How to Hold Binoculars Steady in 7 Easy Ways

  • By: Michaela King

Carrying your binocular around and holding it for a longer period of time makes you feel exhausted. To use binoculars without tripods you must have knowledge about how to hold binoculars steady.

Purchasing a tripod will surely afford you extra stability but the Portability and freedom of movement that comes with hand held binoculars is something unmatched.

For that reason, we are going to discuss some tricks about how to properly hold binoculars steady so that you can enjoy a stable and clear viewing experience without any interruptions.

Hold Binoculars Steady in 7 Easy Ways

#1 Get Some Support

Yes literally. Best way to calm down a shaky hand or a tired arm is to lean on something solid. With an extra

Holding binoculars steady
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cushion, your image will get more stable. You can lean on anything solid like a wall, tree etc.

#2 Lower is Higher

True in some cases like with binoculars magnification. I have already discussed in detail how magnification works here.

With higher magnification, every bump and slightest tremor of the hand is enhanced so the image generated is not of very good quality.

With lower magnification like 7x to 10x, you don’t have to bother much about holding binos steady because they are easy to hold and image stabilization is better compared to higher magnified models.

Bigger binoculars require tripods and it gets extremely difficult to hold bulky binoculars steady.

#3 Get in Position

The best position is the one in which you are relaxed and have some good cushion to give you that extra support you need to hold your binoculars steady.

The extendable chair gives you extra leverage and provides a good position to support your elbows and back. But that is only feasible when you are watching from the comfort of your home or resort.

While in wild or hunting, you need a more practical solution. Lying on the ground will be a more practical choice in rough scenarios. Lying will give your tired arms extra comfort for steady holding.

Few More Simple Techniques to Adjust Binoculars for Steady Images

There are some techniques that you can learn to improve your binocular holding capacity. All of these techniques

Holding binoculars steady

are tried and tested by experts and are pretty effective too. So let’s get on with it.

#4 Sling Technique

All you need for this technique is a strap preferably non-stretchable. The method is simple, attach the strap to binoculars and wear it around your neck so the strap is hanging down.

Now, place your arms in the strap loop just above the elbow and hold your binoculars like you normally would. Push your elbows wide open as much you can across your chest.

Doing so will provide you with extra support and stability you need.

#5 Baseball Cap or Hat Trick Technique

It’s quite an ingenious method and very convenient for that matter. All you gonna need is a sturdy baseball cap with a tough brim.

Wear a baseball cap, hold your binoculars and with middle fingers grab the rim of your cap.

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#6 Broomstick or Finn Stick

Finn stick is another cheap and effective method to hold the binoculars steady. All you need to find is a good sturdy stick.

A forked stick about a 2-3 foot long will hold the centre part of your binoculars and you can grip the other end of the stick with your hand.

#7 Triangular Arm Brace

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Place first two fingers of your hand on the binocular eyepieces and wrap third and fourth fingers around prism housing.

Now hold the binoculars to your eyes and make a fist around your eye as if you are shielding your eyes from the sun. Your first position keeps the eyepieces at a stable distance.

In this position, your arms are locked in a triangular shape with your head, neck, and shoulders. Triangular position can feel a bit awkward at first but it greatly helps to provide stability and support.

Some general tricks to keep the binoculars steady are using a wide stance while standing and holding your breath while gazing. Reclining against something like a table, a pole or a wall also helps.

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How to hold binoculars steady is all about trial and error. You need to experiment around the tricks and techniques that work best for you. We hope that the tips and techniques discussed above will guide you in providing more stable and calmer viewing experience. 

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