Which Binoculars does Kim Jong Un use?

  • By: Michaela King

Kim Jong-un is the current supreme leader of North Korea, a country located in East Asia. He assumed power in 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, who had ruled the country for 17 years. Kim Jong-un is known for his authoritarian rule and strict control over the flow of information within the country. He has faced widespread condemnation from the international community for human rights abuses, despite these issues, Kim Jong-un has remained a powerful and influential figure in North Korea.

In addition to his political responsibilities, Kim Jong-un is known to have a strong interest in science and technology. These interests have led him to initiate a number of science and technology-related projects in North Korea, including the development of the country’s nuclear weapons program. Despite facing international sanctions, Kim Jong-un has remained committed to advancing the country’s technological capabilities and has made it a priority for the government to invest in these areas. He has been seen visiting various research facilities and universities in the country, and has even been spotted using high-tech equipment such as telescopes and binoculars.

At Deanoptics, we have been scratching our heads and using all our forensic expertise to find out which binoculars the supreme leader has been using.

We believe that the Binoculars, Kim Jong-un has been seen using are the Nikon 10×70 Astroluxe Binoculars.

The Astroluxe binoculars are optimized for wide-field astronomy, making them ideal for activities such as comet hunting, satellite spotting, and watching for iridium flares. They have relatively low magnification to ensure a generous field of view and wide exit pupil, and are equipped with a traditional Porro prism light path that presents a rich depth of field. The BAK4 glass of the Astroluxe binoculars produces a round exit pupil and virtually eliminates spherical aberration at the edges for a clear and distortion-free image. The winged eyecups conform to the user’s face and help to block out stray peripheral light, improving contrast and clarity.

In addition to their impressive optical performance, the Astroluxe binoculars also have a number of features that make them comfortable and easy to use. The ergonomic chassis design has a natural and balanced grip, and the textured armoring improves grip security. Both optical tubes are nitrogen-filled to be waterproof and resistant to internal fogging, and the tripod adapter allows for hands-free use to prevent arm fatigue during long observation sessions.

Despite their many benefits, the Astroluxe binoculars do have a few drawbacks. One potential issue is their weight, which at almost 4.5 pounds can cause arm fatigue, especially during long observation sessions. Additionally, these binoculars are on the pricier side, which may not make them the most budget-friendly option for all users.

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Overall, the Nikon 10×70 Astroluxe Binoculars are a high-quality piece of equipment that would be well-suited for someone like Kim Jong-un, who has a strong interest in science and technology. With their wide field of view, wide exit pupil, and impressive optical performance, these binoculars are perfect for activities such as comet hunting, satellite spotting, and watching for iridium flares. They also have a number of user-friendly features, including an ergonomic design, waterproof construction, and a tripod adapter for hands-free use. While the weight and price of these binoculars may be drawbacks for some users, for those who are willing to invest in a top-quality pair of binoculars, the Nikon 10×70 Astroluxe Binoculars are definitely worth considering.

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