Leica Trinovid 10×42 vs Zeiss Conquest HD Comparison Review

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2019)

If you are in search of a premium quality binocular which you can use in all weather conditions and is aesthetically pleasing, then either Leica Trinovid or Zeiss conquest is the answer.

Both Trinovid and Conquest HD are beautifully designed, crafted by experienced engineers, and are backed with the names like Leica and Zeiss respectively.

Optic lovers consider these two names as the bosses, and it is unarguably true. Zeiss has a history of almost two centuries, while Leica is about to hit the number 100. The takeaway is, both are the masters of this craft!

Both German-based optic titans, Leica and Zeiss, are always in a neck to neck competition. Manufacturing innovative binoculars and updating the existing optics; none of these two giants settles for anything less than perfect.

From newbies to veteran hunters, and from amateur birders to the experienced ones, everybody needs a binocular.

Missing the target or getting blurred imagery of a scenic view, a binocular will ensure that you don’t experience either.

No worries if you are an inexperienced buyer, or have had a few binoculars in the past, this comparison is only going to equip you with some fantastic facts. Hence, let’s delve in to find out more!

Leica Trinovid 10×42 vs Zeiss Conquest HD – pros and cons of each

Would you like spending a big amount only to be dawned upon that the binocular you bought is a disaster? I know your answer is a big NO!

But how to make a wise decision?

It’s fairly simple! Compare the pros and cons of these two amazing binoculars and see which best suits your demands.

Let’s quit beating around the bush and get straight to the pros and cons of both binoculars:

Pros of Leica Trinovid 10×42

  • 90% light transmission
  • Sturdy design
  • Incredible close focus distance
  • Mid-priced
  • Great ergonomics
  • Fully sealed and nitrogen purged

Cons of Leica Trinovid 10×42

  • No significant cons found

Pros of Zeiss Conquest HD

  • Razor-sharp, bright and well-defined imagery
  • 92% light transmission
  • Aberration free imagery
  • Precise focus
  • LotuTec water-shedding outer coating
  • Comfortable eye-relief distance

Cons of Zeiss Conquest HD

  • Costly

Leica Trinovid 10×42 or Zeiss Conquest Hd – comparison based on activity

Every event has its requirements. The fast-moving animals demand for a wide field of view and razor-sharp imagery, while in the sports arenas, you need precise focus and sturdy design.

While getting binocular, you must keep all indoor and outdoor activities in mind. Why don’t we discuss a few of them first:

1. Festivals and concerts

Zeiss conquest hd binoculars for concerts

Big concert halls and seminars mean a rush of people who won’t let you sit and watch the event calmly. You better be prepared for some disorganized happenings and to be pushed back by the fuzzy crowd.

But! Would you give up the idea of attending your most favourite singer’s concert because of this nuisance? I know you are smart and will play wisely!

The answer here is binoculars! An incredible binocular which you can use to focus on the artists and enjoy his/her performance without being pushed away.

The Zeiss Conquest HD binocular offers supreme optical quality due to its razor-sharp imagery and provides an excellent view. 92% light transmission through its lenses makes light scattering minimal and keeps your eyes comfortable.

Winner: Zeiss Conquest HD

2. Operas and theatres

Opera halls are large, and it might not be worth it if you are seated at the back. The dim lights of operas make it challenging to get clear and sharp imagery.

The Zeiss T* multi-layer coating with ED lens glass removes all focal distortions and makes the view clearer for you. If you are tired during the theatre performance, you can use the one-handed focusing and relax your hands turn by turn.

The precisely placed central focusing wheel makes the imagery coherent and vivid so that you don’t miss parts of a classical performance.

Winner: Zeiss Conquest HD

3. Travelling

The real fun of travelling is in sightseeing and watching the animals in their natural habitat while you sit inside your safari car.

Imagine you went on a safari and couldn’t see any lion or leopard because the timing was wrong. It would be such a waste!

But having a binocular means you can quickly spot the animals even during their nap times and enjoy the wildlife while being in safe premises of your car.

The tactile sensation of Zeiss conquest binocular gives you confidence that it will not slip so that you can run or move briskly when your travelling mode is on.

Zeiss binoculars always have a solid and sturdy build which makes them adjustable in every condition.

The Leica Trinovid binocular has a magnesium chassis, and rubber armour to give a firm grip and are fully nitrogen purged. As weather conditions are always unpredictable in the wild, you should go for nitrogen purged binocular.

Winner: Leica Trinovid 10×42

4. Cruising

Zeiss conquest hd binoculars for sailing

Enjoying the sea waves during summer is something everybody should experience because the scenic beauty of waters under bright sunlight will mesmerize you.

However, the only trouble cruisers face is continuous hitting of water on their binocular lenses. When you are focusing on a far-off island and water is making the imagery blurred, it becomes difficult to clean the lenses and resume your mission.

But the LotuTec water-shedding outer shield keeps your binocular lenses intact. Even if the water is rubbing against lens surface continuously, the water-shedding guard will keep them protected, and the view will not be distorted.

Winner: Zeiss Conquest HD

5. Hiking

Climbing up the snow-clad mountains or aiming for a dry mountain; neither is easy.

In snow-clad mountains, the moisture will make your binos blurred, and you will have a hard time cleaning it up. While in dry regions, the dust particles will collide on the lens surface, and the outer coating might start wearing off.

During hikes, your binocular must be light, compact, and weather-resistant.

Luckily both binoculars have these features, but Leica Trinovid has more robustness when we talk about treks and hiking.

Trinovid is compact and nice to hold binocular which won’t make you tired after continuous usage.

And the cherry on top, Leica Trinovid has an adventure strap which further ensures that it will not become a headache for you. You can easily attach or detach the adventure strap and make your hiking safer.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

I have also compared Nikon Monarch 7 vs Leica Trinovid in detail. I suggest you check that article as well.

Leica Trinovid or Zeiss Conquest HD – comparison based on features

When you make a purchase, it must justify your money. The binocular which has crappy ergonomics and slippery outer surface will do no good. You should give detailed thought to features and then spend your hard-earned money.

1. Eye Relief

Old age travellers and mountaineers often face trouble when their binoculars do not offer comfortable eye relief distance.

Wearing glasses and using binoculars simultaneously is always tricky; you must learn to maintain the balance.

Here, the Zeiss Conquest HD has granted your wish by offering 17mm eye relief distance. Even after you reach the age of 60 and start wearing spectacles, your Zeiss binocular will be as comfortable as it is now.

Winner: Zeiss Conquest

2. Close Focus distance

Birders need a minimal close focus distance to observe the colour patterns and feather movement of their garden birds.

When your binocular doesn’t offer close focus, it isn’t worth it. But with the Leica Trinovid binocular, you get 5.3ft. close focus which shows that the Trinovid is worth your cash.

Winner: Leica Trinovid 10×42

3. Weather protection

This feature should never be ignored. We can never predict weather conditions, and when it comes to optics, we cannot take risks.

This time it’s a tough choice. Both binoculars are nitrogen-filled, which makes them moisture deterrent, but they are not entirely waterproof.

Instead, the Leica Trinovid can sustain water until 4m depth, while Zeiss conquest is not waterproof.

Although Zeiss has incorporated the innovative LotuTec water-shedding shield in Conquest HD, it only works as a moisture repellent.

Winner: Leica Trinovid

4. Image quality

All that precise focus, weather protection and compact design go in vain if your binocular produces hard-to-decipher and shaky imagery.

While running, jumping or even sitting, your binos must produce coherent imagery. And that is only possible of its lenses are fully coated.

The Zeiss T* multi-layer coating of conquest HD binoculars ensures 92% light transmission and brings cooler, differentiated and true imagery.

Whereas, the Leica trademark HDC coating of Trinovid 10×42 transmits 90% light and produces warmer images. For those who wear glasses and are regular binocular users, Conquest HD is better in terms of imagery.

Winner: Zeiss Conquest HD

Zeiss Conquest Hd or Leica Trinovid – comparison based on cost and value

I consider both Conquest and Trinovid as mid-priced binoculars as both are under $1200. However, Leica Trinovid is slightly expensive compared to Zeiss conquest binocular.

Investing in binoculars is a one-time decision; if you get a good one, you won’t need to replace it. If you have hardly managed to save for binocular shopping, go for Zeiss conquest HD binocular. Because hands down, this is the best deal you can get from Zeiss in this price range.

Or if you want to see things up close and some extra ounces can become problematic for you, Leica Trinovid is also there under $1200. Trekkers, hunters, and mountaineers should prefer Trinovid binocular because of its weatherproofing.

The bottom line

This was a tough one! Both Zeiss and Leica binoculars are at the same level, have similar features, and are mid-priced which might make the decision difficult for you. But, be clear about your future plans and evaluate these two binoculars according to the activities you’ve planned.

I would suggest you get and Conquest HD binocular if you don’t have plans to roam in the dry desert or glaciers because of its wide field of view, comfortable eye relief and the multi-coated lenses.

And, if there is sand, rain, and snowfall coming your way, get the Leica Trinovid and become carefree as its adventure strap has got your back. Trinovid has a robust outer body and the tactile sensation in hands gives you confidence while using it. Cheers!

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