your binoculars.

Just claim the warranty and get your binoculars fixed, sounds cool right?

15. Customer service

New buyers often have a lot of queries (If I buy a thing I make at least 10 calls to the brand from which I am ordering something) and they need detailed answers.

If you have any confusion regarding the delivery process of your desired binoculars or a particular feature you saw in the description box, you must call the company and get that confusion sorted.

If their phone service is good and the receiver listens and answers to your queries, that means the company takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. Although indirectly, good customer service is a reflection of what is the quality of a particular company/brand is offering.

But if you had a bitter experience while contacting the seller, don’t let that affect your buying decision. There can be a technical fault too, just bear that in mind.

16. Focus type

A large and easily accessible focus knob is entirely a win-win situation for hunters. You will not have to remove those tiny screws if you lose focus or want a closer view of a deer.

Big optic companies offer a central focus knob which is easily movable and doesn’t get stuck. Older binos used to have metallic screws in focus knobs, and these screws get rusty with time.

However, nowadays most binos have a focus knob made up of plastic, with an outer coating of rubber. Both of these materials resist rust and frees you from worries of lubricating your binoculars.

If you are about to buy your first binoculars, then don’t let a small and problematic focus knob disturb you.

Go for the binoculars which have a central focus knob (the one you can easily rotate). Older binoculars used to have separate focus knobs for both eyecups, but with the advancement in binoculars’ making, now there is one central focus knob (mostly).

Pro tip:

By having one central focus knob, you’ll receive the same imagery from both eyecups. This feature reduces the chances of strain on your eyes to a great extent.

17. Light conditions

Night vision is critically important for hunters as there is no electricity in jungles (mostly). If you are on a hunt, then the only source of light for you at dawn and dusk would be your mobile’s flashlight or the emergency flashlight you carry around.

But, turning any of these lights on will make you obvious and your target must get a hint that there is someone stalking it.

For this very reason, binoculars with night vision were introduced. If you get binoculars which offer visibility in low light or have night vision feature, then it’s nothing less than a jackpot for hunters.

You will get to see bright and crisp clear imagery in the day and will enjoy good quality imagery at night. The colour differentiation decreases a little in low light conditions, but it is still great for hunters who love to play their game at night.

Such binos will protect you from various dangers that can arise in the jungle at night i.e. attack of wild animals etc.

How to Choose the best binoculars for elk hunting?

No one wants to waste money and time on a useless tool. And the above list is made considering all the aspects which are necessary before picking up a right pair of binoculars. The features which were given thorough consideration in the making of this list are:

  • Magnification capacity
  • Durability
  • Weight and design
  • Waterproof capability
  • User reviews
  • Price range

Still can’t decide which of them will serve hunting purpose best? Then let’s review our best elk and deer hunting binoculars for 2019 and their specifications in detail!

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Top 8 Best Elk Hunting Binoculars Reviews 

#1 Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular – Best Hunting Binoculars under $300 

Whenever we hear the word Nikon, the first thing that pops up in our mind is their marvellous cameras. Nikon is known for its high-quality lenses, and lenses are crucial in choosing among the numerous hunting binoculars.

There is no doubt about the quality of the lens used in MONARCH 5  binocular as it comes with a diameter of 42mm. You will be able to watch up to 288ft, conveniently. The field of view is not constrained to 288ft, as you can zoom 10x using the focus knob.

Nikon MONARCH is a very handy pair of binoculars which are so easy to take along while chasing elks. The rubber grip ensures that you never over-look the ups and downs in your way and don’t miss your fast-moving target.

Based on user reviews and field tests, Nikon MONARCH holds a strong position in my list of best elk hunting binoculars. You will never face any trouble during hunting, as this pair will be your ultimate guard.


  • 42mm lens, certifying a crystal clear view of the field.
  • Linear view of 288ft along with 10x magnification.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and waterproof.
  • Strong rubber grip empowering you to be a pro at hunting.


  • HD imagery
  • Large field of view
  • Strong grip
  • Zooming up to 10x


  • Nothing specific

#2 Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD Binoculars 

Elk hunting will take you to the roughest topographies and will test your running speed and patience alike. This Athlon Cronus binocular is known as the king (as its name also indicates) in the optics field.

Due to Cronus binocular’s unique E2ES flattering (edge to edge sharpening) system, the final imagery become coherent, sharp, vivid, and aberration-free. No worries if your target elk is running at a fast pace, with this image sharpening technology you can quickly spot and shoot the frisky being.

This Cronus rooftop binocular is a full-sized binocular with 42mm large lenses and 10x magnification.

For successful hunts, having a top-notch binocular is unavoidable. Your investment will go in vain if the final imagery is blurry. But, that’s not the case with Athlon Cronus binocular. Its ESP dielectric prism coating will provide you with a nicely differentiated UHD imagery.

Cronus binocular’s lenses are made up of extra-low dispersion glass which reduces light scattering and repels the FCC (false-colour composite) which is produced from this scattered light.

Since lenses are the most delicate part of binoculars and they easily get damaged, Athlon optics has brought a solution for that too. The glasses are covered with XPL outer coating which wards off the abrasive particles and maintains their shine.

Small mishaps always happen during exotic elk hunts, and your binoculars might collide or fall over a hard surface. To assure you that your money is going to a safe place, Athlon offers a lifetime warranty for this Cronus binocular. You can claim a repair and get your binos repaired without any hassle.

In short, if you have plans to go for elk hunting every year, then be smart and make a wise investment. This Cronus binocular is a mid-priced and offers brilliant features for elk hunting. Cronus binocular might look expensive than its competitors, but its features will ultimately justify the price. Also, the lifetime warranty means you need not worry about potential damages because Athlon takes pride in the making is customers satisfied.


  • Cronus rooftop binoculars are full-sized, i.e., 10×42 to facilitate the hunters
  • ESP dielectric prism coating removes chromatic fringes and makes the imagery brighter
  • Lenses are protected with an XPL outer coating
  • The movable eyecups will let you adjust your focus instantly
  • The lens cups are fully argon purged
  • Magnesium chassis makes it a sturdy and ergonomic binocular


  • 10×42 magnification
  • 3mm eye relief
  • 6ft. close focus distance
  • E2ES flattering technology
  • Fully argon purged


  • Slightly heavy

#3 Vortex Optics Diamondback – Cheap Elk Hunting Binocular

Getting hands on low price binoculars is no big deal now. As vortex optics are veterans in their field, they always keep experimenting with new features and additions in binoculars.

The best deer hunting binoculars, come to you with a diameter of 42mm which you can enhance to 8x. Elk hunting demands a lot of time and patience. If you are waiting quietly for elk to enter in your shooting zone, then this is just for you. With a field of view 1000 yards, there is no probability that you will miss your target.

Vortex binoculars don’t drain a lot of your money, but they still provide you with up to the mark technology. These HD binoculars will be a great investment in your hunting kit for a long time.


  • Resistant rubber handles which won’t let you lose your hands.
  • Waterproof aluminium body which will not become a burden during your
  • Multi-coloured outer coat emphasises on HD quality images, equipping you with a thorough sight of the field.
  • Low yet a great investment


  • Great field of view
  • HD images
  • Low price
  • Shock resistant
  • Durable and usable
  • 1-year warranty


  • No specific cons

#4 Vanguard Endeavor Binoculars – Best Deer Hunting Binocular 

Are you fond of playing around with deers and want to catch up with their agility and speed? Then planning a deer and elk hunting vacation with your friends will prove to be a cherry on top.

With a 340ft wide field of view at 1000 yards and 10×42 magnification, it’s one of my favourites among powerful binoculars for elk hunting.

To make hunting interesting and successful this vanguard endeavour binocular will be the ultimate solution. With a protective covering, rubber grip and central focusing knob, vanguard binoculars will be your best choice.

Elk hunting can be time taking and also drains much energy. Obviously, we cannot change their natural habitat, but what we can do is equip ourselves with all the essential tools. These vanguard binoculars will double the fun of hunting for sure!


  • Multi-coloured glass which minimises colour dispersion and gives you a bright and clear view.
  • Light in weight, the rubber covering reduces the chances of losing focus while moving around.
  • Water and fog proof which indicates that these are specifically designed for hunting expeditions.
  • Field of view 340ft and magnification can be increased 10x conveniently with the central focusing knob.


  • Large lens diameter
  • Wide linear field of view
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum colour dispersion


  • No significant cons found

Are you on a budget but want to have the best hunting experience? Read my top recommended hunting binoculars for budget people. 

#5 Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars – Best Elk Hunting Binocular Under $500

Vortex Optics has come up with some astonishing pairs of binoculars which are both cost-effective and easy to use. Vulture HD binoculars are one of its kind, with sharp-edged and multicoated lenses which give you a clear view of hunting range.

Running behind an elk on sloppy mountains means that you must be aware of the unexpected slips and falls. In this type of situations, only vortex optics vulture HD binoculars will save you. The rubber covering ensures that you never lose your grip from your binoculars, indicating the success of your aim.

Delicate binoculars are simply useless. And if you want to invest your money just for once in buying an all-in-one package, then vortex optics vulture HD binoculars should be your ultimate choice. With great magnification power and HD images, your money will be going to an awesome hunting essential.

Here are some features which give vulture HD binoculars a distinct position among others:


  • The diameter of 56mm, letting more light pass to your eyes
  • Up to 15x increase in magnification
  • HD images with multicoated lenses
  • Sturdy design, easy to carry during hunting
  • Water and fog proof, implying great usability


  • HD view
  • Large lenses
  • Durable outer coating
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to carry around


  • Slightly heavy

#6 Carson 3D HD Binoculars – Best 10×42 Hunting Binoculars under $400

This camouflaged pair of binoculars is nothing less than a treat during hunting. You can easily watch up to 314 feet while sitting quietly in search of an elk or running behind him.

The Carson 3D HD binoculars are designed specifically for hunters i.e. to aid them in exact aiming at elk. Also, these binoculars have the diameter of 42mm, and the magnification power can be increased 10 times more.

Taking all the necessary tools with you on a hunting trip can make your tour memorable and a lot more interesting. If you are an enthusiast about making a travel kit on one theme, then these camouflaged Carson high tech binoculars are made just for you.

Go on sloppy mountains and in dense forests without worrying about dark, rain and fog because you will be carrying the solution with you.


  • Camouflaged design, made specially to quench the thirst of hunters.
  • Light in weight, the shoulder and neck strap makes it easy to carry.
  • 10x magnification available in times of difficult targets.
  • HD quality view with enhanced brightness.
  • Water, fog and haze proof.


  • HD views
  • Lightweight
  • 42mm diameter of a glass
  • FOV of 314ft
  • Detachable neck and shoulder straps


  • Expensive

#7 Nikon Prostaff 7s Binocular – Best Binoculars for Deer Hunting

The nice camouflaged binoculars enhance the fun and zest of elk/deer hunting. However, these Nikon ProStaff binoculars are not confined to beautiful design only. The amazing colour coating on the lens will give you vibrant imagery focusing on the minute details.

You can check the size and speed of a running elk/deer without any hassle. The large linear FOV is a significant factor of hunting binoculars, and Nikon always focuses on it.

Coming with a large lens and that too a colour-coated one, Nikon has brought an astonishing tool for elk/deer hunting. You must try this pair, as it is tested by many and has many positive customer reviews on its credit.


  • 42mm large lens will assist you in getting an overview of the hunting field.
  • The focusing knob can enhance the clarity of view instantly.
  • No colour dispersion and a bright depiction of the surrounding.
  • Light and easy to carry around while camping and hunting.


  • Waterproof and stress-resistant
  • Detachable straps
  • Colour coated lens
  • Medium-sized, not so big not so small


  • No specific issue

#8 Celestron 10×42 Binocular – Best Binoculars for Colorado Elk Hunting

The metallic focus knob and a handy design give Celestron binoculars a special place in my list of best elk hunting binoculars. What do you check first when you buy binoculars? We are sure you check the field of view etc.

However larger FOV does not certify that the product is best amongst all. The thing that matters the most is for how much distance you can see precisely. These Celestron binoculars fulfil the checklist of good binoculars thoroughly. From accuracy to resistance, everything is perfect.

Buying handy binoculars is not trouble anymore. Celestron binoculars have got your back, just invest a little and be free from the stress of taking care of fragile binoculars as this pair is completely stress-resistant.


  • 42mm large lens with minimum colour reflection and dispersion.
  • Magnifies up to 10x, allowing you to aim directly at elk.
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry.
  • An outer covering for body and lens separately.


  • Accurate focus
  • No colour dispersion
  • Easy to carry
  • Stress resistance


  • Nothing specific

Elk and deer hunting seasons 2019

Elks and deer are most probably the swiftest targets who can run away from your range within a minute. If you are a passionate hunter, then learning about the elk and deer hunting season is a necessity for you.

In most part of the United States, hunting season ranges from August to January. However, it varies in all states.

In Texas, you can hunt elks throughout the year, while in Colorado the hunting season is limited from August to November.

The hunting season also depends on the type of weapon being used. Mostly archery is allowed throughout the season, but rifle and mouser shooting are limited.

Below is a thorough description of hunting season in the top 3 states.

When is elk hunting season in Colorado?

In Colorado, hunting season is divided on the basis of weaponry which the hunters use. Elks can be hunted down using archery during the months of August and September. Strictly speaking, from August 31 – September 29 is the time when you can hunt elks in Colorado using archery.

Similarly, if you have plans to use the rifle to hunt elks then you have a very short span to do this. Rifle elk hunting is allowed from October 12 to October 16.

But, if your desire is to hunt both i.e. elks and deer, then you can use refiles from October 10 to November 17.

Arizona elk hunting seasons 2019

Elks and deer are from the same species but they have gained some disparities with time. In Arizona, elks started to grow more than deer, which put the latter in danger.

To avoid this situation, in 2013 Arizona government legalized elk hunting and started giving over-the-counter archery licenses to hunters.

This promoted elk hunting in Arizona, and hunters from across the country started heading towards Arizona to get their trophy.

Hunting season is open round the year but the most valued season is from April 1 to July 31. Hunting of male bulls is allowed during this season, which is the most preferred by elk hunters.

West Texas elk hunting

West Texas has the largest population of elks. The small mountain ranges on the western side of Texas has a large number of rocky mountain elks. It is estimated that elks have covered almost 500,000 acres of land in west Texas alone (in whole Texas state, this area is 1.6 million acres). Which makes it one of the most suitable places for elk hunters.

Another benefit of elk hunting in Texas is that the season is open round the year. You just need a hunting license and a legalized weapon to hunt an elk down and bring the trophy home.

However, most hunting experts suggest that the best time for elk hunting in Texas is from August to January. It is the peak time of year when you can easily find an elk by stalking its bugling sound (bugle is the loud voice male elks produce in the morning).

The most abundant elks in Texas are the Rocky Mountain elks. They have a shabby neck and their height ranges from 4 feet to 5 feet. But, you can also see whitetail deer in Texas seldom.

Elk hunting tips for beginners

Hunting is not limited to a specific type of physical landscape. A friend might invite you over a venture to hunt down a grizzly bear, or you may decide to chase the frisky whitetail deer in Texas.

Before buying binoculars you must bear this in mind that hunts in each environment are different. Waiting for turkeys to show in wide plain areas requires patience while matching the pace of elks in mountainous regions requires speed.

Your binoculars must be able to fit in all situations. Either you lazily sit down and wait for turkeys or bighorn sheep, or you just pull your socks up and run behind the difficult target, your binos must assist you in all situations.

Lightweight, small, HD imagery, amazing collimation, ergonomic design and portability, these are a few prime features you must remember before making a decision.

If you will get a pair with all these essential features, then your hunt will be a success in all landscapes. From vast plains to the Rocky Mountains, and from coastal plains to canyons, you will be at ease after buying a good pair of binoculars.

How to hunt elk and deer on a budget?

Successfully hunting within a confined budget is a great achievement. It will motivate you to repeat this extreme venture again in the next season. Here are a few things you must remember to hunt elks/deer on a budget.

  • Get a free USGS map of the area in which you are strolling, it will tell you about the elk and deer sanctuaries.
  • Cut the hotel expenses and drive straight to your hunting location.
  • Buy a good and pair of binoculars and weaponry. Either you will use a rifle or archery, you must have a license for both.
  • The hunting licences are available over-the-counter which means you can get one from the local forest department when you visit them.
  • Go out in the season when you can hunt both i.e. elks and deer. It will save your tag money.
  • Avoid jeeps and take strolls around the jungle (be physically fit for that first).

Accessories & gears needed for hunting

Following are a few accessories which will add to your delight of using binoculars:

  • Padded binocular cases keep them safe and protect them from scratches (these are common when you are a hunter). You may drop your back-pack or may collide against a surface, if your binocular case is padded, the delicate lenses will always be safe.
  • Rain Guard in another important accessory you should buy along with your hunting bino. A rain guard is a circular covering you can use to close your lenses during rainfall. If you are out on an extreme venture and face heavy rainfall, just close your lens rain guards and continue the venture.
  • The strap gives you the comfort to easily carry your binos with you. Obviously, you will not be using your binoculars all the time, and taking them out of your backpack every time you need them is also a hassle. That’s why straps are there to comfort you. You can hang your binoculars around your neck or can tie them at your arm, and just lift and adjust them when you want to get a good look of your desired object.
  • A good tripod and tripod mount will help you get a stabilized image of your target object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best elk hunting binoculars for eyeglass wearers?

Ans: Hunting is equally exhausting and exhilarating for all, but the glasses-wearers have to bear a little extra trouble.

Their glasses frame may become a hindrance in their way, particularly when it’s extremely hot, the sweat starts accumulating on the sides and in front of glasses.

They have to strive for adjusting the space between their eyes and the lens cups.

If you wear glasses and are planning to go out for an elk hunt expedition, then be ready for these little troubles, my friend.

But, you can take a step ahead by picking up a pair of binoculars which offer a good eye-relief distance.

For those who don’t know: Eye relief is the distance you can retain between your eye and your binoculars’’ lens cups.

Most good binos have an eye relief distance of 15-20 mm which is good enough for adjusting your glasses.

Good binoculars for eyeglass wearers offer the eye-relief distance of 15mm and more. You can keep your eyes 15mm away from eyecups of your binos, but will still see great imagery. If you wear glasses, I highly recommend you Wingspan Optics Widefield of View binoculars, then.

A thing to be remembered:

Even if you don’t wear glasses, you should check the eye-relief distance of your binos beforehand. Because sunglasses are almost obligatory for hunters. You won’t be able to bear sunlight on a bright day without your sunglasses.

Large eyecups are a plus point for glasses wearers as they can easily adjust the glasses frame with such eyecups.

Q. What are the essentials for elk and deer hunting?

Ans: First-time hunters often end up packing a lot of stuff which becomes a burdensome for them later on.

You should make a checklist of the most important things and only take them with you.

For hunters, these are the must-haves:

  • A sharp knife
  • Compact first-aid kit
  • Food (packed food should be preferred)
  • Dry ice (for storing the meat of your target)
  • Sleeping bag or a camp
  • A very comfortable pair of boots
  • Archery or rifle (whichever you prefer)
  • Binoculars
  • Range finder
  • Parachute cord etc.


The list of best binoculars for elk hunting is finalized after vigorous research including customer reviews and numerous tests. All of them fit in the category of best elk and deer hunting binoculars. However, the only difference that arises is in precision, accuracy and price.

Nikon Monarch 5 is an all-in-one package. It covers HD imagery, wide FOV, and has got a good lens diameter.

If you want to make lifetime investment considering your hunting passion, then Vanguard Endeavor ED binocular is the best bet.

Vortex Optics Diamondback binoculars are for those who are looking for remarkable binoculars at a fairly affordable price tag. Throw away the worries as this pair will sort out your troubles thoroughly.

I am summing this up and hoping that you will find your desirable hunting binoculars now.

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