Canon 14X32 IS image stabilized binocular review

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Have you tried observing a flying bird with a binocular? Did the jitters annoy you a little too much? Well, that’s what happens when your binocular lacks image stabilization.

If you hate hauling a tripod to the mountains, Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular is the way out. This stabilized binocular controls distractive shaking and lets you enjoy glassing with minimal effort.

No worries if you aren’t sure if this binocular will match your glassing hobbies or not, I will explain all the tidbits for you in the following sections. So, let’s have a detailed look at this binocular and see if it’s worth the hype.

Canon Cameras US 14X32 is Image Stabilizing…
  • High Magnification Ratio: 10x.
  • Lens Shift Image Stabilization.

Light-yet-functional, Canon IS 14×32 is a 10 on 10 glass!

Chasing a fast-moving target and capturing its important details doesn’t remain a challenge when you have a reliable binocular. This Canon 14×32 image stabilized binocular has a lightweight body and incredible optical performance, ensuring your adventures are always fun.

Whether you wish to avoid glare or color-differentiation is your priority, this image stabilized binocular has got you covered. With a doublet field-flattener lens and smart motion sensing technology, this binocular is equally great for hunters, sailors, birdwatchers, and sports lovers.

Let’s proceed with the comprehensive Canon 14×32 IS binocular review and see if its lens shift mechanism is any better!

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Technical features

  • Magnification: 14x
  • Lens size: 32mm
  • FOV: 226ft. at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.3mm
  • Battery: 2AA batteries
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 55-76mm
  • Eye relief distance: 14mm
  • Close focus distance: 6.6 ft.
  • Weight: 27.3oz


  • Incredible close focus distance
  • Dual-mode stabilization
  • Premium field flattener lenses
  • Edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Handy button interface
  • Solid grip


  • Firm eyecups

What’s in the box?

  • Canon 14×32 IS binoculars
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Soft carry case
  • Neck strap
  • 1-piece ocular rain guard


When you get to experience image stabilization at higher magnifications, the feeling is surreal. You can zoom in on far off objects without letting your hand tremors affect the final view.

Canon 14×32 IS binocular comes with a powerful 14x magnification, making distant targets clearer to your eye. If you are a hunter, this magnification will let you mark and hit at the aim point without leaving your safe space. You can agnify the view in front of you and scan widespread landscapes with zero distortion.

Optical performance

Are you tired of those distorted edges and incoherent colors? This Canon 14×32 binocular will solve that problem too. Its 32mm EF (extra flat) lenses produce super-sharp and true-colored views that increase any activity’s fun.

Most binocular users complain about color bias and glare during outdoor activities, but that’s not the case with Canon 14×32 IS bino. Its premium-quality lenses offer excellent light transmission and color-differentiation that keep edge distortion at bay.

Since this binocular has Porro type II prisms, it produces bright imagery with no color bias. Even when you scan an extra-bright region with this binocular, it will provide edge-to-edge sharpness.

These 32mm lenses have a doublet-field flattener system to minimize a peripheral view’s curvature, eventually showing a flat, unobstructed view.

When the premium lenses are topped with the exclusive super-spectra coating, you get excellent results. Your Canon 14×32 IS binocular’s lenses minimize light reflection so that you see well-coherent views.

Image Stabilization

Canon 14×32 controls that distractive shaking, ensuring you always see steady views. This image stabilization works with a lens shift mechanism, which stops continual vibration by moving the lenses vertically and horizontally.

This handy binocular has both vibration gyro mechanism and microprocessors that quickly detect the movement/jitters. After the microprocessors sense the jitters, the gyro mechanism shifts the lenses, eventually adjusting them with your focus point.

Another significant advantage of using a Canon 14×32 binocular is that you get two stabilization stages; powered and normal.

The standard/casual stabilization stage is for multiple moving objects, while the powered mode for closely observing a single object.

You can easily switch between these two modes with the two-button interface. When your target doesn’t require much attention, use the normal stabilization mode. But when something minute catches your glance, switch to the powered stabilization mode and enjoy.

This excellent stabilized binocular ends the need for tripods/support, eventually making your outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Field of view

You get a 226ft field of view with this 14×32 binocular, which suffices most of your indoor and outdoor glassing missions. Whether you’re a hunter or sailor who needs to scout other boats, this FOV never fails you.

The EF lenses provide edge-to-edge sharpness so that you don’t hassle with color bias or blurred edges. Moreover, the multi-layered lens coating enhances light transmission, ensuring the entire field of view is equally bright.

Eye relief

This image stabilized binocular offers 14mm eye relief, which isn’t something all glassers would love. If you wear glasses, this eye relief might feel like a far cry for you. But since it has fold-down eyecups, it’s not that bad.

You can fold the eyecups and comfortably focus on the target with your glasses on. This 14mm ERD falls in the medium category, which is perfect given its size. You won’t have to put the binocular too close to your face or bend while focusing, which is suitable enough for extended activities.

Exit pupil diameter

Its 2.3mm exit pupil diameter also falls in the average category, not too bad, not too great. This 2.3mm path lets in an ample amount of light, providing you with bright views.

If it’s an extra-bright day, you’ll face light glare because of this narrow exit pupil diameter. But, to overcome this issue, Canon has treated the lenses with their premium super-spectra coating, which controls light reflection.

When a light ray hits your binocular’s lenses, only a tiny (sometimes not even that) amount of light reflects; the rest passes right across the exit pupil diameter.

Close focus distance

Do you have a hard time focusing on the nearby objects? If yes, stop right here because this excellent image stabilized binocular is the solution. Along with providing extraordinary optical clarity, this bino offers an incredible 6.6ft close focus distance to assist you in all aspects.

If you’re a birdwatcher or someone who observes Safari animals up close, this 6.6ft CFD should be your priority. The fast-focus mechanism and smooth focus wheel quickly adjust with a view, ultimately saving your time.

Even when you’re on a moving boat, you can observe the objects right next to you with impressive clarity. This CFD comes in handy when you try binocular photography because you get to see nearby (and distant) objects with utmost clarity.

Interpupillary distance

Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular doesn’t disappoint in any aspect, and its interpupillary distance is no exception. You get a 55-76mm IPD, which can be easily altered as per the user’s wish. Whatever size your face is, this adjustable IPD will suit you.

This binocular’s interpupillary distance can be changed by applying slight pressure to the barrels. And once your desired distance is achieved, these barrels won’t move unless you alter them.

If you wear glasses/goggles, this handy binocular ensures you don’t struggle with balancing the eyepieces and the frame while observing something.


This canon 14×32 IS binocular operates with 2AA batteries, which are quite reliable for extended usage. Although this bino’s stabilizer mode can work without a battery, you’ll need the AA batteries for the powered mode.

If these batteries run out of power or you forget to replace them, your Canon 14×32 IS bino will still work perfectly fine on the regular mode.


From the solid grip to handy size, this Canon binocular’s ergonomics are truly incredible. You get a matte rubber body, lightweight design, and soft neck strap to carry this binocular around easily. Let’s discuss its ergonomic features one by one before we proceed:

  • Grip

When you’re chasing a target or crossing an uneven terrain, make sure your binocular doesn’t slip; because if it does, those precious lenses won’t remain the same.

Luckily, that doesn’t happen when you have a Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular. This handy binocular has a soft-but-matte rubber finish, which offers a solid grip.

Even if your palms are sweaty or you hold this binocular with one hand, you won’t struggle while protecting it from falling/colliding.

  • Interface

As I mentioned earlier, this binocular provides two stabilization stages; causal and powered. You get an accessible two-button interface to switch between the two modes easily. The push-button interface is right beside the left eyepiece, at an accessible distance.

Thanks to this ergonomic interface, you won’t have to move away from the eyepieces while altering these settings.

  • Design

Canon 14×32 is a lightweight and small binocular, which doesn’t add to your burden when you move around. It weighs around 27.3oz, which is perfect given its 6.7” length.

The wide barrels offer comfortable holding, and you don’t have to struggle with the eyepieces while focusing.

This binocular comes with fold-down eyecups so that the glasses wearers easily adjust their eyes. If your glasses frame disturbs the bino’s settings, fold the eyepieces down and increase the eye relief distance right away.

Another feature I’d like to mention here is its soft, 30mm wide neck strap. Even when you hang these binoculars around your bare neck, you won’t end up with rashes because of its softness.

With the addition of this remarkable binocular to its line, Canon has ensured that your glassing adventures are more fun and less hassle.

  • Weatherproofing

Unfortunately, this Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular is not weatherproof. Therefore, make sure you don’t take it out on drizzly days and pack it once your glassing session is over to avoid fogging.

Is this a one-fits-all binocular?

No matter how good a binocular’s features look, whether or not it’s suitable for you depends upon your plans. So, let’s try to see which activities resonate with this bino’s specs.


When you aim to spot and pin down fast-moving targets, your binocular must be exceptional. This Canon 14×32 IS binocular provides excellent optical performance, ensuring you easily spot those distant targets.

The accessible and smooth focus wheel further facilitates a hunter’s jargon without requiring much effort. You can maintain a healthy posture and magnify the view until your aim point is clear. Moreover, the wide field of view helps hunters play in broad regions without feeling confined to a certain distance.


A sailor needs extremely sturdy and reliable binoculars that let him study moving objects. This Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular offers impressive magnification and quick focusing so that your sailing adventures go by smoothly.

The wide 32mm EF lenses have a super-spectra coating to increase light transmission and eliminate reflection. When you stand on a boat’ deck, these high-quality lenses prevent flare and produce well-differentiated views.

Moreover, the powered stabilization mode perfectly aligns with a moving boat without much struggle.


Feathered beauty has its own charm, and when you get to experience that beauty with no edge-fringing or jitters, it becomes the best pastime activity.

This Canon 14×32 IS binocular shows impressive color-fidelity and image brightness, making your birding hobby more enjoyable.

If you’re a balcony birder, this bino’s impressive 6.6ft close focus distance will work as the cherry on top. Whether you watch a bird flying far away from you or sitting next to you, this Canon 14×32 binocular’s EF lenses never fail your expectations.


Binocular photography is most glassers’ favorite activity amidst challenging missions. You might want to capture the snow-clad mountain in front of you or a magnificent bird flying a few kilometers away; we never know. What we do know is that an image-stabilized binocular will let you do whatever you want (about capturing objects, obviously).

This 14×32 IS binocular has brilliant EF lenses that can make any photography enthusiast go gaga over their clarity. If you love clicking some awe-inspiring views during a hunting or scouting activity, this binocular right here is the answer.


Umm, 32mm wide lenses and 14x magnification for sky watching? This sounds difficult, right? Well, that’s not entirely true because you can observe several celestial bodies with this light binocular, and that too, without a tripod.

However, this image stabilized binocular will satiate your stargazing hobby to some extent; for clearer views of your favorite planets/stars, opt for bigger binoculars.

Final words

The right image stabilized binocular can make your hunting, birdwatching, and sailing missions a lot more fun. When you don’t have to deal with the hand tremors or vibration of the vehicle you’re on, the views feel truly magical.

This Canon 14×32 IS image stabilized binocular is a lightweight, ergonomic, and reliable gadget that doesn’t ditch you midway. Whether you take it to the woods or enjoy the birds sitting on your garden trees, its optical clarity will always be exceptional.

I hope my review has answered your questions about this binocular, and you’ll make a well-thought-out decision!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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