Best lightweight binoculars for bird watching

  • By: Michaela King

Watching feathered beauty is one of the popular pastime these days. People like to sit in their lawn or balcony and watch the birds hovering around them. Binoculars are undoubtedly an essential gadget for birdwatchers. Considering their importance in birding, I picked the best lightweight binoculars for bird watching (most are small, cheap and lightweight ) and reviewed them.

There are numerous types of birds which will mesmerize you by their wing movement, and flying stamina. You’ll need a fabulous pair of binoculars for birdwatching as it is a time taking activity, and will need a lot of patience too.

Binoculars’ market is so saturated and full that one can quickly get confused about what to pick and what not to. To help you in getting the best binoculars for birdwatching, I have reviewed some pairs whose description is written below. Keep reading, and I will help you in picking the best pair.

Before jumping into the details of each binoculars, let’s give a quick look to our top birding binoculars:

Choosing birdwatching binoculars: our criteria

Our research for the best binoculars for birdwatching was based on the following features. This means not every binocular has all of the following features, however, the list includes at least one binocular for each feature.

  • Small and compact
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Wide Field of View
  • High Power
  • For Kids
  • For Glasses Wearers

Our top 3 birdwatching binoculars

1. Wingspan Optics Spectator 8×32 Review

Wingspan Optics FieldView 8X32 Compact Binoculars…
  • PERFECT COMPACT BINOCULARS FOR BIRD WATCHING AND ANY OTHER OUTDOOR ACTIVITY. Small pocket sized binoculars for the GO ANYWHERE EXPERIENCE. You can’t get a higher quality binocular for bird watching, nature watching, star gazing or other outdoor activities enjoyed by adults or children, than the Wingspan Optics Spectator. Formerly Polaris Optics
  • WIDE VIEWS – IMAGINE VIEWING an ENTIRE FIELD of ACTION then FOCUSING IN on YOUR TARGET for BRILLIANT Detail at 1000 YARDS OUT. Wide Field of View makes these the best small, but high-powered binoculars you can buy today.

Wingspan optics is undoubtedly on top when it comes to birdwatching binoculars. Providing the birdwatchers with compact, portable and sharp binoculars is their pride.

These wingspan 8×32 binoculars are lightweight which makes them the best fit for birdwatchers. Watching the feathered beauty is no small task. You may have to wait for hours for your favourite bird to show up.

Having compact and lightweight binoculars will let you complete this venture peacefully.

2nd most powerful feature of this pair is the broad field of view (324ft/1000 yards). You can keenly observe flying birds while sitting in your backyard.

Wingspan optics emphasize image quality and bring for you the crystal clear and sharp imagery.

Have you ever had the urge to watch birds from a very close distance? These binoculars have already fulfilled this wish by giving 8x magnification.

To focus on the nearer objects, a close focus distance of 3m is also there to serve you.

If you have planned to watch a rugby game with friends, no worries, wingspan has got you covered. These binoculars will serve for birdwatching, sports, and other outdoor activities alike.

You can handover these pocket-size binos to your kids without dreading of any damage. They are great for kids & adults alike.

These binoculars have a firm grip which ensures that the user doesn’t lose his grip.


  • Magnification: 8X
  • Lens size: 32mm
  • FOV: 324ft
  • Eye relief: 14.8mm
  • Close focus distance: 3M
  • Tripod adaptability: Yes
  • Prism: Bak4
  • Weight: 0.95 pound
  • Grip: Rubber/Non-slip
  • Imagery: Bright and crisp
  • Size: small (Pocket size)
  • Warranty: Lifetime

2. Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Binoculars 

Bushnell Powerview 8×21 Compact Folding Roof Prism…
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches

Bushnell is in the optics business for almost 50 years now and is very well-known for its quality products. It equally emphasizes on quality and affordability, so that the buyers don’t have to spend a fortune on binoculars.

These binoculars come in various magnifications including 8×21, 10×25, 10×32, 12×25 and 16×32. The magnification you pick entirely depends on your needs.

For birdwatchers, 8×21 are best suited, so I am going to review the specifications of 8×21 binoculars for now.

These binoculars are compact and lightweight, easily usable for long durations.

Bak-7 prisms add up to the delight of birdwatching by removing colour aberrations which develop from small pollutants present in the way of light.

The lenses in them are fully coated which give a crystal clear and sharp imagery to the birdwatchers.

Roof-prisms are easy to handle, and they maintain the ergonomic design of these sleek binos.

These Bushnell binoculars are not tripod/monopod adaptable.

Bushnell Powerview has a central focus system which allows the user to move eyecups back and forth when he needs to focus on the feathery fellow.

They provide a firm grip to the user and ensure that he never loses the focus.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens size: 21mm
  • Focus: Central
  • Prism glass: Bak-7
  • Prism system: Rooftop
  • Field of view: 378 ft.
  • Close focus distance: 21mm
  • Eye-relief distance: 10mm
  • Coating: Multicolored
  • Weight: 0.4 Pound
  • Eye-cups: Movable

3. Aurosports 10×25 Folding Binoculars 

Aurosports 10×25 Binoculars for Adults and Kids,…
  • 【Upgraded 15mm Large Eyepiece Binoculars】 With 15mm large eyepiece, Aurosports 10×25 binoculars provide a more comfortable and large vision. You can easily get full image with sharp edges. On both sides of the binoculars, diamond and non skid texture designed to prevent slipping.
  • 【High-Definition 10×25 Binoculars】 10x power magnification, helps quickly catch long range target 10x closer. 25mm objective lens and advanced Fully Multi-Coated binoculars with BaK4 prism , Aurosports provides brighter, clearer images and more comfortable observation for you. Because of 99.99% Light transmission, You can easily get bright, contrast images, and non-chromatic aberration.

Having a handy pair of binoculars is something all birdwatchers wish for. The one which they can keep in their pocket or handbag and wander around.
Aurosports has granted this wish already, and it has this fantastic small pair to offer you.

These folding binoculars are only 0.6 pounds in weight which makes them the handiest pair you can get for birdwatching.

These binoculars also provide night vision. However, you cannot see through them in complete darkness, as they offer low-light night vision.

Weather and shock resistance are two prominent features of them. No worries if your kid dropped your favourite Aurosports binoculars or they got wet in the rain. They’ll be protected from both due to their sturdy built.

If you wish to zoom and see a bird sitting at very close distance, Aurosports has solved that issue too. As you can enjoy a 3M close focus distance with them.

Binoculars accessories, i.e. lens cleaning cloth, strap, bag, etc. also come along with these binos.

Lens diameter in this pair is 25mm which is great for birdwatchers. It lets an ample amount of light in and ensures that you get a well contrasted and bright imagery.

The Bak-4 prism further adds to the purpose and enhances the colour differentiation in the imagery you receive.


  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens diameter: 25mm
  • Close focus distance: 3m
  • Night vision: Yes (but low-light)
  • Size: 0.6 pound
  • Prism glass: Bak-4
  • Field of view: 362ft
  • Focus: central and right eye (you can adjust both separately)
  • Waterproof: Yes

Best Binoculars for Birdwatching Reviews (Low to High Price)

SkyGenius 10×50 Powerful Binoculars 

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Powerful…
  • [Professional Powerful Binoculars] SkyGenius 10×50 Binoculars Designed with 10X power magnification, 50mm large objective lens, and 367ft/1000yds large field of view are ideal for fast-moving subjects such as bird watching, driving, sports events.
  • [Weak Light Vision with Quality Optics] Design of Aspherical lenses and multi-layer coating guarantee excellent light transmission and well improve image brightness, contrast, and quality. birding binoculars can be used at night, but not in complete darkness

Having powerful binoculars at an affordable price tag is not difficult anymore. As these SkyGenius binoculars are here to serve you.

They have a magnification capability of 10x which indicates that you can use them for long-range ventures, i.e. watching flying eagles or a desert jeep safari.

Lens size is also huge in them (which is unique for this price range). The lens diameter in them is 50mm. You will get to see a very bright final imagery. All thanks to their magnification and lens size.

As they are large, tripod adaptability is also available. You don’t need to get tired while holding these binoculars, mount them on a tripod and relax.

Being massive doesn’t mean they are some odd-looking binos. SkyGenius emphasize on making its products sleek and eye-catching too.

As birdwatchers need to look far to get a glimpse of the bird they are interested in, a field of view of 367ft is also there to assist them.

Lenses are multi-coated so that the colour aberrations are entirely eradicated.

They offer central and right eye focus, allowing you to adjust quickly.

The only drawback I found in these binos is that they don’t offer an eye-relief distance. Which means they aren’t usable by glasses wearers.


  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens size: 50mm
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • FOV: 367ft
  • Tripod adaptability: available
  • Eye-relief: Not available
  • Close focus distance: Not specified
  • Lens coating: Multicolored
  • Focus: central and right eye

Nikon MONARCH 5 8×42 Binoculars

Nikon 7576 Monarch 5 8×42 Binocular (Black)
  • All Monarch 5 binoculars are now built with Nikon’s premium ED (Extra low dispersion); Glass for a sharper, clearer and more brilliant field of view
  • Almost an ounce lighter than its predecessor, the new Monarch 5 is even easier to bring along on your next adventure

If you are ready to spend a reasonable sum on your birdwatching binoculars, then Nikon MONARCH will be the best option for you.

They are worth spending money as there are numerous amazing features in them.

The magnification capacity of 8x enables the birdwatchers to keenly observe and understand the flying pattern of the bird they are interested in.

As sunlight is of utmost importance for birdwatchers, their multi-coated lenses support higher light transmission.

These Nikon binos have a diameter of 42mm, letting enough sunlight in.

The images you’ll see will be beautifully contrasted and bright, all because of their extra-low dispersion lens glass.

Their ergonomic design is like the cherry on top. You can move the eyecups as per your convenience and easily adjust the focus by rotating the smooth central focus knob.

They have a sturdy design that protects them from shocks and makes sure that the delicate parts don’t get damaged.

They are completely water and fog-proof which means you can continue your venture of birdwatching or hunting during extreme weather conditions.

These are multi-purpose binos. You can use them to watch a football game or to hunt a deer. They will support you in all situations.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens size: 42mm
  • Lens glass: extra-low dispersion (ED)
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Focus: Central
  • Weatherproof: Yes (fully purged with nitrogen)
  • Grip: Rubber

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism…
  • Rain guard HD water repellent lens coating
  • Lightweight, magnesium chassis

Bushnell never compromises at the quality of their optics, that’s a well-admitted fact.

This pair comes with extra-low dispersion glass to remove the chromatic aberrations and provide you with beautifully contrasted imagery.

The secret behind their amazingly bright imagery is the anti-reflective lens coating Bushnell has introduced in these binoculars.

The magnesium chassis of their lenses entirely remove slight discrepancies in the way of light.

These binoculars are large as their lens size is 42mm. This lens size is excellent for birdwatchers and hunters.

Magnification they offer is 10x which gives the hunters a splendid close view of their favourite object.

These Bushnell binoculars have one additional feature, i.e. a locking diopter.

Remember this:

Imagine you are watching a bird and you find it astonishing, your binoculars’ locking diopter lets you lock that specific view. You can lock the focus of your binos and keep watching that particular object for a long duration, without losing the focus.

These binoculars are thoroughly water and fog proof. They come with an additional rain guard which means you can use them during rainfall and they will not be damaged.

Although they are significant in size, they are not burdensome. Weight of these binoculars is 1.4 pounds which makes them portable and handy for birdwatching and other outdoor ventures.


  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens size: 42mm
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • FOV: not specified
  • Lens glass: ED
  • Outer coating: Anti-reflective
  • Weatherproofing: Yes
  • Eyecups: Movable

Vortex Viper HD Binoculars

Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10×42
  • 10x magnification and 42mm objective lenses, the Viper HD binoculars have an advanced high density optical system with enhanced anti-reflective lens coating for stunning image quality and top tier light transmission.
  • Dielectric, multi-layer prism coatings provide bright, clear, color-accurate images. Coating on roof prism models enhances resolution and contrast.

Full-size binoculars were never as lightweight and handy as these Vortex Viper binoculars are. Although they are full-size binoculars, they are still very portable and easy to carry around.

Roof prism binoculars are the most favoured by birdwatchers and hunters, as they don’t need to re-collimate them now and then.

Anti-reflective lens coating doesn’t let sun rays reflect and makes sure that the lens receives the right amount of sunlight.

10×42 binoculars are birdwatchers’ favourites, which provides them with very vivid and bright imagery and helps them to observe things.

You can mount these full-size binoculars on a monopod or hold them in your hand, and they won’t tire you out.

Prisms in these viper binoculars have multi-layered coatings which remove all the aberrations and differentiate the colours amazingly.

They are compact and shock-resistant, which makes them a good fit for wild environments and outdoor ventures.

If you are a glasses wearer, these binoculars will facilitate you too. They offer adjustable eyecups which can be adjusted according to the need of the user.

Also, the eye-relief distance of 16.5mm is there for long-duration usage.

The close focus distance is 15.1mm in these Vortex Viper HD binoculars. No matter if you want to see feathers of the sparrow sitting right next to your chair, as this close focus distance helps you in doing so.

As these binos are specifically designed for all outdoor and indoor ventures, they are made fully nitrogen purged.

You can take them out in heavy rainfall or during a dust storm, and they won’t get damaged. All thanks to their rubber O-ring.


  • 10x magnification
  • 42mm lens size
  • 16.5mm eye-relief distance
  • 15.1mm close focus distance
  • 1.4 pounds in weight
  • Multi-layered prism coating
  • Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed

Zeiss 10×42 Conquest HD Binoculars 

Zeiss always focuses on quality and class. These sophisticated binoculars are proof that their emphasis in not only on making the optics ergonomic and compact but also strikingly beautiful.

If you have scraped a reasonable budget for a pair of binos, then there is nothing better than these Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars.

Their fantastic field of view of 377ft is the most substantial in this price range. You can watch a bird from afar, but there will be no aberration in it, that’s guaranteed.

I can’t emphasize much the need for weather resistance capability of optics. Zeiss has specially designed these binoculars to keep them usable during extreme weather conditions. Whether it is snowfall or bulging heat, your lenses will work correctly.

A 2m close focus distance is something very unique. You can get a very bright and clear view of the near objects without any hassle.

18mm eye-relief distance is nothing less than a blessing for glasses wearers.

These Zeiss binoculars are amazingly helpful for birdwatchers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their HD lenses fetch out the brightest imagery, and their lens coating removes the remaining chromatic aberrations, ensuring that you get to see crisp imagery without any strain on your eyes.


  • 10x magnification
  • 42mm lens size
  • 2m close focus distance
  • 18mm eye-relief distance
  • 377ft field of view
  • Ergonomic design
  • Central focus wheel
  • HD lenses

Leica Trinovid 10×42 HD Binoculars

Have you ever faced trouble in keeping your binoculars safe and in your easy access? If yes, then Leica has got your back.

With their innovative adventure strap, Leica binoculars are the best fit for outdoor activities. You can tie this adventure strap around your neck and waist and go out for whichever adventure sport you like.

Their large and multi-coated lenses provide you with beautifully bright imagery.

They are made to survive all wild environments, be it the bumpy mountain ride or a quick run behind your target, Leica Trinovid binos will survive all.

Their sleek and ergonomic design provides the user with great comfort and allows him to do all the fun things without worrying about losing focus or dropping the binos.

These Trinovid binoculars have excellent colour reproduction abilities. Their colour coatings can diminish all colour aberrations in the way of light and enhance the image brightness simultaneously.

Their field of view is large enough to match the needs of birdwatchers. And they provide fantastic imagery in the problematic terrains too.


  • 10x magnification
  • 42m lens size
  • 335ft FOV
  • 15.5 mm eye-relief distance
  • 1.6m close focus distance
  • Innovative adventure strap
  • Rubber armour
  • Colour reproduction
  • Amazing light transmission
  • Expensive
  • Central focusing knob
  • Movable eyecups

Best Birding Binoculars for Glasses Wearers

Wingspan optics UHD binoculars

“Small but amazing” these words sum up the features of these binoculars perfectly. Wingspan optics has added all fantastic features in these small binoculars to make them a full package for birders, hunters, and sports lovers.

A field of view of 356ft with beautifully bright imagery is a prominent feature of these binos.

You can cover a wide area with these pocket-size binoculars and that too with high-quality imagery.

They are specially made small and portable, considering the needs of the birders. You can use them for hours, but won’t get tired, and there will be no pressure on your eyes.

Their extra-low dispersion glass is a specialist in removing chromatic aberrations and correctly differentiating all colours of the visible spectrum.

One essential feature of specialized binoculars is their ability to survive in rough-tough conditions. These wingspan optics HD binoculars are made of rubber which protects their delicate parts. And lenses are made waterproof which indicates that they will perform amazingly in wet conditions.

They are the most cost-effective binoculars you can get. Decorated with all features of good binoculars, you can get them at a very affordable price.

Newbie and expert birders praise these binoculars alike because they cater needs of everyone who is using them.

A close focus distance is a favourite feature of sports and birds lovers, as they feel the urge to focus on the nearer objects too. Therefore, wingspan has provided a close focus distance of 2m in these feather HD binos.


  • 8x magnification
  • 25mm lens size
  • 2m close focus distance
  • 13mm eye relief
  • 356ft FOV
  • 0.7-pound weight
  • Extra-low dispersion glass
  • Waterproof
  • Bak-4 prisms

Best Birding Binoculars for Beginners and Kids

Celestron Nature DX 8×32 Binoculars 

Study and observation of birds are called “Ornithology” in scientific language.

Cornell Lab of ornithology has declared these Celestron DX binos as “best for birders under 100$”.

These are the best binoculars in this price range undoubtedly. Their fully coated lens glass provides clear and crisp imagery.

As most birders already know that 8x magnification is more suitable for birdwatching, these binos also have 8x magnification.

The twistable eye cups facilitate glass wearers and other alike. There is no need to keep the binoculars at a distance to get a clear image, and you can rotate the eyecups and see HD imagery.

The eye-relief distance you can get is 17.5mm in these DX binoculars.

Similarly, a close focus distance of 1.9m is also available.

Celestron always gives preference to enhanced light transmission, and these DX HD binoculars have a unique roof-prism technology to support light transmission without any aberration.

Their sleek and sturdy design will support your passion for outdoor expeditions, and the Bak-4 prisms will ensure that the scenery you view is not blurred or vague.

One additional perk, these binos are tripod adaptable.


  • 8x magnification
  • 25mm lens size
  • 17.5mm eye relief
  • 1.9m close focus distance
  • Tripod adaptable
  • Waterproof
  • Fully multi-coated
  • Bak-4 prisms
  • Twistable eyecups

Best Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching

Wingspan Optics ProBirder Review

As their name indicates, these binoculars are made explicitly according to the needs of birdwatchers.

Their phase correcting technology makes sure that the birder sees the exact colours without any fringing or discrepancy.

The extra-low dispersion glass further assists the phase-correcting feature, and the view these two fetch out is astonishingly bright and crisp.

Roof-prism and fully multi-coated, these two make them the best fit for a bird watcher. You won’t have to face any problem while focusing on a far off bird or comprehending its colour patterns.

For birdwatchers, a vast field of view is obligatory, as the birds tend to flint around. That is why wingspan offers a FOV of 393ft in these lightweight binoculars.

Their weight is just 1 pound so that you can take them everywhere you go.

The magnification power of 8x along with a 32mm lens are just what a birder needs.

They are fully nitrogen purged which makes them a go-to pair for birdwatchers.

If you have ever faced trouble in focusing, wingspan has introduced a solution to that also. Central smooth focusing knob will allow you to get quick and detailed of any object you like.

Enough sunlight enters in them, the phase correcting technology differentiates all colours, and the bak-4 prisms let the light pass in a straight path. Cutting a long story short, these are the best binoculars a birder can get under 200$.


  • Phase correction technology
  • Fully multi-coated Bak-4 prisms
  • Extra-low dispersion lens glass
  • 8x magnification
  • 32mm lens
  • Nitrogen purged
  • 2m close focus distance
  • 17.8 mm eye-relief distance

Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD 

Have you ever faced double-vision through your binoculars? Because that’s common when you buy a below-standard pair.

However, wingspan optics pay special attention to protect you from any blurred or inarticulate imagery.

These Skyview HD binoculars have extra-low dispersion glass which reduces the chances of blurred imagery to a great extent.

Exposing binoculars to uneven and unpredictable terrain is not new for birdwatchers. These binos are designed to bear all such environments and to work like a pro.

They provide an eye-relief distance of 17.8 mm which is the best in this price range.

A full field of view of 393 ft., 42mm large lens, 8x magnification, and 2m close focus distance are other notable features of these binos.

The thing which makes them stand out is their phase coating of lenses.

They are mid-sized binoculars. You cannot keep them in your pocket as they won’t fit in.

Phase coating is one of the latest technologies, and it works like magic to remove the ambiguity from the view binos provide. This coating ensures that you see all the actual colours, and you don’t receive false or incoherent imagery.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens: 42mm
  • Close focus: 2m
  • Eye-relief: 17.8mm
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Coating: Phase-correcting
  • Waterproofing: yes
  • Tripod adaptability: No
  • FOV: 393ft

Wingspan Optics NaturePro 

You must have gotten a clear idea by now that the most specific brand for birdwatching binoculars is none other than Wingspan optics.

They have decorated NaturePro binos with all medals which are necessary to make them stand out in this saturated binoculars market.

Their ergonomic design and portable size let the user standstill in a position for hours without getting tired.

They have the largest field of view, i.e. 430ft amongst the binoculars under 200$. You’ll hit the jackpot in the form of these binoculars.

Colour fidelity is something many binoculars miss and you receive a falsely differentiated imagery. These wingspan NaturePro binoculars have much emphasis on colour fidelity and phase correction coating.

And as a result, the viewer will get to see a coherent, bright, differentiated and true-coloured imagery.

Wingspan considers customer satisfaction, which is why they offer a lifetime warranty for these binos, just in case you end up damaging them although they are made durable enough to withstand all weather and physical conditions.

There is no need to adjust the focus again and again because the easy-to-move central focus wheel won’t let you lose focus very often.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens size: 42mm
  • Eye-relief: 17.2mm
  • Close focus distance: 2m
  • FOV: 430ft
  • Coating: Phase correcting
  • Built: ergonomic and durable
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Weather and shock resistance: Yes

Best Zoom Binoculars for Birdwatching

Nikon ACULON A211 10-22×50 Zoom Binoculars 

Nikon is one of the most appreciated and well-known brands in optics. It stresses on quality, usability, and affordability of its optics.

These Aculon binoculars are made while keeping in mind all these 3 points.

They are usable because their ergonomic design gives the user the liberty to use them without any hassle. You won’t have to re-affirm your grip or re-adjust your focus as you won’t lose them (even during extended periods of use).

Their magnification capacity is 10-22x, which means that you can zoom at your favourite bird or object anywhere between 10-22 times. Such comprehensive magnification capability in one pair, that’s what Nikon is known for.

The large lenses of 50mm in diameter give them a very nerdy look and also lets a considerable amount of light in, adding to the delight of birdwatching.

The central easily accessible focus knob helps the birdwatcher in getting a swift but distinct view of the bird.

One small drawback I found in these binoculars is that their field of view is relatively shorter than others of the same price range.

They provide a field of view of 199ft, which is good for watching close distance birds but not for a falcon flying up in the sky.


  • Magnification: 10-22x
  • Lens size: 50mm
  • FOV: 199ft.
  • Close focus distance: 15m
  • Movable eyecups
  • Focus knob: central and smooth
  • Lenses: multi-coated eco glass

Best Compact Binoculars for Birdwatching under $300

Zeiss Terra ED 8×25 Review 

These Zeiss Terra ED binoculars are compact, durable, sturdy, efficient, and easily usable.

Weighing just 0.6 pounds, these Zeiss binoculars will never become a liability for you. You can hang them around your neck and keep moving for the whole day without even feeling any burden around your neck.

They are specialist birdwatching binoculars. Their 8x magnification makes them a good-fit for birdwatchers.

Although their lens size is smaller than others, it produces very good and understandable imagery due to their extra-low dispersion lens glass.

Light travels through them is a straight path, and the results are very bright and clear.

When it comes to price, they are mid-range. If you want to buy a pair specifically for birdwatching, then pick these binos as they won’t perform well during hunting or marine expeditions.

They provide the right field of view of 390ft. Which will let the hunters watch birds from a very significant distance.

They are foldable, and you can fold the two eye-pieces and keep them in your handbag without worrying about any damage as they are durable enough.

Their ED hydrophobic lens glass shows that they will perform very well in wet conditions and won’t end up getting rusted due to the trapped moisture.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens diameter: 25mm
  • FOV: 390ft
  • Weight: 0.6 pound
  • Design: foldable and ergonomic
  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • Close focus: 1.9m
  • Eye-relied: 16mm

Best Value Binoculars for Avid Birdwatching

Nikon MONARCH 7 Binoculars Review 

Nikon all-terrain binoculars’ series is specially made for every binocular lover out there. Either you are a birdwatcher or a hunter, these binos will meet all your needs.

They are slightly expensive, but their all-terrain capability shows that they are worth your investment.

Their ergonomic design is best amongst all. You won’t have to adjust your focus or grip in extreme heat because their rubber armour facilitates the user during prolonged duration usage.

All lenses and prisms are layered with a phase-correcting coating which enhances colour fidelity and diminishes all aberrations.

Their lenses are coated with a multi-reflective coating which ensures that you never miss out any colour.

These Nikon monarch binoculars have roof prisms which are specialist in colour correction and they further purify the final imagery before it reaches your eyes.

Nikon adds to the delight of binocular usage by providing some enticing accessories. Lens covers, strap, bag, cleaning cloth, user’s manual, etc. all come with the binos.

Dry nitrogen is filled inside the lenses to make them the best fit for all weather conditions.


  • 8x Magnification
  • 42mm lens size
  • Wide field of view
  • Phase-correction coating
  • Multi-reflective prism coatings
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Portable and lightweight
  • HD imagery
  • Amazing colour differentiation
  • Non-slip grip

Best HD Binoculars for Bird Watching under $500

Carson 3D Series HD compact binoculars review

Carson 3D series is packed with some fantastic features ranging from ED glass to tripod adaptability. They have all the essential and useful features which you will need during birdwatching.

Their ergonomic design allows the birder to hold them for a long time without losing control.

These binoculars have specially made thumb grooves which support the holder’s hands.

Their body is made up of rubber which makes them completely waterproof.

The ED glass stresses on colour correction, and it removes all false colours, making sure that the views you see are well-differentiated.

These Carson 3D binos have dielectric coated prisms which enhance the brightness and makes the results amazing.

These binos offer tripod adaptability. As birding takes a lot of time, you can easily adjust your Carson 3D binoculars on a monopod/tripod and can give your arms some rest.

Their eyecups are freely movable. Their eye-relief distance is 19.5m. You have to move them back or forth according to your need. And you can see through them with have your glasses on.

A shoulder harness also comes with these binos. You can tie it around your shoulders and fit your binoculars in it. Whenever you need your binos, you can lift them a little and start watching your favourite birds.


  • Magnification: 8x
  • Lens size: 32mm
  • Prism: Bak-4
  • Eye-relief: 19.5mm
  • FOV: 392ft.
  • Close focus: 6.6m
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds
  • Coating: Fully multi-coated

Best Cheap Folding Birding Binocular for Kids under $50

BFULL 12 x 50 Binoculars Review 

The BFULL binoculars 12×50 binoculars are cheap, lightweight, durable, portable and compact.

In short, they have every feature a birder or concert goer can wish for. Just keep them in your pocket and take out to get a clear image of flying eagle or EXO, whichever you prefer.

These BFULL binoculars have large lens diameter, i.e. 50mm. And the magnification they offer is 12x, indicating that you will get to see very vivid and bright imagery.

Bak-4 prisms ensure that these binoculars never lose collimation and even if they do, their roof-prism technology helps you in getting that collimation back quickly.

Their eye-pieces are covered with small blinds which you can move at the time of usage.

A large central focus knob helps you in quickly getting an apparent view of the bird/person you are aiming at.

The FOV in these binos is not mentioned, which in my opinion is a little drawback.

BFULL optics will send you a cleaning cloth, a bag, strap, pouch, lens caps and a user manual along with the binoculars.


  • Magnification: 12x
  • Lens size: 50mm
  • Prisms: Bak-4
  • Coating: Multi-layered
  • Focus: central
  • Weight: 1.6 pound
  • Tripod adaptability: yes

Best Low Light, Night Vision Birding Binocular

Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars 

If you can’t decide what gift you should give to your child on his/her birthday, then you are in the right place.

These Occer binoculars will make a fantastic gift for your kiddo, and you can also use them to satisfy your birdwatching urge, cool no?

They have 12x magnification which will give you very clear imagery and the Bak-4 prisms will further add to this cause by ensuring that the path of light is straight and clear.

Eye-relief distance is 20mm which is excellent for both glasses wearers and others.

They are tiny binoculars that are foldable too. They are the pocket-size binoculars in the most genuine sense.

They are made up of rubber and are very durable; you can entrust your kid with them because they don’t get damaged very easily.

They have two focusing knobs — one in the middle and the other one on the right eye-piece. You can adjust them accordingly very easily.

They are multi-purpose binos. You can take them out at a hunt, kayaking or can use them for apartment peeping while sitting in your room.

They are very durable and can resist both wet and dusty environments.


  • Magnification: 12x
  • Lens: 25mm
  • Weight: 0.6 pound
  • Eye-relief: 19mm
  • FOV: not mentioned
  • Close focus distance: 5m
  • Night vision: available but low-light (not usable in complete darkness)

How to attract birds to your garden: birding basics

Birding is one of the most exciting pastime activities which I know. People love to spend hours while observing chickadees, or they want to confine the hummingbird in a box and want to see it all day. I tell you, birders are crazy.

If you are new to birdwatching and want to make it a fun activity, then here are a few tips for you.

Provide birds’ with necessities

What does a bird need the most? Food and water. If you have these two things to offer, birds will make their way to your backyard.

  • Buy a bird feeder and a water tub, and keep filling them.

Note: Some people fill the feeder and tub once and don’t refill them until they are empty. This is something which can ward the birds off. You should make a habit to change the bird food and water at least twice a week.

  • The next thing which can attract wild birds to your home is the presence of shelter. If your lawn has plenty of trees and shrubs, then you’ll see numerous birds singing in your backyard every morning. If you want to wake up with the sound of birds chirping, plant trees.
  • Safety is the third thing you should pay attention to. “Survival of the fittest” applies to birds also. The larger and stronger birds attack smaller ones. You should ensure that the small birds are not at risk while they visit you. To make this possible, you can place the feeders right next to trees or shrubs, whichever is the birds’ home.

Don’t be noisy

Birds’ hearing capacity is sharper than us, and they can easily detect movement. If you want to examine a sparrow or hummingbird deeply, go in silence (at least until the bird is there).

Move slowly

They can even sense our breathing sound, and you better be cautious when you are having a close look of a feathery fellow.

Have patience

Birding is all fun when it’s slow and patient. Don’t worry if your favourite meadowlark isn’t showing, wait until it reveals itself.

Study their habitat

If you are watching birds in the wild environment, then studying birds’ route to their home in the evening should be your first step before starting birding. Following the large flocks will let you know the ecological cycle better, and your love for birds will eventually increase.

Best birding binoculars summary

And! The mighty article comes to an end. I hope this article has cleared all your queries about the best lightweight binoculars for bird watching.

Here are my favorite picks from the above list:

If you wish to make a lifetime investment and want to buy multi-purpose binoculars, then multi-purpose compact folding binoculars should be your priority.

Or if you want to go for a budgeted yet compatible option, then Wingspan Optics Spectator Binoculars should be your go-to option. They are full of amazing features and are affordable, simultaneously.

Go for Aurosport binocular if you are in search of a pocket-size yet high power binocular for birding. It is best for low light vision.

If you aim to be a pro birder in the future, then scrape a reasonable budget and get Zeiss 10×42 Conquest HD Binoculars. Their durability, compatibility, and ruggedness are matchless.

Make your priorities clear and pick a pair carefully, Happy shopping!

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