7 Best Vortex Rifle Scopes Reviews for 2024 (Recommended by PROs)

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If you are looking for an excellent rifle scope that can make your hunting adventures more thrilling, you have landed in the right place. This time, we are here with the best Vortex rifle scope reviews to give you a detailed insight into Vortex Optics’ product line to make sure that you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

It’s no secret that Vortex produces high-quality rifle scopes at an affordable price; you don’t have to pay extra for their VIP warranty, and you don’t have to wonder if you’re getting the best deal.

What is the best Vortex Scope?

Vortex optics is making rifle scopes and other glassing equipment for almost two decades now and is doubtlessly one of the best brands available out there.


Vortex rifle scopes are well-known for their practicality, versatility, and affordability. Whether you are in search of a budgeted option or are ready to spend a heft, you’ll find incredible Vortex rifle scopes in all categories.


But some research is a must before you buy anything, right? That’s the reason we have thoroughly reviewed some of the most practical Vortex rifle scopes and compiled them here so that you don’t have to wander on the internet. Read till the end, and get that perfect rifle scope that you have always wished to own.


Here is a quick list of the top Vortex riflescopes recommended by expert hunters, shooters and birders




Best Vortex Rifle Scopes Reviews for Hunting, Birding, Shooting and More…



1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-12×44 riflescope





  • Magnification: 4-12x
  • Objective diameter: 44mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.9inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3.6-11mm
  • FOV: 24.7-8.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  17.2oz




  • Hard anodized finish
  • Weather and shockproof
  • Quick focusing
  • Easy-to-sight
  • Sturdy tactical knobs




  • Poor image quality at 7x and above


With aircraft grade aluminum body and hard anodized finish, the Vortex optics Crossfire II rifle scope is the sturdiest option that you’ll get in this range. Crossfire is an entry-level rifle scope that offers excellent features at an affordable price.


This crossfire II scope has a 1-inch wide tube that doesn’t give in to harsh weather conditions and protects the lens glass from all external shocks.


The multicoated lens glass prevents light reflection and shows well-illuminated views of your target. This scope comes with the exclusive dead-hold BDC reticle that makes focusing easier for you.


For instance, if your target is at a considerable distance, this reticle helps you quickly estimate the bullet-drop distance and reduces the guesswork. This BDC reticle is ideal for long-range shooting where you have a vague estimation of the target. 


The fast-focus eyepiece, along with a vast eye relief distance, makes this scope a practical choice for quirky hunters. When the target is running, and you don’t have time to reset your rifle in its direction, this scope’s eyepiece comes in handy to lock that sight.


The 44mm objective lens with anti-reflective coating always produces vivid imagery. Whether you focus on a target sitting nearby or running at a distance, the imagery will always be well-defined.


The 3.6-11mm exit pupil diameter adds to the shooter’s comfort and doesn’t ask him to contract/dilate his pupil while focusing. Moreover, the 3.9-inch eye relief distance also makes this scope an excellent pick for hunters who wear specs/glasses. 


This scope has sturdy capped turrets that quickly re-adjust as per your requirements and don’t lose the fixed sight. These knobs are quick-to-move and resilient enough to bear continuous usage. 


Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×44 rifle scope is fully purged with nitrogen and has an O-ring sealed lens that makes it weather and shock-resistant. Despite being a mere 17oz scope, this one is ten on ten in terms of durability and performance.


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2. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope





  • Magnification: 4-12x
  • Objective diameter: 40mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.1-3.4inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3.3-10mm
  • FOV: 11.3-32.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 14.6oz




  • Solid one-piece tube
  • Textured turrets
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Customized dead-hold BDC reticle
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Fully multicoated glass




  • Tacky packaging
  • Tight ERD


If you need a go-to rifle scope that complements long-range and short-range shooting alike, this Diamondback scope is a not-to-miss gadget.


Its one-piece tube is constructed from solid aluminum that is lightweight and strong simultaneously. The shaft is 1 inch in diameter and 11 inches long for easy hauling and quick adjustments.


The second focal plane BDC reticle doesn’t change in size when you alter the scope’s magnification and is ideal for lowlight shooting. This customized dotted reticle lets you quickly aim at the subject and shoot it precisely.


Moreover, the quick-focusing eyepiece is also here to help you secure a sight. The multicoated 40mm objective lens reduces glare and enhances light transmission, which ultimately produces vibrant images.


This diamondback rifle scope has capped turrets for easy alterations and smooth operating. These turrets automatically zero-in after you have sighted the scope and don’t move if you accidentally touch the knobs.


Unlike other turrets, these capped ones are easy-to-work-with during day-time usage. When you are continuously moving, the automatic zeroing saves your time and helps you shift from one point to another smoothly.


The smooth zoom eyepiece and precision glide erector system assist you in quickly spotting the target.


This affordable rifle scope is built to survive in rough-tough conditions; it’s purged with compressed argon and has rubber O-ring sealing that collectively repel moisture and impurities from scratching the lens surface.


So, even if you leave Vortex diamondback scope mounted on the gun after shooting, you shouldn’t worry about its well-being.


This scope is best for deer hunting due to its ergonomic design and sturdy built; both factors facilitate the hunters during challenging missions.


Moreover, you’ll get a free customized Vortex baseball hat with this scope. This camouflaged hat is a gift from Vortex optics to its valued customers, which is indeed a sweet gesture.


3. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Riflescopes





  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 4inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.08-8.3mm
  • FOV: 5.1-17.8ft at 100 yards
  • Weight factor: 24-42




  • Perfect for long-range use
  • Incredible light transmission
  • Resilient build
  • XR fully multicoated lens
  • Comfortable light transmission




  • Sloppy parallax knob


Vortex Viper HS-T scope comes with a large 50mm objective lens that shows crystal clear views to the shooter and removes chromatic aberrations simultaneously.


This focal lens has ArmorTek coating that protects the lens surface from impurities and shelters the color-enhancing coatings that are underneath it.


This scope’s 30mm shaft is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is ideal for wild hunts where you can’t take care of your equipment much.


The smooth side knobs of this scope are quickly adjustable, and you can easily zero in on the object with them.


The lens is made from extra-low dispersion glass that optimizes light transmission. Moreover, the exterior and interior of this HS-T scope are shockproof, which means it can endure any use/abuse when you are out chasing a target.


Apart from being a sturdy option, Vortex HS-T is comfortable as well. Its generous 4-inch eye relief distance is a great plus point that hunters always wish for. Although its exit pupil diameter is narrower than the rest of my picks, the illuminated reticle is here to compensate for it.


You’ll also get a 4-inch sunshade with this scope that makes day-light shooting easier and allows you to practice without bothering the region you are in.


This tactical scope is best for AR-15 and other firearms that are used in extreme competitions. If you want to win some thrilling shooting challenges, get this one for sure.


As its name HS-T (hunting, shooting, tactical) indicates, this scope will accompany you in every indoor/outdoor activity and will prove its worth; you’ll have to spend a heft for it, though!


4. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 Parallax Adjustment Riflescope





  • Magnification: 6.5-20x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 3.1-3.3inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.5-7.69mm
  • FOV: 6.2-17.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 21.6oz




  • XR outer coating
  • Precision-forcing spring system
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum shaft
  • Fast-focus eyepiece




  • Hard to zero-in


When you spend a good sum on a scope, it must be par excellence, right? That’s why Vortex optics has manufactured this incredibly sturdy and apt rifle scope, which is perfect for every firearm.


If you want exceptionally bright imagery without any fringing, this parallax adjustment scope should be your priority. With its Mil-dot reticle, you won’t have to calculate the windage and elevation before shooting. As this is a second focal plane reticle, you can easily alter the magnification without thinking about the reticle’s crosshair.


The 50mm focal lens crafted from extra-low dispersion glass is meant to serve the shooters in all light conditions. The XR plus outer coating on this scope offers up to 95% light transmission and great color-fidelity.


Having 6.5 to 20x magnification means you can take this scope to both indoor target practices and wildlife hunts; it will succeed in all tests, that’s for sure. The exclusive precision-glide erector system helps you speedily change the magnification and sight a new point without wasting time.


The windage and elevation turrets are capped for enhanced protection. Every time you turn a knob, there will be an audible click which is a great feature when you are in the woods.


Vortex optics emphasizes its gadgets’ durability, and this scope is not void of it either. It is purged with argon and has rubber lens sealing for excellent water and fog-proof performance. Moreover, the resilient aircraft-grade tube can bear all environmental hardships and never becomes a liability.


ArmorTek Lens coating is also here to work as an additional shield and keeps your Vortex 6.5-20x scope new-like.


However, if you wear glasses, this scope’s 3.1-3.3 inch eye relief distance might not be a good fit for you.


Backing by vortex’s lifetime warranty and various functional features make this scope a great pick from the mid-priced range.


5. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 Riflescope





  • Magnification: 5-25x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 3.4inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2-10mm
  • FOV: 4.8-24.1ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 31.2oz




  • Exclusive laser-etched turrets
  • Protective ArmorTek coating
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Hard anodized body
  • Shockproof
  • Sunshade included




  • Narrow FOV


Optimal performance and comfortable handling are the two main features that set this scope apart from the rest. If you can’t bother adjusting/re-adjusting the knobs repetitively, get your hands on vortex viper PST GEN II 5-25×50 scope and up your shooting game instantly.


Its side focus knob offers quick adjustment and is easily accessible even when you are in a shooting position. Also, the fiber-optic rotation indicator keeps track of your turret’s position which saves your time during frisky hunts.


The exclusive laser-etched turrets help you calculate the target’s dynamics and shoot precisely. These tactical turrets are easy, quick, and audible, so that unintentional touch/press doesn’t disturb your focus.


The extra-low dispersion glass ensures excellent light transmission and shows vivid views without any distortion. Good color-differentiation and fringe-free views are two perks of vortex viper PST GEN-II scope.


This scope is incredible in terms of practicality and durability. The robust 30mm central shaft is shockproof and doesn’t expose the lens and reticle to any harm. Also, the lens has argon purging to let you experience thrilling hunts even on rainy days. 


The illuminated hash mark reticle is placed between two layers of the lens to protect it from shooting shocks. This scope comes with a first focal plane reticle whose size changes with magnification, but at the same time, is very good for alterations. The reticle’s illumination makes this scope a great option for lowlight shooting and is also ideal for long-range hunts.


Its lens has an external ArmorTek coating that works as an impurity-repellent sheet and maintains your scope’s shine. Also, this coating doesn’t let fingerprints stick to the surface and makes the scope’s cleaning easier.


If you are a fan of FFP reticles, this scope is the most affordable one you can get. Along with a wide magnification range and FOV, you’ll get an ergonomic design as well.


6. Vortex Optics Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 Riflescope





  • Magnification: 15-60x
  • Objective diameter: 52mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 3.9inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 0.87-3.46mm
  • FOV: 6.3-6.3ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 29.7oz




  • APO lens system
  • Plasma tech outer coating
  • Extra-fine resolution knob
  • Sturdy aluminum lens caps
  • Resilient build




  • Narrow exit pupil diameter


Large and resilient scopes give the shooters’ equipment an exotic look and also perform exceptionally well. The same is the case with this golden eagle 15-60×52 scope.


Vortex Optics has specifically introduced this scope for long-range competitions where your target is barely visible, but you still want to hit the right spot.


Its 15 to 60x magnification impeccably helps the shooters in spotting the target, and the large knobs make this magnifying process quicker.


The side parallax knob lets you identify mirage and doesn’t let windage disturb your focus. You can effortlessly calculate the bullet drop distance with this scope, which is a helpful feature for long-range excursions.


This scope has a very long and thin body made from solid aluminum so that no use/abuse can harm its interiors. The lens and shaft are both protected and designed according to shooting conditions. 


Golden eagle’s APO lens is extra-low dispersion for optimal performance in bright and low light conditions alike. The exterior of the lens has XR plus anti-reflective coating that blocks the way of glare and doesn’t let the views get extra bright. 


The simple crosshair (SCR) reticle is uncluttered and is easy to sight. When your target has lines i.e., a shooting board, a simple reticle is relatively more comfortable.


This premium 15-60×52 scope has a fast-focus eyepiece that always comes in handy. Also, the aperture stop ring helps you view the objects in-depth and reduces wind and light hindrances as well.


The extra-fine resolution knob feels comfortable and is etched to stop the unnecessary movement of the focus when you walk/run.


Moreover, there is plasma tech outer coating on it that improvises image quality and repels most impurities from harming the glass surface.


You’ll also get the durable screw-on aluminum lens and eyepiece caps in the package, which are more resilient than regular plastic caps that wear out quickly.


7. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27×56 Riflescope


Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP...
  • The Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 riflescope is feature rich and deadly accurate; perfect for advanced precision shooting and tactical operations. The glass-etched EBR-2C MRAD reticle has 11 illumination intensities and ensures subtensions stay accurate.
  • Built for dialing in long-range, precision shots, the L-TEC Turret System features a locking mechanism that prevents accidental elevation adjustments. A visual rotation indicator allows shooters to easily keep track of revolutions on the turret.




  • Magnification: 4.5-27x
  • Objective diameter: 56mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Eye relief: 3.7inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.07-12.4mm
  • FOV: 25.3-4.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 48.5oz




  • HD image quality
  • Optically indexed apochromatic lens
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Locking turret mechanism
  • Perfect for quick sighting




  • Heavy


If optical precision is your ultimate priority, look no further than this GEN II 4.5-27×56 scope. Its optically indexed apochromatic lens ensures vivid views and repels most fringing from final imagery.


The fast-focus eyepiece and L-TEC turrets are made to suit tactical missions and effortlessly accompany long-range missions. These turrets come with a locking mechanism so that you don’t have to zero-in time and again.


Its glass-etched reticle is illuminated and has 11 different intensities that you can choose depending upon your requirements.


The extra-low dispersion lens glass is fully coated with XR plus an anti-reflective layer that provides smooth performance and doesn’t let glare affect the image quality. To get HD optical clarity on a wide magnification range, this scope is perfect.


Providing optimal image quality and still being fully weather-resistant is something you cannot get everywhere, but that’s not true when we talk about vortex GEN II 4.5-27×56 scope.


The 30mm aluminum tube is adjustable with 5 different first focal plane reticles, which is another advantage if you are a professional shooter who practices with various firearms. 


However, since this scope is meant for tactical usage, it is more substantial than others. It weighs around 46 ounces, which means you cannot lug it everywhere.


The extensive magnification range makes this scope compatible with different activities, which shows that you can invest once and enjoy different excursions with it for the years to come.


This scope’s eye relief distance is 3.7inch that falls in the average category and isn’t something we can boast about. The exit pupil diameter, on the other hand, ranges from 2 to 12mm and provides a considerable path for light.


Argon purging and rubber O-ring sealing add to their sturdiness and are compatible with all weather conditions, regardless of your mission.


So, whether you opt for hunts or shooting competitions, Vortex 4.5-27×56 scope is a go-to option for all.


8. Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10X24 FFP Riflescope




  • Magnification: 1-10x
  • Objective diameter: 24mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Eye relief: 3.6inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.4-24mm
  • FOV: 116-11.7ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 21.5oz




  • XR multicoated lens
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Vivid optical quality
  • Light and sturdy build
  • Incredible precision




  • Tight eye


Most rifle scopes lack in the field of view and restrain the shooter to a specific distance. However, since Vortex optics never stops introducing newer gadgets, it has solved this problem as well.


The Vortex razor 1-10×24 scope provides 116-11.7ft wide FOV so that you can get an incredibly clear view of a broad region. The HD optical quality and a wide FOV are two central features that make this latest scope a premium addition to Vortex’s product list.


This handy scope is 11 inches long and weighs 21 ounces so you can take it everywhere you go without thinking about the gear’s weight.


The 24mm index-matched apochromatic lens is coated with Vortex’s trademark XR plus anti-reflective coating and ensures bright views of the minutest objects present in your optical path. 


The FFP reticle is located between two layers of the lens and is fully sheltered from external harms.


The edge-to-edge image sharpness is another premium feature of this razor scope, which justifies the hefty amount that you’ll have to pay.


The solid ArmorTek coating protects this exceptional lens from scratches and lets you easily clean it once you are done shooting.


The high-quality aluminum body makes it strong enough to bear all hardships and gives your gear a professional look.


Moreover, this razor scope is thoroughly purged with argon and doesn’t give in to weather extremes, irrespective of the time you spend in the wild with it.


Its low-capped turrets feel solid and are quickly adjustable. Both focus and parallax knobs have heat-treated solid steel pads at their ends that reduce friction. These steel pads also increase this scope’s resilience capacity and give this it a hardened finish.


If you are interested in buying Vortex Razor HD GEN iii riflescope, buy it here on optics planet.


Top Vortex Rifle Scopes Summary


Despite being a relatively new optics company, the vortex has already launched numerous benchmark rifle scope series and is continuously upgrading its product list.


These best Vortex rifle scope reviews were aimed to increase your knowledge about the variety that you can get in a single company i.e., Vortex. From lower-end options to the premium ones, we have covered all options in this guide to save your time and provide you with a detailed cross-section of your to-buy gadgets.


Whether you are a long-range shooter or a deer hunter looking to complete your equipment, the above-described scopes will easily match your needs and make you a pro at your game, that’s for sure!


Image credit: Vortex Optics

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