Nikon Monarch 7 vs Leica Trinovid Binoculars (10×42, 8×42) Compared

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Technology is evolving, and so should your gadget collection. Lingering on to that old tidy binocular which you inherited or probably bought from a local shop, and thinking that it will work fine, is nothing but delusion.

Imagine you have picked hiking as a hobby, and you want to ace it. Will an out-dated binocular make your treks enjoyable? I doubt it! You must update your trek essentials before heading towards a tough excursion. And without any doubt, a great binocular must be in your kit.

Here arises a question, which binocular should you buy? Well, I have done detailed research to save you from that hassle, and have compared two fantastic binoculars i.e., Nikon Monarch 7 and Leica Trinovid.

We are familiar with Nikon since our childhoods because of those old cameras (such nostalgic feelings, no?). Having a century-long experience, Nikon is branded as the veteran in the optics field. Similarly, Leica, a brilliant German optics company, is named a giant because of its trademark Trinovid, GEOVID, and ULTRAVID series.

Is it challenging to pick one of these two master brands? Let’s make it easier by comparing their specs one by one!

Nikon Monarch 7 vs. Leica Trinovid – the pros and cons

Nothing is devoid of imperfections. Some gadgets have various flaws, while others have a negligible number of down points.

Although both Nikon and Leica are the best when it comes to producing quality products, we cannot overlook the chances of some minor flaws. Let’s have a detailed look at their pros and cons first:

Pros of Nikon Monarch 7

  • Wide FOV of 420ft.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • ED lens glass
  • Dielectric and phase correcting prism coating
  • All terrains binos
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged
  • Check price

Cons of Nikon Monarch 7

  • Waterproof only until 1m water depth

Pros of Leica Trinovid

  • 90% light transmission
  • Aberration free bright imagery
  • 414 ft. wide FOV
  • 17mm eye relief distance
  • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance
  • Adventure strap harness
  • Check price

Cons of Leica Trinovid

  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly expensive

Nikon Monarch or Leica Trinovid – comparison based on activities

Not everybody is clear about how they will use binos in the future. You might switch from birding to hunting or form trekking to stargazing, we never know. That’s why its need of the hour to consider all activities and then spend your precious bucks.

Here are some top activities which might be in your to-do list:

1. Birding

leica bird watching binoculars

Emerging as one of the popular hobbies, birding will compel you to buy excellent binoculars, sooner or later. For birdwatching, your binocular must have a precise close focus distance, smooth focus, aberration-free imagery, and a compact design.

Here, Leica has the edge over its competitor because of the 5.9ft. close focus distance. This distance is ideal for birdwatchers who put on the stealth mode and stay near the birds. Leica Trinovid offers 90% light transmission through its ED lenses, which removes all chromatic aberrations and brings you a vivid view of your favourite bird.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

2. Peeping/spying

We live in a chaotic world where chances of unusual happenings are high. We can’t tell what intentions do your new neighbours have or which things are they bringing in and out of their house. The solution lies in secretly peeping at them (for a brief stint of course), and once you are satisfied with their activities, you can quit peeping and relax.

But, peeping without making the target suspicious is hard. To ensure that there is no embarrassing moment, get binocular which has excellent grip, is compact and does not leave you tired. Leica Trinovid comes with an innovative chest harness which is attached with a strap.

You can hang that strap around your neck, fix the binocular inside the rubber harness, and become carefree. Chances of dropping your binos are zero with that soft chest harness. The size of this Leica binocular is almost 6 inches, which makes it a handy choice for spies.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

3. Watching sports

Being surrounded by a crazy crowd and aiming to watch your favourite player closely is not a piece of cake. The enthusiastic fans won’t let you stand still and enjoy the nerve wrenching game. To ensure that you don’t miss some impressive kicks and goals, give yourself a binocular treat.

Buy a binocular which lets you focus quickly and doesn’t make your grip wobbly very often. The Leica Trinovid binocular has a magnesium outer chassis which makes it a very sturdy and ergonomic binocular. Although Nikon monarch 7 also has rubber armour, it doesn’t trump the magnesium chassis.

Sports arenas are always full of light and are frisky, but the 90% light transmission of Leica Trinovid will provide you sharp and vivid imagery with incredible colour differentiation.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

4. Mountaineering/Trekking

leica hiking binoculars

Exploring Ecuador or Amazon rain forest is the dream of all outdoor lovers. Standing at a higher point and getting a detailed look of the mysterious forest is something you would never want to miss. Being a playful outdoor lover means you will go to all rough terrains and cope with the harsh weather conditions.

In such cases, your binocular must have a wide field of view and weatherproofing capacity. The Nikon Monarch 7 binocular offers FOV of 420 ft. which is great in this price range. However, the only drawback it has is the absence of waterproofing ability.

Nikon monarch 7 can bear slight sprinkling of water, but not continuous rainfall. On the other hand, Leica Trinovid is fully nitrogen purged, and O-ring sealed and can endure all rainy, moist and foggy climates and has FOV of 414 ft. as well.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

5. Hunting

Elks, deer, grizzly bears and turkeys; when it comes to hunting, the list never ends. Hunters do not stick to a specific place, they roam around and find hidden habitats of their target animal/bird. And the environmental conditions for a hunter can never be smooth, one minute he is on flat terrain, the next minute he might be running to save his life.

A binocular which can survive rough terrains can prove to be a saviour for hunters. Those delicate binos which require maintenance every now and then are nothing but a nuisance.

The Nikon Monarch 7 is from Nikon’s ATB (all-terrain binoculars) series, and it can survive all difficult terrains and serve its purpose without any hassle. Luckily, the Leica Trinovid binocular has an innovative chest harness which makes it very compact and safe-to-use. So there is a tie!

Winner: Tie

Nikon Monarch or Leica Trinovid – comparison based on features

Binoculars which offer amazing features and justify the money we spend on them are incredible. So let’s compare the features of Nikon monarch 7 and Leica Trinovid now:

1. Magnification

Both Leica binoculars offer 8x and 10x magnifications so that you can select one as per your choice.

For beginners, 8x magnification is best because having an 8x binocular means you can see a wide area without any significant shaking. Similarly, 10x magnification goes well for activities like peeping and birding, where a wide area is not a compulsion.

Winner: tie

2. FOV

Undoubtedly, Nikon monarch 7 is the winner here because of its 420ft. wide FOV as compared to the 414 ft. FOV of Leica Trinovid. This FOV is favoured by hunters, mountaineers, and trekkers. In short, for outdoor errands, Nikon monarch 7 has edge an over Leica Trinovid.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7

3. Coatings

Binoculars are as good as their coatings are. If your binocular has large lenses, covers a wide area and is very affordable, but provides distorted imagery, it simply isn’t worth your bucks.

The lenses in Nikon monarch binocular are covered with anti-reflective multilayer lens coating which enhances the image brightness. While the Leica Trinovid is coated with Leica’s trademark HDC coating which ensures the transmission of 90% light and makes the images very bright and sharp.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

4. Ergonomics

Monarch 7 is a very small and handy binocular which fits right in your hand and chances of its slipping are not high, and this makes it an ergonomic binocular.

While the Leica binocular has a very soft and secure harness which you can hang around your neck and roam around freely. The magnesium chassis and rubber armour make Leica compatible for all activities.

Winner: Tie

5. Weight

No one likes to buy a heavy binocular which might turn into a burden during outdoor activities. Here, Nikon monarch 7 is 22.9 oz. while the Leica Trinovid is 26.4 oz. During prolonged events, Nikon Monarch will be your best and lightweight partner.

Winner: Nikon Monarch 7

6. Close focus distance

Birders and spies need closer views of the target site, and that’s only possible if your binocular has excellent close focus distance. In Nikon monarch 7, the close focus distance is 8.2 ft. while in Leica, it’s 5.9 ft. Clearly, Leica is the winner in this category.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

7. Eye relief

There is a very negligible difference between eye relief of these 2 binos. The monarch binocular brings you 17.1 mm long eye relief, and in Leica Trinovid, it is 17 mm. Both binoculars are a good fit for glasses wearers and those who have sensitive eyes.

Winner: Tie

Nikon Monarch or Leica Trinovid – comparison based on cost and value

You get what you pay for is a phrase we often hear while making buying decisions. Why don’t we twist this phrase a bit?

Decide why you need it, and then swipe your debit card!

Well, that might sound weird, but that’s how things work. If you are serious about a sport, you will find top-notch gadgets and essentials to enjoy it fully. And no matter how expensive a device is, if that can become your helping hand, you will not shy away by the price tag.

Leica Trinovid is under $800 and falls in the mid-priced category. While the Nikon Monarch 7 is under $500 and is termed as low-priced binocular.

When we compare the features, the price of the Leica Trinovid is justifiable. As you can see, it was the winner in most categories. I am sure you will not like to miss this brilliant binocular because of some extra dollars.

So, what’s the verdict?

After seeing all the pros, cons, and features of both binoculars, I will favour Leica Trinovid because of its brilliant colour differentiation, HDC coating, and innovative chest harness. If you are a go-getter and want to try all the adventures, Leica Trinovid is the answer!

Or if you like to see a vast area in one glance, Nikon Monarch 7 should be your ultimate choice.

No matter which choice you make, remember that none of these two is the wrong choice. Both binoculars are the pride of their respective brands, and you will not regret your decision. Cheers!

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