Can You Use An Air Rifle Scope On A Real Rifle (Answered)

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Many hunters advise against the idea of using one type of rifle’s scope on another type. The reason may be the strength produced during the recoiling after every shot. Since air rifles have a bigger calibre than real rifles, the exertion may lead to a fault while sighting in the scope.

While you can technically use an air rifle scope on a real firearm, it’s not recommended. The extreme turbulence generated by a real gun can cause the scope to become dislodged or inaccurate after just a few shots. 

Air rifles produce much less recoil, so they are much easier on scopes. If you’re looking for an optic that can withstand the rigours of a real gun, you’ll need to invest in a scope specifically designed for that purpose. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking to an air rifle with an air rifle scope.

List of Best Air Rifle Scopes on the Market

How Is An Air Rifle Scope Different From A Regular Rifle Scope? 

Before you invest in an air rifle scope that doesn’t break the bank for your real rifle, try to understand why experts do not recommend an air rifle scope for a real rifle. 

  • Recoil

There is a major reason why air rifle scopes are not the best option for a regular rifle, and that is because of how they handle the recoil.

All scopes are designed to take the brunt of the recoil from the gun, but air rifle scopes are not built to withstand the same level of recoil as a regular rifle scope. The lenses in an air rifle scope are not as thick or as durable as the lenses in a regular rifle scope, so they can easily be damaged by the recoil from a real rifle.

  • Parallax

In addition, air rifle scopes are designed for use with a parallax. This means that the image you see through the scope will be slightly different depending on where your eye is positioned behind the scope. This is not an issue with a regular rifle scope, which is designed to be used without a parallax.

  • Prices

Some users opt for air rifle scopes as they are less expensive than regular rifle scopes.  The lenses on an air rifle scope are not coated with anti-reflective compounds like those found on a regular rifle scope. The result is that the image you see through an air rifle scope will be dimmer and have less contrast than what you would see through a regular rifle scope.

  • Reticles

Furthermore, the reticles (the crosshairs that you use to aim) on an air rifle scope are not as thick as the reticles on a regular rifle scope. This is because the thinner the reticle, the easier it is for the shooter to place the crosshairs on the target. However, this also means that the crosshairs on an air rifle scope will be more difficult to see in low-light conditions.

If you are looking for a scope to use on your real rifle, make sure to choose one that is designed for use with a real rifle. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing your scope sooner than you would like. 

Should You Use An Air Rifle Scope On A Real Rifle Or Not?

There is a lot of debate on whether or not you should use an air rifle scope on a real rifle. Some people say that it is perfectly fine to do so, while others believe that it is not a good idea. 

So, what is the truth? Well, it really depends on the situation. 

If you are planning on using your air rifle for hunting, then it is probably not a good idea to use an air rifle scope on your real rifle. This is because air rifles and real rifles shoot at different distances, and an air rifle scope is not calibrated for longer distances. 

However, if you are just plinking around at the range, then using an air rifle scope on your real rifle probably won’t make much of a difference. 

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Can You Use An Air Rifle Scope On A 22 Rifle?

Air rifles are typically designed for use at shorter ranges, while 22 rifles are often used for hunting or long-range target practice. As a result, .22 scopes tend to have a higher level of magnification, which can make them difficult to use with an air rifle. 

Still, you can use an air rifle scope on a .22 rifle. 

  • The scope should be properly mounted along with secure rings. The biggest difference between an air rifle scope and a .22 scope is the fact that an air rifle scope is designed to be used with pellets, while a .22 scope is designed for use with bullets. 
  • Besides that, the reticles in the scope are properly calibrated for the pellets that you are using. 
  • The parallax adjustment on the scope should be set correctly. 

If you do not take these precautions, your shots may not be accurate. 

Can You Use A Rifle Scope On A PCP Air Rifle?

While air rifles and pistols have been around for centuries, only recently have they become popular among shooting sports enthusiasts. Thanks to advances in technology, air rifles can now be fitted with high-quality optics, making them more accurate than ever before. 

But can you use a rifle scope on a PCP air rifle? The short answer is yes. 

In fact, many competitive shooters use scopes to help them hit their targets. While the scope is not required to shoot an air rifle, it can certainly help to improve your accuracy. 

If you are considering adding a scope to your air rifle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Zero-in the scope so that it is aligned with the bore of the gun. 
  • Choose the right reticle for your particular shooting style. 

With a little practice, you will be hitting your targets with ease.

Best Air Rifle Scopes for Real Rifles on the Market

Air Rifle ScopeFeaturesSuitable For
CVLIFE 4×32 CompactAnodized aluminum body
Fog and water-resistant
Adjustable for windage and elevation
AR-7 Survival Rifle
Mantis 3-9 x 40mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle ScopeIlluminated for better visibility in low light conditions
Durable aluminum construction
Adjustable objective lens for accurate focus
PSA PA10 Gen3 AR-10
Hawke Airmax 4-16×5050mm objective lens ensures that you have a bright, clear image
Side focus parallax adjustment 
Etched reticle provides excellent aiming precision
Ruger American 223 Ranch

Do Air Rifle Scopes Hold Zero If It’s Mounted On An Armalite AR-18 Rifle?

When it comes to finding a scope that will hold zero on an Armalite AR-18 rifle, there are a few things to consider. 

  • This rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, which means that the scope will need to be able to withstand the recoil of the gun. 
  • The AR-18 has a gas-operated system, which can cause vibration that can throw off the scope’s alignment. 
  • The AR-18 has a muzzle brake, creating a vibration that can affect the scope’s zero. 

While there are many scopes on the market that claim to be compatible with the AR-18, not all of them will be able to withstand the unique challenges of this rifle. So, do your research and choose a scope that is up for the task. With the right model, you can rest assured that your scope will hold zero on your Armalite AR-18.

Do Real Rifles Benefit From Air Rifle Scopes?

If you’re a competitive shooter, the benefits of an air rifle scope are obvious. The biggest benefit is the ability to see your target more clearly. An air rifle scope can help you stay on target longer and make more accurate shots. 

However, there are some drawbacks to using an air rifle scope on a real rifle. 

  • The weight of the scope can make your rifle feel unbalanced. 
  • The recoil from a real rifle can damage an air rifle’s scope. 
  • You need to be very careful when mounting an air rifle scope on a real rifle, as it is easy to damage the scope or the rifle itself. 

If you’re serious about competitive shooting, then an air rifle scope can give you a distinct advantage.

Can Air Rifle Scopes Survive Sharp Recoil Force On Real Guns?

Air rifles are increasingly becoming popular for hunting and target shooting. They are very accurate and can shoot at high speeds. Most air rifles have scopes to help with aiming. However, there is some debate about whether or not air rifle scopes can withstand the sharp recoil force of real guns. 

Some people believe that air rifle scopes are not durable enough to withstand the force of a real gun, while others believe that they are just as durable as any other type of scope. There is no clear consensus on this issue, but it is something to consider if you are thinking about using an air rifle scope on a real gun. 

Some companies are working on providing air rifle scopes that can work on real rifles. But recoils from rifles like 308 are still in question as they may unbalance and damage the scope even if mounted properly. The recoil is very heavy and with a smaller objective coming from an air rifle scope, it may not be the best option.

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