How to Carry Spotting Scope Like a Pro

  • By: Imad

Carrying a heavy spotting scope all the time when in a field is a hectic job. You get a hand and shoulders fatigue. And even may not enjoy your hunting or birding expedition to your best.

I understand your pain. I have been there.

That’s why I am here to answer your query “how to carry a spotting scope the easy and hassle-free way without compromising your scope’s safety?”

So, here is my answer…

There isn’t any fixed way as it depends on the purpose you are using a spotting scope for. If you carry your scope for birding – you can simply mount it on a tripod and carry it over your shoulder.

However, if you are carrying a spotting scope for hunting, then the best solution is to use a lightweight backpack. Similarly, if you are using a spotting scope for hiking, you might want to carry with straps.

There is much more to know to fully drive the answer, so let’s look into further details on how you can carry spotting scope without much problem.  

How to carry spotting scope like a pro

How to carry spotting scope for birders

If you are a birder, the easy way is to mount your scope on a tripod and carry it over your shoulders – this scene would appear better with Tom Cruise in glasses carrying the spotting scope. Well…..

Spotting scope should be steady and stable, and any unwanted unsteadiness could affect your viewing experience.

Birders can also carry spotting scope by tying it on their neck through the harness, the same as binoculars. But again the problem is steadiness.

In birding, the main emphases are to avert any shakiness and ensure a non-blurry image. You can’t steady your hands for too long and none of us even keep it steady for a few minutes – and even it may cause hand fatigue.

The best way to carry it is to use a lightweight stable tripod stand. Three designs provide ease in carrying spotting scope.

Tripod Straps – It could let you toss your tripod over your shoulder, however, it adds to your weight and for this, I feel it isn’t a great option.

Leg wraps – Another tripod design made with foam cushions that provide a bit ease as it wraps around the tripod legs and reduces any pressure from the shoulders.

Tri-Pack – An alternative solution. A backpack that is triangular-shaped which assists two legs of your tripod, which you intend to carry on your back.

How to carry a spotting scope in a backpack

If you plan a day out for hunting or shooting, you would want a comfortable backpack that protects your gears. Your backpack should be large enough to swallow extra accessories including food, phone, and lenses other stuff.

I personally use Vanguard Alta Rise 45 bag which has padded compartments to keep my gears organized, so I don’t have to spend time finding entangled gears when I am in a hurry.

This backpack can accommodate 2 to 4 spotting scopes and other necessary gears. It also has a quick expansion zipper that you can create more space if needed.

This vanguard Alta has an air system back with a harness that could help in dividing weight equally across your shoulders, chest, hips, and back. Simply means it helps you avoid exertion pain.

The two features that truly stands Vanguard Alta Rise out are; it is well-padded and is well organized. This means, it provides extra protection and has enough pockets for all the essentials that you would carry alongside your spotting scope.

In addition, it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry even if it’s raining — enjoy the rain and don’t tense yourself thinking for your gears.

All and all, it’s an amazing choice for both hunting and shooting.

 How to carry spotting scope while hiking 

Spotting scope is my all-time companion whenever I am on a hike as it helps me get a magnified view of nature. And, so it should be easy to access. For this, I recommend using a lightweight harness like – Horn Harness.

Why I prefer this harness?

It’s a lightweight spotting scope / binocular harness with rainfly.

You can easily carry other gears with it as well as it has a little bag attached to it. It’s durable and also has a magnetic drop-down lid.

Bonus: I recommend a harness over a tripod when on a hike as I have to walk a lot and carrying a tripod will be an added weight. You can do this as well.

Carrying spotting scope summary

There is no standard way of carrying your spotting scope. However, depending on your purpose, need and budget, you can opt for an option that suits you the most.

In most cases, the best way to carry a spotting scope is with a backpack, which must have the capacity to take in the mandatory gear. The backpack must have padded compartments so everything remains organized.

Then you would want a tripod with you to mount spotting scope in almost every condition except hiking where you don’t need.

If there is a need for harness then do take it with you to carry your spotting scope.

Make sure you don’t compromise on your equipment safety as well as yours. And get the most out of the moment.

Now it’s your choice how to carry your spotting scope.

That’s all.

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