5 Best Burris Red Dot Sights Reviewed: Mid Range Killer?

  • By: Sana Ijaz

When you are chasing a fast-moving target, it’s hard to keep it in focus. If you waste time while adjusting the bullet’s trajectory, the target will surely escape your sight. But that’s not a problem when you have a Burris red dot sight mounted on your firearm.

Burris red dot sights are some of the most rugged and precise optics available on the market. These sights come with ergonomic reticles that increases your chances of success and accompany your missions, regardless of their scale.

Whether you hunt or do target practice, rapid target acquisition and undisturbed field of view are the two main factors which determine your bullet’s success. And, Burris red dot sights do that all for you, flawlessly. That’s why I am here with the top 5 Burris red dot sights.

  1. Burris Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount Best value for the price
  2. Burris Optics FastFire II Red Dot Sight
  3. Burris SpeedBead Mounting System with Fastfire 3Fast Target Acquisition
  4. Burris AR Prism Sight Ballistic Cq Reticle 
  5. Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sightwith built-in rangefinder

So, let’s test these optics and see which one is right for your pistol/rifle.

5 Best Burris Red Dot Sights Reviews

1. Burris Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount red dot sight


  • Dot size: 3 MOA
  • Lens diameter: 21mm
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR1632
  • Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • FOV: 190ft at 100 yards


  • Excellent balance
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Pinpoint accuracy
    Automatic brightness sensor
  • Waterproof roof


  • The battery cover is not properly threaded

There are hundreds of red dot sights out there, but not all of them provide accuracy the way this Burris FastFire III does.

This sight is designed for tactical and high-end missions, where accuracy is the key to success. From big game hunters to plinkers, Burris Fastfire III ensures the success of every mission it’s used in.

This sight comes with a multicoated 21mm lens that removes ambiguity from the views and makes shooting more manageable for you.

When you are out in extra bright regions, glare disturbs your views and reduce the ratio of your bullets’ success.

However, this coated and polished sight is prepared to block the way of excessive sun rays like a pro.

You can select between 3 brightness levels and adjust your sight according to the ambient light.

Also, changing this sight’s settings won’t waste your time because it has convenient adjustment buttons. These large buttons are easy to access even when your concentration is on the target.

This Fastfire sight has a built-in low battery indicator that starts blinking when you are running out of power.

This way, it’s easier to decide if your sight is ready for a long-standing mission or a back-up is required.

The 3MOA red dot is bright enough so that you can easily see its point of impact. When your target is small, this sight will do all calculations, eventually making your shot a success.

The easy windage and elevation alteration is also there to make these tasks comfortable for you. If you are tired of seeing shaky/blur views, get this Burris Fastfire III sight and enjoy your time in the shooting range.

 Burris has made this scope light and sturdy so that you can pack it without worrying about its safety.

The weatherproof lens allows you to shoot in challenging weather conditions, and that too, with excellent clarity.

Moreover, the sturdy aluminum housing keeps the glass parts well-sheltered and keeps scratches at bay.

This Fastfire III sight is best for Glocks because of its handy size and precise optical performance.

Thanks to its unlimited eye relief, you won’t have to struggle with vague views or scattered light.

The 190ft FOV is also here, which makes this sight compatible with long-range targets.

Its battery compartment is on the top, which helps you quickly replace the cells when needed.

No matter if your game is frisky or small, this sharp 3MOA dot will always make your aim point clear. 

2. Burris Optics FastFire II Red Dot Sight


  • Dot size: 4 MOA
  • Lens Diameter: 21×15 mm
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Weight: 1.6oz
  • FOV: 190ft at 100 yards


  • Solid steel construction
  • Quick target acquisition
  • Impressive battery life
  • Automatic brightness sensor
  • Coated lens glass


  • Not suitable for long-range focusing

Ruggedness is the pride of Burris optics, which sets this brand apart, and makes its gadgets trustworthy.

When you shoot frequently, your red dot sight is continuously exposed to extreme conditions, and you cannot always prevent them.

That’s when having a sturdy gadget feels like a treat because you don’t have to think about its safety at all.

This Fastfire II sight is made from solid steel that can take every beating and still performs flawlessly.

This simplified sight saves your time by providing pinpoint accuracy and calculated shooting. You don’t have to adjust the rear and front sight while focusing because, in Burris Fastfire II, they are already aligned.

This sight’s automatic brightness control saves battery and easily adjusts according to the ambient light.

Its long-lasting CR-2032 battery won’t ditch you midway so that none of your missions are disturbed.

Since hitting an animal at the right point is a hunter’s priority, this sight will let you experience that thrill of unwavering shooting.

The quick target acquisition won’t let your game hide and enable you to specify the aim point without stressing much.

The unlimited eye relief allows you to maintain a steady posture and avoid bending while you focus.

This eye relief distance keeps your eyes comfortable and doesn’t show glare while the light rays hit your dot.

Burris Fastfire II sight has a bright red 4MOA dot that makes your aim point visible and reduces ambiguity.

This optic has a polished lens surface that repels external impurities so that the sight doesn’t lose its shine. 

Its precise reticle will make the learning phase effortless so that you can experience new target regions within real-time.  

Its easy-to-set Picatinny mount is durable and saves your set-up time by offering quick alterations.

You’ll get a wide field of view to see minute details of your mid-range target without moving forward. However, this scope isn’t good for long-range shoots because its dot gets fuzzy when you see beyond 190ft at 100 yards.

Burris Fastfire II is a fully weatherproof and resilient sight that can survive all levels of difficulty without giving up.

The easy windage and elevation adjustment feature makes this an ergonomic option for busy shooters.

This fine-tuned sight reduces guesswork and always keeps you a step ahead of the target.

Whether you have an AR-15 or a handgun, Burris Fastfire II will accompany your firearm nevertheless.

3. Burris SpeedBead Mounting System with Fastfire 3


  • Dot size: 8MOA
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR1632
  • Weight: 1.6oz


  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Waterproof and submersible body
  • Crisp views
  • Parallax free till 150 yards


  • Not good for small targets

Excellent shooting precision is hard-to-achieve and maintain. But why worry when you have Burris Fastfire III red dot sight?

This incredible sight features an 8MOA red dot that makes big game hunting a cakewalk for you. Whether your target is a deer or a turkey, this Fastfire reflex sight won’t let it escape.

This robust sight can endure all challenging weather conditions and still manage to perform exceptionally.

This sight is designed to fit almost all firearms so that you can easily switch your guns without worrying about the sight.

This Fastfire III reflex sight is parallax free till 150 yards, which makes it an ideal choice for short and mid-range shooting.

Its entirely waterproof body won’t give in to challenging outdoor conditions and prove to be a reliable tool no matter where you go.

Also, the multicoated glass repels excessive sun rays and produces crisp, clear views, eventually increasing your bullet’s success.

Mirage and glare won’t disturb your optical path, thanks to this reflex sight’s polished glass.

Your Burris Fastfire III reflex red dot sight will offer excellent light transmission, and protect your eyes from unnecessary stress as well.

The light aluminum housing won’t add to your gear’s weight and be ready to perform.

This sight’s CR1632 battery is excellent and doesn’t leave you without a red dot in the middle of a mission.

Instead, this battery adjusts with the ambient light, and changes its brightness level accordingly, which increases its runtime.

Its 8MOA red dot falls directly at your aim point and saves you the hassle of distance calculation.

This precise red dot doesn’t show edge fringing and is visible even in lowlight conditions.

Its battery compartment is located on the top, which makes the replacement process quicker.

This sight’s body has a scratch-resistant anodized finish, which allows you to play in the most difficult terrains without thinking much.

Also, since this Fastfire III reflex sight is shockproof, it will accompany you in every mission.

Finding mounts for Benelli guns is difficult due to their different construction and rarity. However, Burris optics has solved that issue as well.

A robust SpeedBead Benelli mount is also included in this package to make your gun a complete package. 

No need to look for a reliable sight and mount for your gun any further, get this Fastfire III reflex sight with a SpeedBead mount and give your gear a touch of excellence.

4. Burris AR Prism Sight Ballistic Cq Reticle


  • Dot size: 3MOA
  • Lens diameter: 3x36mm
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Weight: 1.5oz


  • Ergonomic power selector
  • Competitive lens glass
  • Matte aluminum housing
  • Holds dot till 600 yards


  • Hard-to-move adjustment caps

We always expect from Burris optics to make a sight with all impressive features; this one is no exception.

This Burris AR-332 red dot sight is here to make your adventures more precise and help you unlock new levels of success.

If you are tired of missing the games, get this sight and increase your focusing speed up to 10x. 

This AR prism sight has all features of a premium sight, and that too, at a very economical price.

Military personnel and tactical shooters admire this optic for its impressively fast zeroing capacity.

Imagine you are running in thickets, and the target manages to escape your optical path within seconds. Now, a Burris AR-332 sight will ensure that you get a clear view of the game every time it reappears so that your shot is successful.

This sight’s incredible bullet drop compensator adds to the fun by reducing all guesswork from the process.

Once your Burris AR-332 sight is zeroed, it will successfully hit at the aim point without any ambiguity.

Its multicoated glass provides incredible light transmission and repels glare, eventually producing crisp views.

If you have ever wished to see a weather-smart sight, this AR-332 is your buddy.

Its automatic brightness sensor detects weather conditions and changes itself accordingly. For example, when clouds reduce the ambient light, your Burris AR-332 sight’s brightness will increase without having you change it.

Its smart 10-level power selector is ideal for all missions and never makes the focusing difficult for you.

This sight comes with a CR-2032 battery to provide you with excellent runtime and accompany those prolonged adventures without giving up.

Also, since this sight comes with an etched reticle, you can take clear shots when the red dot is off. This feature is helpful for day-time activities when those extra bright sunrays don’t let you focus.

You can operate this sight with both eyes open and maintain a steady distance from the lens glass, thanks to its unlimited eye relief.

Burris optics made this nitrogen purged and fully shockproof sight to make challenging adventures more controllable for you. 

If you shoot under challenging terrains, this sight will become your sharp, third eye that doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

Its compact housing makes mounting easier and works as a protective layer for the glass alongside.

With a Burris AR-332 sight, blurry views and missed bullets are totally out of the question; see for yourself.

5. Burris Optics Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight


  • Battery type: CR123
  • Weight: 17oz


  • Effortless distance calculation
  • Built-in angle compensation
  • Adjustable LED display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Sturdy build


  • Hard-to-adjust laser

Hunting/practicing with a compound bow gets a lot easier when you have the right rangefinder mounted over it.

A bow sight that calculates distance without having you re-adjust it after every round is nothing less than a treat.

This Burris oracle rangefinder bow sight is designed to eliminate the guesswork and provide exceptional accuracy while you focus.

This sight’s built-in rangefinder calculates the distance between you and the target and specifies the direct aiming point so that you can shoot comfortably.

Its focusing pin never lets your arrow land on a wrong spot and never wavers from the aim point.

Your Burris oracle sight will calculate the exact distance and ensure that you don’t have to put in unnecessary effort.

This high-tech sight calibrates with all compound bows and doesn’t need repetitive adjustment. Its vertical pin falls directly at the aim point and highlights where your arrow will fall.

Its fail-safe 20 yards pin is designed for passionate shooters who want to master this art. Your archery kit will become more ergonomic and reliable once this bow sight is added to it.

Its CR2032 battery outperforms any other rangefinder with its runtime and durability. Once added, this battery can perform for up to 2000 rounds, irrespective of their duration.

Burris oracle sight works with a push-button activation and offers quick set up; you can play endless rounds once the pin is fixed.

Its large LED saves your time by showing the readings in a clear font to let you make calculated decisions.  

If you practice in the woods, you must know how difficult it is to adjust a slippery bow. However, that’s not the case with Burris oracle sight. Its micro-adjustment dials are easy-to-move, regardless of the environment. 

Unlike most rangefinders, this one doesn’t have any glass part, which adds to its sturdiness.

Moreover, the rugged aluminum body makes this bow sight an excellent choice for all terrains, without any extra required care.

No matter where you go, a Burris oracle sight will make your bow a premium archery tool.

From a smart laser rangefinder to the fail-safe pin, everything is perfect about Burris oracle bow sight.

Burris Red Dots Summary

Whether you hunt with a shotgun, a rifle, or a compound bow, the success your shot depends upon the sight you use. And when it comes to accurate red dot and bow sights, Burris optics stands tall. The above-explained Burris Optics sights have proved their efficacy in a wide range of shooting and archery adventures.

If you need an economical, apt, and innovative red dot sight, go for Burris Fastfire III sight. This optic is packed with helpful features at a very inexpensive price, which makes it a hot-favourite amongst shooters.

Or, to grab an awesome deal, pick Burris SpeedBead mounting system with Fastfire 3 sight. This one is designed for Benelli rifles as you don’t easily find sights that can be adjusted with them.

Before picking a sight, be clear about your planned adventures. Whether they are short-range or long-range, which terrains you’ll cover, and which firearm will accompany you are a few questions that must be answered before you select a sight.

On that note, I am signing off. I hope you’ll soon find a red dot sight to become a pro at your game!

Image courtesy: Burris

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