7 Best Simmons Rifle Scopes Reviews (The Most Inexpensive)

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Rifle scopes’ insanely high prices can make the passionate shooters wait for months before they upgrade their arsenal. But luckily, Simmons optics is that one fellow who says, “don’t worry, I got your back even in this inflation.”

These best Simmons rifle scope reviews will make you believe that not every good gadget is expensive.

In fact, some incredibly inexpensive rifle scopes can compete with high-end ones and help you achieve that long-awaited shooting precision.

Simmons optics is manufacturing handy rifle scopes since 1983, and during this time, its fan-base has spread across the globe.

If you are a smart buyer who seeks quality and affordability in the same gadget, go through these Simmons rifle scope reviews. I am confident that by the end, you’ll also be admiring the impressive craftsmanship and sturdiness of these scopes. So, shall we start?

Quick List: Our top 5 Simmons rifle scopes that are inexpensive yet reliable;

7 Best Simmons Rifle Scopes Reviews

1. Simmons 3 – 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Riflescope

Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope,...
  • Upgrade your rimfire shooting with the Simmons 22 MAG 3-9x32 Riflescope, designed to deliver reliable and accurate performance every time
  • With a versatile 3-9x magnification range and a 32mm objective lens, this riflescope is perfect for close to mid-range shooting and provides a clear and bright image of your target


  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.75inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 10.7-3.6mm
  • FOV: 31.4-10.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  10.8oz


  • QTA eyepiece
  • HydroShield outer coating
  • Rubber surfaces for secure grip
  • Quickly adjustable focus ring
  • Impressive parallax


  • Knobs move without an audible click

If you need a scope that is 24/7 ready to accompany your hunting passion, this Simmons 3-9×32 .22 Mag(R) is the answer. With its rugged construction and textured surface, you can enjoy endless shoots without a second thought.

Its 3-9x magnification is perfect for mid-range shooting and is easily adjustable with the large magnification ring.

The multi-coated 32mm objective lens reduces light reflection and provides well-differentiated imagery. Its multi-coating removes fringing from the edges and doesn’t expose your eyes to blurry views.

This 10oz scope has a fine-haired truplex reticle, which makes focusing more comfortable for you. The 3.75inch eye relief is also there that enables you to stand comfortably without squinting your eyes too much.

Moreover, the HydroShield outer layer protects the lens glass from moisture and impurities, eventually increasing its work capacity. If you are tired of foggy images, this coating will solve that problem.

The unique HydroShield coating shelters the glass from external impurities and assists you during the scope’s cleaning. Since lens cleaners can be harmful to the glass, this layer works as a barrier. 

The quick target acquisition (QTA) eyepiece comes in handy when you chase a moving target and lets you shoot it precisely. Imagine if you are out in the wild running behind a deer, this eyepiece will make sure that no matter how speedy that deer is, you see it without any distortion.

The rubberized outer surface of Simmons 3-9×32 scope offers a secure grip in the moist conditions. This feature helps you during fierce outdoor settings when you cannot wipe off the moisture while adjusting the scope.

You can easily adjust the parallax above 50 yards with the help of a large side knob. Altering parallax enhances your shooting precision during critical times and helps you maintain a stealth mode while hitting the prey.

Its 1inch central tube is durable and doesn’t give in to continuous recoil.  Whether you are a backcountry hunter or an indoor shooter, this Simmons scope will serve its purpose without any distortion.

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2. Simmons Truplex Riflescope (3-9X40)

Simmons 510513 Truplex Riflescope, Matte, 3-9x40mm
  • 8-point Riflescope with fully-coated optics
  • 1-4-MOA sure grip audible-click windage and elevation adjustments


  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 40mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.75inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 10.7-3.6mm
  • FOV: 31.4-10.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  70oz


  • Fully coated lens
  • Weather and shockproof
  • Audible adjustment knobs
  • Holds zero
  • Smart reticle
  • Recoil proof


  • Heavy

Shooting competitions and hunts are always noisy and chaotic, which indicates that you’ll have to be more vigilant about the scope’s settings. That’s the reason this Simmons truplex rifle scope comes with large ergonomic adjustment knobs that always keep you in-the-know.

These textured knobs move with an audible click so that you can track the changes and act timely. Zeroing in with these knobs is effortless and quick.

Also, if you wear gloves while shooting or are exposed to moist conditions, these large adjustment knobs always assist you. You can easily adjust your Simmons truplex scope’s settings and shoot accurately.

The smart truplex reticle has a well-differentiated crosshair that helps you easily focus on small targets and estimate its distance from you.

This is a thoroughly weather and recoil proof scope that matches every shooter’s requirements and doesn’t waver during these hardships. Whether you play on a rainy day or a windy one, Simmons truplex scope is built to survive every difficulty.

The fully multi-coated 40mm objective lens produces crisp-clear imagery and protects your eyes from excessive light rays. Even on the brightest days, you won’t observe any glare through this scope.

This hefty focal lens gathers a considerable amount of light, which eventually brightens the views.

Most scopes show distorted edges when you focus on farther objects. But luckily, that won’t happen with this one. You’ll see equally coherent views throughout the entire field of view.

The biggest perk of this scope is its precision and ease-of-focusing. You won’t find yourself struggling with sloppy knobs and blurry crosshair as Simmons optics has designed this ergonomic scope to make shooting more relaxed for you.

However, since this scope weighs almost 70ozs, it isn’t a handy option. If you like to pack light, this weight might become a problem for you.

With super-sharp views, ergonomic turrets, and affordable price, this one is undoubtedly a smart choice.

3. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex...
  • Riflescope offers robust feature set for the price; Coated optics provide bright, high contrast images; Fully coated optics, waterproof, fog proof & recoil proof
  • 1/4 MOA sure grip audible click windage and elevation adjustments


  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.75inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 16.6-5.6mm
  • FOV: 31.4-10.5ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  13.2oz


  • Super-sharp image quality
  • Good lowlight performance
  • Finger-tip adjustment knobs
  • Ergonomic truplex reticle
  • Supergrip matte finish


  • Needs to be zeroed in repetitively

Enabling you to see clearly even in low light is something not all rifle scopes can do. If you want that advantage, your scope must have a good exit pupil diameter and a large focal lens that collectively assist you during lowlight ventures.

Luckily, Simmons 8-point 3-9×50 has both the features and is surely a good pick for early morning/evening hunts.

Its 50mm focal objective lens is fully coated for enhanced color-differentiation and light gathering. No matter if you focus via this lens during the day or in the evening, its light gathering ability will surely brighten up the final imagery.

Also, the 5.6-16.6mm exit pupil diameter will keep your eyes relaxed during strenuous focusing and ensure that you see well-illuminated views.

The quick target acquisition eyepiece will make sure that your moving target cannot escape the sight, and you shoot it accurately.

This 8-point scope comes with finger-tip adjustment knobs that move with an audible sound and don’t compel you to take your gloves off during moist conditions, thanks to their textured surface.

The fine-haired truplex reticle eases the process of focusing and makes lowlight shooting more relaxed for you.

This fully weather and recoil proof scope is undoubtedly built to survive the harshest outdoor conditions, regardless of the area you are in.

Its multi-coated lens doesn’t get affected by external impurities and stays fog-free even in the cold regions.

Its super-sharp image quality is the best bet for anyone who seeks precision and fringe-free views.

Also, since this scope has a matte black finish, it offers a secure grip to the shooter, which means you can even take it out on a pouring day without worrying about how you’ll set it with wet hands. 

This 1-piece scope is sturdy and able-to-deliver good optical performance in all conditions. If you are looking for something you can rely on, get this one for sure.

4. Simmons 3-9×32 Truplex Riflescope

Simmons Truplex Riflescope (3-9X50, Matte)
  • High quality fully coated lenses
  • Fogproof, shockproof, waterproof


  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.8inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 10.7-3.6mm
  • FOV: 31.4-10.4ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  9.6oz


  • Tactile adjustment knobs
  • Weather and recoil resistant
  • Multi-coated lens
  • QTA eyepiece
  • Quick-to-focus


  • Reticle is hard-to-read

Working with heavy-hitting guns means your scope must be strong enough to bear the continuous recoil. If you mount a delicate scope on a big shooting gun, it won’t help you any better. Instead, it will become a liability.

If you are a frequent shooter who keeps experimenting in different regions, get yourself a reliable scope that can bear all that roughness that might come your way.

This Simmons 3-9×32 scope is perfect for all rough-tough conditions, thanks to its solid construction.

Its tactile adjustment knobs offer excellent grip and save your time by saving your settings. These knobs don’t slide easily, and hence, let you relax once you have adjusted them.

The QTA eyepiece quickly magnifies your sight and ensures that the target doesn’t run away. This easy-to-use eyepiece will assist you during outdoor hunts and shooting competitions alike by removing ambiguity from the views.

The 32mm multi-coated lens produces sharp and well-differentiated imagery, which is good for lowlight missions as well.

The outer anti-reflective layer enhances this scope’s image quality and reduces light glare in day-time activities.

This 9.6oz scope is ideal for frequent travelers who want to keep their gear light and easy-to-pack. And since this is a sturdy one, you won’t have to worry about its safety either.

The 3.8inch eye relief will make focusing easier so that you don’t have to stress your eyes. Instead, you can stand straight and maintain a good distance between your eye and the eyepiece while shooting.

This Simmons 3-9×32 scope has a thin-haired reticle, which can become problematic for long-range targets. But, if you are a short-range shooter, this reticle will be good enough for you.

Although this is a basic-level scope, its adeptness sets it apart from the rest and shows the elite craftsmanship of Simmons optics.

5. Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope (4X32) with Rings

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag 4x32 Riflescope, Rimfire...
  • Precision Targeting: 4X magnification and a 32mm objective lens provide a clear and crisp image, making it easier to hit your target
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials and a matte finish, this riflescope is built to last and withstand tough conditions


  • Magnification: 4x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 4inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 8mm
  • FOV: 21ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  8.6oz


  • Considerable eye relief
  • Fine-haired truplex reticle
  • Easy to sight
  • HD image clarity
  • 1-piece solid body


  • Slightly blur reticle

Getting a scope with quick target acquisition is a dream-come-true moment for every shooter. If you wish to get a precise scope, this Simmons 4-32x truplex scope will do-the-job for you.

Its 4x magnification is ideal for short-range adventures where you don’t have much time to set the scope. Simply rotate the magnification ring and clarify your target instantly.

The 32mm focal lens is fully multi-coated to provide color-enhancement and super sharp imagery. When sunlight hits this scope’s lens, its anti-reflective coating repels excessive rays, which eventually shows glare-free views. If you wear glasses, this multi-coated lens will ensure that there is no glare in the views that you receive.

This solid 1-piece scope is entirely recoil proof, which is very helpful for outdoor adventures. You won’t have to think about the lens/eyepiece’s safety while shooting non-stop; this scope can bear every beating.

The 4inch eye relief will make sure that your eyes are relaxed during shooting by letting you maintain a considerable distance with the scope.

When you wear shooting/regular glasses, it’s challenging to focus through a rifle scope. But this wide eye relief will solve that problem as well.

The 8mm exit pupil diameter is excellent to keep your pupils comfortable and avoid any unnecessary contracting/dilating. This 8mm path provides a good way to incoming light and brightens up the imagery as well.

The fine-haired truplex reticle quickly focuses on the target surface and doesn’t ask for continuous setting/re-setting; you can adjust the view once, and enjoy many shots with it.

This 8.6oz scope is fog and waterproof so that you can enjoy outdoor hunts without worrying about the lens’s safety.

The SecureGrip adjustment knobs provide a good grip and are easy-to-move in moist conditions. Even if you wear gloves, these textured knobs will let you clarify the sight instantly.

6. Simmons .22Mag Riflescope (Black Matte)

Simmons .22 Mag TruPlexReticle Riflescope with...
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof and recoil proof
  • One-piece tube construction for lighter handling, greater strength and durability


  • Magnification: 4x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 4inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 8mm
  • FOV: 21ft at 100 yards
  • Weight: 8.6oz


  • Fully-coated glass
  • Precise focus
  • Included rimfire mounting rings
  • Textured knobs
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot bear much recoil

If you are looking for a reliable, practical, and inexpensive scope, this one is the best bang for your buck. Simmons optics, following its legacy of innovation, has made this entry-level scope with precise focus and incredible image quality.

This scope has a fully coated 32mm objective lens to produce super-crisp views, even of the farthest objects in your optical path.

Edge distortion is, no doubt troublesome for shooters when they want to focus on an object closely. Luckily, with this Simmons 4-32x scope, you won’t face any kind of edge fringing.

Similarly, the high-quality lens glass prevents reflection and ensures that you see glare-free imagery.

The 4inch eye relief is perfect for both eyeglass wearers and non-wearers. You can stand straight and keep your eye away from the glass while focusing. This way, there is lesser muscle strain, and you can continue shooting for hours without any disturbance.

This scope’s turrets are textured to provide you with a secure grip and save your time when you move them. These turrets move with an audible click and help you keep track of the changes during competitions.

The truplex reticle will hold zero and won’t ask you to set it after every round. Instead, set the reticle once and continue with your competition undisturbed.

This 4-32x scope comes with mounting rings and is quick-to-set. The precise focus eyepiece and truplex reticle instantly clarify your view and give you an edge over the competitors.

However, as this is a lower-tier scope, it isn’t wholly recoil proof; you might have to repair it often.

7. Simmons Truplex 8-Point Riflescope (3-9×32)

Simmons Truplex 8-Point Riflescope (3-9x32, Matte)
  • Finish: black matte
  • Field of view (ft 100 yds): 31.4/10.5


  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective diameter: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 1inch
  • Eye relief: 3.75inch
  • Exit pupil diameter: 10.7mm
  • FOV: 31.4-10.5ft at 100 yards
  • Weight:  10oz


  • Multi-coated objective lens
  • Patented knobs
  • Solid grip
  • True-colored views
  • Good parallax range


  • Crooked crosshair
  • Hard-to-focus

This is the scope that you can always trust, regardless of your adventure. Whether you practice indoors or outdoors, this Simmons 3-9×32 matte scope will help you achieve your goals for sure.

With a QTA eyepiece and large magnification ring, this scope makes sure that your target doesn’t escape the sight. It rather helps you work on long-range targets without stressing much about the image quality.

Simmons 3-9×32 scope offers windage elevation above 60 yards and helps you focus on far-off objects.

It comes with patented adjustment knobs that not only offer easy alteration but also increase your shot’s success rate.

When you spot a target, the QTA eyepiece will instantly bring it in focus, and the magnification ring will remove blur from the view, eventually increasing your success ratio.

The 10.7mm exit pupil diameter lets in an ample amount of sun rays, and the 32mm focal lens removes any discrepancy from the view, eventually producing crisp-clear views.

3.75inch eye relief will let you relax back and focus without bending over the tripod/gun stand.

This lightweight scope is sturdy-enough to accompany you in harsh weather conditions and doesn’t give in when you need it.

Since taking care of the gear isn’t possible when you shoot, Simmons optics has made this scope completely resistant against external harms.

The truplex reticle might take some time to set, but once done, it will hold zero without bothering your focus.

For long-range hunts and fierce competitions, this scope should be your priority as its optical precision is unmatchable.

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Simmons riflescopes summary

Simmons rifle scopes are undoubtedly some of the most inexpensive ones currently present on the market. And these best Simmons rifle scope reviews have clearly debunked the myth that you’ll have to spend a heft over a reliable tool.

Pick any of these smart scopes and give your hunting passion the long-awaited boost. With precise focusing and remarkable image quality, these rifle scopes will make your shooting adventures more relaxed.

So, no need to burn your eyes out while focusing through a narrow lens, which provides little to no eye relief. Get Simmons scopes and forget sore eyes after long hunting sessions!

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