Top 5 Sightmark Red Dot Sights Review

  • By: Imad

Buying shooting gear without compromising on the price and quality is difficult, especially when you want to polish your target acquisition skill. But that’s not the case when you rely on Sightmark Optics.  

These best Sightmark red dot sights reviews will walk you through some economical options so that you get the right tool for your firearm.

An ergonomic reflex sight helps shooters acquire impressive precision and makes hunting/shooting a treat for them.

If you need an easy-to-use and battle-tested sight for your rifle, stay with me and find a third eye to enjoy your hunting adventures and say goodbye to the pain of escaped trophies.

Here is a list of our 5 best Sightmark red dot sights;

1. Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight


  • Dot size: 4 pattern
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR123A
  • Weight: 5.6oz
  • Lens diameter: 24mm
  • FOV: 105ft at 100 yards


  • Quick Weaver-style mount
  • Anti-glare lens
  • Resilient build
  • Large control buttons
  • Reliable battery


  • The reticle isn’t recoil resistant

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Precise target acquisition is no joke because it requires time and attention. But, when you have a Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight, pinpointing a target feels like a cakewalk.

No matter if you chase fast-moving animals or slower ones, this sight will make sure you hit the right spot and get the best bang for your buck.

This handy sight is made up of cast aluminum that can withstand endless hours of usage without losing its accuracy and beauty.

Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight is a sturdy, light, and ergonomic option to accompany your outdoor/indoor adventures like a pro. 

Its 24mm lens is made from premium-quality glass, which repels light glare and doesn’t let mirage affect your target point.

If you shoot in broad daylight, this fully coated glass will be a reliable option because its anti-reflective outer coating provides true-colored views.

Its lens also has an external protective layer that stops moisture, dust, and pollutants from entering inside.

This smart sight has red and green reticle options, which let you chose according to the ambient light.

Since it has an accessible brightness switch on the side, you can quickly alter the settings depending upon the target.

Moreover, this Ultra shot reflex sight has a 4 pattern reticle that can be changed according to the target’s size and distance.

Its fine-haired reticle quickly zeroes in and provides excellent target acquisition, irrespective of the brightness settings.

You can quickly select from 5 brightness levels with the side knob and maintain flawless accuracy on all targets.

Its CR123 battery offers 1000 hours of non-stop usage on any of the 5 brightness levels. And when the battery level drops, you can quickly reduce the brightness and increase its runtime a bit.

This recoil-proof sight comes with an ergonomic Weaver-style mount that saves your setting time and stays steady when you shoot.

Its wide field of view helps you in long-range adventures and never limits your optical path. Instead, you can cover a broad region and comfortably hit your aim point without moving a bit.

Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight is parallax corrected and doesn’t require much adjustment when switching between firearms.

Setting windage and elevation won’t take any time, which means you can shoot endless rounds without the dot getting decentralized.

This sharp-edged dot provides pinpoint accuracy and doesn’t let wind disturb its point of impact.

Whether you have a heavy gun or a pistol, this robust fellow will make sure you never struggle with target acquisition.

And since it’s completely weatherproof, you can take it to all challenging terrains without bothering the moisture level.

2. Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro sight


  • Dot size: 4 pattern
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR1632
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Lens diameter: 24mm
  • FOV: 105ft at 100 yards


  • Low power usage
  • Parallax-free viewing
  • Large side adjustment knob
  • Holds zero
  • Weatherproof


  • Poor color differentiation

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Having an all-in-one red dot sight means you’ll always be a step ahead of your target. If you struggle with focusing due to your eyesight or absence of ambient light, worry not because Sightmark Ultra dual shot pro sight is here.

This sharp sight has an excellent lens made from double-pane glass, which reduces ambiguity and keeps edge-fringing out of your optical path.

Since this lens has a premium anti-reflex coating, using it when the sun is out is always comfortable. You won’t see a mirage or smudged corners, thanks to its high-quality glass.

Its premium-quality IIIA side laser is perfect for close-quarter situations where you quickly move your position.

This laser is quick and effective, making it a helping hand when you cannot wait until your reticle zeroes in on the target.

This sight is made from resilient aluminum cast alloy, which is entirely recoil-proof. Your Sightmark ultra dual shot pro sight can take any hardship which comes its way and still performs impeccably.

Also, its aluminum body has a protective metal layer to increase its resistance capacity and accompany your prolonged missions without exposing the glass part to any harm.

Its 4pattern reticle is parallax-free and is easy-to-adjust, which makes this a suitable option for frequent shooters.

Sightmark ultra dual shot sight is designed for prolonged missions where you cannot take care of the battery. Its low power consumption capacity will make sure your dot doesn’t die, and you’re ready for every shooting round without hassling with the battery compartment.

This sight has 6 brightness levels, which you can quickly adjust with the side knob. This matte knob doesn’t slip in moist conditions and always offers a good grip.

Three of this sight’s brightness levels are compatible with daylight, while the remaining 3 are for night vision devices.

You can mount any NVD monocular in front of this sight and enjoy a sharp-edged red dot in the complete absence of ambient light.

Its exclusive interlock adjustment system holds your sight in-place, which saves you the hassle of re-adjusting windage and elevation after every round.  

This pro sight has a dependable Weaver-style mount that fits most firearms and works as a shock-absorbent.

You can achieve incredibly fast target acquisition and win those strenuous competitions with this handy ultra dual shot pro sight.

It’s entirely weather and recoil proof so that you don’t feel confined to any specific environment and experience the joy of shooting wherever you feel like.

3.    Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight


  • Dot size: 2MOA dot with 65 MOA circle
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR123A
  • Weight: 10.7oz
  • Lens diameter: 24mm
  • FOV: 105ft at 100 yards


  • Digital brightness switch
  • Recoil proof
  • Impressive light transmission
  • Sharp-edged dot
  • 12-hour auto shut-off


  • The interlock is hard-to-set

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Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec sight is a fully loaded optic that doesn’t lack in any feature. If you want a tool that fits heavy guns and shotguns alike, look no further than this.

Its matte aluminum body is built to survive strenuous recoil without disturbing your bullet’s point of impact. This strong construction means you shouldn’t worry about protecting your M-spec sight while roaming around.

The wide-angle lens glass has a powerful anti-reflex layer, which stops light reflection and increases the views’ color-differentiation. 

This wide-angle configuration provides you with a broad field of view and pinpoint accuracy simultaneously.

Moreover, this 24mm lens has an exclusive scratch-resistant coating so that the dust particles cannot affect its optical performance.

If you frequently use your M-spec sight, this protective coating will maintain its lens’s shine and ensure that it doesn’t scatter light because of those small scratches.

This premium sight offers 16 levels of brightness, which can be altered with a comfortable digital switch.

You get 10 day time, and 6 night vision brightness levels in a Sightmark ultra shot M-spec sight, which means it can work day and night with unwavering accuracy.  

Sightmark M-spec is known for its ruggedness and ultra-fast target acquisition, which suit every shooter’s requirements alike.

No matter if you practice indoors or outdoors, the 65MOA reticle circle will zero-in on your focus, and the sharp-edged 2MOA dot will seamlessly define your point of impact in a jiffy.

This sight is parallax-free and doesn’t need repetitive adjustments, which means you can maintain a comfortable standing position and shoot precisely.

M-spec sight comes with a built-in sunshade that doesn’t let sunrays impact your views and stops reflection.

Also, it comes with unlimited eye relief, which lets glasses wearers maintain a distance from the lens and zero-in easily.

Its CR 123A battery provides 200-2000 hours of runtime, which is perfect for extended missions.

Also, its 12-hour auto shut-off feature saves power by turning off the red dot when you are not using the sight.

Similarly, the low power indicator tells you about the battery level beforehand so that your M-spec sight doesn’t ditch you midway. 

Its interlockTM system keeps the reticle zeroed in during heavy recoil and saves your focusing time by remaining steady. Although you might initially struggle with setting it, but once done, the stability will rock your adventures.

M-spec is light, dependable, and well-protected, which makes it a good bang for the buck.

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4.    Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight


  • Dot size: 4 pattern
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR123
  • Weight: 9.2oz
  • Lens diameter: 24mm
  • FOV: 105ft at 100 yards


  • Wide FOV
  • Parallax-corrected viewing
  • Easy brightness switching
  • Weather and recoil resistant
  • Fully protected lens glass


  • Zeroing in takes time

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Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight comes with a 4 pattern reticle, which reduces the guesswork and lets you shoot precisely.

This premium quality sight is perfect for beginners as it removes any ambiguity and increases your success ratio.

This sight is constructed from a light aluminum alloy, which is light and sturdy simultaneously. Its matte finish is easy to adjust in moist conditions and saves your time during crucial shooting moments.

The wide field of view makes it compatible with long-range missions by offering quick and impeccable focusing.

Also, the high-quality lens glass repels glare and offers excellent light transmission, irrespective of the time.

The protective lens layer stops dirt particles from distorting its surface as it can affect your focus later on.

Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight has a CR123 battery, which will accompany you for up to 2000 hours. After that, you can comfortably change the cells, thanks to the accessible battery compartment.

Its low power consumption increases its runtime so that you can take it to prolonged missions without worrying about a backup.

Since this sight is parallax-corrected, you can rely on its MOA dot for several rounds and enjoy thrilling shooting adventures.

This recoil proof sight can adjust with all firearms and help you master your craft within a few rounds.

The Picatinny-style mount is easy-to-adjust and stable enough to withstand regular usage. Its reticle won’t ask for repetitive adjustments once you familiarize with it.

This sight comes with a digital brightness switch that lets you quickly select a brightness level and saves time while your focus is on the target.

If you are a hunter, this Ultra shot reflex sight will provide excellent target acquisition without having you struggle with the reticle.

Its fine-haired reticle and sharp-edged red dot outperform every other sight of this range with their brilliance.

When you fire several bullets at one point, the red dot often gets decentralized and affects the results. But, thanks to this sight’s internal locking mechanism, you won’t lose the dot’s central point.

This lock always holds its windage and elevation settings, regardless of the rounds you shoot.

The unlimited eye relief will let you enjoy shooting with sunglasses or specs on because its bright red dot always offers precise views.

When you practice regularly, your red dot sight goes through severe recoil, which can damage it.

But, the Sightmark Ultra shot reflex sight is made to survive these challenges without disturbing your activity. It is entirely water and recoil proof, which shows its adaptability to challenging weather conditions.

5.    Sightmark Wolverine FSR Red Dot Sight


  • Dot size: 2MOA
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: AA battery
  • Weight: 12.3oz
  • Lens diameter: 28mm
  • FOV: 105ft at 100 yards


  • High-quality lens glass
  • Recoil resistant rubber armor
  • 6 years’ battery life
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Ergonomic mounts


  • Blurry dot at higher brightness levels

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Sightmark Wolverine FSR holds the future of red dot sights because it’s made to stand out from the crowd. This power-packed sight is a treat for shooters who cannot afford to miss a shot and want incredible control over their equipment.

This highly responsive sight lets shooters experiment with their targets and never bounds them to a particular size or distance. From turkeys to deer, you can effortlessly shoot anything with a Wolverine FSR.

Its 28mm objective lens shows broad regions in one glance, eventually increasing the ease of focus. With this premium lens, you’d never see glare or edge-fringing; the credit goes to its anti-reflective coating.

Above its anti-reflective coating is a scratch-resistant layer that prevents impurities from hitting the glass part because these pollutants destroy the optical clarity.

Excellent light transmission and color-differentiation make this FSR a beast in this field. From beginners to pros, this wolverine shot accompanies everyone’s mission alike.

It’s constructed from a single-piece aluminum alloy that provides exceptional durability and superb grip. Its matte aluminum finish assists you while focusing and adjusting the settings.  

This wolverine sight offers 10 brightness levels, which allow you to practice irrespective of the time.

It provides 8 illumination levels for daylight shooting and 2 for night vision devices, making it a hot favorite amongst all shooters.

Its smart digital switch saves your time by shifting from one brightness level to another with a slight push.

Sightmark Wolverine FSR sight has a 2MOA red dot, which is crisp and precise to make your activities more adventurous.

You can focus on distant objects, and this sight’s accurate focusing mechanism will always have your back.

It comes with a single AAA battery that offers up to 1,000,000 hours of runtime. This exceptional battery life is the reason FSR sight is deemed best for crucial missions because you can always rely on its power and performance.

Sightmark Optics made this one a true masterpiece and didn’t leave any flaw in it; another exemplary feature is its strength.

This nitrogen purged sight never lets rainfall and air-borne moisture blur your views, eventually increasing the thrill of your missions.

Similarly, the aluminum body has rubber armor as additional protection. This armoring makes wolverine FSR sight impressively durable and smart-looking.

This sight comes with a quick-to-attach Picatinny mount and a riser-9 that lets you adjust its height without changing the base.

Also, its windage and elevation knobs are capped to provide you with a comfortable grip. And since these knobs move with an audible sound, you can avoid accidental changes in the settings.


An efficient red dot sight saves you from the hassle of focusing and identifying the aim point with its sharp MOA dot. If you haven’t tried shooting with a sight on, try one right away, and the resulting accuracy will stun you.

Sightmark Wolverine FSR sight is one of its kind and is 10 on 10 in terms of performance and resistance capacity. Similarly, Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec reflex sight is a rather affordable option with good accuracy and weatherproofing. 

These Sightmark red dot sights perform exceptionally and don’t break your bank either. To complete your hunting/shooting gear for an upcoming adventure, try any of the above-described Sightmark sights depending upon your budget, and hone your craft with minimal effort.

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