Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 vs. Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 – a detailed comparison

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

Tired of your hectic schedule? Need a break? Well, what’s better than a warm day in the woods observing the beauty of nature!

Or maybe you are inclined to spend your day hunting and exploring the wild.

Are you a professional hunter or a seasonal wildlife observer? Do you enjoy stargazing or just want to observe the diverse beauties of nature?

Keeping all this in view, Zeiss has designed multiple binos so you can scout and scan the fields. And also observe the beautified details of nature closely.

Whatever your forte is, Zeiss understand the varied needs of its customers; thus, they have designed and developed different models to cater to all your needs.

Zeiss is one of the most respected and premium binocular brand in the market. Understandably, most Glassers prefer it over other brands due to the German Design and German quality that is hard to find in other binoculars.

Both Conquest HD and Victory SF binoculars are top-rated binoculars by Zeiss. Of course, the main difference here is the price factor. While the Conquest is a mid-range binocular (according to the Zeiss standards), the Victory SLF falls in a top-range category.

As there are minimal differences between both the binoculars and one can easily get puzzled between the similarities, I have compared both Victory SF and the Conquest to make a choice easier for you.

So let’s get going.

An easy to read and concise list of both pros and cons will help make up your mind.

Conquest HD Pros

  • Cutting edge Lotu-Tec water-proof coatings
  • Superior Schott glass for high-resolution images
  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • Smooth and effort-less focus knob
  • Fully water-proof and fog proof

Conquest HD Cons

  • Pupillary distance is rather short for people with the broad face structure
  • Expensive

Victory SF Pros

  • Ultra-FL glass lenses for maximum light transmission
  • Uber-sharp pictures thanks to Zeiss T* coatings
  • Feather-light magnesium body
  • Lockable diopter
  • ED glass for optimal color correction

Victory SF Cons

  • Requires some serious bucks

Zeiss conquest hd or Zeiss victory sf- comparison by activities

Binoculars are extremely popular, and of course, they are readily available everywhere. You can just go to a market and pick a binocular that fits your budget, right?

But will that random binocular prove to be a suitable choice for your preferred activity?

Hunting requires different specs from bird watching and star gazing. It all comes down to the tiny details that make a huge difference.

So let’s evaluate which of the two binocular is best for what activity?


Binoculars are a necessity for hunters because to hunt you have to scout and scan the terrain until you find your game. Hunting without a binocular is shooting without bullets.

Binoculars give you accurate and essential details that are crucial to help you hit the target every time.

Wide field of view and crystal clear pictures of Zeiss Victory SF makes it a top choice for hunting. The conquest HD is also a top-rate binocular with lotu-tec coating and perfect ergonomics, but the wide field of view of Victory SF makes it a winner.

Winner: Zeiss Victory SF 10×42

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Binoculars bring the heavens above a bit more closer to your eyes. It’s crazy how much details you can see in a night sky with high-quality glasses.

Zeiss is all about high optical quality, which is rather important when you are observing the night sky, and everything is partially hidden.

Ultra-FL lens system provides 92% light transmission ensuring brightest pictures even in low-light conditions. Wide field of view and the Schott Glass lenses of Victory SF lets you see the night sky in its truest colors with minimal color fringing.

Winner: Victory SF 10×42

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Police Surveillance

Binoculars can come in handy when you are spying on someone. You can extract many hidden details that are concealed from naked eyes and crucial to the case.

Police surveillance binoculars demand a wide field of view so you can track your target while it’s on the run.

Victory SF is a top pick for police surveillance because of the broad field of view as well as the tremendous close focus compared to Conquest HD.

Close focus lets you observe nearby things with great details and are useful when you don’t want to expose yourself.

Winner: Victory sf

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Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 vs. Victory SF 10x42- Comparison by Features

Features work as a foundation for an excellent binocular so a round-up of features will give you an insight on which binocular is worth your money and why?

Field of view

Field of view is a single feature that is equally important in every outdoor activity. From hunting to cruising to stargazing and birding, a good FOV is welcomed and cherished by binocular users.

Victory SF has FOV of 360 ft. while the Conquest HD comes with 345 ft. FOV.

Winner: Victory SF

Lens Coatings

Both Victory and Conquest binoculars are equipped with state-of-the-art Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating that renders high-contrast, uber- sharp images even in the poor light conditions.

Winner: Tie

Close Focus

Close focus feature allows you to see nearby things with vivid details. A great feature to have, especially if you want to spot a bird or animal in close proximity without alerting them.

Victory SF has Close focus of 4.9 mm while the Conquest comes with 6.5mm close focus so clearly in this department, there is only one winner.

Winner: Victory SF 10×42

Weight and Ergonomics

No matter how high-quality or expensive a binocular is, if it’s not comfortable to hold, it’s not worth it. Surely, you don’t fancy carrying around a bulky binocular that will give you eye-fatigue and hand cramps, right?

So ergonomics are essential, and no one understands this better than Zeiss. Both the binocular have rubber armed exterior making them comfortable to grip.

At 27.5 oz., both binoculars have identical weight. Now Victory SF comes with smart focus button that reduces the finger reach by 65 %, especially during those endlessly long sessions.

The highly sensitive focus knob of the Conquest HD gives it an edge and lets you adjust the focus with only one hand.

The lockable diopter is the deciding factor here, but both the binocular include this feature which somehow levels the playing field,

Winner: Tie

Zeiss conquest vs. Zeiss victory—comparison by cost and Value

And now let’s talk about what matters the most: the price tag and is it worth it?

We understand that both binocular has a somewhat high price range, but if you have opted for Zeiss, then this price is justified.

From optical performance to durability to customer service and warranty: Zeiss has established its authenticity in the field of binoculars.

Now the real dilemma is to choose between two out-standing binoculars?

The Conquest HD comes with a lower price tag and almost the same specification, but Victory SF is whole another Ball game.

So if you want an upgrade from your current binocular but can’t afford Victory SF, the conquest HD will not disappoint you.

And if you are someone who is hard to please where the quality is concerned and don’t mind spending some bucks, Victory SF is your best bet.

Which one should I buy?

The ultra-wide field of view, maximum comfort, and smart focus system offered by Victory SF truly justify its price range.

You can smell the quality from the look of it. So if you are someone who cannot settle for anything less than best of the best, Victory SF is your savior.

Whichever binocular you pick, do so confidently because Zeiss is a brand that is a class apart and to look through them is a treat for every Glasser.

Image credit: Zeiss