How to Make Solar Filters for Binoculars in 6 Easy Steps

  • By: Michaela King

Using binoculars with solar filters can prove to be beneficial for two main reasons. Firstly, solar filters will make sure that your binocular does not get damage from intense sunlight and secondly, they will protect your eyes from direct exposure to the sun.

The good news is that making solar filters for binoculars is a fairly simple process that can be done in a limited time period. The process is mentioned below step by step.

Step 1: Binocular Lens Size Measurement

The first step is to measure the diameter of the front lens of the binoculars that you are planning to use. Once you are sure about the size then, draw two circles following the measured size on a cardstock. These two circles will be used as the front and back of the filter.

Step 2: Cutting the Drawn Circles

The second step is to cut out one circle completely and divide the other circle into small triangular pieces with a pencil. These triangular pieces can be made by tracing lines that radius away from the centre. Once you are done with the drawing then cut following the traced lines. The trick is to cut these lines a bit beyond the circle drawn so that the upcoming task becomes easier.

Step 3: Fold the Circle into Triangular Shape

Once you are done with cutting the triangular pieces, fold the little triangles in the backward direction. By now you should have two things; the shape of a circle that has been cut from inside and the other circle that has flaps.

Step 4: Take a Solar Film

Next, you need to take the solar film of the size that will work best for you. The film should cover the circle completely. You can use scissors to cut the film.

Step 5: Fix the Solar Film to the Front Filter

With the help of tape and glue attach the film in the place of the circle that has been completely cut out. Make sure that it is properly attached and there are no wrinkles. When this is ready attach it to the opposite side of the other circle’s flaps.

Step 6: Attach Solar Filters to Binocular

The final step is to attach these filters to the binoculars. The circle with flaps is supposed to be attached first and then the other circle that has film attached to it.  For this purpose, you can use rubber bands. To further ensure that they remain in their place you can either use glue or can tape the flaps on the binoculars.

The same steps have to be repeated in order to create a solar filter for the other lens.

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