Meopta Meostar S2 82 HD Spotting Scope Review

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Does the captivating feathered beauty intrigue you to take an up-close look at it? If it does, a spotting scope will be your best companion in this regard. A compatible scope will show you vivid and coherent images of distant birds, and that too, without any set-up hassle.

However, selecting one from the hundreds (if not thousands) of scopes present on the market is never easy, particularly when all are from top-notch brands. Therefore, I decided to compile this Meopta Meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope review to help you shortlist a few incredible spotting scopes and choose wisely. 

Meopta is a world-renowned Czech brand that is producing high-end optics for almost past 80 years. Having highly experienced and certified craftsmen on-board mean Meopta never produces anything less than perfect. That said, the latest addition in Meopta’s optics arsenal is this master-class S2 82 HD spotting scope which outperforms most of its competitors and lets you experience marvellous views.

Exclusive coatings and premium design – meostar is a real star

The Meopta meostar spotting scope has cutting-edge lens coatings and HD glass to make low light and broad daylight glassing equally bright. Whether you’re fond of early morning photography or prefer evening hunts, meostar spotting scope has got your back in both cases.

Meopta optics has applied three unique coatings on this scope that perform impressively well.

Firstly, there is MeoBright multi-layer coating on the lens’s outer surface that enhances light transmission up to 95% in daylight and 91% during twilight. MeoBright is Meopta’s benchmark technology that never lets incoherent and dull imagery disturb your mission.

Secondly, this 82mm scope has an external protective layer called MeoShield. This layer protects the high-quality lens form scratches, cracks, and dents. This thin layer lets you use your massive S2 scope in rough-tough conditions without worrying about its safety.

And thirdly, we have another supreme quality layer called MeoDrop. When you glass for an extended time, different impurities stick to the lens and corrode its surface. Therefore, MeOpta optics has applied the exceptional MeoDrop coating on S2 HD spotting scope to repel moisture, debris, oil, and dust. This sturdy layer makes lens cleaning and maintenance easier and harmless.

Now, I am sure that you’d be interested in further exploring this scope’s features and test it in various settings. That’s the reason this Meopta meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope review will cover its essential aspects and provide you with clear insight. So, let’s take a look at S2 scope’s technical features first:

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Meopta Meostar s2 82 hd spotting scope at a Glance

Technical Features

  • Magnification: 20-70x
  • Lens size: 82mm
  • FOV: 45 degrees at 20x
  • FOV: 63 degrees at 70x
  • Close focus distance: 13.2ft
  • Exit pupil diameter: 4.1-1.2mm
  • Twilight factor: 40-75
  • Eye relief distance: 18mm


  • 95% light transmission
  • Fluoride Achromatic lens
  • Incredible lowlight performance
  • Comfortable design
  • Interchangeable eyepiece
  • Built-in lens shade
  • Aberration-free views
  • True-colour imagery


  • Heavy
  • Have to buy eyepiece separately

Meopta Meostar s2 82 hd spotting scope technical features


Here’s a slight twist:

You can select between two different zoom eyepieces for meostar S2 scope as per your requirement. If your glassing adventures are short-range, get a 20-60x zoom eyepiece and quickly scout your preferred region. Similarly, there’s also a 30-70x option for those who opt for far-ranging missions; setting both eyepieces to your meostar scope will be quick and effortless.

Although you’ll have to buy a zoom eyepiece separately, the privilege it offers quickly compensates the extra bucks. Most old-school scopes have limited magnification range which the glassers are bound to follow. However, Meopta has solved this problem by making this scope compatible with two different eyepieces. Whether you need a 20x view of an object or wish to magnify it 70 times, both scenarios are possible with this scope.

When you’re near the subject, keep your scope’s zoom eyepiece at 30x and enjoy the vivid view without missing any details. And if you need to zoom on a distant object, use the same eyepiece and set your scope on a higher magnification; exciting, right?

Meostar S2 scope is designed for all glassers; it’ll surely fit your requirements as well, don’t worry about that!

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Lens size

Meopta meostar has a massive 82mm fluoride-containing lens to provide incredible image clarity and colour-differentiation. Meopta optics has applied exclusive coatings on this focal lens to shelter it from external harms and prevent light reflection. Moreover, this achromatic lens is made from high-quality glass to enhance the optical quality further. 

You’ll always receive up to 95% light transmission and aberration-free views from Meopta meostar S2 HD spotting scope. If you’re inclined towards scouting vast terrains and exploring hidden aspects of the wild, this 82mm achromatic lens will immensely help you. Meopta has ensured that you get vivid views and true colors with your meostar scope, regardless of the surrounding light.


Meostar spotting scope offers a whopping 351ft linear field of view which suits with the glassers’ requirements and never becomes a turn-down for them. Scanning a broad region will be effortless when you glance through this master spotting scope.

This wide FOV was confined to some costly top-tier spotting scopes in the past. But Meopta turned the tables once again and incorporated an impressive FOV in a mid-priced spotting scope. No worries if your budget is limited but glassing passion is high, Meopta meostar will let you experience unforgettable views without breaking your bank.

Close focus distance

Most full-size scopes don’t have an excellent close focus distance; when the glasser looks at a proximal object, the view is always blurry. Fortunately, that’s not the case with meostar S2 82 HD scope. This brilliantly designed spotter has 13.2ft CFD that allows you to zoom in on the nearest objects and enjoy their beauty.

When you opt for a stealth mode around your subject, this close focus distance comes in handy. You won’t have to move away from the tripod while a nearby object catches your attention, simply zoom in and observe; that’s the comfort Meopta is proud to offer!

Exit pupil diameter

The exit pupil diameter ranges from 4.1mm to 1.2mm in meostar spotting scope. When the magnification is 20x, the EPD is maximum, i.e. 4.1mm. But, when you increase the spotter’s power, its EPD reduces; the minimum is 1.2mm at 70x.

Since Meopta has promised astonishingly bright imagery, the exit pupil diameter will never affect it. You’ll see coherent and vivid imagery at your scope’s wide-ranging magnification, all because of the unique layers.

Moreover, the fluoride-filled achromatic lens doesn’t let the minimal amount of light harm the optical quality and quickly compensates for the narrow passage by reducing light scattering. No matter how tight the light beam is, meostar ensures its 95% transmission and produces outstanding clarity.

Twilight factor

Comfortable lowlight glassing is the biggest perk of Meopta meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope. When a scope has a huge 40-75 twilight factor, nothing can stop it from producing super-sharp views. The higher the magnification, the higher the twilight factor. Henceforth, when your meostar scope’s magnification is 20x, the TF will be 40. Similarly, its twilight factor will be highest, i.e. 75 at 70x power.

A scope’s optical properties depend upon its twilight factor and lens quality simultaneously. And since meostar HD scope has both high twilight factor and excellent lens quality, lowlight glassing will be a worthwhile experience with it. You can hide under the bushes and glance at a vast region in the absence of abundant light, all because of its 40-75 TF.

Eye relief distance

New glassers have this infamous idea that spotting scopes are always uncomfortable, but meostar HD scope easily busts that myth. It has a comfortable 18mm eye relief distance for glasses wearers and frequent glassers.

Once your scope and tripod are set according to your height, you can relax back and maintain a good posture while looking through your meostar. The soft eyepiece and 18mm ERD always facilitate your long sessions and never put stress on your pupils.


If the scope is poorly designed, the glasser will have a hard time setting it in the wild. But as Meopta always prioritizes your comfort, you shouldn’t worry about the scope’s build at all. Meostar S2 HD scope has a large central focus ring with small grooves that lets you quickly adjust the focus and capture a sight. Unlike the focus knobs, using a focus ring is more comfortable and effortless.

Moreover, this spotting scope has a sturdy rubberized texture that offers a non-slip grip and doesn’t let the imagery wobble while you adjust the focus/magnification. This rubberized housing exceptionally helps you in wet and wild conditions where keeping the gadget steady is troublesome.

Another exclusive feature of Meopta meostar spotting scope is its built-in retractable sunshade. When you’re out during the day, excessive sunlight hits on the lens surface and disturbs the final optical quality. Meopta optics has added a sunshade in this scope to avoid that hassle. You can easily retract this shade and repel additional light from harming your glassing session, simple-yet-effective! 

Lastly, meostar S2 has a central low-profile mounting collar that quickly attaches to most tripod heads and stays there unless you move it. This quick attach/detach mounting collar saves your set-up time and protects your scope from falling/shaking due to its secure rotatable design. This scope can be mounted on any tripod due to its 1-4/20 tripod thread and quick mounting foot.

Weather resistance

Firstly, the large 82mm lens is gasket-sealed that doesn’t let fog and moisture accumulate in it and keeps your scope dry. This gasket seal tightly sticks to lens glass and ensures your scope’s dryness.

Secondly, meostar S2 scope is thoroughly purged with dry nitrogen to enhance its weather-resistance further. Although this scope isn’t entirely waterproof, it can still survive submersion in 6.6ft water. If you accidentally drop your scope in water, its protective MeoShield layer will prevent the glass from breaking.

And thirdly, its sturdy aluminium and rubber housing work as a shockproof layer. If this meostar scope collides against a hard surface, its resilient body will keep the lens and prism system safe.

So, you can take this enormous scope in the wild without worrying about the harsh conditions that come in a glasser’s way. Have faith in Meostar HD scope; it won’t let you down.

Meostar s2 82 hd spotting scope: One scope for all

Your reservations about the scopes’ compatibility with various adventures are justified as most spotters are made for one (or two) tasks and don’t perform in other settings. But, you’ll never feel restricted once a meostar S2 scope is in your hands.

This fantastic scope is adaptable with all environments and never compromises on the optical quality. To know how it performs in your forte, keep reading this Meopta meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope review and see for yourself!


Meopta meostar is the perfect glass for all hunters, regardless of their terrains. Whether you aim at the prey from miles distance or prefer going near it, meostar HD spotting scope will astonish you by its image clarity. The 351ft linear field of view is the biggest perk that lets hunters enjoy long scouting and scanning ventures. You won’t miss the target with meostar’s incredible magnification and FOV.

Moreover, its rugged body and stable design will keep you stress-free from its protection. Meostar scope will protect itself so that you can focus on the object instead of the lens. Take this scope along and ace your challenging hunts like a master, that’s Meopta’s assurance!


95% light transmission and exclusive MeoBright coating will turn your lazy birding sessions into delightful learning experiences. Once you spot an exotic feathered fellow, move the large central focus ring and secure the sight. And if the bird is sitting/flying afar, use your zoom eyepiece to increase magnification up to 70x. This excellent magnification is hard to find elsewhere, and even if you do, the price tag will compel you to think again.

From outdoor birdwatching adventures to lazy backyard birding, meostar S2 HD scope is the best-of-the-lot glass for all.


Meopta optics has added another useful accessory in this scope’s package called MeoPix iPhone adapter. This adapter will let you attach your iPhone in front of the lens and capture splendid pictures through it. iPhone cameras are adored by passionate photographers and wildlife lovers alike. Meostar S2 scope offers this feature so that you can enjoy iScoping and capture mesmerizing views without hauling bulky set-ups around. Just your Meopta scope and iPhone are enough to experience exotic wildlife and nature photography.


The outstanding twilight factor and wide FOV make this scope the Holy Grail for spies and security personnel. You can glance and scan a broad region in one go even when the light source is dim, and that too, without stressing your eyes.

The 40-75 TF sets this scope apart from the rest and ensures that you’re always aware of the surroundings no matter what the conditions are.

If you’re fond of spying or are bound to keep an area safe, look no further than Meopta meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope. Its brilliant lowlight performance and 70x power will make your duty comfortable and fool-proof.


There’s nothing better than true-coloured and bright views when you are out in nature. Most lenses produce optical fringing and chromatic aberration, which disturbs the fun of sightseeing.

Luckily, you won’t see these distortions in meostar S2 scope. Its high-class lens, outer coatings, and Schmidt-Pechan prism system remove the possibility of false colour-composite and show a well-differentiated view of a vast area in one glance.

Go in dry desserts or snow-clad mountains; you’ll love this scope’s optical performance everywhere.


What is its weight?

Meostar S2 HD spotting scope weighs around 50 ounces without the tripod and eyepiece. The additional weight depends upon the tripod that you use.

What is its operating temperature?

Like most other scopes, Meostar also stays operational between -25 and 55 degrees. Beyond this limit, however, the lens is prone to cracking/breaking, and the views also get incoherent.

Is it fully waterproof?

No, it’s not. Meostar scope is submersible in 6ft water and stays unharmed in this depth. However, if it falls in deeper water, the lens will get foggy, and moisture will enter the prism system.

Is the focus ring a good alternative of the knob?

Yes, it is. Generally, the scopes have smaller focus knobs that the glasser has to move with the thumb. But, since your one eye is closed while scoping, it’s hard to move the small knob without losing the view. Therefore, Meopta optics has introduced this central ring for quick focusing. You won’t have to move away from the lens while adjusting the sight.

Meopta Meostar s2 82 hd spotting scope summary

This Meopta Meostar S2 82 HD spotting scope review was aimed to shed some light on this revolutionary glass and discuss its features, so you have no hesitation in buying it.

Let’s do a quick sum-up of this scope before signing off:

  • 82mm fluoride-filled achromatic lens for 95% light transmission and FCC free imagery
  • MeoBright, MeoDrop, and MeoShield coatings for premium glassing experience
  • Ergonomic central focus ring and rubberized aluminium housing for tough ventures
  • S2 tripod plate for quick mounting and MeoPix adapter for iScoping
  • 45-70 twilight factor for splendid lowlight glassing
  • 18mm comfortable eye relief distance
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy hauling

And that’s about it! Meopta optics has packed this HD scope with all the positive features so that you don’t have any doubt while opting for it. Meopta is a widely trusted and certified name in the optics field. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and reliable spotting scope, try Meopta meostar and forget all the worries. 

So, why waste your hard-earned cash on a costly scope when Meopta Meostar has all top-tier features at an impressive price-range, huh?

Save money and enjoy splendid glassing, only with Meopta Meostar!

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