Maven S2 Spotting Scope Review (12-27 x 56 mm Compact Scope)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

If you have ever left your spotter at home due to its weight/size and regretted it later, Maven S.2 is the way out. This compact spotting scope is the latest addition to Maven Optics’ products list and is rapidly getting popular amongst passionate glassers.

However, since this scope was launched merely six months ago, there’re numerous reservations in the buyers’ minds about its adeptness. That’s the reason I am doing this Maven S.2 12-27 X 56mm Compact Spotting Scope review to ensure that everyone knows what this scope does and doesn’t have.

Maven S.2 12-27×56 mm FL Spotting Scope…
  • 12-27x magnification range, a 56 mm FL objective lens, an Abbe-Koenig prism, all housed in an 11 inch compact, 34 oz. package.
  • Tripod mountable with attached 14 in 20 stud for hours of easy glassing. Includes neoprene case for grab-and-go peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a compact-yet-apt spotting scope, stop right here. This S.2 scope has multiple helpful features to make your extreme missions fun and hassle-free.

Maven Optics has altogether changed the concept of glassing with the launch of this compact straight scope that doesn’t occupy much space and is easy-to-pack. Once you switch to this handy scope, you’d never bother looking back; Maven assures that.

High-quality lens glass, exclusive outer coatings, and ergonomic body; all of these features are compatible with adventurous glassers’ needs who can’t waste time while adjusting the focus/magnification.

To know further about this latest Maven marvel, keep reading. First, I am going to discuss this scope’s features and then its compatibility with different activities. And, here we go:

Maven S2 Spotting Scope at a glance

Technical Features

  • Magnification: 12-27x
  • Lens size: 56mm
  • FOV: 137-110 ft
  • Eye relief distance: 18.6-20.2 mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 4.7-2.1 mm
  • Twilight factor: 25.8-38.9 mm
  • Close focus distance: 8 ft
  • Weight: 34 oz
  • Length: 11″


  • Premium fluorite lens
  • Compact body
  • Edge-to-edge clarity
  • Sturdy magnesium housing
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Aberration-free imagery
  • Abbe-Koenig prism for better light transmission


  • Stiff magnification knob

What’s in the box?

  • Maven S.2 scope
  • Neoprene carry case
  • Eyepiece and lens caps

Maven S.2 compact spotting scope technical features


Maven S.2 spotting scope comes with 12-27x magnification, which is ideal for a compact spotter. You can easily select any power between 12 and 27x with the aluminum power knob that is right in front of the eyepiece.

12-27x range effortlessly assists short to mid-ranged adventures and doesn’t ask you to get a bigger spotter. Although 27x isn’t that impressive when we consider other spotting scopes, this is still better than most binoculars of the same price range.

Lens size

This smart spotting scope comes with a 56mm premium fluorite focal lens, which ensures vivid viewing in all circumstances.

Maven optics has applied phase-correcting and oil phobic coatings on this lens that enhance light transmission and preserve its shine, respectively. If you’re an avid outdoor glasser, this 56mm lens will make your journeys more fun and proficient. S.2 scope’s fluorite lens and Abbe-Koenig prism system produce flare-free and coherent imagery, even of the smallest objects.  

Field of view

Maven S.2 scope offers a 137-110ft linear field of view; you’ll get 137ft FOV at 12x power and 110ft at 27x. Both figures are quite impressive when combined with the incredible edge-to-edge sharpness and color fidelity.

This FOV helps hunters, birders, and photographers alike by making a broad region clear in front of them.

Moreover, the up to 27x power also affects this FOV and doesn’t leave any stone unturned in your way; you can minutely observe the subject without even moving a bit.

Eye relief distance

There is a prevalent misconception that compact scopes/binos aren’t comfortable, and they ask for a little extra effort. But, that’s not true with the Maven S.2 scope.

Maven has clearly emphasized glassers’ comfort; the brilliant 18.6-20.2mm eye relief distance is a stamp to that. This relaxed ERD is ideal for prolonged adventures where your eyes can get strained.

Especially if you wear glasses, this scope is the real deal. You won’t have to lose focus while squinting through the eyepiece; the 20.2mm distance will make sure you are relaxed.

Exit pupil diameter

The S.2 scope is built to provide comfort to the glassers as well as perform brilliantly. If you also have this misconception that a handy spotter won’t be ergonomic then you’re wrong.

This scope has a 4.7-2.1 exit pupil diameter, which is incredible for a mere 11 inches long body. When this EPD is combined with the 20.2 eye relief distance and a hefty central lens, you’ll surely admire the premium craftsmanship of Maven Optics.

Edge-to-edge image clarity, wide exit pupil diameter, and impressively designed body, that’s something only Maven Optics could pack together.

Twilight factor

The twilight factor is one of the essential scales we use to judge a glass’s usefulness because if your scope limits your activity to a specific time, you’re definitely missing out.

Fortunately, Maven S.2 scope comes with a 25.8-38.9 twilight factor depending upon the magnification you select (it decreases with magnification).

With this notable TF in action, you’d never feel the need to stop an adventurous mission when the source of light starts dazing. Instead, this twilight factor will give you some crucial moments to capture/shoot your subject with its utmost clarity. 

Close focus distance

It’s hard to believe that a spotter this small can offer 8ft. close focus distance. When some expensive scopes come with up to 20ft CFD, this little master hails with impressive 8ft. CFD.

If you’re fond of indoor birding or short-range scoping, you’ll admire this scope’s adeptness in all settings. When you magnify a tiny object placed/standing near you, the pictures will turn out mesmerizing; that’s the reason photographers prefer this scope over some bigger ones.


Maven Optics launched this compact scope to help glassers keep their luggage tidy and quickly set up the equipment later.

If you’re tired of bulky spotting scopes that take additional space and are hard to set, look no further than this one. This 11 inches long scope has a straight body with large central focusing and power rings. Changing magnification and adjusting focus will never be a problem with the S.2 scope as both rings are ergonomically placed.

Moreover, the sturdy magnesium housing offers a good grip and doesn’t waver from your preferred position.

Also, as the S.2 scope weighs only 34oz, you can comfortably take it everywhere without carrying a separate bag for it. Just put the S.2 scope and a stable tripod in your backpack, and off you go to explore this world! 

Weather resistance

There is an exclusive oil-phobic coating on this scope’s lens and eyepiece, which repels most external impurities and keeps the glass spot-free. This oil-phobic coating also helps you clean the scope without damaging the lens glass.

Similarly, Maven S.2 scope is fully purged with dry nitrogen that doesn’t let moisture enter and damage the interior of your precious scope. Whether you take this spotter out on a pouring day or live in a cold region where moisture is persistent, you shouldn’t worry about foggy imagery; Maven has taken care of that too.

And lastly, the robust aluminum housing protects the lens and prism system from collisions and accidents that are pretty common in glassing adventures. So, even if you drop your S.2 scope in water or on a hard surface, you’ll just have to clean it and get set go!

Maven S2 spotting scope: let’s test this handy scope for outdoor/indoor ventures

When we see something different than usual, questions arise about its usefulness, benefits, and reliability. The same is the case with this small scope that looks different but performs precisely the same as its bigger peers.

Maven S.2 scope is a new product in the optics market, which is why people are curious to know what good it will bring to their adventures. Therefore, let’s expand this Maven S.2 12-27 X 56mm Compact Spotting Scope review a bit and check if it actually performs well in different settings or has any drawbacks due to its size.


Imagine you climb a mountain in search of your favorite bull only to find out that it wasn’t what you were expecting, such a turn-off, right? Fortunately, that’d never be your concern with Maven S.2 spotter.

This impressive scope offers vivid imagery, notable magnification, and an excellent field of view; all hunting essentials packed together.

Whether you only use your spotting scope for eyeing the target and then aim it with the rifle scope or solely rely on it, Maven S.2 performs in both scenarios. It lets you scan a vast region in one glance, memorize some landmarks, and then aim at your prey without asking you to move.

So, go out for elk hunting this season or wait for the deer to visit your food plot; this premium scope is master-of-all-trades.


When you freely attach your Android/iOS device to the scope and click astonishing pictures with it, the fun doubles. This easy setup is the reason photographers prefer scopes over binoculars/monoculars. If you’re passionate about nature or wildlife photography, Maven S.2 scope is your answer.

You can magnify your favorite sight up to 27x and click pictures through this high-end fluorite lens, and that too, without bothering the set-up hassle. This scope is the ideal choice for those who prefer light traveling and don’t waste energy carrying bulky equipment around.

Click mesmerizing pictures and record jaw-dropping videos while staying away from the skyline, all thanks to this compact spotter!


Birdwatching is the strongest point of Maven S.2 scope because of its brilliant image quality and relaxed eye relief distance. Since observing wild/domestic birds isn’t a timed activity, having comfortable gear is inevitable for you.

Therefore, Maven manufactured this S.2 scope with up to 20.2mm eye relief distance, 8ft close focus distance, and excellent picture quality.

Whether you sit in your balcony or on the bank of a water body to watch birds, the surrounding light would never disturb the views. The exclusive Abbe-Koenig prism system reduces light scattering and enhances transmission, eventually producing vibrant views of your subject.


Although surveillance scopes are mostly hefty with better twilight factor and lenses, this one is still good enough.

Maven S.2 scope’s 25.8-38.9 twilight factor enables you to beat the darkness to some extent, but not thoroughly. If your target area/person isn’t visible due to dim light, this spotter can help, but not solve the problem.

If you’re looking for a geek surveillance scope, opt for a thermal monocular or a more significant scope.


Roaming in nature and exploring the unbeaten paths is something we all adore and never want to miss. And when an astounding scope is here to make the views even better, why wouldn’t one want to try it?

This 34oz spotting scope not only lets you view the hard-to-reach areas of nature but also makes the imagery better.

When you focus on a beautiful object in broad daylight, reflection won’t let you see clearly. That’s when a scope can help. Maven S.2 scope controls light flare and ensures that you get edge-to-edge picture clarity no matter how distant your subject is.


Can a spotter this small do the job, or do I need a bigger replacement too?

Frankly, that depends upon the level of your adventure. If you enjoy watching birds in your leisure time or observing wildlife in their natural habitat on and off, this scope is perfect.

But, if you have plans to do early morning photo shoots or wide-ranging hunts, a scope with bigger magnification should be on your to-buy list. Maven has made this small scope for grab-and-go purposes where you don’t have to think about its set-up, weight, and well-being. It’s an apt and sturdy spotter with limited magnification; decide accordingly.  

How good is the light transmission in this S2 scope?

Abbe-Koenig prism system with phase correcting coating and fluorite lens means its light transmission is pretty impressive. Although Maven hasn’t specified the exact figure, it’s around 90% as per our experience and some other glassers’ reviews.

How do I shelter my S.2 scope from external damages?

Although the Maven S.2 is a resilient scope with an aluminum body and solid grip, chances of damage are always here. The biggest challenge that outdoor glassers face is dirt, pollutants, moisture, and oil that severely damage the lens glass. 

To protect your scope’s fluorite lens from these harms, make sure you regularly clean it. Blowing the dust before storing your scope should be a regular practice, and thoroughly cleaning the outer body once a week should also be on your mind.

Apart from frequent cleaning, keeping it inside the carry case when you are not using it and always checking how stable the ground is are some more tips to protect your precious glass.

Maven S2 12-27×56 mm spotting scope summary

Maven is one of the emerging American names in the optics field; the dedication towards novelty and affordability sets Maven apart from the rest.

If you want an affordable but efficient spotting scope, this newest addition in Maven’s product range is the real deal.

Maven S.2 spotting scope has successfully gained worldwide popularity due to its handy size and premium features.

I did this Maven S.2 12-27 X 56mm Compact Spotting Scope review to make sure that you are thoroughly aware of its aspects before proceeding further. Maven S.2 is an 11″ scope that weighs merely 34oz and offers 12-27x magnification with its 56mm focal lens. You’ll get aluminum focus and power knobs, an efficient Abbe-Koenig prism system, up to 20.2mm eye relief distance, and an impressive 134ft FOV.

Moreover, the mid-range twilight factor, the astonishing 8ft close focus distance, and 4-2mm exit pupil diameter are some other perks of this smart scope.

With a Maven S.2 scope, you’d never miss a worth-watching sight, and your adventures will always be memorable, that we promise!

Bestseller No. 1
Maven CS.1 15-45X65mm Spotting Scope Gray/Orange…
  • This powerful scope features a well-balanced lightweight polymer frame, extra low-dispersion (ED) glass, and fully multi-coated lenses for an exceptionally clear, bright, high-contrast image with excellent color reproduction.
  • Because of our direct-to-consumer, no retail-markup business model, you know you’ll be getting the best binocular for your buck.
Bestseller No. 2
Maven S.1A 25-50 X 80 mm FL Spotting Scope…
  • 80mm fluorite (FL) objective lens for superior low light performance.
  • 25x-50x zoom keeps your image in the sweet spot of performance and brightness.
Bestseller No. 3
Maven S.2 12-27×56 mm FL Spotting Scope…
  • 12-27x magnification range, a 56 mm FL objective lens, an Abbe-Koenig prism, all housed in an 11 inch compact, 34 oz. package.
  • Tripod mountable with attached 14 in 20 stud for hours of easy glassing. Includes neoprene case for grab-and-go peace of mind.
Bestseller No. 5
Maven S.1S 25-50 X 80mm FL Spotting Scope…
  • 80mm fluorite (FL) objective lens for superior low light performance.
  • 25x-50x zoom keeps your image in the sweet spot of performance and brightness.
Bestseller No. 6
Maven RS.2-2 -10x38mm SFP Ultralight Hunting Rifle…
  • The RS.2 Ultralight Riflescope was designed for the hunter that knows the end of the road is only the beginning of the hunt. The 2X-10X zoom range covers almost any hunting situation and ED glass provides true color rendering and maximizes light transmission through a 38mm objective lens. Capped MOA turrets provide 0.25 MOA per click adjustments and the magnification ring offers buttery smooth zoom adjustments
  • We’re focused on performance, so you can focus on your passion. Our passion is great glass – so when it came time to design RS Series Riflescopes we knew they had to be bright, clear, and durable. World class Japanese glass is the foundation of our premium optics, and the RS Series is no different. Built in single-piece aluminum tubes with precision machined adjustments, the RS Series Riflescopes are made to undergo years of precise dialing.
Bestseller No. 7
Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Spotting Scope…
  • The redesigned Diamondback HD spotting scope has all the optical horsepower the western hunter needs, and excels in low light. It features a streamlined exterior for a sleeker profile and a built-in helical focus wheel for fast and fine adjustments.
  • HD optical system delivers exceptional resolution, cuts chromatic aberration and provides outstanding color fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness and light transmission. Multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces increase light transmission
Bestseller No. 8
Maven RF.1 5-4500 YD ED Rangefinder (Gray/Orange)
  • Like our S, B, and RS Series optics, the Maven RF.1 represents our elite range finder, delivered for a fraction of comparable rangefinders’ costs. Our modern sportsman-inspired designs are paired with the best available materials and state of the art technology to create an uncompromising optic.
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and scratch resistant lens coatings will ensure unimpeded field use.
Bestseller No. 9
Maven B5 56 mm FL Binoculars (15X56, Gray/Orange)
  • The B.5 is our most powerful binocular and the fluorite glass is a step above ED glass of similar-sized optics.
  • One of the most modern optical systems on the market, this purpose-built binocular is designed to extend your range for those who require increased magnification and for discerning detail during those critical low-light periods when covering big, open country.
Bestseller No. 10
Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope 15-45×65…
  • The Viper HD 15-45×65 Angled Spotting Scope is packed with features for incredible glassing and high end optical performance.
  • The HD optical system comprised of premium components generates vivid high-definition images. XR anti-reflective coatings on exterior surfaces help obtain brighter views in low-light situations.

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