4 Best Binoculars for Peeping and Apartment Spying

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2019)

Curiosity has always been compelling us to do unusual things, and peeping is one of the things we do out of curiosity. To get better know how of our surroundings and to become the know-it-all person.

Nonetheless, have you ever had a suspicious feeling about your neighbours? The fishy newly shifted family or the one who welcomes numerous un-familiar guests at their home?

Because in this happening world we shouldn’t be naive enough to turn a blind eye on something fishy going on in our close proximity. To help you with that, binoculars were made, and are being used for a long time now. For this reason, I have researched the best binoculars for peeping and apartment spying for you.

The more time passes, the more advancement takes place in the binos. Companies are manufacturing specialized pairs and making additions to the existing ones, all to help you out.

This article is specifically focusing on some top-notch binoculars for peeping and eyeing on the next-door neighbors or the building in front of yours.


#1. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars (Black): Equipped with fully coated lenses and having an edge of Porro prisms. Easy to handle, without much maintenance required.

#2. Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8×42 Binocular (Black): The eco glass ensures crisp clear and sharp images and exerting minimum pressure on the user’s eyes.

#3. Bushnell Legacy WP Porro Prism Binocular: Bak-4 Porro prisms specifically designed for peeping and focusing. The close distance focus is marvellous, enabling you to observe tiniest details.

#4. Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fog proof Compact Roof Prism Binocular: The Multi-coated lenses and Bak-4 prisms are there for amazing light transmission, giving you an edge in outdoor sports and ventures.

How We Choose the Best Peeping and Apartment Spying Binoculars?

All companies highlight the most unique features their products have, mainly to catch the attention of the buyer. However, not all of them are usable in all situations, as you require particular specifications depending on the activities you will be doing with your binos.

This list or best binoculars for peeping is compiled while considering all the major aspects of optics. The most important of them are as follows.

Bearing in mind the points which we brought into consideration while picking these products for you, let us review the pairs one by one.

#1 Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars (Black)

Bushnell Falcon series has some amazing pairs on its credit, giving you all the features you will be needing. Be it a sports event or peeping at the next door neighbours, Bushnell falcon binoculars will be the best choice for you.

Not to forget the amazing features it has for you. The people who wear spectacles, often face difficulty in adjusting to their binoculars, but Bushnell falcon series have already eradicated this problem by offering eye-relief of 9mm.

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘eye-relief’, it is the distance you can maintain between your eye and the lens cup of your binos. People with spectacles or sun-glasses ace much trouble when their binos don’t offer a good eye-relief, however with getting your hands on this pair, you have already found a way out.

The Porro prisms are known for their brilliant light precision and easy handling. As the manufacturing of Porro prisms is simpler, they cut down the cost of a pair, giving you a very affordable yet amazing pair of binoculars.

The prisms are specialized in differentiating colours and provide a sharp contrast in the images. When you buy a pair for peeping and spying, you must make sure that you don’t get caught (you will be left embarrassed and sometimes sued).

To avoid any mishap during your ‘secret peeping-mission’, Bushnell falcon binoculars have the multi-coloured coating on the lenses. This coating minimizes the reflection of sunlight amazingly, and even if you have focused your binoculars on inside a big window during a bright day, you will not be recognized when the sun rays hit you directly.

Peeping means you will be holding your binos for a long time, and this activity also asks you to be still and hidden (to avoid the unpleasant encounters). In such situations, your binos must be very light-weight and precise at the same time.

Bushnell binoculars are very small in size, and their weight is almost negligible, making sure that you don’t get tired of standing still while holding your pair.

From preciseness we mean the sharp and bright imagery you will be needing. For completing that purpose, the very sharp and multi-coated lenses are there. Having this pair means you will be successful in your peeping mission, getting the required information and don’t get caught in an awkward situation.

The distance between two eyes varies from person to person, and while working with binoculars it can become a big hindrance. Consider if you have a small face and the pair you are buying is bigger, definitely the distance between its two eye cups will be larger according to your inter-pupillary distance.

However, this isn’t as big of a problem, because, with these Bushnell falcon binoculars, you can move the two eye-cups closer or far from each other depending upon your inter-pupillary distance.


  • Porro prisms for crystal clear imagery
  • Easy focusing
  • Convenient maintenance of inter-pupillary
  • 1.6 pounds in weight
  • Rubber body to give you a good grip
  • Large and movable eye-cups


  • Sharp colour contrasting
  • Crystal clear imagery
  • Rubber outer covering
  • Very good eye-relief distance
  • Easy inter-pupillary distance maintenance
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Central focusing knob
  • Auto-focusing Porro prisms


  • No specific cons found

Bottom line

For peeping and silently observing the surroundings, you must have a small and amazingly precise pair. As this isn’t some outdoor activity and you will be setting your binos inside your home (most probably), the multi-coloured outer coating will save you from shining in the daylight.

If you want to avoid any nasty situation, then these Bushnell falcon binoculars will be the best option available for you.

#2 Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8×42 Binocular (Black)

Peeping and sneaking were never as easy as these Nikon Aculon binoculars have made it. Providing amazingly bright and sharp imagery and being light in weight, this pair is nothing less than a jackpot for observing enthusiasts and curious peepers.

The eco-glass lenses will make sure that light travels in a straight path and don’t produce distorted imagery. Because if the light is de-centred, our brain will receive a distorted image and will put in double the effort to transfer the same image to both eyes (this is how eyes and brain work in harmony).

To avoid the slightest chances of this distortion, Nikon Aculon binos have eco-glass lenses.

The central focus knob is mounted on top of the eyepiece and can easily fix the magnification. When you wish to observe small details of the object you are focusing on, you can increase their magnification up to 20x.

During peeping, when you feel something fishy, you want to zoom into the thing/place and watch what exactly is going in the apartment in front of you. The increased magnification enable you to thoroughly observe the activities going on.

Eye-relief distance is very important in keeping your eyes comfortable during a long and extended activity. For instance, when you have set your focus on the target and are observing his/her movements thoroughly, your eyes are strained from the pressure they are receiving.

But can you afford to leave your target for a while to give your eyes rest? I am sure you won’t like to miss an important happening during this time. To help you with this, Nikon binoculars have movable eye-cups, whose distance you can maintain.

You can move these eye-cups close and far from your eyes depending upon the situation and time of your peeping activity.

Living in apartments means that your windows are quite large and you can easily be spotted while doing something sneaky in the broad daylight. But while peeping on the neighbours, you can easily hide behind the hanging money plant or place your binos inside a plant pot.

As these binos are camouflaged and will protect you from being obvious even if the opponent spots you standing in a certain position for quite some time.

Their design is ergonomic, don’t get startled from this new term. It just means that this pair is made while considering the comfort of the user. You can stand still while holding this pair for a whole day and will not feel any strained muscle or tired eyes.


  • Rubber outer coating to provide an easy and good grip, even during the long duration and sweaty/rainy conditions.
  • Eco-glass lenses, which fetch out bright and sharp images.
  • Amazing light transmission, exerting minimum pressure on the eyes.
  • Very lightweight and handy.
  • The central focus knob on top of the eye-cups makes their use way easier.
  • Eye-relief distance can be adjusted depending on the distance between object and binoculars, if you want to deeply observe it, just rotate the knob and it is done.


  • Brilliant colour differentiation
  • Light transmission in a straight line
  • Very light and handy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Warranty and repair


  • Field of view not specified
  • Prism type not mentioned

Bottom line

These binoculars are made especially for you if you are interested in secretly peeping and observing the people around you. Mostly peeping is needed in apartments when neighbours are in close proximity with each and their chances of influencing or getting influenced are higher.

In such situations, you must be alert and aware to do something, and there is nothing better than quietly observing the family who has just moved in or the neighbour who has stopped taking part in societal activities.

However, the only thing which I found bothersome that the field of view and type of prisms is not mentioned. Otherwise, everything is up to par.

#3 Bushnell Legacy WP Porro Prism Binocular

Bushnell products have a special place in the optics market, and the reason behind is their amazing features and affordable price range. This Bushnell legacy pair is brilliant for either outdoor activities which you do in bright day-light or the hidden mission you are doing while staying inside your room.

Stalking missions require you to go completely stealth, either it is online or in the real physical world. This pair of binoculars will assist you in seeing exactly what you want to see (maybe the daily routine of your target or something like that) and ensures that you never miss out on any important detail.

The shock-proof outer covering protects these binos from any kind of external damage, and the Porro prisms are there to make sure that they are never de-collimated.

As you might already know, that Porro prisms are easily collimated (a term used for central alignment), they are also great in the smooth operating of the binoculars.

Excessive movement of the focusing knob or lenses might make you binoculars de-collimated, but with having Porro prisms inside, this issue will never be a hindrance for you.

Close focus distance is important in peeping missions, consider you are stalking the neighbours who live next door. In such a case, you will not need a pair with a great field of view, rather a pair with short close focus distance will help you.

These Bushnell Legacy binoculars give you a close focus distance of 20 feet (a regular distance between two apartments is also more or less 20 feet).

The eye-relief distance these binoculars provide is 14 mm, which is best among other binoculars of the same price range.

Roll-down eye-cups are also there, to give your eyes rest during long stalking missions, and in the hectic outdoor activities.

When you make an investment, you plan about the future too, and same goes for binoculars. You shouldn’t just buy a pair for using it in one particular activity.

This Bushnell pair is incredibly useful in all sports, hunting, adventurous, indoor and stealth activities, briefly speaking it is an all-in-one package.


  • Bushnell Legacy binoculars have Bak-4 prisms for crystal clear and bright imagery.
  • 10x magnification increases their worth 10 times when it enables you to watch the smallest objects and focus on slowest movements.
  • Lens size in these binoculars is 50mm, which is enough for a considerable amount of light to pass through it.
  • Central focusing knob is mounted on top of the eye-cups and is easily adjustable.
  • This pair has Porro prisms, which take time during manufacturing but afterwards, it is very easy for the user to handle/operate them.
  • The rubber outer covering is shock resistant, and the delicate parts won’t get damaged.
  • Weatherproofing is also an additional feature of this pair, although it is not 100% water/weatherproof. But they are weather resistant.


  • 50mm lens size
  • 20 feet close focus distance
  • Bak-4 prism glass
  • Porro prisms
  • 199 feet field of view
  • 14 mm eye-relief distance
  • Shock resistant
  • Brilliant colour contrasting


  • Slightly heavy than other pairs
  • Not completely water/fog proof

Bottom line

If you are in search of affordable and great binoculars, then this pair is the best available choice. The imagery this pair will provide you is incredibly bright and colour differentiation is also up to the mark.

The only thing in which this pair is lacking is that if you are fond of adventurous sports and like to take your pair out with you, then you might have to put in double efforts to dry and clean the foggy lenses.

As this pair is weather resistant to some extent and will not bear dump in deep water.

#4 Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fog proof Compact Roof Prism Binocular

This pair is also coming straight from Bushnell, the company who has a huge share in the binocular and lens market. Bushnell is known to make quality and durable products, including all the essential features on them and keeping them in an affordable price range.

This pair has H20 in its name, which points towards its complete water and fog proofing. The eye-cups are filled with nitrogen and sealed with O-ring, which leaves no chance of moisture accumulation in them, and protects the binos from getting foggy in both hot and cold water.

As you are looking for a pair for peeping, the weatherproofing might not interest you much, but here is a secret. When your binos are fully nitrogen purged and moisture cannot stay inside them, it means you will not have to take extra care of your binos or repair them from time to time.

For example, if your peeping spot is the window in your living room, then you must keep your binoculars nearby so that you can take a quick glance of the object/target whenever you wish to.

In such situations, the binos are all the time kept in open air and moisture start accumulating inside them. But Bushnell H20 has overcome this problem by nitrogen purging their binoculars.

Other unique features of these binoculars include the bak-4 prism glass, which is a must-have if you are interested in indoor and short distance activities i.e. peeping.

As these prism glasses don’t take much effort in adjusting the focus and way of light’s transmission.

The multi-coated large lenses are the beauty of a good pair. The outer coating protects them from getting damaged and large diameter of the lens makes large room for light to enter in and produce bright imagery.

And not to forget the lightweight and non-slip body of these binoculars. Rubber not only makes binoculars light and handy but also help you in focusing. For the people who use mono-pods/tripods, metallic body of binoculars isn’t a wise choice.

Rubber, on the other hand, gives a strong grip, either you are holding them with hands or have mounted on a stand.

10x magnification and 15 feet close focus distance and 12 mm eye-relief are some extra perks you will enjoy after buying this marvellous pair.

The roll-down eye-cups make sure that your eyes are not strained and you do not end up seeing distorted imagery.


  • Bak-4 prism glass, which is already known for its amazing functioning and supporting our eyes during long periods of focusing missions.
  • 10x magnification and 15 feet close focus distance, will make you a know-it-all person for sure (at least in case of your neighbours).
  • If you wear glasses or have put them on to avoid sun-rays, the 12mm eye-relief is there to ensure that you see what you are aiming for. And the reflection of rays doesn’t stop you from doing so.
  • The eye-cups are filled with nitrogen under great pressure, and moisture, fungus or spores will never grow inside them.
  • Further support to their waterproofing is given by O-ring which never allows the nitrogen gas to escape the cups.
  • Close focus distance of these binos is 15 feet, which is quite incredible considering the price range.


  • The large central focus knob
  • Bak-4 prism glass and Porro prisms
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Bright and crisp imagery
  • Incredible Color differentiation
  • Fully nitrogen purged i.e. water/fog proof
  • O-ring sealed


  • Field of view not defined
  • Lens diameter not specified

Bottom line

For those who are searching for a cheap and usable pair, this is nothing less than luck. Because the features I have already explained are not available in the pairs under 100USD, however, these binos are an exception to that.

For mere peeping and silent observing (and that too without spending a handful amount), this is the most recommended pair.


Having read about all the products above, you must be wondering which one should be given preference and what should be the general criteria to choose peeping binoculars. These questions will definitely assist you in that.

Q1. Should I go for Porro prisms or Roof-top prisms?

A. This totally depends upon your level of expertise and the purpose for which you will use your binos. Porro prisms are easy to handle and maintain and are mostly suggested for indoor and calm activities i.e. peeping and stalking.

However, for outdoor and hectic activities, I will suggest roof-top prisms. As they work best in bright sunlight and doesn’t get distorted during excessive movement of the person holding them.

Q2. What should be the minimum close focus distance?

A. You should opt for a pair which has minimum close focus distance if 10 feet, as it helps in focusing.

Q3. What is inter-pupillary distance and how will it help me?

A. The distance between our two eyes is called inter-pupillary distance, and the same term is used for the distance between eye-cups of our binoculars.

As face size varies from person to person, a good pair of binoculars will offer you an option for adjusting this distance.

Q4. Is nitrogen purging must have?

A. No, it is not! Unless you are an underwater diver or a mountaineer, nitrogen purging shouldn’t be a prime concern for you. As this will help the binos in extremely cold/hot weather when moisture takes time to be dried out.

Some Useful Tips!

Investing a good amount in a pair of binoculars means that you should give time to their maintenance and protecting them from potential damage (as no one likes to buy/repair a gadget again and again).

Tip#1 Protect them from water

Optics are extremely damaged from moisture and must be stored in a dry place. Even if you don’t keep them the binoculars box, make sure that lens covers are closed and they are not placed in front of an open window or somewhere windy.

Tip#2 Do not try to open your binoculars

Many people are enthusiast about opening and fixing their devices, but binoculars are delicate and must be handled with care. Even if you feel a small discrepancy in your binos, get them fixed from a professional unless you have full command on fixing them.

Tip#3 Use mono-pods/tripods

This tip is specifically for those who use binoculars for quite a long time i.e. star gazing, peeping or bird watching. As in these cases, you will have to stand still, which can leave your eyes strained and muscles stretched. Stands help you in maintaining a stable posture.


Keeping full knowledge of the neighbourhood and being aware of what type of people live around you is need of the hour. And there is nothing better than binoculars to help you with this.

You can be in your safe place and still be aware of your surroundings, just by having a good and useful pair of binoculars. If you are looking for a perfect pair of peeping binoculars, then I will recommend you the Nikon Aculon binoculars, which have all the essential features and will be a great investment in your collection.

But, if your budget is low, then the Bushnell H20 binoculars will be best suited for you. Providing you great features and that too in an affordable price has always been on Bushnell’s credit.

I am summing it up, hoping that this guide will help you in choosing the right pair for peeping.

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