Carson Binocular Tripod Adapter (TA-50) Review

  • By: Sana Ijaz

Are you a passionate stargazer who’s always busy glaring at the sky? If yes, you might already know the significance of a steady tripod adapter, and more importantly, the hassle of finding a “perfect” adapter.

You never know when a seemingly durable adapter would start tilting and leave you with strained eyes and neck. This is when Carson comes into action with its unique TA-50 adapter, which is inexpensive, smart, and backed with a lifetime warranty from Carson.

Being in the optics field since 1990, Carson has always strived to manufacture ergonomic and convenient devices to make your indoor/outdoor excursions hassle-free.

Carson Tripod Adapter for Binoculars (TA-50) Review

Plastic adapters don’t provide enough security to the precious optics and chances of binoculars’ falling are persistent.

The Carson TA-50 adapter, on the other hand, is made from solid Aluminum alloy to ensure that binoculars’ falling, colliding and shaking are always out of the question.

The TA-50 adapter offers incredible stability along with excellent picture quality irrespective of the terrain underneath your feet. Either you’ve made a tripod set up in your safari jeep or the balcony of your home, you’d never have to face wobbly imagery.

As it has a standard 1/4″-20 thread, you can use it with all binoculars either they are compact or full-sized ones.

Wildlife photographers are probably the most endangered outdoor enthusiasts. They have to keep themselves and their gadgetry at a safe distance from wild beings. With the Carson TA-50 adapter, you can see a detailed view of the jungle you are roaming in from a considerable distance.

Full-sized binoculars are always hard to mount, and maintaining their position is also challenging. But, worry not! This adapter provides great stability to all full-size binos. No matter how long you use them, your binocular will be safe with this adapter.

No one likes spending five or more minutes only to set a tripod adapter. With Carson adapter, you’d always experience quick and secure mounting.

Adjusting the inter-pupillary distance is effortless as this adapter has a thin and slender design which is also rock-solid.

Moreover, this adapter is very lightweight and inexpensive, unlike those brass and plastic adapters, which are wobbly and expensive. You can get this slender adapter in an extremely affordable price tag with a limited lifetime warranty, yes, you heard that right!

If you are interested in this adapter, you can find more information and customer reviews on Amazon’s website here.


  • 3.5” height
  • 1/4”-20 tripod thread
  • Easy mount
  • Made from Aluminum alloy
  • Slim design and solid base
  • Convenient inter-pupillary adjustment

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If you aim to see easy-to-comprehend imagery without going out of your set budget, don’t forget to add Carson TA-50 tripod adapter in your outdoor gear collection. This way, you can enjoy detailed imagery and keep your eyes and muscles relaxed during extended periods of glassing, smart no?

Image credit: Carson

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