Can You Put A Red Dot On A Benelli Nova (Answered)

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Red dot on a Benelli Nova? That sounds like one heck of a combination! But can you actually mount a red dot on your Benelli Nova? That’s a bit iffy. Here’s what you need to know about putting a scope on your favorite shotgun: 

You can put a red dot on a Benelli Nova, but you’ll need to have a receiver base installed first. This will provide a solid foundation for mounting the sight and ensure that it stays in place when you’re firing the gun. Just be sure to consult a qualified gunsmith or other firearms expert before making any modifications to your weapon. 

Some people swear by certain makes and models of shotguns, while others think that any gun will do the trick. If you’re new to shotguns or curious about them, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll look at the Benelli Nova and see if we can put a red dot on it. We’ll also learn about some gun mounts and what makes them unique. 

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Is A Benelli Nova Compatible With Red Dot Sights?

Most red dot sights will be compatible with the Benelli Nova as long as they are designed for use with a shotgun. There are different brands and models of red dot sight that will work well with the Nova, so it depends on your preference. Many experts recommend the Leupold DeltaPoint for its durability and versatility, but there are plenty of other options as well.

There are several manufacturers of red dot sights that are compatible with Benelli Nova shotguns. Some popular brands include Aimpoint, Vortex, Bushnell, and Trijicon. It’s important to research to find the sight that best suits your needs and shooting style. Each brand offers different features and benefits, so find the sight that will work best for you.

For example, EOTech’s XPS2-0 red dot sight is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality sight that is also easy to use. It features a 1 MOA red dot reticle and is nitrogen-purged for fog proofing to support your hunting ventures.

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Does a Benelli Nova Come Pre-Drilled for a Red Dot?

There are many versions of the Benelli Nova, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer without knowing more about the specific model. However, most shotguns do not come pre-drilled for a red dot sight, and you would likely need to take it to a gunsmith to do that. 

Moreover, most shooters prefer to use iron sights on shotguns instead of red dot sights, as they can be somewhat more forgiving when it comes to accuracy. So, you’ll have to check your gun’s model to know better. The majority of Benelli Nova shotguns are not pre-drilled for red dot sights for these reasons:

  • Drilling a shotgun would significantly increase its price, as adding this feature would require additional machining and labor. 
  • Many users do not find red dot sights particularly useful on shotguns, as it can be difficult to acquire a proper sight picture due to the recoil. 
  • Installing a red dot sight on a shotgun usually requires modifying the gun’s stock, which voids the warranty. 

So, for these reasons, most Benelli Novas are not pre-drilled for red dot sights. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t mount a red dot on your shotgun. Read the following section to overcome this hurdle!

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How to Put a Red Dot on Your Benelli Nova If It’s Not Pre-Drilled?

If you want to mount a red dot sight on your Benelli Nova shotgun and it’s not pre-drilled and tapped, don’t worry – there are still plenty of options available to you. Here are some tips you can follow to get the job done:

Option One: Use a Picatinny Rail Adapter

The first hack to mount a red dot on your Benelli Nova is to use a Picatinny rail adapter. This plate attaches to the receiver of your shotgun and provides a rail interface for mounting red dot sights. Several top brands make these adapters, so do your research and choose one that’s compatible with your shotgun.

Option Two: Use a Side Mount

Another option is to use a side mount. This mounting plate attaches to the side of your shotgun’s receiver and provides a rail interface for mounting red dot sights (just like the Picatinny rail). But since this plate is mounted at a side, you don’t have to drill and tap your gun. Instead, attach the side mount, and you’re good to go with most red dots.

Option Three: Use a Drill and Tap Kit

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can always drill and tap your shotgun’s receiver to mount a red dot sight. This is not a beginner-friendly option, but if you’re comfortable with drilling and tapping metal, it’s doable. Just use the proper size drill bits and taps, and follow all safety precautions. Also, it’s better if an experienced gunsmith does this job. Since you don’t want to permanently damage your gun, ask an expert to alter it for you. Once they drill and tap your Benelli Nova’s polymer and steel skeleton, you’re free to put a red dot on it. 

Option Four: Use a Red Dot Sight Mount

Finally, you can always use a red dot sight mount that’s specifically designed for shotguns. These mounts typically attach to the top of your shotgun’s receiver, so they’re very easy to install. There are a few different brands that make these mounts, so be sure to do your research and choose one that’s compatible with your shotgun.

Regardless of your choice, follow the instructions carefully and take safety precautions while altering your gun. With a little effort, you can easily mount a red dot sight on your Benelli Nova shotgun.

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Which Mounts can You Use with a Benelli Nova?

Several mounts can help you attach a red dot sight to your Benelli Nova shotgun. But the one you pick depends on your gun’s model and your preferences. Here are some popular options:

  • Weaver Mounts

Weaver mounts are one of the most popular choices for attaching a red dot sight to a shotgun. They offer a solid and secure connection between the sight and the gun, and they’re relatively easy to install.

  • Scope Mounts

Scope mounts are good for attaching a red dot sight to a shotgun if you want to use the iron sights on the gun as well. They offer a solid connection and ensure you can easily focus on the subject.

  • Saddle Mounts

Saddle mounts are ideal for putting a red dot sight on a Benelli Nova, especially if you’re a hunter. A saddle mount will ensure you easily and quickly acquire your target. Also, these mounts are impressively stable, so you’ll get precise shots every time. These ergonomic mounts are also easy to install – just attach the mount to the rail on the top of the gun, and you’re ready to go.

  • Speed Bead Mounts

There are many reasons why speed bead mounts are the best choice for mounting a red dot sight on a Benelli Nova gun.

  • These handy mounts provide an extremely secure connection between the scope and the gun, important for maintaining accuracy. 
  • These mounts allow for quick and easy scope adjustments without removing the entire mount. 
  • They offer a clean, unobstructed view of the target area, making it easy to acquire and track targets.

If you wish to put a red dot sight on your Benelli Nova gun with the least effort, speed bead mounts are great.

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Can You Put a Red Dot on a Benelli SuperNova?

Yes, you can put a red dot on a Benelli SuperNova gun. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on what kind of red dot sight you want to use. You can either mount the red dot sight on the front weaver rail or on the rear Picatinny rail. 

To add a red dot sight to your Benelli SuperNova, you’ll most likely have to get the gun drilled and tapped. While some users have reported being able to mount a red dot sight without drilling and tapping, it’s generally not recommended as it could throw off the gun’s accuracy. 

Drilling and tapping is a relatively simple process that can be done by a qualified gunsmith. Also, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when modifying your firearm. Once you’ve had the SuperNova drilled and tapped, adding a red dot sight will be a breeze!

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Final Words

Based on our research, it appears that you can put a red dot on a Benelli Nova. However, we would recommend contacting Benelli directly to inquire about specific models and compatibility. Additionally, we would advise using a professional gunsmith or firearms dealer for assistance with this process, as it can be complex and dangerous to attempt on your own. With their help, you should be able to find a red dot sight that is compatible with your Benelli Nova and get it properly mounted.

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