How to Attach Binoculars to a Tripod

  • By: Michaela King

Hand fatigue and shakiness

Whether you are a hunter, birder or a stargazer, you have to hold binocular for longer at points to scratch your (hunting/birding/stargazing) itch. However, there is a problem. Holding binoculars for longer without any support causes hand fatigue and image shakiness. Hence, a pivot for such a versatile device to get a stabilised image is right near necessary.

So, I decided to show you (in the easiest way) how you can attach your binocular to a mount at home even if you are a newbie. The good thing is you don’t need to be techy.

Attaching a mount to your binoculars

What is a tripod mount?

Placing your binoculars on a flat surface to view an object isn’t a feasible option at all. Hence, you need to attach your binocular to a tripod and that’s only possible with the help of a tripod mount.

Tripod mounts are available in various forms on the market. The most common one is in the form of an L bracket with a variant of two to four holes.

Most of the binoculars come with detachable slots or cap-like configurations between the two objective lenses or near the focusing knobs. This slot or cap can be easily detached using either object such as coins or just putting a little muscle into it. Once removed, a small socket is exposed whereby the mount for the tripod is going to be attached.

Fixing the mount onto your binoculars

The mount can be attached to the binoculars by simply screwing the bolts into place with a washer. In case your mount is in the form of an L bracket, the straight edge of the bracket will be attached to the binoculars and the flat edge will lie straight on the tripod. Generally, the upper two holes will be attached with the binoculars and the lower two with the tripod.

Summing up

And, that’s pretty much it! You can attach your binocular to a mount without taking it to a binocular repair shop. Tell a partner you want to go stargazing with them and they’ll be swoon. Tell that to an avid outdoorsman or astronomer and they’ll get down on one knee right then and there.

Instructables has a great guide on mounting binoculars to a tripod that’s worth a look. Do check it now.

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