Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization III Binocular review

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There are times when every glasser wishes to see a shake-free view to observe its details or appreciate its beauty. But sadly, that’s not doable with a standard binocular because it senses vibration and blurs the views that you see. 

So, does that mean you’ll have to see shaky views all your life? Certainly not! This Canon 12×36 IS III binocular review will show how you can enjoy high-contrast and amazingly stabilized glassing with no extra effort.  

Just hold your Canon 12×36 IS binocular, and you won’t see wind or vibration disturbing a sight again. So, let’s jump into the hands-on review of this premium glass! 

Canon 12×36 IS III – A refined glass 

When we talk about ergonomics and quality, only a few binoculars are 10 on 10 in both. Some binos compromise the optical clarity but have a good build while others show nice views but are hard to handle. 

However, that’s not the case with this Canon IS III binocular because it’s meant to facilitate the glassers in every capacity. Whether you’re a sailor or watch birds in your free time, this binocular’s excellent stabilization system will ensure balancing is never an issue for you. 

One thing that sets this image stabilized binocular apart is the combination of gyro sensors and microprocessors. When you activate image stabilization, these smart sensors quickly detect movement and compensate for it. Moreover, Canon’s trademark Vari-angle prism is also here to improve this bino’s optical performance. 

If you want a binocular that matches every indoor/outdoor activity without stressing you, Canon 12×36 IS III is the best bid. I’ll highlight and discuss this bino’s technical features in the following section; to know whether or not it’s right for you, continue reading. 

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Technical features

  • Magnification: 12x
  • Lens size: 36 mm
  • FOV: 262 ft. at 1000 yards
  • Exit pupil diameter: 3mm
  • Battery: 2AA batteries 
  • Inter-pupillary distance: 55-75mm 
  • Eye relief distance: 14.5 mm
  • Close focus distance: 19.7 ft.
  • Weight: 23.3oz


  • Exclusive super-spectra lens coatings 
  • Dependable AA batteries 
  • Excellent stabilization technology 
  • Low-reflective design 
  • Comfortable eye relief 
  • Push button activation 
  • Vari-angle prisms
  • Central focusing wheel 


  • Sloppy rubber coating 
  • No waterproofing 

What’s in the box?

  • Canon 12×36 IS III binoculars
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Neck strap
  • User manual

Canon 12×36 IS binocular’s specifications


This binocular comes with 12x magnification, which ensures you never struggle with viewing a distant object. This magnification capacity is ideal for most outdoor adventures, as that’s when you need it the most. And when paired with impressive focusing, this magnification can make any adventure more precise. 

Lens diameter

Canon 12×36 IS III binocular has led-free lenses that reduce light glare and protect your eyes from excessive brightness alongside. If you avoid too-bright sights or prefer observing a scene instead of glancing at it, these lenses will sure come in handy. Canon has applied its exclusive super-spectra multi-coating on these lenses that enhances image contrast and clarity. 

This binocular’s low-reflective exterior design improves light transmission, eventually producing well-differentiated views. If you’re tired of glare and reflection, these smart lenses are the solution. 

Field of view

Although most image-stabilized binoculars come with a limited field of view, that’s not the case with this one. Canon 12×36 IS III binocular provides an impressive 291ft field of view that facilitates every glasser, irrespective of his activity. You might be sailing or chasing a game, and this FOV will never let the distance affect your mission. 

Moreover, the ergonomic Porro prism enhances a view’s depth so that you experience close-to-reality sights. When you have to determine the distance between a target and you, this Porro prims makes the pursuit easier. 

Image stabilization  

Here comes the real deal, the exceptional image stabilization mechanism. When you invest in an updated gadget, make sure it has something better than the one you already own; Canon 12×36 IS III binocular ticks this box too. 

Its intelligent IS mechanism doesn’t let movement, wind, or vibration disturb a view, irrespective of your activity. 

Let’s talk about the sensors first; Canon 12×36 IS III binocular has both gyro sensors and microprocessors that quickly detect movement. When you move, this binocular’s microcomputer triggers these sensors, which signal the prism system to compensate for this movement. 

Next, we have a Vari-angle prism between the lens and the main Porro prism, which inhibits a sight’s shakiness. This prism activates after receiving the signals from sensors. When you focus your Canon binoculars somewhere, this smart prism with its refractive fluid controls the jitters and transports a better view to the eyepieces. 

Another helpful feature of this binocular is its push-button activation system, which comes in handy when you’re busy. If you have to turn on/off the stabilization mechanism, this large push button in right there above the central focusing wheel for easy accessibility. 

One thing worth mentioning here is the Canon IS III binoculars’ quick latency period, which is not very common. 

What’s the latency period in binoculars?

The time a binocular takes to refine a view is called its latency period.

When you operate an image-stabilized binocular, it takes some time to improve a view and control its jitters; the lesser this time is, the better. Therefore, Canon has enabled this binocular to quickly overcome those shakes and rectify a view within no time. 

Eye relief 

Eye relief is not a very strong forte in most image-stabilized binoculars, but that’s not true with a Canon 12×36 IS III glass. This buddy offers a 14.5mm eye relief to ensure your eyes don’t get strained while glassing.

No matter if you wear glasses or not, this eye relief will keep you comfortable. Moreover, the fold-down rubber eyecups block excessive light, eventually reducing stress from your eyes. These eyecups are best for bright days when you need some shelter from the sunlight while focusing somewhere. 

Exit pupil diameter 

This is a bit of a down point of Canon 12×36 IS III bino; the 3mm exit pupil diameter is narrow when compared with other binoculars of the same range. 

Although you’ll have to squint your eyes while focusing, the amazing optical performance and image stability will overcome this flaw for sure. The soft-edged eyecups and long eye relief also make up for this to some extent by letting you maintain a comfortable posture. 

Inter-pupillary distance 

Canon 12×36 IS III binocular is a reliable option for all glassers, regardless of their face sizes. Whether you have a broad face or a slimmer one, this bino’s 55-75mm inter-pupillary distance will ensure you don’t struggle while glassing. 

You can easily alter this IPD by pressing/opening your binocular’s barrels and bring the eyepieces to a comfortable spot. With this ergonomic feature, Canon has once again proved this binocular’s compatibility with every activity. 

Close focus distance

Close focus distance doesn’t matter much in image-stabilized binoculars because they’re generally used for distant focusing. However, having a useful CFD doesn’t hurt; we never know when you’ll be intrigued to focus on a nearby object. 

That’s why canon 12×36 IS III binocular offers a 19.7ft close focus distance to make your glassing hobby more fun. Whether you go near an animal or magnify an awe-inspiring natural landmark, this CFD will amplify its beauty for sure. 


A dependable battery lets you enjoy your image-stabilized binocular to the fullest. Canon 12×36 IS III binocular has two AA batteries, which are long-lasting and easily replaceable. Some glassers complain that finding CR123 or other such batteries is quite difficult, which disturbs their routine. To avoid this hassle, Canon incorporated the standard, easy-to-get AA batteries in its IS binocular.

These batteries work non-stop for 9 hours at a regular 25 degrees Celsius temperature. But, this timing decreases to 2 hours in colder regions. I’d suggest you always keep a battery replacement to ensure your binocular’s stabilization mechanism doesn’t ditch you midway.  

Moreover, the Canon 12×36 IS III binocular has an updated power-saving technology, which puts the stabilizing system to sleep when you’re not using it. Although it’s better to turn the IS feature off with the push button, this technology comes in handy if you forget to do so. 


A binocular that doesn’t feel comfortable or becomes a liability during extreme adventures is simply not worth it. That’s why Canon Optics made this ergonomic fellow to facilitate your glassing activities in all aspects. 

As I mentioned above, this binocular’s comfortable eye relief distance is ideal for any glasser, no matter if he’s a glasses-wearer or not. If you want to stand straight and focus without stressing your eyes, opt for this bino. 

Another ergonomic feature of this Canon IS binocular is its fold-down eyecups, which block the way of disturbing sun rays and let you enjoy a view without facing any glare. 

Here comes another incredible addition, the doublet field flattener. This field flattener limits edge distortion and shows a beautifully stabilized view with no fringing. Since seeing blue or distorted edges is common in standard binoculars, this doublet field flattener is a sigh of relief for detail-oriented glassers. 

When you’re busy observing a bird’s beauty, moving away from the eyepieces to adjust your bino’s settings feels like a burden. Therefore, this smart binocular comes with a textured central focus wheel, which is easily accessible and firm. No worries if your palms are sweat or you’re immersed in a view because setting your Canon bino’s focus won’t demand any extra effort. 

And lastly, this binocular’s 23oz weight makes it an easy-to-pack and handy gadget. No worries if you prefer packing light or need a binocular which you can hang around your neck because this lightweight bino is here to the rescue. 

Which activities can you enjoy with this beauty?

Now that we know this amazing binocular’s ins and outs, let’s check its usability in different glassing activities for a final verdict. 

  • Birding 

Image stabilization works like magic when you’re chasing a fast-moving bird and don’t want to miss it. Canon 12×36 IS III binocular comes with eco-friendly lenses and impressive super-spectra coating, which are ideal for birdwatching. 

Whether you’re a balcony birder or prefer going outdoor for this hobby, having a Canon IS binocular won’t ever let you experience distorted views. This bino’s doublet field flattener and smart stabilization mechanism perform exceptionally well during your birdwatching quests. 

  • Sailing 

If you’re an experienced sailor, you’d know the challenge of using a binocular while moving. You have to stand straight and hold your binocular tight to avoid jitters or vibration. With a Canon 12×36 IS III binocular, you won’t have to stress about your posture or grip at all. 

This bino’s intelligent motion sensors and microprocessors don’t let movement disturb the final imagery, irrespective of your aim point. You can observe a seabird or focus on a nearby island, and this binocular won’t let the water underneath impact your views. Also, the impressive super-spectra lens coating reduces glare, which is a very common issue for sailors.

And since this binocular is lightweight, you can easily hang it around your neck while standing on a boat’s deck without getting tired. 

  • Hunting 

Since hunters move around quite a lot, their binocular must offer quick adjustments. To no one’s surprise, a short latency period and excellent light transmission make Canon 12×36 IS III binocular a great choice for hunters. 

You can scout broad regions without any edge fringing and quickly spot the target with this binocular’s central focus wheel. Also, comfortable eye relief lets hunters maintain a healthy posture during extended adventures, making their missions more relaxed.

  • Traveling 

There’s no better refreshment than looking at nature’s marvels and admiring their beauty. If you travel frequently, don’t forget to take along a Canon 12×36 IS III binocular because it’ll double your strolls’ fun. 

Focusing on a breath-taking distant sight and devouring its beauty is something you can only do with high-quality glass. This Canon binocular has premium-quality lenses that prevent excessive light from affecting a view and a Porro prism, which increases its depth; all in all, you get an incredible sight. 

Moreover, the outstanding image stabilization system doesn’t let movement, wind, or mirage distort a worth watching sight. You’ll get an improved and high-contrast view just by activating image stabilization in your Canon bino. 

  • Astronomy 

Celestial viewing requires high magnification power (think of 15x and more), which helps you shortlist astronomy binoculars. Sadly, this Canon 12×36 IS III bino isn’t compatible with astronomy because of its limited magnification. 

  • Photography 

Binocular photography is an exciting hobby whose popularity is continuously increasing. No worries if you don’t have a DSLR because having a mobile and binocular will suffice your needs. 

You just have to set your Canon 12×36 IS III binocular on your preferred view and capture it through your phone; the resulting photos will surely amaze you. If you’re a glasser-cum-photographer, investing in this apt binocular is a wise choice. 

Final words 

An image stabilized binocular with smart sensors, high-quality lenses, and ergonomic design can make glassing much more exciting. Whether you hunt, sail, or watch birds, this Canon 12×36 IS III binocular will twofold your adventures’ fun. 

Like other high-end Canon binoculars, this one also checks all merit boxes; from exclusive lens coatings to easy handling, this binocular is indeed a delight. 

I am sure my Canon 12×36 IS III binoculars review has covered every important aspect, and you now have a clear idea about its practicality. Lastly, I’d recommend you think about your planned activities and weigh this binocular’s pros and cons before deciding anything! 

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