Fujinon Techno Stabi TS-14×40 Image Stabilized Binoculars Review

  • By: Imad

Have you ever hated the fact that your binocular produces shaky views as you move/shift focus? If yes, welcome to the world of Image stabilized binoculars!

This Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14X40 IS binocular is a savior for every glasser out there. Whether you observe birds or enjoy soccer while sitting at the farthest stadium corner, Fujinon has got you.

I am going to review this premium-quality Image stabilized binocular to decide if it’s worth buying. If you have any questions about this glass, keep reading, and find your answers.

Fujinon Techno Stabi – an ergonomic and efficient glass

Any glasser would agree that as you move to a higher magnification, you wish to have some stabilization in the views. However, stabilization always comes at a cost. You either carry a tripod or stand straight (for hours) to avoid shaky views.

Luckily, Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14X40 lets you roam in your target region with no added weight or tiresome. You hold this 14×40 binocular, turn on the stabilization feature, and observe crystal-clear views, regardless of the terrain underneath.

Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14×40 Image…
  • Phase Coated
  • Center Focus. Made of fiberglass-reinforced, high durability plastic

Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular is a not-to-miss glass if you’re a passionate sailor, birder, sports lover, or hunter. It offers superb image clarity and excellent image stabilization, proving to be worth the bucks.

If you’re a sailor, this binocular ensures you never face motion sickness as it greatly reduces jitters and vibration from the views. Similarly, its ergonomic design lets hunters chase fast-moving targets without losing their sight.

Let’s now discuss this bino’s features in detail and check its functionality.

Technical features

  • Magnification: 14x
  • Lens size: 40mm
  • FOV: 210ft. at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.9mm
  • Battery: 4AA batteries
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 60-70mm
  • Eye relief distance: 13mm
  • Close focus distance: 16.4 ft.
  • Weight: 43.36oz


  • Phase-corrected prisms
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Accessible focus knob
  • Handy button interface
  • Rubber armored housing
  • Attached flotation strap


  • Bulky

What’s in the box?

  • Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440-14×40 IS Binocular
  • Hard case
  • Neck strap
  • Flotation strap
  • Eyepiece covers

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Fujinon Techno Stabi comes with a 14x magnification, which is ideal for most long-range adventures. This magnification lets you enjoy flying and moving objects with no compromise on optical clarity.

Observing stable views at above 7x power is difficult in most non-stabilized binoculars, but that’s not the case with Techno Stabi. It offers impressive stabilization of up to 14x power, proving to be the best choice for outdoor settings. 

Optical performance

Fujinon binoculars are well-known for their quality lenses and high-end coatings; this one is no exception.

This techno Stabi binocular comes with 40mm wide lenses that work perfectly well in bright and lowlight settings.

When paired with Fujinon’s exclusive EBC (electron beam coating), these lenses produce excellent views. No worries if your preferred regions are extra bright because these coated lenses provide good color differentiation.

Since incoherent colors are a big turn-off for glassers, this bino’s multi-coated lenses reduce light glare and color-aberration to help keen birders/nature lovers. 

Another perk of this IS binocular is the presence of phase-coated Bak4 roof prisms. These quality prisms reduce reflection and enhance light transmission, eventually making lowlight glassing a memorable experience.

Whether you love morning sky or scout some animals in low ambient light, this Fujinon 14×40 binocular doesn’t fail anywhere.

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Image Stabilization

Fujinon optics has incorporated an efficient and dependable image stabilization mechanism in this binocular. It has Gyro and position sensors that detect vibration as your aimpoint changes. 

After the activation of these sensors, this binocular’s vertical and horizontal stabilization controls a view’s shakiness. This stabilization system works with upright prisms, which correct the minutest movements from a sight.

This Techno Stabi binocular’s image stabilization system has gimbals for mounting the upright prisms. These mounts retain a steady view as you move your binocular across a place, something not all IS binoculars can do.

If you’re in a super unstable region, this excellent stabilization mechanism ensures you enjoy your activities to the fullest.

This 14×40 binocular has two push buttons located beside the left eyepiece. Once you turn on the stabilization, it takes a few milliseconds to get activated and adjust with the view.

Once your activity is over, press the turn-off button, and switch to regular viewing if you wish to.

Moreover, the automatic shut-off feature saves your Techno Stabi binocular’s battery when you don’t need it. When you don’t use the stabilization system for more than a minute, this bino switches to the regular mode.

Field of view

You get a 210ft field of view with this high-end binocular. Given the magnification and fast focusing mechanism, this FOV is ideal for everyone.

If you’re an outdoor glasser, you’ll surely admire the depth and clarity that come with this binocular’s FOV. No matter the size of your target object, this field of view ensures you get to study it carefully.

Also, this field of view suits hunters, safari lovers, and sailors that need to cover broad regions in one go.

Eye relief

This TS1440 14X40 binocular’s 13mm eye relief distance falls in the mid-range category. You might initially struggle with adjusting your binoculars and glasses, but focusing gets easier once you get the hang of it.

The soft and wide eyecups further assist the focusing process by keeping your eyes comfortable. If you go on extended glassing missions, this eye relief distance will let you stand comfortably and keep the excessive light away from your eyes.

So, if you’re a glasses wearer, don’t think that this eye relief distance is a problem. You’ll get used to of it soon!

Exit pupil diameter

Exit pupil diameter is that narrow entry/exit path for the light, which determines how bright an image is. A 3mm exit pupil diameter is the ideal figure for a full-size binocular.

However, as this one has an image stabilization system, its exit pupil diameter is 2.8mm. This EPD means you won’t have to squint (or even worse, expand) your pupils while looking through the barrels.

This 2.8mm passage is good enough for medium to low light settings as well, proving this binocular’s efficacy.

Close focus distance

If most of your glassing activities happen outdoors, this Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular’s 16.4ft close focus distance will suit you the best.

From watching far-off birds to capturing some magnificent views, this close focus distance always comes in handy.

But, if you’re a balcony birder or someone who focuses on the nearest objects, this 16.4ft CFD might be a turn-off for you.

Interpupillary distance

This binocular is designed to suit all glassers alike, regardless of their face sizes and structures. No matter the distance between your eyes, this Techno Stabi bino will ensure you never feel uncomfortable while focusing.

Despite being bulky, this binocular offers a 60-70mm interpupillary distance. This IPD works as a quick-fix for this 14×40 binocular’s size.

You can quickly alter your Fujinon Techno Stabi binocular by applying slight pressure on its barrels. Once your desired IPD is achieved, this bino’s firm barrels don’t move unless you want them to.

Having this generous interpupillary distance means anyone from your family or friends’ circle can use this glass.


Fujinon Techno Stabi TS14440 binocular operates on 4AA batteries. These batteries go in the compartment located on this bino’s rear side, offering easy access.

When you have to replace/remove the batteries, gently push the battery compartment upwards and take it off.

Another feature worth mentioning here is the battery compartment’s locking system. After adding new batteries, put the compartment back and set its lock button on the right side with a gentle push.

Techno Stabi binocular comes with an auto shut-off feature, which stops the batteries from draining when the Image stabilizing mode is not in use.


Like its smaller counterpart, this 14×40 binocular is also 10 on 10 in ergonomics. From a stable grip to an accessible user interface, you’ll enjoy every helpful feature in this glass.

  • Grip

This full-size binocular comes with a rubber-armored housing to provide you with a firm grip. Even when you’re in a moist and unsteady region, this bino’s housing ensures your grip is firm. Apart from offering comfortable handling, this armored housing is also great for protecting your Techno Stabi binocular’s glass parts.

  • Interface

Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular has a push-button activation system, which is quick and easy. You don’t have to keep the button pressed when its stabilized mode is needed. Instead, press it once and enjoy image stabilization with no interruption.

  • Design

This 14×40 bino has an accessible focus knob so that you don’t lose your focus while adjusting it. Just like the armored housing, this textured knob also offers a stable grip in moist and windy conditions. 

Fujinon Techno Stabi binocular has wide and padded straps for added comfort. Since this bino is quite heavy, these straps ensure you carry it easily.

Apart from the standard neck strap, it also has a flotation/hand strap for effortless focusing. When you cross your hand through this flotation strap, you don’t need to stress over slight vibrations as it lets you maintain a steady posture (even when the stabilization feature is off).

Most Image stabilized binoculars aren’t weatherproof, which is quite a disappointment for the glassers. But luckily, that’s not true with a Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular. 

This is a water and fog-resistant binocular, which lets you enjoy glassing in moist regions. But since it’s not 100% waterproof, you should avoid taking it out during a downpour.

How does this binocular perform in different activities?

You can only decide if this Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular is right for you by comparing it with your planned activities. Whether you are a hunter, sailor, or wildlife lover, this binocular will bring along different pros and cons depending upon the situation.

So, let’s discuss a few major glassing activities where you can make the most out of this Image stabilized binocular:


When you sail, vibration, light glare, and jitters are common. But with an advanced image stabilized binocular, all of these can be controlled.

This Techno Stabi binocular has an excellent image stabilization mechanism that reduces jitters from your views like a pro. No matter the speed of a boat you’re on, you’ll always enjoy impressive stabilized views.

Similarly, the multi-coated 40mm wide lenses ensure you never face incoherent and blurry views. This Fujinon binocular’s EBC layer enhances light transmission and reduces reflection to present crystal-clear views.

So, if you often visit the nearby water bodies, this binocular is here to make your activities better and more comfortable.


Hunters seek a wide field of view and fast focusing mechanism in a binocular; without them, chasing the target is a tough-call.

Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 Image stabilizing binocular comes with a 210ft FOV and an easy-to-access focus wheel that doesn’t disturb your activities.

Whether you scout broad regions to spot a target or need a glass to level up your shooting precision, this binocular right here is the answer.

With premium-quality lenses and solid armor, Techno Stabi supports your extreme adventures to the fullest.


A 14x magnification with reliable image stabilization is fair enough for observing celestial bodies. It lets you spot several planets and their moons, with or without a tripod.

But for a better and more detailed sky watching experience, you’ll need a binocular with a higher magnification range.

14x power is suitable for hobbyists, but it isn’t very unusual for passionate and professional astronomers.


Birdwatching is always a delightful experience for nature lovers. When you study a magnificent bird’s features from afar, the feeling is surreal.

This Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular perfectly aligns with birdwatchers’ requirements. Its superb color-fidelity and light transmission produce sharp views to please your birding passion.

Even if you wear glasses while enjoying feathered beauty, this 14×40 binocular doesn’t show extra glare or reflection.


Have a passion for photographing the most challenging objects? This IS binocular has got you covered. With its 14x magnification and incredible image stabilization, you can capture marvelous natural views without stressing much.

Whether you love looking at nature’s beauty or capture it too, Fujinon Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular is your best bid. Its premium-quality lenses and EBC layer provide you with edge-to-edge sharpness, eventually producing awe-inspiring views.

Final thoughts

Who said sailors and travelers always have to struggle with focusing? Because this Fujinon Techno Stabi TS14440-14×40 IS binocular review says the opposite.

Its advanced image stabilization technology and quality optics never let a glassing activity feel challenging. No matter if you’re on a boat or a safari jeep, this bino’s stabilization feature removes those jitters from your views like a pro.

Its ergonomic design, weather-resistant body, and smart interface collectively make it the best bid for binocular lovers.

So, to keep shaky views at bay and enjoy effortless glassing missions, add this Techno Stabi 14×40 binocular to your to-shop list ASAP! 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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